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DYM Chapter 571

“So it’s Dr. Mo.” Meng Jiushan sat down and added, to be honest, this was the first time he had heard of this name, he had never heard of any Mo family or a Mo divine doctor before.

Ye Mo said with a wave of his hand, “Good point.”

“Master tea,” Little Bitter was surprised to see that Ye Mo even knew exactly when his grandfather would pa*s away. His surprise was of course Ye Mo’s ability, if Ye Mo could really cure grandfather’s illness, then their Meng family would be relieved.

“Just now, Meng Mou has no notes ……” Meng Jiushan interrupted his grandson’s words and said to Ye Mo, he knew what his grandson was going to say, it was better to mention such things on his own. He had just learned of Ye Mo’s ability and wanted Ye Mo to help him look at it, but he was too embarra*sed to mention it.

Ye Mo knew what he meant and with a wave of his hand blocked what he was about to say in and continued, “Master Meng, if I said I would help you treat it, I am going to help you treat it, there is no need to say anything else. If I don’t want to treat you, it’s useless for you to say so.”

“Yes, Mister Meng is eager. But Doctor Mo must not call you Master, this is something that I am really ashamed of from Meng. If Doctor Mo doesn’t mind, just call me by my name.” Now that Meng Jiushan knew what Ye Mo was capable of, of course he didn’t dare to call himself Grandmaster in front of Ye Mo again.

From the time Ye Mo knew that he only had half a month to live, and also knew that his grandson had the same disease, he understood that the young man in front of him had real skills.

“In that case, Mr. Meng, you’d better tell us about your illness. I’m surprised that you have strong qi and blood and don’t have the slightest physical ailment, how could this happen?” Of course Ye Mo would not tell that Meng Jiushan had a deadly Qi in his body.

Meng Jiushan showed a hint of difficulty, but he immediately said, “I wonder if Divine Doctor Mo is free, after you get off the plane, you can come to my humble abode and sit down to do so.”

Of course, Ye Mo knew that Meng Jiushan meant to go to his home to see a doctor. It’s just that he really didn’t have the time, so he had to say to Meng Jiushan, “I’m sorry about this, Mr. Meng, I’m also a busy man. I have to go back immediately after arriving at Hong Kong, although I can’t say that my family is big now, I still have some business to do. If Mr. Meng really wants to say something, let’s say it here, if it’s really not possible, I don’t care what I can do.

Although Ye Mo could help Meng Jiushan with his pulse, he knew that Meng Jiushan’s illness was not a physical one at all, and his divine sense could see it clearly. The main thing is to get Meng Jiushan to tell us all the reasons for his illness.

Although it involved some secrets, but for the sake of the Meng family, Meng Jiushan still gritted his teeth and said, “The cause of the disease is very simple, the male members of my Meng family have always been thin. No male member of the Meng family has ever lived beyond the age of 60, and he must die on his 60th birthday. There are seven generations of my family, but this curse has never been broken.

There is still half a month to go before I turn sixty, so when Dr Mo said I had half a month to go, I knew that Mr Mo was someone with great ability.”

How could there be such a thing? Ye Mo frowned in his heart and wondered. If this was man-made, what means would it take to do this?

“In that case you will give me your hand to check my pulse.” Ye Mo thought for a long time before he said.

Just now, it was Meng Jiushan who helped him read his face, but this time when he turned around, it was him who helped Meng Jiushan to check his pulse, even Ye Mo himself felt that the change was too fast.

The pulse of Meng Jiushan was calm and normal Ye Mo did not feel a single abnormality. Even after Ye Mo’s true qi checked Meng Jiushan’s meridians, he did not feel the slightest abnormality. The only thing that was abnormal was that Ye Mo already knew that there was a dead Qi in his body.

After checking his veins, Ye Mo became more and more puzzled, he had a hunch that something seemed to be missing from his examination just now, but after thinking carefully and again, he just didn’t know what was missing, it looked like and the dead qi wasn’t something that could be solved through simple body treatment.

Although Ye Mo could easily dissolve the dead qi within Meng Jiushan’s〖body〗but this could only save one person, according to Meng Jiushan’s words all the male members of their Meng family had this disease.

No, Meng Jiushan’s bloodline contained a faint aura within it, if he wasn’t paying attention, this aura could be negligible. How could he, a philologist, have aura in his body? Unless he was a cultivator, if it was not obvious just now with divine sense whether Meng Jiushan was a cultivator or not, just now Ye Mo’s pulse reading had confirmed that he was not a cultivator. Could it be that people who could give readings all had this kind of aura? Just why did he still have a dead aura on him when there was some spiritual aura in his 〖Body〗?

“How is it? Doctor Mo.” Meng Jiushan saw that Ye Mo immediately fell into thought after checking his pulse and asked out with some anxiety.

Ye Mo did not directly answer Meng Jiushan but said to Little Bitter behind him, “Show me your hand as well.”

After checking Little Bitter’s pulse, Ye Mo’s heart gradually became clearer, this Little Bitter had some faint spiritual qi in his 〖Body〗, only that his spiritual qi was slightly more than Meng Jiushan’s.

“Mr. Meng, did you and your grandson both eat a fruit or something like that?” Ye Mo’s heart was pounding when he finished asking this question. In case it was a spirit fruit, he would be in for a treat.

Since arriving here, apart from the one Green Huā Green Leaf Gra*s he found at the auction, and the ‘Hundred Year Yellow Essence,’ he had only found a few spirit gra*ses and the like at the Shennongjia, and had never found a mouthful elsewhere, and the few times he had found spirit gra*ses, it was all luck. His ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ had been collecting herbs for more than a year, but he hadn’t received a single spiritual medicine.

A shocked look appeared on Meng Jiushan’s face for a while before he clasped his fist and sighed “How does Doctor Mo know? It is true that our Meng family has eaten a fruit, but that should not be a problem, it is an ancestral product of my Meng family. It’s because before my Meng family learns the art of Yi, they have to perform spirit opening, and to do so, they have to eat this fruit.”

Because of the shock in his heart, Meng Jiushan completely forgot that some things should be said in a low voice, not to mention that this was a plane.

But even if others heard him, Meng Jiushan would not care about the mouth knowing that there was not one person who knew that the Meng family had a fruit tree, there were many. But the fruit of the Meng family can only be eaten by the people of the Meng family, others will definitely die if they eat it, this thing is known to many people.

“Could it be that our Meng family’s problems have something to do with this fruit?” Meng Jiushan suddenly thought of the meaning of Ye Mo’s question and immediately asked it subconsciously.

Ye Mo said in his heart, if it was really a spiritual fruit, it would only make people live longer, how could it break their lives? But he had to know if it was a spiritual fruit, because one that could produce spiritual energy must be a spiritual fruit without a doubt, but the life folding thing made him have some more doubts. He didn’t lie to Meng Jiushan either and asked directly, “This is not certain, tell me about the characteristics of that fruit.”

Meng Jiushan was already convinced of Ye Mo at this point, besides, this fruit of his Meng family had been around for two to three hundred years, it was not an important secret.

“This fruit ripens completely different from that of ordinary plants, it blooms huā every year, but never bears fruit. It must not bear three fruits until it has been in bloom for ten consecutive years. This fruit should be precious by definition, but it is unpalatable because it looks very red, but is actually very bitter and not even palatable. Even if you could barely swallow it, you would definitely pa*s out on the spot, and we later used honey to turn it into water, which barely ……” Meng Jiushan was still talking when Ye Mo interrupted him.

Ye Mo was already sure that this was the second flavor of the spiritual medicine ‘Bitter Decade’ that he was going to collect for the Foundation Building Pill. “At this point, even if Meng Jiushan did not let him go to the Meng family, he had to make a trip. He had found this precious medicinal herb, and if he let it go, he would not be Ye Mo.

“I can treat your illness, but I have to make a trip to your home.” Ye Mo immediately overruled what he had just said about being very busy, anything that was busy had to make way for his cultivation.

“Mom, look at those liars at the back who are still really patient, they’ve actually directed for so long and are still talking. Hmph, they are still talking as if they are real.” The young woman in the front row saw that Ye Mo and Meng Jiushan were still talking on and on, and her heart grew more and more contemptuous.

Ye Mo didn’t care about his voice, and Meng Jiushan didn’t pay attention to keeping his voice down for a while because he was eager for the Meng Family’s magic spell, so the two of them could hear the conversation clearly from the mother and daughter in front of them.

The noblewoman froze for a moment, she had heard the legend of Meng Jiushan much more than her daughter. It was true that the legend of the Meng family was that a male could not live past sixty, and the legend from the outside world was that this was a punishment from heaven because the Meng family had leaked too much heavenly information.

Now that she had heard Meng Jiushan tell this story, she immediately felt that the two people behind this were not singing a double act, but were really Meng Jiushan and a young and capable doctor.

She said to Ye Mo, “Doctor, can you take a look for me too? I apologize for what my daughter said just now, she is a student, she doesn’t understand a lot of things, don’t mind.”

At the end of her sentence, this noblewoman even took out her honorific title.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “This elder sister, I wouldn’t dare to see you, or else there would be 〖police〗surgeons coming to arrest me right away.”

Seeming to hear a slight sneer in Ye Mo’s tone, the noble woman’s face flushed and was about to apologize. The young woman pulled the middle-aged noblewoman again, “Mom, I’ve said it all, and you still don’t believe me, do you have to believe a liar?”

The middle-aged noblewoman suddenly turned red and slapped away the hand of the young woman next to her, saying with red eyes, “Xiaoyin, I know you are doing this for my own good, but are you willing to see me die? If it wasn’t for Nan, I would have died, but now, I can’t die. Master Meng you said it was a fake, and now a capable doctor you say it’s a fake too. Money, money, money, is money really that important to you? Can you spend all the money you have now?”

“Ma ……” The young woman was suddenly stunned, she had never thought why her mother, who had always been gentle and didn’t even speak out loud, would get so angry.

Ye Mo didn’t bother to pay attention to the mother and daughter, he noticed that Luo Dongsheng had returned. Although Luo Dong Sheng tried his best to act as if nothing was wrong, his nervous expression was still somewhat obvious.