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DYM Chapter 573

Soon this stewardess left and two more plainclothes air marshals arrived. After a little more time, the plane’s announcement came on and it was the captain speaking.

“Pa*sengers, welcome to this flight, I am the captain of this flight, Yu Limin. I regret to say that a vicious and deliberate murder has occurred on board this aircraft. A pa*senger was shot dead in the bathroom, so for your safety, please do not leave your seats casually after the plane has landed and stopped ……”

Before the captain could finish his words, the inside of the plane immediately became noisy. Many people even turned unnaturally pale, a shooting inside the plane, could it be that someone was trying to hijack the plane?

Ye Mo swept a look at Luo Dong Sheng, found that although he was still a bit nervous at this time, but compared to many of the pa*sengers’ faces turning white Chapter 573, it was a lot better, at least it was not that abrupt.

However, Ye Mo then felt that this Luo Dong Sheng didn’t have the slightest potential to be a killer, he actually still had that gun hidden on his body.

Ye Mo shook his head speechlessly, this gun had already killed someone, wasn’t it looking for death if it was still on his body? Just soon Ye Mo knew why he had hidden his gun on his own body, the stewardess who was with him was pushing the trolley with some anxious look. It turned out that he was trying to transfer the pistol away through this trolley, only that for some unknown reason, the other stewardess had discovered the situation first.

Since he had killed someone, the pistol should have been disposed of on the spot, right? Was it because he was afraid that the fingerprints would leak? Why didn’t they use water to wash it? Or is it that water simply cannot wash off fingerprints? If he was afraid of fingerprints, the dead man should have had his fingerprints on him as well.

When Ye Mo thought of his own fingerprints still on the pistol, he couldn’t help but curse his bad luck. Of course he wasn’t afraid, but this flight was a bit sensitive. Although he was now unknown, once he was investigated, he might be traced to Ye Mo. If Rice knew that he, Ye Mo, had been to San Francisco, he might also be a target of suspicion.

The people who knew that Luo Dong Sheng had killed the fat man were not only himself and the air hostess Chapter 573, but also Ye Mo and Meng Jiushan. Meng Jiushan was not terrified, he was someone who had seen the world, and treated what the captain said as if he had not heard it, still somewhat carefully asking various questions with Ye Mo.

And through the conversation, Ye Mo also knew that the Meng family did have some phrenology skills pa*sed down from their ancestors, only that they were all pa*sed down orally and not written down in a book this made Ye Mo a little disappointed.

Although he was now more interested in the ‘Bitter Decade, but this Meng Jiushan knew the easy numbers, he was also very interested.

Listening to Ye Mo and Meng Jiushan’s conversation, although the noblewoman in front of her wanted to ask a few more questions but she was afraid that Ye Mo would have an opinion of her and could only swallow her words hard.

However, she ignored the young woman again, which showed how disappointed she was with the young woman.

Because of the criminal case, the atmosphere inside the cabin became a little odd. Even many people who thought that Ye Mo had cheated them out of money were focused on the people around them, very afraid that the murderer was the one sitting with them.

At this moment, there were already several more 〖Police〗inspectors inside the cabin, and the pa*sengers inside the cabin all knew that all of them were now under surveillance. No one wanted to be suspected at this time, even those who wanted to go to the bathroom held back. Ye Mo found that Luo Dong Sheng was a bit anxious at this time, probably because there was no way to transfer the gun on his body.

A few hours later, the plane landed at Hong Kong International Airport. All the pa*sengers on the plane, under the double surveillance of many pairs of eyes and cameras, stepped off the plane one by one and had to walk through a temporary automatic detector.

It is certain that the checker will automatically alert the police if it detects any firearms, and Luo Dong-sheng obviously saw the automatic checker and his face looked ugly. Originally, in his plan, the pistol would be transferred away after the job was done, but he just didn’t expect that because of some delay, the murder would be exposed first.

Ye Mo saw Luo Dong Sheng’s face and knew that there was no way for him to hide the pistol on his body. He had to walk behind him as he got off the plane and took the pistol off his body and threw it into his ring.

It was only when someone nudged him that he subconsciously walked into the lobby and waited to be registered. He even touched the place where he kept his pistol several times, but there was nothing there. He even suspected that he had left his pistol on his seat, but there was no way he could go back for it at this time.

All the people on the plane had to be checked, even the stewardess who was with Luo Dongsheng, who had to go through it. When she saw that Luo Dongsheng was fine, the surprise in her eyes was something that Ye Mo could see. Luckily, apart from Ye Mo who noticed the two of them, no one else did. Although Meng Jiushan knew that Luo Dongsheng had killed the man, he was most concerned about Ye Mo right now.

When he started registering his identity inside the hall, Ye Mo heard Luo Shengdong say to the stewardess that he was going to visit Luo Yue.

Ye Mo secretly nodded in his heart, it looked like his Luo Yue had a reputation. This was good, it could attract all kinds of talents to Luo Yue.

Although he knew that the murderer was among the pa*sengers, but since he didn’t get any definite evidence, and almost 80% of the people had been to the bathroom during the meal, since there were no cameras in the bathroom, no one knew when the fat man was killed in the cubicle.

Hundreds of pa*sengers couldn’t have stayed here, and besides there were some more important people in there. The first cla*s cabin on this flight was filled with some important people, and it was even more unlikely that they would stay here because of the death of a businessman. So, after a simple registration, the crowd left.

Ye Mo placed the pistol on Luo Dongsheng once again before he left.

Before the middle-aged noblewoman left, she thanked Ye Mo again and again. Although her illness had not been cured, she saw from Ye Mo’s eyes that he had not lied to her, only that the young woman was getting more and more impatient.

Because of Meng Jiushan’s appearance”, Ye Mo had to make a trip to the Meng family to see the ‘Bitter Decade’ so he followed Meng Jiushan directly to the Meng family. The Meng family had originally been in the Central Lake Province of China, and when the civil war broke out in China, the family moved to Hong Kong, where they have now settled.

Luo Dongsheng and the stewardess left the airport together, took a taxi and headed directly to Hong Kong Temple Poo. Although the place was chaotic, the houses here were the cheapest. If it was usual, they might have all taken the bus back, but just not today, and the two even felt some danger.

When they got out of the taxi it was already more than ten o’clock, the stewardess who had been accompanying Luo Dongsheng asked afterwards, “Dongsheng, how come your pistol was not checked out? I was so anxious, but it’s a good thing you had a way to hide the pistol.”

Luo Dongsheng’s face however looked a little anxious, at this moment when he heard the woman next to him ask, he immediately said, “Yingzi, I’d better get out of here right away, why don’t you come with me. I’m going to Luo Yue. I’ve heard that the city lord of Luo Yue City is a man of great ability, so we’ll go to Luo Yue.

Now Luo Yue is open to the whole world and needs all kinds of talents, and Chinese people are especially welcome to settle there.”

“Why? Didn’t you say we’d go when things were done on your end? Besides, I was planning to get my year-end bonus.” The woman called Yingzi looked at Luo Dongsheng strangely.

Luo Dong Sheng shook his head and said, “I suspect that by now they already know that I’m the murderer, because my pistol was most likely left on top of the seat of the plane.”

“What?” Yingzi’s face immediately changed, if the pistol had been left on top of the seat, it would have been suspected even if there were no fingerprints, let alone if there were fingerprints on it.”

Luo Dongsheng nodded and said, “I was just jīng in my heart when I found out that it wasn’t detected after pa*sing through the detector. But when I touched the pistol with my hand, I immediately knew it was over, the pistol had fallen off, eh ……”

“What’s wrong?” Yingzi asked in a hurry.

Surprise and incredulity appeared on Luo Dongsheng’s face as he took out a pistol and froze, “When pa*sing the test, I obviously touched it several times without touching it, so how could it suddenly appear again?”

Yingzi also immediately let out a sigh of relief as well and continued, “Could it be that you were too nervous and therefore didn’t touch it.”

Luo Dong Sheng shook his head, “It’s absolutely impossible, I haven’t touched it several times, it’s not a piece of cloth. And even if I hadn’t touched it, wouldn’t the detector have detected it?”

The two men looked at each other for a long time before they said at the same time, “Someone is helping.”

Luo Dong Sheng nodded cautiously, “It must be that we have met a precious person, perhaps Xiao Yun’s spirit in heaven has blessed us.”

Suddenly neither of them wanted to talk anymore, this life and death seemed to be just a piece of paper apart, if the pistol was investigated by the police, then the next step would be to eat jail time.

“Dong Sheng, let’s go to Luo Yue. I don’t want to stay here and live, I want something quieter.” Yingzi suddenly made up her mind.

“Okay, let’s go to Luo Yue.” Luo Dongsheng had also made up his mind.

Meanwhile, inside a five-star hotel in Hong Kong. The middle-aged noblewoman kept holding the talisman in her hand, somewhat lost in thought.

The young woman, however, quietly came outside and called back overnight, telling her family the fact that they had been cheated out of millions on top of the plane, and asking them to freeze that bank card immediately.

“Mum. I’ve told you not to believe these things. You said a talisman can cure your illness, is that possible? We checked several hospitals in Rice this time and all of them offered to hospitalise you for tests. I think it’s better for us to go to Rice for an in-patient check-up after we finish the family business this time.” The young girl had called back and asked for her bank card to be frozen, but she was still a little uncomfortable in her mind.

That young man was obviously singing a double act with that Master Shih and Mong, but the old mother had believed it, and even doubted herself, that it was tens of millions of dollars, not a few thousand.