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DYM Chapter 577

Chapter 577 – To War, and to Get Rich Void Moonghua said with some concern, “The UN Convention on the Law of the Sea stipulates that the baseline amount of the territorial sea does not exceed the 12 nautical mile limit from now on. Won’t we be giving Rice an excuse to go to war by doing this?”

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “We are not the only one whose territorial waters exceed 200 nautical miles, many countries have exceeded 200 nautical miles. Our Luo Yue City is different, surrounded by sea on three sides, we must widen our territorial sea, and our main military power will be at sea later. Besides, even if we don’t want an inch of territorial sea, they are just as likely to go to war, so ……”

Ye Mo glanced at everyone sitting and said, “When the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ comes to Luo Yue City, we will immediately conduct an atomic bomb test explosion, I want to brighten the eyes of those who hit Luo Yue City. All I have to say in Chapter 577 is that whether it’s my territory or my territorial waters, that’s all mine to rule.”

“Good, that’s it. I’m the first to support you, City Master.” Huang Yiniang stood up excitedly, Ye Mo’s words spoke to his heart, if you dare to touch my place, you will be blinded.

When he was unwilling to make a move against China and was expelled from the top echelons of the Rice Navy, he was now even more prosperous in Luo Yue. Luo Yue’s naval force is now less than a year old, but already has a huge fleet, and Luo Yue’s biggest and first heavy industry, Luo Yue Shipyard, is already building its first aircraft carrier.

Loyue does not have the first aircraft production line, nor the first tank production line, nor even a rifle production line. But their first production line is the largest heavy industry production line, the Luo Yue Shipyard, and the first product of this shipyard is Luo Yue’s own aircraft carrier. This was brought over by Ye Xing, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier that he had designed back in the ‘Northern Sands’.

Originally, the first product of the Luo Yue shipyard was a test ship, but because Ye Mo brought back a large amount of ready-made research materials and technological personnel, and even precision machine tools back. Therefore, Ye Xing and Void Moon Hua immediately clapped their hands and hired nearly 1,000 skilled workers from the first line of the world’s major shipyards Chapter 577 To War, but also to Get Rich, and under Ye Xing’s personal guidance, began to produce the first aircraft carrier, while building Luo Yue’s second and third shipyards.

“That’s for sure, we have the latest air defence system and electronic jamming and positioning system, just in case they don’t come.” Ye Xing said smugly.

Ye Mo raised his hand to stop Ye Xing, “Although we have made great progress in some areas, our military power, as a whole, is too far from that of Rice, and we are currently not their rivals. But as long as we can threaten them, they will have some scruples. The precondition is that we can’t take the initiative to stir up trouble, and at least for now, we don’t have the strength to do so.”

Void Moon Hua nodded, “We are just comparing our best undercard with the part of our strength that others can see, and who knows if they have a bigger undercard. So I agree with the City Master, right now we are still far from being a match for Rice. Not to mention that they have too many allies to help us with few or none once the fight starts, most of them are helping them.”

“A fight is definitely going to happen, just what it will be like, we don’t even know right now. And although several of our pharmaceutical plants are making money now, once the fight starts, the consumption will certainly be huge. So strategic reserves are especially important to us ……” Ye Mo said after a moment of contemplation, he knew that the time given to Luo Yue was still too little, if we had a few more years, Mi Guo would just be a slightly bigger stepping stone.

The Zangjia Yan interjected, “At present, we have stockpiled a batch of food and a large number of consumables, as well as many exotic factories that are already in operation. It’s just that we haven’t been able to form our native agricultural plants on a large scale yet.”

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “Food is the most important strategic material and must be prepared, it is obviously unrealistic to produce it yourself now. What I mean is that once the war starts, we have to find a way to make money in the war, we can’t afford to consume as we have few people and little land.”

“Making money in war? Usually when a war is fought it’s someone else making money from the country at war, how can anyone make money from someone else?” Ye Zifeng jacked in and said.

Ye Mo smiled slightly, “That’s not necessarily true, our electronic jamming system is the best in the world, no one should be able to match it yet. We can export this kind of stuff ah. Even if I have not experienced modern warfare, I know that modern warfare is all about long range and precision and swiftness. Having a strong electronic jamming system, if coupled with a strong gps positioning system, is a nightmare for those powers that rely on electronic warfare.

Our small numbers, while a disadvantage, are not so obvious in modern warfare. All we have to do is jam their attacks and then locate them. As long as our jamming and positioning systems are as good as Ye Xing says, then we’ll have money to make.”

Ye Xing immediately disagreed and he quickly stood up and said, “Brother, you can doubt my attraction to women, but you can’t doubt the ability of the products I’ve developed. When we have an aircraft production line, I am going to make the most powerful electronic jamming machine in the world.”

Ye Mo’s words were understood by all those sitting here, it was to let his product show its ability in this war and then, sell it to other countries. It was conceivable that once Luo Yue’s jamming source could completely block Rice’s missiles or the rest of the attacks, then it would be impossible to not be famous.

Knowing Ye Mo’s thoughts, Ye Xing quickly shook his head and said, “This fixed type of electronic jamming system can only be placed in Luo Yue, but there is no way to sell it to others. This electronic jamming and gps positioning system of ours is an expendable item, and although it can effectively jam any weapon that attacks Luo Yue within one thousand meters while locking onto it, the energy used is too terrifying ……”

“You used the ‘Extreme Energy Crystal’?” Ye Mo immediately understood Ye Xing’s meaning, no wonder Ye Xing had not been concerned about Rice’s attack, this guy had even used the ‘Extreme Energy Crystal Stone’. This was a backup for the ‘Empty Aoi’. With this kind of powerful interference and locking ability, what attack was there to fear?

Ye Xing laughed bitterly, “I also have no choice, if I don’t create I can’t sleep at night if I don’t create this thing. The power of Rice is simply not something we can develop for a year or two to resist, I can only use it. I’m sure that with enough missiles I could hit all the targets. It’s just that currently our surface-to-air missiles and air-to-air missiles are all imported from Russia, even our intercontinental missiles are imported and then modified, and our own missile production line is still being formed.”

Ye Mo however could understand Ye Xing’s approach, although the ‘Extreme Energy Crystals’ were precious, they couldn’t be kept unused. So it seemed that the ‘Extreme Energy Crystal Stones’ were simply more precious than spirit stones, Ye Mo sighed in his heart, it looked like he would have to make a trip to the ‘Northern Sands’ sometime to get their other four as well.

“Because our jamming source is too large, it can’t form a jammer, it can only ground outwardly jam. But the range is definitely enough, even missiles that the Cosmic Shield defense attack system has missed, there is nowhere to hide under our yx-gr0 model jamming source.” Ye Xing added.

Huang Yinien’s eyes glowed as he listened and immediately said, “We need to equip a set of this kind of good thing in our navy.”

Ye Xing gave Huang Yanian a blank look, “Do you think this is a big cabbage? There’s only one. But as long as you don’t leave the waters near Luo Yue City, we can give you a set of data interface, and you can receive and locate the source of the attack. But you don’t have to worry about the attack, someone else will take care of it over here.”

“So there’s no way to sell our jamming machines?” Ye Mo was a little disappointed, it was so easy to have something that came with money, but there was no way to sell it.

“Of course it can be sold, I can modify it, only the fuel is changed to fuel form, only then the range of jamming is greatly reduced, only a few hundred meters, but it can be fitted as a machine. If installed as a jamming machine, the same is world cla*s.” Ye Xing said with a faint smile.

“Good then, let’s sell this modified jamming machine.” Ye Mo said with a clap of his hands, this thing will definitely come to money, nowadays in electronic warfare, if there is a set of the world’s number one jamming machine, it will be more profitable than anything else.

“Good is good, but there are three drawbacks, firstly, we need to use our own engine for this jamming machine, which is one of the best engines in the world. Of course, if we really want to do it, I can simplify the engine and come up with a simplified version of it. Even if it is a simplified version, once it is sold, it will certainly be a global sensation. Secondly, we don’t have an aircraft production line. Third, once our jammer goes out, it will be cracked.” Ye Xing named several disadvantages one after another, but they all seemed to be fear of leaks and wanted to say the opposite to say this or the advantages.

However, Ye Mo said with a smile, “I’m just not afraid of leaking secrets, the method that our ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ encapsulates is something that no one can crack even now, that is, I have the ability to keep these things from leaking. The most important source of interference inside the machine will be sealed with a formation, and then the machine will be encapsulated according to this formation. Once the internal structure of the jammer is opened, the formation will destroy the internal structure and will definitely not leak.

It is very important that you a*sist Ye Xing to build the production line for the jammer as quickly as possible. If you can, try to import one from another country and modify it yourself, this way you save time.”

Many people did not understand why Ye Mo said it was very important, but Ning Qingxue smiled faintly, only she understood Ye Mo’s mind. Not only did Ye Mo want to make money, he also wanted to make a fortune in politics.

“Big brother, do you want the countries that want to purchase the jamming machine to first have to acknowledge Luo Yue City’s independence?” Ye Zifeng had always been in the official world for a while, and he had somewhat guessed Ye Mo’s thoughts.

Ye Mo nodded, although he was not afraid of Rice, but surviving in this place, international public opinion was very important, and he couldn’t care less about these. Once there was no country to support Luo Yue, Luo Yue would be alone even if she was powerful.

For this meeting, Ye Mo was very satisfied. This meeting not only formulated the main guidelines to deal with Rice, but also formulated the plan to get rich and gain a foothold in the future.


The president of Rice, Ken Rao, once again summoned important officials from the White House and his think tank, this was the second time he came to a meeting specifically because of the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ matter.

“‘Loyuki Pharmaceuticals’ has taken over Sena and is attracting a global population and is now buying a lot of arms, I think if we weren’t farther away from them, maybe their Russian missiles would have hit us right under the a*s. I regret the original proposal by Councillor Hippie Exton to let it go.” Admiral de Haeri was the first to step forward, his words expressing his dissatisfaction with the high command’s indulgence of Loyue.

Because it was the navy that Loyue was now vigorously developing, Dehaeri was also present at this meeting. Once there was to be a war with Luo Yue, the first battle would definitely come at sea.