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DYM Chapter 575

At this moment, Ye Mo was standing in the orchard area of the Meng family’s luxurious mountain resort, looking at the fruit tree in front of him, from incomparable excitement to deep disappointment, he didn’t even have the means to express how his mood fell. This was because the tree in front of him, which was less than three metres, was indeed a ‘Bitter Decade’ but it was close to the brink of death due to improper maintenance.

‘Bitter Decade, in the cultivation world, was a hard-to-find spiritual fruit, and of the three main medicines for refining the Foundation Establishment Pill, the hardest to find was not the ‘Green Flower and Green Leaf Gra*s’ nor the ‘Gala Flower’ but the ‘Bitter Decade “This is why the ‘Foundation Establishment Pill, is extremely hard to find.

It was not at all uncommon for a ‘Bitter Decade, fruit to be sold for tens of thousands of spirit stones.

‘Bitter Decade, extremely difficult to grow, and only grows a centimeter tall at most every year, this ‘Bitter Decade, in front of me, was nearly three meters, and was clearly almost three hundred Chapter 575 – The Harvest is Not Small, belonging to a very rare ‘Bitter Decade”

The only regret was that although this ‘Bitter Decade, alone, occupied nearly an acre of orchard and seemed to be very carefully tended, it had gradually dissipated its own spiritual energy and was close to death. Even if Ye Mo wanted to save this ‘Bitter Decade’, he would have to have spirit stones to set up a spirit gathering formation. Not to mention that Ye Mo did not have spirit stones, even if he did, he would not be able to waste them to set up such a formation, he must have used them for cultivation.

But in other words, to be able to put ‘ten years of suffering and feed for three hundred years in this place was already not easy. It shows that the Meng family still has a way of doing things.

There was a rumour about ‘ten years of bitterness’, which was ‘ten years of blossoming, one day of fruit, bitter in its heart, sweet in its path. The reason is that in the cultivation world, only when one really steps into the Foundation Establishment stage can one be considered to have truly entered cultivation. And to build the foundation, ‘suffering for ten years is something that is essential.

“Doctor Mo …….” Meng Jiushan saw Ye Mo standing in front of the ‘Bitter Decade, looking at it for a long time, and shook his head again, with a disappointed look, he couldn’t help but call out.

Ye Mo looked at Meng Jiushan and said, “This fruit tree of yours only has a few years to live life will not be long.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Meng Jiushan’s face showed gloom as he nodded his head and said “Yes, Doctor Mo, you can see that this ‘Phase Heart Fruit, indeed it doesn’t have a few years left.”

‘Phase Heart Fruit,? Ye Mo froze for a moment and immediately responded that this was another name they used for ‘Bitter Decade,’.

Ye Mo nodded and didn’t care just asked, “This fruit tree only has a few years left to live, how do you guys know?”

“It was pa*sed down from my ancestors, this ‘Phase Heart Fruit, because it left the place it grew, only has a maximum life span of three hundred years, and there are still a few years left for this ‘Phase Heart Fruit, before it reaches three hundred years.” Meng Jiushan said with some sadness, this ‘Phase Heart Fruit, was very important to their Meng Family. He was sad not only because the life span of the ‘Phase Heart Fruit, was up, but also because he, Meng Jiushan, only had two weeks to live.

“Oh, leaving the place where it grows? Could it be that this ‘Acacia Heart Fruit, was not planted by your Meng family ancestors? In that case how could you allow this fruit tree to live for three hundred years?” Ye Mo’s eyes showed strangeness, in a manor on the outskirts of a city, it was a miracle that a spiritual medicine like ‘Bitter Decade, could be allowed to live for so many years, even if it had been transplanted once more in between.

“Yes, my ancestor of the Meng family back then found this, phase heart fruit, when this ‘phase heart fruit, was only less than three inches, but the ancestor dug up a meter square of soil below to bring up at the same time”,….” Meng Jiushan’s words have let Ye Mo understand over digging so much soil away, that certainly will not affect the three inches of ‘bitter ten years, growth, as the years increase, this fruit tree’s soil and around the formation of a mixture plus careful conditioning, only then did not die. It is only after so many years that the fruit tree has long since sucked up the nutrients of the mother earth that it withered away.

When we transplanted it to Hong Kong, we dug up an area of two square feet,” said Meng Jiushan. It was very difficult to transport it here by boat, and even so, it was still impossible to keep this ‘Phase Heart Fruit,’ anymore.”

Hearing this, Ye Mo’s heart suddenly moved and he suddenly opened his mouth and asked, “Where did your ancestor find the ‘Phase Heart Fruit,’?”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Meng Yuanshan’s face looked difficult.

At a glance, Ye Mo understood that Meng Jiushan didn’t quite want to say immediately and said, “I can help your Meng family get this disease cured, I have this certainty as long as you are willing to say where you got this ‘Phase Heart Fruit,’.”

‘Bitter Decade, living in a place with more abundant spiritual energy, even if there is no more ‘Bitter Decade’ there, but if the spiritual energy is abundant, cultivation is still possible.

For this disease of the Meng family, Ye Mo already knew a bit about it, it was caused by the Meng family’s ancestor taking ‘Bitter Decade’ by mistake back then.

‘Bitter Decade, it’s not that you can’t take it together with honey, but if the ‘Bitter Decade’ is insufficient in spiritual qi, it’s best to refine it into a medicine and take it. Otherwise for an ordinary person who has not cultivated, although it can lighten the body, clear the mind and tonic the brain, but it is easy to cause the spiritual energy can not be absorbed, directly blocking the vitality. Of course, if it is a spiritual fruit with sufficient spiritual energy, the situation of blocking the vitality will not happen, and what cannot be absorbed will be automatically stored in the body and slowly absorbed or slowly overflowed.

The Meng family is because the ‘bitter decade, the spiritual energy has been not sufficient, that is why the body is getting stronger and stronger, but the vitality is being, blocked wish. Once you get past the A-zone barrier, it’s not uncommon to live a hundred years. But it’s hard to say what the vitality is. If you block it, you won’t be able to live even if you are physically strong.

Of course, you can also choose not to eat this ‘bitter decade’, but even if you don’t eat the ‘bitter decade’, you will not be able to live past sixty until three generations later, when the aura in your body has completely dissipated. This effect is mainly on the male members of the Meng family, as they are Yang, and of course it also has an effect on the women, only slightly less so.

Originally, ‘bitter for ten years, if it would not have withered away, Ye Mo would have had difficulty with this disease. But since the ‘bitter ten years, are going to wither, he just needs to dissipate the aura that hinders the vitality of the Meng family. Anyway, the Meng family didn’t have a ‘bitter decade, to eat behind them.

“Many thanks to Divine Doctor Mo.” Meng Jiushan was waiting for these words from Ye Mo, and now that it had been hundreds of years since that sentence was pa*sed down from generation to generation, and no Meng family member had found a place, there was nothing to say now.

“Back then, my ancestor of the Meng family found two ‘phase heart fruit’ plants in that place, one of them is already nearly five meters …….”

Ye Mo’s heart shook as he said offhandedly, “Two plants?”

But in his heart was a shock, one of them was already five meters, plus now that three hundred years had pa*sed, didn’t that mean that one plant was already eight hundred years old? Eight hundred years of ‘Bitter Decade'” Ye Mo’s heart was suddenly on fire. If a ‘Bitter Decade’ of this vintage were to be obtained by him, it would simply be a great fortune.

If there was an eight hundred year old ‘Bitter Decade, fruit for sale in the cultivation world, it would simply be more than a hundred thousand spirit stones.

Meng Jiushan had already seen that Ye Mo had a great interest in this ‘Phase Heart Fruit,’ and continued, “Yes, back then, my ancestor’s ability could only take that small three-inch sapling away, originally he planned to go back after a while to get the big one, but he never found it again. That place was deep in the sea of clouds in the Hengduan Mountain Range, and my ancestor said there was a natural Big Dipper there. But then my Meng family’s ancestors searched for over two hundred years and found none all the same.”

Ye Mo had calmed down, no matter what he had to go and see the place where this ‘bitter decade, grew. Hearing this he said in a calm tone, “Good, in that case, you will dictate your Meng family’s phallic heritage, and I will see what the problem is.”

Ye Mo already knew what the problem was, but after helping your Meng family to remove such a big hidden disease, collecting some interest wasn’t much, right? That’s why he asked Meng Jiushan to dictate the phallic art once again.

However, Meng Jiushan did not doubt it, in his opinion, to learn the Meng Family Yi Shu is not at all to say once and know it. It was because many of the specialist terms in the Meng Family’s Yi Shu needed to be explained word by word, and sometimes it was not unusual for a single word to take a day to be explained. Besides, he also thought that the Meng Family’s lifespan was only limited to the first year of life, which had something to do with phrenology, that is, what others said was jealous of heaven.

And the fact that Ye Mo could use talismans to save people meant that he was not just a doctor, he came from a hidden clan, most likely a hidden clan of art cultivators.

The Meng Family Yi Shu was not very long, only ten thousand words in total. What surprised Ye Mo was that the Meng Family Yi Shu was the second book he had encountered on Earth that resembled cultivation, the terminology and nomenclature in it was certainly not the least bit difficult for Ye Mo, and it could be said that he understood so much more than Meng Jiushan. It was just that this Yi Shu only cultivated easy calculation and divination, not true qi.

But the benefits this Yi Shu gave Ye Mo were far more than the one he had seen at the September Watch, Ye Mo understood a lot of things from this Yi Shu. He even found more similarities with his cultivation, and if he went back to meditate and close his mind, he would definitely make a breakthrough.

This time was not in vain, Ye Mo thought to himself.

“Good, I have understood, now you call all the male members of your Meng family over. I will help you remove this hidden disease.” Because the Meng family’s ‘bitter ten years, it was no longer viable, so the words explaining the Meng family not to eat this fruit anymore Ye Mo didn’t even mention it.

Seeing that Ye Mo was willing to help, Meng Jiushan was of course overjoyed in his heart. However, there were really not many male members of the Meng family, only six of them, and it did not take Ye Mo much time to completely dissipate the pale aura that was depressed in their bodies. As for the women of the Meng family, Ye Mo simply wrote out a prescription and told them to boil the medicine themselves.

Although Meng Jiushan finally took out a huge cheque, Ye Mo still refused it. Although this cheque was a lot of money, it was nothing to him. Moreover, what he got here from Meng Jiushan was really quite a lot, after a mere one day’s delay, he had gained so much that he could not even think about it.

“It really is a high person …….” When Meng Jiushan saw that Ye Mo had rejected his cheque of tens of millions of dollars without hesitation, but insisted on taking the noblewoman’s three million on the plane, this made him change his opinion of Ye Mo greatly. Little did he know that the biggest advantage had already been taken away by Ye Mo.

“Deep in the sea of clouds in the Transverse Mountain Range, the Seven Stars of the Northern Dipper …….” How come it was so similar to the entrance that Lok Hustle had mentioned? Ye Mo muttered as he quickly approached Luo Yue City.