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DYM Chapter 572

At this time the people on the plane heading to the bathroom have been taking their seats one after another, that fat businessman has not come up to his seat by now, Ye Mo reckons it won’t be long before the flight attendants find out what’s wrong with it. It’s just that there’s something wrong with this look of Luo Shengdong’s ah, he has shown everywhere else that the person was killed by me except for the fact that it’s not written on his face.

For Ye Mo was discussing his illness with himself being interrupted by the middle-aged noblewoman in front of him, Meng Jiushan was a little unhappy in his heart. However, when he thought about the fact that other people were also so eager because they were sick, and in his own way, that kind of feeling was all understandable.

“I’m sorry, this doctor, I’m really sorry, but I can’t die now. I still have someone I can’t let go of, please help me ……” This middle-aged noblewoman got rid of her daughter and half stood up again to beg to Ye Mo.

Because of Chapter 572 – A Simple Deception, her voice was slightly louder because she was in an agitated mood, and the people around her immediately looked over. At this moment a stewardess also came over and said somewhat apologetically to the middle-aged noblewoman, “This lady, please fasten your seat belt on the plane, and please don’t just stand up.”

Ye Mo rubbed his forehead, he really didn’t want to be stared at by everyone else as this was a flight out of San Francisco. Seeing this, Cure said helplessly, “This big sister, please sit down first.”

The middle-aged noblewoman had to sit down when she saw that the stewardess had come over to say the same thing.

“I charge a lot of money to see a doctor, so if you are afraid of paying for it, don’t see me.” Ye Mo was not a person who was overwhelmed with sympathy, but he was also not a person who had no sympathy.

This middle-aged noblewoman gave him a good impression, but that daughter of hers gave him a not so good impression. It was fine to distrust people, that was normal, but there was no need to beat them to death in an area you didn’t know about.

Another reason for saying this was that just by looking at the clothes and jewellery on this middle-aged noblewoman, one could tell that she must be rich and it wouldn’t matter if she was asked to contribute some money. If she didn’t want to pay, or was afraid of being cheated, then forget it and save yourself the trouble.

After hearing Ye Mo’s words. Except for that middle-aged noblewoman Chapter 572 – Simple Deception and Meng Jiushan, the people listening on the side all showed a dazed look. After going round and round, it ended up coming around to money.

Meng Jiushan did it because he knew of Ye Mo’s ability, and also because he knew that ordinary experts and capable people would not do it for free. So he felt that it was normal for Ye Mo to ask for money, and even he intended to pay Ye Mo after he had helped his Meng family to heal. Although he did not like Ye Mo’s way of asking for money before he did anything, he understood the practice. Like when they read feng shui or read fortunes, they usually did not mention money. Lest they tarnish the image of a high person. But usually the people who had hired him. All would consciously give as much money as they could afterwards.

The middle-aged noblewoman firmly believed that Ye Mo was someone with real skills, otherwise Master Meng Jiushan would not have trusted him, so she did not have the slightest doubt.

Hearing Ye Mo say he wanted money. The young woman’s eyes flashed with extreme disgust, and she opened her mouth, wanting to say something. However, after looking at the middle-aged noblewoman, she finally did not say anything.

“Then of course I have to pay, it’s just that I don’t have that much cash on me right now, I’ll just get it for you when I get off the plane.” This middle-aged noblewoman nodded her head in a hurry and said, because she had just lost her tongue and said something about money to Meng Jiushan, which made Master Meng unhappy, so she didn’t dare to say anything when facing Ye Mo. It just didn’t occur to her that this young doctor had a completely different attitude towards money than Master Meng’s kind.

Immediately, Ye Mo said, “Just give me your bank card. There’s also the pa*sword.”

“Fine.” This middle-aged noblewoman took out a golden bank card from inside the Hermes bag beside her without thinking, and without any hesitation at all, she handed it to Ye Mo, “This is my card, and the pa*sword is 765690. There are more than three million inside, the maximum overdraft can be up to ten million, if it is not enough ……”

Ye Mo immediately took the bank card and waved his hand and said. “That’s it.” To be honest, these millions are at most a few hundred thousand dollars, Ye Mo really doesn’t care, he grabbed a handful inside the ring and it was millions of dollars.

It was just that since he had paid, the other party had to charge if they could afford it. Things that are not paid for are generally not cherished. Besides, she had a daughter that she hated, so if this middle-aged noblewoman had let herself look at it for her at the beginning. Ye Mo really wouldn’t have charged. But now, after being suspected for half a day, he had to charge.

“You ……” The young woman, staring at Ye Mo viciously, wanted to swallow Ye Mo in one bite. It was not enough to be a scammer, but to cheat a bank card that could be overdrawn by 10 million dollars straight away was too much.

Ye Mo didn’t even look at her, he just said to the middle-aged noblewoman, “Give me your hand, I’ll take a pulse.”

Seeing this, the young woman could do nothing to help Ye Mo, she just looked towards the middle-aged noblewoman and called out, but the middle-aged noblewoman just showed her a disappointed and sad look in her eyes, ignoring the young woman’s words and turning back to hand Ye Mo her hand.

When the young woman saw that the middle-aged noblewoman was ignoring her, she could only stare at Ye Mo helplessly. In her heart, she secretly resolved to have her family freeze the money inside that card as soon as she got off the plane.

The people around were secretly admiring Ye Mo, cheating him out of several million in cash in the blink of an eye. The prerequisite was that he hadn’t even started to look at other people’s illnesses, and the money was collected before the illnesses were looked at. If this wasn’t a scammer, there would be no more scammers.

Now we just don’t know how this young con man is going to treat someone’s illness. Or how he was going to round out his scam.

Ye Mo stretched out his finger and pressed it on top of the middle-aged noblewoman’s pulse, and as he checked his true qi, he immediately knew what kind of disease the middle-aged woman had.

It was entirely a lesion of the blood vessels in the brain, which had now led to a lesion of the blood vessels throughout her body. Her entire body was covered with black dots inside the walls of the meridians and small capillaries, one densely packed with each other. It can be said that it is still very difficult or untreatable to treat this disease in hospitals. And this middle-aged noblewoman who had this disease apparently had only a few months to live. Moreover, she had to suffer from the pain of the disease for several hours every day. Her disease was different from Meng Jiushan’s, which could be easily detected, but was very difficult to cure.

It wasn’t just any torture, but a whole body pain that ordinary people couldn’t bear. Fortunately her brain nerves had not been damaged, otherwise her sanity would probably be greatly affected now. Ye Mo felt some sympathy for this middle-aged noblewoman with a gentle temperament, this kind of disease had no solution for hospitals, but Ye Mo could cure it in an hour.

Although he could have treated the middle-aged noblewoman’s illness immediately, Ye Mo did not do so. He did not want to be so out of the limelight on the plane.

After thinking for a while, Ye Mo casually dug inside his pocket and took out a set of things, surprisingly, it took him twenty minutes to draw a talisman on his seat.

No one knew how he put so many things inside his pocket, and after he finished drawing the talisman, he received those things into his pocket again, which could not be seen at all from the outside.

Meng Jiushan’s eyes showed surprise, he couldn’t imagine that Ye Mo was actually curing his illness by drawing talismans. For talismans, Meng Jiushan certainly would not share the general disbelief of others. He was originally in the business of easy numbers, and had seen more of such things, and he could even draw some simple talismans. But a life-saving talisman such as Ye Mo’s had never been seen before. In this instant, Ye Mo surprisingly became even more mysterious in his heart.

All along, they were the most mysterious group of people who read feng shui and read fortunes, but now he felt that Ye Mo was even more mysterious than him.

Ye Mo sent this talisman to this middle-aged noblewoman and said, “This is a ‘Cowardly Filth Removal Talisman’ Put this talisman on your forehead at dawn tomorrow and wait for this talisman to turn into flying ash.”

“Ah ……” Although this middle-aged noblewoman believed in Ye Mo, but she was a bit stunned when Ye Mo brought over just a talisman.

A talisman stuck to the forehead, even if it would only rot after a year and a half, it wouldn’t turn to dust. Thinking of this, she asked with some hesitation, “That, uh, doctor, I, I want to ask a question, how long does it take for this to turn into ashes?”

Ye Mo gave her a look, “Based on the condition in your body, it’s estimated to take thirty minutes to do so. Those ashes are all highly toxic things, they are all viruses excreted from your body, don’t just throw them around, you can find a remote place to bury them.”

It was only at this point that many people suddenly realised that they were high achievers, high achievers. Others thought he would cure the disease on the spot, but he used the delayed method instead. Although this deception was simple, there was no need to worry about being uncovered. Once it was discovered that it was a fake, then the deceitful doctor would have long since disappeared. It was really a clever con man with a simple trick.

The young woman, who had already made up her mind to freeze her bank card, did not say anything else. Only the anger in her eyes was clear.

Finally someone couldn’t look away, it was the middle-aged man who was one aisle away from the middle-aged noblewoman. He took one look at Ye Mo and said, “Young man, it is unethical to do more of this kind of thing. It’s better to leave a line in the sand, taking away all of someone’s one overdraft card and just giving them a talisman, isn’t that a bit too much?”

Ye Mo swept a glance at this middle-aged man and said casually, “We are willing to fight one another, so what business is it of yours? Besides, although I can cure your illness with a single talisman, I am not willing to sell it to you even if you offer a hundred million.”

“Haha, I’m sick? What a laugh.” This middle-aged man laughed back in anger.

Ye Mo said in a light voice, “Not only do I know that you are sick, I also know that you have a heart disease that is very difficult to cure.”

“You ……” This middle-aged man was immediately about to stand up and strike at Ye Mo, but the man next to him pulled him back. With such a strong body of his own, this young con man was saying that he had a heart disease, this was just nonsense.

After this middle-aged man was pulled back by the person next to him, he immediately said to the middle-aged noblewoman, “This big sister, you have to be careful of that liar, there are too many liars nowadays.”

The middle-aged noblewoman laughed and did not reply to his words. The middle-aged man had to shake his head, feeling that he was indeed meddling in his own affairs.

Ye Mo didn’t bother to pay attention to him, he already saw a stewardess standing next to that empty seat asking questions.