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DYM Chapter 579

The United Nations Congress is an international organization made up of all the sovereign nations of the world, of which the maintenance of international peace and security is only one of its functions.

By asking the United Nations Congress to take the initiative to forcefully expel ‘Loyola Pharmaceuticals’ from Sena, Rice was only using this function of the United Nations Congress to exert pressure on Loyola.

However, what Rice did not expect was that the Congress did not fully adopt their resolution, and among the five major members of the Council for the maintenance of international peace and security, except for China, which abstained from voting, Russia voted against it.

Because the permanent members all have veto power on substantive issues, as long as there is one vote against the resolution, it cannot be pa*sed. In this way, there is still no way for Rice to send troops to Sena with a straightforward reason.

Without a just cause, it cannot send troops to Sena. This was something that Rice Chapter 579 – Luo Yue’s a*sertiveness had not thought of, and neither had any other country.

At best, Russia only received some arms orders from Luo Yue, should it turn against Rice for a mere order of hundreds of millions of dollars? This is not the Cold War period, and there is no need for Russia to turn against Rice for a mere 200,000 people in Loyola, as it would not do them any good.

With a population of over 200,000 people, a rabble, and a new city founded by a pharmaceutical company like ‘Loyue Pharmaceuticals’, there is really no need to risk any investment.

Russia’s approach was bizarre, but even more bizarre was to follow. Three days later, at the strong request of Rice, a second vote was taken by the security councils of the United Nations Congress. What puzzled everyone was that Russia had abstained from voting this time, thus making it legitimate for the multinational forces of the UNCongress to send troops to Loyola.

No one knew why Russia had changed, and some even thought that if the vote had taken place in a few days it might have voted in favour. Only Rice has the ability to ask the United Congress to vote again after such a short interval.

But none of this mattered anymore, a week later, the multinational alliance led by Rice, with the authorization of the United Columnists’ Council, declared a full-scale war on Luo Yue under the name of Freedom and Democracy for Chapter 579 – Luo Yue’s Tough Senna. o

At the same time, a mouthful of 10,000 troops, led by Rice, made up of stone countries, invaded Luo Yue, with Rice troops making up 90% of the total. Most of the countries chose to abstain from sending their own troops as well, as they believed that the ‘Loyola Pharmaceuticals’ were occupying a land of no consequence and had nothing to do with the invasion. But there were some countries that reluctantly agreed to participate in this war under preferential terms such as economic aid and debt forgiveness.

There were 30,000 land forces, 30,000 naval forces, 30,000 air forces and 30,000 marines. They were equipped with 500 tanks, 500 armoured vehicles, 500 combat planes, helicopters, and more than 10,000 warships. A large number of amphibious landing ships were also deployed.

The battle plan was to open up a second front by landing on the Seine from the Indian Ocean while the Allied forces were landing on the Seine from the border between Ethiopia and Sinikenya, in the ‘Fine Beach Valley’, which was the ‘Swing Tactic’ proposed by the Commander of the Allied Forces, Sesench.

The final aim of the ‘Swing Tactic’ was to make it impossible for the Luo Yue army to keep its head above the water and eventually be forced into the middle balance, unable to move up or down, and having to fold its arms. The reason why this tactic was proposed was because Rice wanted all of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,’s technical top bra*s to be unable to get away without a single one.

If 120,000 troops were deployed in all directions against a population of only 200,000, it would be hard to imagine that Luo Yue would be able to hold out for half a day.

Perhaps, unconditional surrender was the best option for Luo Yue.

On the day that the combined armies set out, the world’s largest gambling company, Saravis Group, handicapped the two sides in the battle. Only the main betting point was how long it would take for the allied forces to occupy Cena, and the odds on Loyue’s victory were inflated to one to one hundred.

No one believed that Luo Yue would win, so even if the odds were one to one thousand, no one would have placed a bet. Just when all the people were betting that the allied forces would take Cena in a very short time, another news that shocked the whole world attracted everyone’s attention. There was an unknown person on the internet who had bought US$500 million for Luo Yue (fastest update) to win.

This incident immediately attracted all the media attention and made Luo Yue and this mysterious person even more mysterious. What made the world’s jaw drop even more was the reaction of Luo Yue to the declaration of war.

At the same time as the United Kingdom declared war on Luo Yue, Luo Yue declared war on Mi Guo. On the same day, the head of Loyue City, Void Moon Hua, made a statement on Loyue TV: “Loyue already has nuclear capability and is about to test the first atomic bomb in Antarctica. If anyone dares to infringe on the sovereignty of Loyue City, Loyue City will not mind using the atomic bomb against them. Tough! Absolutely tough tone, both Luo Yue’s attitude and their atomic bomb have shocked the world once again!

Yes, not only was Luo Yue’s attitude unbelievably tough, but the news that they had the atomic bomb shocked the world. Most of all, they had the atomic bomb without even stating that they would definitely not use it first.

With Luo Yue’s declaration, Rice was furious, they could not imagine that they were raising a tiger for the sake of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals’, a small personal interest, to raise such a big tiger. At the same time they were terrified, even if they could blow Lok Yue into dust, but as long as they let Lok Yue drop an atomic bomb on the mainland, then it would be a disaster of disasters. And they suspected that Luo Yue’s atomic bomb had been supplied by another country, either China or Russia.

The world was shocked and some of the smaller countries involved in the war were scared. They were not afraid of Rice having the bomb, but they were afraid of Luo Yue having the bomb. The United Nations forces were turned into a joint force of all the countries because of a declaration by Luo Yue.

And the next day a huge titmouse cloud rose up in the Antarctic region and the world fell silent.

As this mushroom cloud was tested to be far stronger than the little boy Rice had dropped on Hiroshima in the first place, and as Luo Yue announced that they also had a fusion nuclear bomb, five more of the remaining 17 nations announced their withdrawal.

Although the numbers were not reduced, it was an imposing defeat for the combined forces who had not yet started fighting.

The Joint Council held another emergency meeting. No one could have imagined that Loyola, a place founded by corporations, would have nuclear weapons after only a year or so of development.

Although the Joint Council asked Luo Yue to attend the meeting, he refused without hesitation. To participate in the meeting, it was possible to acknowledge the status of Luo Yue, and the coalition forces would first withdraw their troops.

But the Mi** side was already angry, there was no way they could withdraw their troops, if they were scared by a bomb from others, how could Mi be the police of the Pacific in the future?

What about atomic bombs? What’s wrong with fusion bombs? We have the same. Although Luo Yue can say the words of first use of nuclear weapons, but Rice does not dare to say the words of first use of nuclear weapons against Luo Yue.

“As fast as we can, we need to level the entire Loyue before they react.” Seixinci immediately gave an urgent order to march.

He wasn’t going to attack before Loyue reacted, he was going to demand a quick occupation of Loyue before the United Column’s order to retreat arrived. It would be better for them to have occupied Loyola by the time the UCI was ready to call for retreat, or to have the top bra*s of Loyola captured and thrown into their prisons to be insulted.

The Mi** side was outraged, but the people were not. When they learned that Loyola had nuclear weapons and the ability to attack at long range, ma*sive anti-war demonstrations began. They disagreed with the idea of sending troops across the ocean to invade a newly independent country that had nuclear weapons but had nothing to do with Rice.

When the United Column invited Luo Yue to the meeting again and reiterated that Luo Yue’s problems reached Ye Mo’s ears, Ye Mo just sneered.

This was simply like those sect fights in the Luo Yue continent, once a new sect was established, most other sects would organize to go and fight, or even take no benefits and just wipe out the emerging sect.

But if, after going there, it turns out that the sect’s leader is actually a supreme master, then this kind of beating turns into cooperation or getting to know each other first. When it is finally discovered that the sect can threaten itself, then the process becomes one of congratulations or something else of a deeper nature.

When the allied forces initially attacked Luo Yue at the behest of Mi, they did not see anyone invite anyone from Luo Yue City to participate either. Now when they found out that there was a threat to Luo Yue, they immediately changed their minds.

Strength, no matter where or when, it was still strength ah. Ye Mo looked at the large army that was still feverishly building in the distance and secretly sighed in his heart, if you want to find a quiet environment to live in, don’t even think about it without strength.

Although Luo Yue made a request for the withdrawal of the allied troops, but because of the subtle reasons in the psyche of Mi or some people. The order to withdraw the troops was delayed, and at this time, the allied army had already entered the Indian Ocean under the leadership of Seixing Qi, and in just half a day’s time, they would have entered the territorial waters stipulated by Luo Yue.

Many people were probably still holding on to the fact that there was no way to drop the nuclear bombs on Loyue, or perhaps Loyue had already been wiped out by the powerful allied forces before they could react.

In fact it was about the same, even if the entire population of Luo Yue had a military force of just over 200,000. And in fact the total strength of Luo Yue’s army was only 12,000 men.

Compared to the multi-national forces, this was a one to ten concept. If you add in a large number of advanced weaponry, it might not even be one to one hundred. The only advantage was home-grown warfare, which wasn’t really much of an advantage; it had only been a mere year since Loyola had relocated to Sena.

While the eyes of the world were focused on Loyue, a place of just over 20,000 square kilometres, the first fleet of the combined forces had already entered Loyue’s territorial waters when the third meeting of the United Column did not bear fruit. The war was declared when the first missile was fired from the fleet of the city of Loyue towards the coalition fleet. ……