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DYM Chapter 576

The city of Jing, near R ussia’s Haisanwei, is also not far from North Korea. It is on the border with China, and even if it is not winter, many mountains are snowed in all year round, not to mention the traditional Chinese New Year, which has just pa*sed.

Although it is already early spring in March, there are still endless snowflakes falling in Jing, and most people in Jing just stay inside with a fire on or watch TV with the air conditioning on at this time of year. Emei Mountain is the highest mountain in Jing, and although it has the same name as Emei in Sichuan, there is a huge difference in its nature. Emei Mountain is covered in snow all year round and, except in rare places and at special times, you can’t see any green.

And at this time, outside a village at the foot of Emei Mountain in Jing City, there is an emaciated young woman trudging along the road. The reason she was having such a hard time Chapter 576 The bottom was getting thicker and she was preparing to migrate, and by the look of her, she wanted to enter the village ahead to rest for a while.

But her bulging belly made her walk a little difficult, and her feet were weak and obviously had little strength. Finally she accidentally stepped on a patch of ice and slipped to the ground.

The woman, who had fallen to the ground, put her hand over the small of her back and tried hard to get up, but again she failed.

The snow was falling heavier and heavier, and there was no one in sight on such a small field path, only a woman who had fallen beside the path.

“Huh, why is someone falling on top of the snow.” A Taoist nun was carrying an extremely large parcel, but she was walking extremely fast inside this snow.

When she saw the woman lying on the ground, she hastily reached out to help her up and took a look at the woman she had helped up and said in surprise, “What a pretty girl, not from here. Hmm, still pregnant? No, she also practiced ancient martial arts, she’s just badly injured.”

Before she could take a closer look at the injured woman, the Taoist nun hurriedly carried the woman across her arms, then picked up the large bag and headed down Emei Mountain extremely quickly. The speed was surprisingly even three points faster than just now.

Cultivation really has no age Ye Mo began to close down again to cultivate after he returned last time and gave his things to Void Moonghua. He was going to find something suitable for him from the Meng Family’s Yi Chapter 576 The bottom is getting thicker, preparing for the migration technique, and a few months had pa*sed in the blink of an eye.

However, today, Ye Mo could no longer concentrate on his repairs, he always felt a little irritable and restless. Ye Mo stood up and checked his cultivation level, he was already in the middle of the fifth level of Qi cultivation. He was satisfied to be able to advance a small layer again in just a few months.

When Ye Mo left the gate, Xu Yuehua, Xu Ping and the others all came over soon after. Last time Ye Mo came back because he had an epiphany and just handed something over to Void Yuehua, he immediately closed down, so he didn’t even talk to Ning Qingxue more than once. If Ning Qingxue was the first to come over, Ye Mo’s heart was slightly quieter, perhaps he was thinking of her too much.

Although Luo Yue was actually being managed by Ning Qing Xue and Void Yuehua, now that Ye Mo was out again, Void Yuehua and the others had to report to him on many things.

Liang Jun, Lu Na and the Yin family, Yin Si and Luo Dong Sheng had all come to Luo Yue already, and Ye Zifeng had also come over. Only Ye Zifeng and Ye Ling were the only two people from the Ye family to come over, as for the rest of them, they didn’t come over.

This made Ye Mo very strange, and the first time he saw Ye Zifeng he asked, “Why did you come over, Zifeng? What about the Ye family in Yanjing when you came over?”

“Big brother we are brothers I know grandpa is right, but right now I am hiding in Yanjing when Luo Yue is in difficulty. When Luo Yue gets through her difficulties, I will come back, what kind of brother would that be. Brothers are meant to share the hardships, not just the blessings. Even Ye Ling knows to come to your aid, how can I lag behind?” Ye Zifeng’s words moved Ye Mo greatly Although he knew that Ye Zifeng was most likely not related to him by blood, he already looked at Ye Zifeng as his own brother in his heart.

Next, the entire management of Luo Yue had come to the meeting hall to prepare for the discussion of relocating all of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, to Luo Yue. Luo Yue already had a certain ability to defend itself at this time, and they thought that the rice people should have reached the limit of their tolerance.

Because Ye Mo rarely participated in internal affairs, the development plan of Luo Yue formulated by Void Moon Hua and others was to vigorously purchase weapons, and then develop their own air defense, and sea offensive defense capabilities.

Luo Yue had money, and several major pharmaceutical companies had begun to sweep the world in various currencies. A large amount of money flowed into Luo Yue, but to everyone’s surprise ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, no matter how big it grew to and how much money it made, just didn’t go public. If you wanted to buy Luo Yue’s products, you could, but if you wanted to buy Luo Yue’s shares, there was no way.

Because Luo Yue had money, Luo Yue, who could originally only buy arms through underground second-hand dealers, began to seek the cooperation of the major arms countries. And those arms powers, if they have milk, they are mothers. For the sake of money, they have handed out olive branches to Luo Yue.

But Luo Yue will not buy all the weapons, in order for Luo Yue to buy your weapons, then first, you must recognize Luo Yue as an independent government, and then you can talk about the following deal. This article of Luo Yue has stopped many arms powers in their tracks.

The US, R ussia, Germany, France and the UK are all major arms powers in the world, and there is no way that Rice would recognise Luo Yue’s independence, let alone sell arms to it. They just feed Luo Yue development, waiting for ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, production in Luo Yue, how can they sell arms to Luo Yue and then come back to fight them?

Germany, France and Britain are even members of N A T O, they all know what Rice has in mind, and although they would love to make this money, they can’t just casually smear the boss’s face.

But R ussia is different, when it was still the Soviet Union, they did not drag Rice. When the arms race was on, they used nuclear weapons to firmly suppress the Rice people from moving.

Now R ussia is not as ruthless militarily as it was then, but it is fully developed, and it can be said that its combat power has not declined at all. While Germany, France and Britain were still hesitant, they did not hesitate to recognise Luo Yue’s independence and then sold their weapons to Luo Yue.

Large sums of foreign currency fell into R ussia’s pockets, and large quantities of fighter planes, nuclear submarines, tanks and other weaponry entered Loyola.

Germany watched the huge amount of Euros going into R ussia and finally sat down. They couldn’t imagine that the small Luo Yue had such great power, and weapons were eaten one batch after another. But it was still a bit difficult for them to recognise the independence of Loyola.

Immediately, Rice came out to condemn R ussia, which they believed had added to the discord in the world. But R ussia quickly hit back, saying that the biggest seller of arms in the world is Rice, and that anyone is qualified to speak about R ussia, but not Rice.

The old US is having a hard time saying that if they were the world’s number one arms dealer before R ussia sold arms to Luo Yue, they are certainly not now. Luo Yue’s demand for arms was far greater than anyone had estimated, and even far beyond their psychological bottom line.

“Brother, we now have a new type of nuclear weapon, the explosive power of which we have simulated, and it will definitely not be worse than the rest of the countries that have nuclear weapons. And our latest intercontinental ballistic missiles can easily send bombs to the Amerikans, and we even have the ability to send nuclear warheads to the top of their dinner tables.” Ye Xing said smugly.

He had his own reasons to be smug, originally, although he had sufficient funds, but not enough personnel, Ye Mo had sent hundreds of experienced arms scientists from all walks of life at once, and even brought in new types of nuclear reaction materials. If he didn’t make some achievements, he really couldn’t live up to himself.

Ye Mo nodded his head and was satisfied in his heart, he had absolute trust in Ye Xing’s ability. That Empty Aoi just had to look at the design materials, and it was clear that it was definitely not something that ordinary people could get out, and the same could not be said for the Mi Guos.

“Ye Xing is right, in fact our biggest gain is the new type of nuclear reaction engine, I am sure that our performance of this engine definitely surpa*ses any other in the world. It’s just that the rest of our industry is relatively poor, if it wasn’t for the few sets of machine tools and a few big computing systems you brought back last time, we wouldn’t have been able to produce this engine.” Xu Ping said with a nod.

“What R ussia has given us is not good, I think the best weapons still need to be produced by ourselves, just give me three years, I am sure that Luo Yue will become the technological centre of all World Fruit arms.” Ye Xing said proudly.

“Developing arms is a means, not an end, although arms are profitable, we have too many other profitable things. Right now our population base in Luo Yue is still too small, we can only wait until the day we have millions of people, then we can truly stand on our own.” Ye Mo knew what Ye Xing could do, there was no other country that had someone with Ye Xing’s talent.

As long as he was given time, he could create a superb technological empire, it was just that Luo Yue’s people were a little too few.

Void Moon Hua nodded and jacked in, “Many of the people who were working in Luo Yue have relocated their families here. The permanent population of Luoyue is now nearly 200,000. Apart from over 60% of the Chinese, there are also people from other countries who have migrated here, and we are basically accepting everyone. We have set up flights in several countries at the same time to help some people who want to migrate to Luo Yue come over for free.”

“Good, in that case, let’s relocate the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals’ of the Flowing Snakes, it’s about time. I reckon their patience has reached its limit.” Ye Mo was jubilant, Luo Yue was developing so fast, now even if Rice wanted to make a move against them, they would have to weigh it up. I wonder how Old Rice would feel in their hearts when they learned that they had only waited a mere year for Luo Yue to develop to its current state, they should regret it.

“Once we are done relocating ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ the rice people will definitely react, they may attack Luo Yue at the first opportunity and seize what we have, we need to be prepared for war.” Void Moon Hua also planned to relocate ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, but as the actual manager of the entire Luo Yue, she had to think about many things more than others.

At this time, Luo Yue was already completely different from when Shou came, not only did they have a new defence and air defence system, they also had an electronic jamming system and a g? positioning system that Ye Xing had personally developed. Perhaps the electronic jamming and the quick destruction of the attack targets were the reasons why Luoyue had the backbone.

Ye Mo suddenly stood up, swept the crowd and said: “We immediately relocate all of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ to Luo Yue, and with the population of the Flowing Serpent, our population of Luo Yue has exceeded 200,000. Also declare that the 200 nautical miles of sea near Luo Yue belongs to Luo Yue’s territorial waters ……”!