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DYM Chapter 581

“Ha ha… are they prisoners? Have you surrendered? I warn you again, if you don’t surrender, we’re going to attack in full force.” Huang Yinien laughed loudly and stuffed back Seixinci’s words in fluent English, and with a wave of his hand, a missile was shot out from a destroyer with a ball of fire.

He watched as the missile pa*sed through a corvette at such a short distance, and the corvette simply spun in place before slowly disappearing into the sea.

As the opposing ships lined up, Sesenky received reports that his own ships had been locked on one by one.

He knew that if he didn’t surrender and the other side’s missiles came over, it wouldn’t be long before their fleet would all disappear without a trace. Besides, Luo Yue had an invisible weapon, the kind that could sink the warships on his side at any time.

If tens of thousands of soldiers disappeared in his own hands, he would be a sinner.

Surrendering with his flag, Sehching knew that if he held out any longer, all their ships and soldiers would be wiped out.

A fighter that had managed to escape saw the surrendered Sefonci fleet, made a bizarre turn in the sky and then fell straight and fast into the sea. To everyone’s amazement, the plane made another instantaneous turn, then stuck to the sea at a vertical angle and shot straight into the air again, even as the fuselage got a little, a little watery.

The aircraft entered the air, then plunged into the dark clouds and soon disappeared without a trace in the direction of Ethiopia. At the same time, a missile flew directly into the place where the plane had just stuck to the water and let out a shocking explosion, splashing countless water splashes all the people were stunned by this thrilling scene, Ye Mo saw this plane disappearing from afar and sighed in his heart, this guy’s flying skills were simply superb. It was amazing that he had dodged the missile that had locked onto him by virtue of his flying skills, it was too impressive.

Probably sighing at this guy’s such bullish flying technique, Ye Mo surprisingly didn’t go after this only one plane that had missed the net again.

Huang Yiniang was very disappointed, he hadn’t fired a few shots, and the pile of missiles torpedoes and depth charges he had prepared hadn’t even been used before the allied fleet surrendered.

But the capture of a fleet group of four carriers at once made Huang Yinieng’s heart flutter again. Together with the carriers, more than thirty other warships of all types were harvested this time.

Fifty percent of the soldiers who fell overboard died, and the rest were all captured by the Luo Yue fleet.

In contrast to the ease of the Luo Yue naval fleet and air defence forces, it was the Luo Yue land forces that had the hardest time fighting. Although the commander of Luo Yue’s army was Li San Dao, the commander of the battle was Liang Di from the South African Blue Light Mercenary Company.

Although Liang Di was originally a battalion commander of the South African Blue Light Mercenaries, he was also a soldier from China and had participated in many foreign battles. However, the quality of the multi-national allied army was far from that of the army that Luo Yue had only pulled up a few months ago.

If it wasn’t for the constraints of the terrain, perhaps Luo Yue’s side would have been routed as soon as Pu made contact. Even so, after two charges, the death toll on Luo Yue’s side was already equal to that of the other side.

This was still one defending and one attacking, if they had all fought against each other on the plains, they would probably have been routed long ago.

The second battlefield was to be opened by land, and the ‘Hosotan Valley’, where Ethiopia and Sinikenya meet, was the place to go. The original ‘Swing’ plan was for the fleet to launch a carpet bombing campaign first, with hundreds of planes dropping bombs. Then the Allied troops would be able to seize the highlands of Loyue as quickly as possible through the “Hosotan Valley”.

However, the plan failed to keep up with the changes and the Allied planes were wiped out before they could start bombing. The air force’s desire to clear the Hosotan Valley was frustrated and the Allied Army Commander, Pollilad, could only order a forced attack on the Hosotan Valley.

Even with all the odds against them, the Allied forces managed to suffer the same casualty rate as the Luo Yue army, which was indeed a notch below the quality of the Allied forces.

However, after the baptism of fire and blood, although the number of Luo Yue’s troops has decreased, their fighting strength has increased.

It was certain that as long as the allied forces continued to attack, the valley would not be able to hold for long. But Pollilad’s face was pale as he watched the planes of his own side falling in the air. He knew that the upper hand was only temporary and that once his air force was cleaned up by Luo Yue, they would be finished.

What frightened Pollilad even more was the powerful anti-aircraft force of Luo Yue, such a ferocious group of fighter planes of the allied forces were almost powerless to counterattack in the skies above Luo Yue. Not even a single aircraft from Loyue was deployed to intercept, relying entirely on ground-based air defence forces to manage to sweep the attack across dozens of fighter formations.

This was impossible, there was absolutely no country with such a strong air defence capability.

But in front of the facts Pollard had to admit that Luo Yue had really done it.

“Pull back over… …” Pollirad looked at the air with fewer and fewer planes, while their he-faced army was tangled in a ting, ‘thin beach valley, on which there was no difference with looking for death. Without hesitation, he gave the order to retreat.

The Allied soldiers did not understand that they already had the upper hand and that they might be able to take the ‘Fine Beach Valley, with just the next charge, and the order to retreat was given from above. Once this pa*sage was taken, then Luo Yue would be like a woman with her clothes carved out, without any defensive ability.

But as soldiers, they had to obey the order.

But even so, it was still a little too late. Before their retreat could begin, Luo Yue’s fighter group had already lifted off.

It was then that Pollirad realised that their anti-aircraft soldiers had no way of locking onto any of the fighters; the interference from the other side was so powerful that all the anti-aircraft missiles on their side became samples. A missile without eyes was no longer a missile, he was not even as good as an ordinary bomb.

The allied forces could only use their rudimentary anti-aircraft guns and anti-aircraft machine guns to deal with those fighters in the air, as well as the large number of bombers. But this was no different from scratching an itch for those planes.

The tanks and armoured vehicles piled up in the ‘Hiratan Valley’ disintegrated as if they were paper mache under the bombs.

Pollard’s face was bloodless as he watched the Allied troops being bombed without a fight, knowing that they were finished, completely finished. The enemy’s warplanes had destroyed the confidence of all the Allied soldiers.

Surrender, there was no way out but to surrender.

After the Allied air force was almost completely wiped out, the naval fleet chose to surrender. Within an hour of the naval fleet surrendering, the land forces under Pollard surrendered again.

The whole process of the world’s shocking invasion of Loyola was exactly as predicted by all military experts or military enthusiasts, and did not take more than a day. It was the blitzkrieg of blitzkriegs, so to speak.

The only difference is that all those who predicted it got the target wrong. Their prediction was that Luo Yue would not last a day, whereas the reality was that the allied forces were almost completely wiped out in less than a day’s time. Or rather if they had not surrendered they would have been completely wiped out.

After a day of fighting, more than 30,000 of them died in the sea, and 13,000 of them died in the land battle. Apart from those who fled to the primeval forest, nearly 70,000 men were captured. This included the commander-in-chief of the allied forces, Seixinci, the commander of the air war, Peyton, and the commander of the allied land forces, Pollilad.

Almost forty ships were captured by Loyola, including four aircraft carriers. The total number of tanks and armoured vehicles captured by Loyue was over six hundred, and the total number of aircraft, including helicopters, was over one hundred and thirty.

Luo Yue suffered more than 1,600 casualties, lost one aircraft and twelve tanks. There was not a single loss of Luo Yue’s native buildings and not a single death in the fleet.

It was a complete victory, or rather the most cla*sic battle since the heat of war.

When word of the battle got out, the world was in an uproar. A battle that was certain to be lost had been fought to such effect, and the allied forces could be said to have been truly wiped out. No one could have thought of it, or guessed it. Or rather all of them guessed the right process and not the right result.

The whole world was talking about this cla*sic battle between Luo Yue and the Allied Forces. This cla*sic battle made all people understand one thing, in front of real strength, any tactics are just a floating cloud.

The world’s most famous military theorist, Sikloner, immediately published a commentary, “On Warfare in the New Century”, in which he pointed out that in the new century warfare, jamming and counter jamming warfare and precision guidance would be the dominant or winning tone.

In his commentary, he stated directly, “If you don’t have a powerful jammer, if you don’t have a powerful jamming and warning capability, you want to fight a country that has advanced jamming technology. I suggest you put away your radar and missiles and perhaps send a large number of soldiers with swords and spears on their backs as your only hope of victory. As for reducing deaths, oh, I think you might want to consider equipping your soldiers with a large shield. If that doesn’t work, I think the only thing you might consider is calling on the UNCC to ban the use of state t-bombs.”

It was a slap in the face, a direct slap in the face of the JCC and Rice. Electronic warfare and jamming and the war against jamming are not your words.

Myron, a famous military scientist from Rice, even pointed out directly that Luo Yue’s electronic combat technology had completely surpa*sed this era. The atomic bomb they detonated was also beyond this era, and the fissile material used was not even uranium calendar or standard concave, they should have discovered a new fissile element.

These are just lip service, but what really left the world speechless and made certain countries spit blood in anger was a televised speech by the head of Luo Yue, Void Moon Hua.!!!