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DYM Chapter 578

“I think General Dehairi is right, we shouldn’t have compromised with Loyue in the first place and come up with some plan to delay the retention of arms. We should have marched out of Sena in the first place, and now I think our first choice is to march out of Sena and take back what is ours.” The Minister of Homeland Security had been upset the last time because his advice had not been taken, and now that Loyola was sitting on his hands, he was even more upset.

Hippy Eston frowned a little and didn’t say anything. But another member of the think-tank beside him spoke up, “Minister Norborne, Senator Hapieston’s strategy was definitely the right one in the first place, and the reason it never worked is, I reckon, because those cunning guys figured out our ploy. They used the time we gave them to seize the opportunity to grow, and that’s what created the situation we have today Chapter 578 – The Great War Will Rise.”

“Hayes’ words are right, I believe that many people can see our plan, but I can’t imagine that a group of businessmen from ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,’ can also see our plan, which is my mistake.  Since they already know our plan, I think we can’t wait any longer, I suggest taking action immediately.” With these words Hapieston was indicating that it should be time for military action.

“I agree, Senna has countless treasures, even including the new elemental weed we have discovered. I also suggest immediate military action to take back Senna and drive those yellow skins out. The sea is not where they should come, and the riches within it are not something they should reach for. We have planned for decades for a place that they have taken without a word, and I would rather swim over and kick them out than continue to indulge.” In a change of tone from the last meeting, Pedenan also began to endorse a forceful solution to Sena.

At one time the entire meeting above, 80% of the people agreed to Chapter 578 – The Great War Will Start Immediate declaration of war.

Kenrao’s eyebrows were locked, if he had to do it again he would definitely not wait for Luo Yue to sit on his hands.

It was not that he was unwilling to declare war today, but he had made a bigger discovery.

“Gentlemen, I too am sorry about Senna, it was a mistake on our part. According to intelligence from our Bureau of Investigation, Loyuki is not as simple as we thought. Chief Raio, you present the situation.” Kenrao finished by looking at an obese white man, who was the director of the MiFID, Rayo.

Normally this kind of meeting was not attended by Rayo, but the fact that he was here today meant that there was indeed great information to be given to the briefing.

Leo shook the fat on his chin and said with a serious expression, “A year ago we sent five people to China, mainly to bring back a woman from the ‘Black Sun Empire’ who was on board the hijacked airliner, because she was the only one who knew about the situation on the plane. But more than a year has pa*sed, and none of our men have been able to return. You know that four of the five people we sent there were psychics, and even one was a Level 3 Thunder psychic, but they never returned.”

Leo had always been fond of making jokes when he spoke, but today his expression was quite serious. He glanced at the crowd and continued, “After that, we found the ‘Little Black Star Island’, which was abandoned by the Black Sun Empire, and was originally a private island, but we found out that it was the main technological base of the Black Sun Empire. We found a fully enclosed warehouse, which we tested in detail and were sure was used to store gold, but the gold was gone.

And we found a lot of traces of the world’s most advanced technology there, but again, they had all been moved away. I’m thinking it must not have been the ‘Black Sun Empire,’ themselves, who wanted to move the gold, or wanted the machine tools wouldn’t have chosen to slant through the warehouse walls to move it, they probably preferred to come out the front door.”

“Chief Reo, you mean these were done by Loyue?” Speaker Pedenan asked with his mouth open in surprise.

Fat Leo nodded and said, “Yes, we very much suspect that the alien attack we suspect in the Pacific to the Indian Ocean, all the way forward, was Cena. I think if it was Senna that did it, perhaps, it won’t be so easy for us to get to Senna Beach to watch the sunset.”

Kenrao said with unusual seriousness, “Many of you here may not be aware that we lost over four thousand tonnes of gold reserves overnight and that the Bank of the Americas lost hundreds of millions of dollars overnight. The holes that were entered were flat, the same technique as the hole in that gold warehouse on ‘Little Black Star Island’ ……”

“What? Our gold reserves have been stolen?”

As soon as Kenrao’s words came out, the entire council chamber immediately burst into a flurry of noise, and the grumpy ones had already started to slap the table. It was surprising that it had been moved on Rice’s head, and that it had moved on Rice’s most important reserves.

Although they knew that this matter would definitely cause a stir if it was spread out, it was always a matter that could not be left unsaid, and the problems that had to be solved still had to be solved.

“If ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, has really developed such a sharp attack weapon, I think it will be a fatal blow to our Navy and An Army.” Although Hehud knew about the gold, it was the first time he knew that that kind of horrible attack was also related to Luo Yue.

Leo said seriously, “Of course we only suspect, and we are skeptical that ‘Loyue Pharmaceuticals, could develop such a post-harmful weapon. Maybe that line was just a coincidence, and the fact that our gold was lost, but it didn’t necessarily go to Loyue, whoever transported such a large amount of gold didn’t have it easy, let alone inside a heavily guarded city den. It’s just that Loyue is now the most suspicious.

We have carefully asked every soldier who guarded the gold about its loss, and the possibility of an inside job is slim. That gap came up through the ground, and the dirt under the ground we have looked at does have a looser area leading out. It is very likely that the other side has developed an earthbound machine through an advanced technological means, a machine that can walk under the ground, and it has fooled our surveillance to enter our gold fortress from under the ground and carry away our gold. If”.”

Leo paused for a moment and said with an even more serious expression, “If this kind of ground walking machine was really produced by Luo Yue, then that kind of attack weapon that can cut through cruisers in one go is likely to be produced by them as well. Once their weapons get to that point, I think we are facing a battle that is countless times tougher than the Gulf War.”

“Director Reo, I think since the Bureau suspects Loyue, why not send someone to Loyue to investigate? You wouldn’t say you can’t get in now that Loyue is absorbing the global population in a big way, would you? Perhaps, it is I who can blend in.” Secretary of State Herhold was immediately dissatisfied; the disappearance of the reserve gold, which was the lifeblood of a nation, had been a great torment he had endured since the day it disappeared. Now Leo suspected Luo Yue, with the energy of the Investigation Bureau, could he not even investigate this?

Of course Leo understood how Heckwood felt, he smiled bitterly, shook his fat and said, “Remember what I just said? Our Alien Department and our Investigation Bureau jointly sent five members to China, mainly to bring back that woman, but our men never returned. And this time we sent even more people to Sena, fifty-seven in total after the first, but still none of them came back. Apart from a few more who occasionally sent back some hot building scenes, none of the rest that mattered.”

“Don’t you claim to be the best investigative agency in the world? Could you only find Lewinsky’s blue jumpsuit? Oh, and there are some sperm spots on it.” A councilman sneered.

Reo’s fat face showed anger, but he couldn’t find the words to retaliate. Because the construction of the city of Loyue was divided into two parts, one of which was the military part and the other was the civilian part. The military part, not to mention the investigation, is where idle people are immediately arrested and thrown into the prison as soon as they approach, without saying a word to you.

Kenrao was just about to speak when a piece of provisional information was handed to him. Kenrao read it and immediately stood up and said:, “Loyue Pharmaceuticals, has moved to Senna, and all the residents of the Ryuusha have also left for Senna one by one, everyone”?

“Then what else is there to say, I suggest that our carrier fleet be dispatched immediately to blockade Cena.” Dehairi said immediately, with barely a thought.

Kenrao, of course, agreed with Dehaeri, but this was only one piece of advice; the exact plan of action had to be worked out in a foolproof manner. The best thing would be for the United States to propose sanctions and then send troops, which would be much better than sending troops directly from Rice.

He also stood up and said, “I agree with General De Hailey’s opinion, but I have to contact the two countries, Ethiopia and Sinikenya, in the hope that they can block the way of the ‘Loyola Pharmaceuticals’ from the land. Not allowing them a single chance to retreat. Of course, I think it would be best for the United Nations to come up with a battle plan this time, and then we form a multinational force. Before we go to war, we propose to let Luo Yue give up Sena first, and I think they will definitely not give up the beautiful woman they are holding in their arms ……”

“Although I also support going to war, it would be an absolute doom for us if ‘Loyue Pharmaceuticals, were to really have that kind of sharp attack weapon.” Hurhoud voiced his opinion.

“I think if they do have that weapon in the Raw Strict line, maybe we should board the Sena faster. This weapon is as enjoyable as their pills.” Hippy Eston said with a slight smile.

The Chinese Lunar New Year had just pa*sed, and many places were still brimming with New Year’s cheer, but the world-famous ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, was once again attracting the attention of the world. Their original factory was Flowing Snake, but overnight, it had once again turned into the same desolate place as it had been at the beginning.

If it wasn’t for the numerous new buildings and even some guards guarding the place, no one would have dared to believe that it had once been as lively as a big city.

Nor would anyone have thought that the world, which had been quiet for many years, was about to embark on a new round of war. After the Isle of Man and the Gulf War, another war was about to be fought.

At the strong request of Rice, the United Nations called for the formation of a multinational force to expel the “Loyola Pharmaceuticals” from Seine.

Rice believes that “Loyola Pharmaceuticals is seizing the territory of other countries and buying arms on a large scale, which is causing extreme instability in the world peace. Therefore, Rice and the United Nations Congress, as well as all the members of the United Nations Congress, had the obligation to do their best for world peace, expel ‘Loyola Pharmaceuticals’ from Cena and restore Cena’s [freedom] and [democracy].

When this statement was released, the world was in an uproar!