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DYM Chapter 580

Despite the temporary acceleration of the advance, the Allied ‘swing’ tactics were not broken. At almost the same time, the Allied naval fleet and land forces launched a full-scale attack on Land Moon at the same time.

There was no trial, no brewing, not even a small-scale attack.

Luo Yue’s nuclear bomb blast had completely set off Rice’s bottom line, and as soon as they arrived, they attacked like thunder, with 120,000 elite soldiers rushing towards Luo Yue from three directions: land, sea and air.

In their eyes, Luo Yue was a lamb to be slaughtered, and they wanted to capture it in the shortest possible time, to break any record of capturing a city. Without the stimulus of Luo Yue’s nuclear bomb, perhaps they would have boiled the frog in warm water, but now they were like a bull that had been stabbed in the chrysanthemum, rushing towards Luo Yue City in a rush.

Nearly three hundred and five hundred and eighty fighter planes were formed into dozens of formations, ready to carpet bomb Loyue. Against a nuclear-armed power, they wanted to kill it completely with a single blow, and keeping the Pharmaceutical Company was already secondary. Several aircraft carriers, flanked by numerous frigates like proud roosters, stared at the ready-to-be abused city of Loyue not far away. The amphibious troop-carrying fleet, protected by frigates, sailed recklessly towards the docks of Loyue City.

The attack by the allied forces had begun and was in full swing ……

“Report, my radar is suffering from strong interference and cannot lock on to the target ……”

“Report, the electronic planes are jamming us too much, unable to conduct accurate bombing ………

“Report, the opponent’s electronic interference is too strong, our electronic machines are no longer able to work at all ……” “Report, my machine has been locked up by the opponent’s radar” ”

The coalition command centre was baffled by the successive jamming reports. When did a pharmaceutical company that had only been around for two or three years create such a powerful source of jamming?

Modern warfare is electronic warfare, if the other side’s jamming source makes the other side have no target to attack, this war is still a bullsh*t. And in the middle of such a powerful jamming source, the other side had already locked onto their aircraft, so one could imagine Chapter 580 This is not a level of battle What followed need not be thought about.

The report was received by the air combat commander, Peyton, who was in a cold sweat. But their knowledge of Luo Yue was limited to the fact that the other side was just a company, or a pharmaceutical company that had money and purchased a lot of arms and wanted to take over the mountain as king.

For such a profiteer, even if they have nuclear weapons, there is no need to worry. Blitzkrieg ah WWII Germany’s masterpiece. By the time they had reacted, Luo Yue was already on a plate.

Besides, Rice always thought that nuclear weapons were provided by someone else, most likely either China or Russia. With Luo Yue’s own strength, there was no way he could have produced nuclear weapons.

But now Peyton was really confused, the other side had such a powerful source of thousand disturbances, even Russia couldn’t have it, right? How could they fight a war when their aircraft were subjected to strong interference almost shortly after take-off?

If the jamming source was their own product, then by analogy the nuclear weapons were also their own product?

Thinking of this Peyton could no longer care about anything else he knew that if he could not lock on to the opponent’s target, his own planes would become blind, and any more planes flying into the opponent’s air would be nothing more than targets.

“Retreat, retreat immediately ……” Peyton came back to his senses and immediately gave the order for the fighter group to retreat. But his order was already a little late, in fact just as their planes took off, they were already strongly jammed by the one gbo model perverted jammer developed by Ye Xing the pervert.

This is not to mention the fact that at the same time Luo Yue’s radar had already locked onto almost all the planes that had turned blind, poorly the fighter group had not yet arrived over Luo Yue at this time.

“Boom, boom ……” Ye Mo watched as countless air-to-air missiles rose into the air with flames, densely illuminating the somewhat dim sky with a red glow. Then accurately flew to each and every fighter that had been locked.

The poor fighters were defenceless against the overwhelming interference. The only way to get rid of these nightmare missiles was to rely on the pilots’ own flying skills and the performance of the fighters and their own flying skills.

There was another “boom” …… and countless aircraft exploded into sparks in the air, scattering into the sea. A few planes had no choice but to press the missile launch button, but even so, the missiles that flew down were intercepted by the cosmic shield defense system on the ground.

The tens of thousands of soldiers who had not yet had the chance to land looked dumbfounded at the kaleidoscope of fire in the distance, each one dumbfounded.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, he knew that these planes no longer needed him to worry about them, although they didn’t fly a single plane but Ye Xing wasn’t bragging. Ye Mo was sure that his jamming machine and radar positioning system, as well as the precision guidance device were already unsurpa*sed existences in this world now.

Ye Mo was even more certain in his heart that Ye Xing was not from this world either he definitely came from somewhere else like himself, the difference was that he had lost a lot of his memories of himself. If Ye Xing was a scientist who grew up in Earth civilization, he could not have so many leading technological ideas.

This time, the electronic noon disruption battle left the allied forces almost defenceless. Ye Xing’s modified surface-to-air missile launcher was not only fast and long-range, but also precise enough.

“Holy sh*t, this kind of rubbish radar and electronic machine still want to invade Luo Yue City, brother is really too high on you guys, wasting one of my ‘extreme energy crystals’ no fun, too boring.” Inside the ground-to-air missile command room, Ye Xing watched a plane being shot down by a missile, and suddenly felt very uninterested.

“It looks like I don’t need to help here.” Ye Mo said to himself and immediately dashed and disappeared into place, he knew that although Luo Yue had vigorously developed its naval fleet, the navy was the weakest point of Luo Yue, and he was now going to destroy the naval power of these allied forces.

Ye Mo knew that it was almost impossible to completely capture seventy to eighty warships, several troop-carrying amphibious ships were split down the middle by Ye Mo, and a dozen frigates and destroyers were similarly split and sunk into the sea by Ye Mo.

The two nuclear submarines did not escape their fate either, and in just a short time, Ye Mo had already eliminated nearly twenty warships.

Countless soldiers on the sea began to struggle, they had lost twenty warships before they even saw their opponents, what new type of weapon was this? It was only at this time that Luo Yue’s fleet began to slowly approach the allied fleet and shouted out words of surrender without killing.

The captain of one frigate, furious beyond belief, immediately ordered an attack, only for their guns to be similarly annihilated by an unknown weapon before they could even put up their guns.

A missile nuclear submarine quietly prepared to approach Luo Yue’s fleet, but before they could launch their missiles, it was broken open in the middle by Ye Mo’s sword. The powerful water pressure tore all those inside into pieces.

Ye Mo flew out of the sea and swallowed an ‘Essence Pill’, saying to himself that he was lucky to have refined a bottle of Essence Pill, otherwise he really wouldn’t have been able to add it. Although his flying sword was powerful, but with his cultivation level this was too much loss.

Without Ye Xing’s help, Ye Mo was sure that there was no way for him to block this attack from the allied forces alone. Apart from Ye Xing’s help, Zeng Zhen Man’s piece of centuries-old yellow essence was also very important.

When he learned that his fleet was taken out one by one by an unknown weapon, Seixing Qi’s face was blue, at this time his fleet was under the other side’s powerful jammer, only a hundred nautical miles away from the Luo Yue in front of him there was no way to scan anything with radar.

Huang Yiannian was so happy in his heart that if Ye Mo hadn’t asked him not to open fire on the carrier, he wouldn’t have been able to resist throwing a few missiles over.

Although he didn’t know why the other side’s warships would sink one every so often, he knew it must have something to do with that mysterious Ye Mo city lord and that mysterious first designer Ye Xing.

Although Luo Yue’s fleet did not have a large number of cannonballs and missiles shot out, from time to time a few shells flew out and landed in the water, sending some sailors who were struggling in the water completely underwater.

These people were fascists, demons, and treated soldiers who had fallen into the water without sparing them. If it weren’t for the fact that the missiles could not be located, Seixinci would have demanded that they be fired immediately and he would have f*cked the entire fleet on the other side. But now the missiles they occasionally sent out were, unsurprisingly, blocked by the other side. And none of the fighter formations that had flown out had returned so far, except for a brilliant blaze of fire in the distance.

The few remaining fighter formations on top of the carrier he dared not send out again, knowing that once they flew out, they would immediately become targets for the other side.

This was not a cla*s battle, this was definitely not a cla*s battle. Before the battle started, they also knew that this was not a cla*s battle, it was just that their original thought was that Luo Yue and their allied battle group were not at all in the same cla*s. But now it seemed that it was indeed not a cla*s apart, on the contrary their allied battle group and Luo Yue were not a cla*s apart.

No one could have thought, nor could anyone have thought, that Luo Yue was so strong. Or that Luo Yue’s electronic warfare was simply beyond this world, that they had designed something beyond their time.

It was so stifling, there had never been such a stifling battle. You are breaking the Geneva Convention, you can’t treat your captives like this. ……” Seixinci was shaking with anger, holding a loudspeaker and shouting at the opposite ship. But the cold sweat on his back didn’t stop like water slurry. The opposing fleet was approaching at two thousand metres and still closing in.

But he did not dare to order the firing of the guns, and the shells, even if they were powerful, would not be able to cause substantial damage to the other side’s warships for a short time. And the other side hadn’t fired their missiles yet, so once his side opened fire and the other side got annoyed and fired their missiles, his side would be unable to intercept them and would be tied up, so to speak.

He was sure no one could have expected such a powerful attack from Loyue, and if Loyue had great ambition, coupled with their ability to attack so strongly, then ……

Seixingqi dared not think further, he did not know that Luo Yue’s jamming machine could not be removed and that it was used once less than once, which is why he was so worried. The kind of energy used by Luo Yue’s jamming machine is only four in total, and even now there is no way to find a refill.