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DYM Chapter 574

“The middle-aged noblewoman carefully put away the talisman and said with a sigh, “Xiaoyin, China is a large country with a rich culture, and since ancient times there have been many capable people. My father once said to me, “Samuel, in the future, don’t look down on anyone just because you don’t know anything about them. And don’t be subservient to others just because they think they are great. Sometimes, the only people who can help you are the people who walk by you without thinking.” .


“Mom, Grandpa is from the old society ……,” the young woman called Xiaoyin interrupted by this middle-aged noblewoman before she could finish her sentence.


“Xiaoyin, from now on it’s better to call me auntie, and try not to call grandfather. Let Shen’s family hear it will be talkative, today I said some heavy words on top of the plane, you should not take it to heart. Nan Nan ……, hey, forget it, Nan Nan has her own blessing Chapter 574 Regret No Medicine Edge.” The middle-aged noblewoman sounded a little sad.


Xiao Yin froze, suddenly feeling that she had asked her family to freeze the bank card, this matter is a bit not very generous. Even if that money had been swindled away, it was still Auntie Qing Huai’s volition.


Seemingly affected by that sad emotion of the middle-aged noblewoman, Xiao Yin suddenly said, “Mom, in my heart you will always be my mum, I will call you auntie in front of people in the future. Don’t worry, this time we will go back to prepare and then go to America for treatment. I’m sure you’ll get better, and as for Nan Nan, you don’t have to worry, I’ll be able to take care of him.”


The middle-aged noblewoman waved her hand and was silent for a long time before she said, “I won’t go back for treatment this time, no matter if I am well or not. Nan Nan is also considered a member of the Shen family, so stay with the Shen family. I’ve stayed in the red dust for too long already, I shouldn’t stay with these things anymore …….”


“Mom, you said you ……” Xiao Yin looked at the middle-aged noblewoman in front of her in surprise, she only saw that unmistakable belief in leaving the house.


The middle-aged noblewoman didn’t say anything this time, she just fell silent.


“Ah”,…” the young woman called Bo Yin suddenly let out a scream and fell to the ground.


“What’s going on” Bu Yin?” The middle-aged noblewoman seemed to wake up from her outburst and Chapter 574 Regret No Medicine hurriedly strained to pick up the young woman on the ground and asked eagerly.


“My anus is well come”,…” cried Xiaoyin, holding back the intense pain.


“…….” At this instant, both the middle-aged noblewoman and Xiaoyin seemed to remember something and surprisingly looked at the clock on the wall at the same time. Ling Xun point was exactly three o’clock in the real middle of the night.


At once the words of the young doctor on top of the plane reminded them, wasn’t he talking about a two-hour pain in the middle of the night?


“I’ll make a call for a doctor.” The middle-aged noblewoman looked at the young woman who was thrashing around in pain on the bed and was anxious. She could relate to the feeling of pain in her body, as she had one every day.


“No, Ma …….” Xiaoyin suddenly pulled the middle-aged noblewoman’s hand, “That man said that I would only be in pain for two hours, and that I should be fine after two hours, and now I feel to be slightly better, so I will see …… tomorrow.”


The middle-aged noblewoman certainly believed Ye Mo’s words in her heart, and the situation of Xiao Yin in front of her was an ironclad indication that what the young man on the plane said was right. At this moment, Xiao Yin’s stomach was so painful, wouldn’t it mean that he was a true divine doctor? Thinking of this she sighed again, if Xiaoyin would not have done that to him, perhaps that divine doctor’s casual words would have relieved Xiaoyin’s pain for two little, hours.


Xiao Yin felt her pain getting better, she breathed out and looked at the middle-aged noblewoman and said, “Mom, could that man have deliberately tried to make my stomach hurt?”


“Xiaoyin, you still have to say such things. That young divine doctor didn’t even touch you, so how could he make your stomach hurt?” The middle-aged noblewoman was obviously a little less than pleased when she heard Xiao Yin’s words.


“Yes, Mom, I know. Actually, I also hope that he is really capable so that your illness can be seen to …….” Xiaoyin suddenly stopped here, did she really think that way?


She knew exactly what she was thinking, she was sure that the man was a fraud and she had never expected this fraud to cure Aunty Qing Huai’s illness, that’s why she had frozen her bank card. And now she was surprisingly a little suspicious; how could that con man have known that her stomach would hurt tonight? If he really knew from a distance like that, then he was a little too good at it.


Probably because she believed in the skills of the young doctor on the plane, the middle-aged noblewoman surprisingly didn’t say another word about calling a doctor, and the woman called Xiaoyin seemed to be able to bear it. But because Xiaoyin’s stomach kept hurting, the two of them didn’t get any sleep either.


I don’t know how long it took, but Xiaoyin suddenly got up and touched her stomach and said, “Huh, I’m already well, my stomach doesn’t hurt anymore ……”.


She stopped immediately in the middle of her sentence because they both saw the hands of the wall clock above the wall at exactly 2am. Yum had had a tummy ache for two hours, no more and no less.


“Mum …….” The young woman called out to the middle-aged noblewoman, and the two looked at each other for a long time, but didn’t say a word. That young man had actually said the whole (fastest update) was the truth, and if that could be guessed, then the luck was a bit too unbelievable.


“Why don’t you give that talisman a go, Mom?” Xiao Yin suddenly had great doubts about her original idea, and she was suddenly curious to know if that talisman really worked.


The middle-aged noblewoman came back to her senses and shook her head, “It’s not yet dawn, he said it would be dawn, so I’ll just go until dawn.”


Xiao Yin unexpectedly did not refute the middle-aged noblewoman’s words, but only nodded somewhat unimaginatively, without knowing what was going through her mind, except that neither of them had any sleep this night.


The three hours of the night pa*sed in a flash, and it was five in the morning.


The middle-aged noblewoman picked up the talisman and put it on her forehead reverently. Originally, she wanted to lie down so that the talisman would not fall, but when she put it on, she felt that the talisman automatically latched onto her forehead.


Without waiting for her to think about anything else, her body gradually sizzled up and her whole body seemed to have a numb, fine pain. It seemed that many things invisible to the naked eye were being sucked away from various parts of her body by the talisman on her forehead. She couldn’t see it, but she could feel it.


“Mum, how is it?” Xiao Yin also looked at the talisman that didn’t fall in amazement and subconsciously asked out loud.


The middle-aged noblewoman did not say anything, for the first time she felt that lazy comfortable feeling all over her body, she did not even want to say a word.


Half an hour pa*sed in a flash, and when she woke up with a start, the talisman on her forehead had slowly drifted down, only to become a piece of flying ash that did not crack, and the original appearance of the talisman was nowhere to be found.


As the middle-aged noblewoman looked at the piece of flying ash in front of her, she suddenly couldn’t help the tears that fell from her eyes. No one knew better than herself that her illness had truly been cured. In just thirty minutes, cured by a seemingly superstitious talisman.


After standing dumbfounded for a long time, this middle-aged noblewoman took out a handkerchief and carefully wrapped up the piece of flying ash. She had heard that divine doctor say that this flying ash was very poisonous and had to be disposed of properly.


“Ma ……, this thing really turned into flying ash, did it, sadly”,…” the young woman called Xiaoyin looked at the middle-aged noblewoman with a look of disbelief, she felt as if her worldview turned upside down, what she had once learnt seemed unbearable in the face of the truth.


She remembered the young man’s words, “To say that I can instantly cure a patient who has been a vegetable for several years by drawing a talisman is even more unbelievable to you? And you wouldn’t believe me if I said you’d go back tonight with a two-hour stomach ache?”


What was even more ridiculous was the fact that his own stomach really did hurt for two hours, hours. He was talking about the talisman turning to ashes, which it still did, except that Aunt Samuel Qing had really been cured by a talisman?


“Thank that Mo divine doctor, he is a real high achiever, he cured me in half an hour, but the money I gave him was really not enough for a tenth of it …….” Qing Samuel wrapped the flying ashes and once again said in a reverent, haphazard whisper.


And Xiao Yin heard this and just murmured, “I can’t believe it’s really possible, really …… possible.”


Suddenly she seemed to think of something as if she had remembered and said eagerly, “Mom, he said he could use the talisman to cure the vegetative person, the eldest uncle he has been more than six months to go”,…”


Xiao Yin did not finish her words, the middle-aged noblewoman shook her head and said, “This kind of nobleman is not something you can meet just because you want to, Xiao Yin, hey ……”


Only then did the young woman understand what Aunt Qing Huai said to Meng Jiushan on the plane, that it was the luck of all luck for her to meet Meng Jiushan, so wouldn’t meeting that divine doctor be the luck of all luck? But that was also Auntie Samuel Qing, just to any person who would not believe that young man, which she herself was.


Such a capable person, and she hadn’t even asked him for a talisman, and had even called him a liar under her breath.


Suddenly she remembered the matter of asking her family to freeze that card of Auntie Qing Huai, and her face turned ugly. She didn’t even dare to mention this to Auntie Qing Huai, what would he think if that divine doctor went to withdraw the money only to find that the bank card had been frozen?


He would have thought that the real fraudster was Auntie Samuel, and the young woman’s heart was filled with remorse at the thought. Why must one not trust others about things one does not understand?


Qinggang Meng’s Villa.


In terms of fame, it was even above the Mo family’s Mid-Levels Villa in Qingquan Bay. The Meng’s Villa is famous at home and abroad, and it is so famous because the Meng family is known as one of the three major feng shui families in China I.


There are countless people who want to ask Master Meng’s help with feng shui or face reading, but only a few of them can really get Master Meng’s hand. Only the most powerful and influential people can ask Master Meng to help them.


And every time they were invited, they would treat Grandmaster Meng with the utmost respect and courtesy.


Yet today, Grandmaster Meng is carefully accompanying a young man at Meng’s Villa, and with a respectful demeanour.”