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DYM Chapter 582

The war was over and Hollow Moon Wah, the main head of Loyue, released a speech on Loyue TV that day and it was broadcasted live worldwide.

“We regret the invasion of our Luo Yue by the United Forces, which resulted in the destruction of a large number of our facilities and the death of our soldiers, we have lost a lot of money in this war and our economic strength has suffered greatly. But the war continues and will never stop there, we in Loyuki are not someone to come and slap around whenever they want. I declare that if we do not get a definite answer within a week, we will not rule out attacking certain countries first.

I believe that the peoples are friendly, they do not like war and prefer peace as much as we do. But some people have waged wars of aggression against us for their own selfish desires, causing innocent deaths and injuries, and Chapter 582 – The War Continues They are the guilty ones. We do not like war, yet we are not afraid of it. I am here to tell those who have no ill will towards us that if you still want to invade our place, then come on, our shells welcome you to the building of Loyola.

Because of the war, we have lost a lot economically. In order to resume production, we had to sell some of the high-end products we developed. I believe that you have seen the performance of our Luo Yue’s jammers in the battle. Our electronic jammer, which combines detection, jamming and anti-radar, has reached a global top level, and because of our heavy losses in this war, I am now announcing the sale of this advanced multi-functional jammer to the world.

Of course, not all countries will be able to use our jammers. There are prerequisites for the use of our jammer, and I don’t think we need to remind those countries that are sincere about it. Finally, we at Loyue call for global peace, against war, against invasion and against dictatorship. At the same time, we welcome peace-loving people from all over the world to settle in Luo Yue. Land in Luo Yue is limited, so those who want to develop in Luo Yue should hurry, thank you all!”

Luo Yue’s speech left the world utterly speechless. They had captured almost all of the Allied combat equipment Chapter 582 – The War Continues, and they had also captured nearly 70,000 Allied soldiers, who had already been arranged to do hard labour in Luoyue and participate in the construction of Luoyue. It is surprising that Loyue is saying that it has suffered a great loss and economic damage. No one would believe that.

The real economic loss should have been to the allied forces, whose soldiers and equipment were almost all theirs.

Luo Yue claimed to be peace-loving, but the words they said were not even half as peace-loving? On the one hand they say they don’t like war, on the other they are capturing all the soldiers, and on the other they are screaming that the war is still going on. They even openly advertise arms for sale on top of the televised speeches broadcast around the world, while also broadcasting advertisements for recruiting people. Speechless, utterly speechless.

But this could only be said by others. Because this time it was indeed Luo Yue who had the upper hand. Although all people know who owns Sena, it is an international unspoken rule. But the fact is that until Luo Yue occupied it, it was indeed a land without a master.

Now that Loyola has occupied it and declared sovereignty, an invasion by the coalition forces would be tantamount to an invasion. Of course, if the allied forces had won, then Loyola would have been the aggressor. Historical facts are always written by the victors. Luo Yue was the victor, so they wrote the historical facts.

But the speech to Hollow Moon China was taken to the highest summit by all the nations of the globe. In particular, the allied nations that participated in the attack on Luo Yue were even more chagrined in their hearts for this blunder. It had not occurred to them that Luo Yue had gone against the odds to such an extent.

The news of the battle between Luo Yue and the Allied Forces was everywhere, and even a three-year-old child knew how strong Luo Yue had become. Their jamming planes were almost invincible, and it could be said that once they sent out their jamming planes. The other side’s radar became blind.

This kind of jammer, Luo Yue even intended to sell, as long as one was not a fool, one would definitely buy it back. Nowadays, the world’s resources were limited, while the population density was getting bigger and bigger, and some small countries, because their area was too small, started to get restless as if they had taken an aphrodisiac. Only war will allow them to develop. And some of the big arms countries are dying for a war so that they can get rich.

So in the face of this far ahead of its time interference machine from Luo Yue. Even if Luo Yue didn’t sell it, they still had to find a way to cooperate with them. Not to mention that now Luo Yue was going to sell this kind of jamming machine, in case everyone else bought it and they didn’t, they would be waiting to be beaten.

But for this kind of jamming machine, Luo Yue is not selling it unconditionally, they still have conditions, although their conditions are not stated, but it is very obvious.

The first one is to acknowledge Luo Yue’s ** without having to think about it.

Moreover, the tone of Luo Yue’s words was definitely more than just a threat. Their jamming capabilities had a way of stopping someone’s nuclear weapons outside of Luo Yue, whether they were in the form of aircraft with bombs or long-range ballistics, they would be stopped by Luo Yue’s powerful air defence capabilities. Or it would only cause partial damage to Loyue.

But Luo Yue was different, with their precise ballistic devices, and powerful jamming and positioning capabilities. Although Luoyue’s speech this time did not mention nuclear weapons, they have that capability, which no one can ignore. And they also have long-range guidance and attack capabilities, and most of all their powerful jamming capabilities.

For Luo Yue’s proposed war continues, the United Federation is afraid, those countries that have participated in the coalition are afraid, those who did not participate or those who have dropped out midway feel lucky.

The war proposed by Luo Yue is still going on, so it is evident that this time they will never stop until they have achieved their goal. This shows that this action by the allied forces has completely angered Luo Yue.


While the various countries were meeting constantly, nervously discussing their relationship with Luo Yue, and the direct threat of Luo Yue. For the first time, Rice’s President Ken Rao could not restrain his anger and smashed a gla*s on the ground.

He couldn’t figure it out, he just couldn’t. How could a mere Luo Yue, who had only been developing for a year, have such a powerful technological force. It had wiped out the entire allied army and had captured nearly 70,000 people.

When news of the Allied defeat reached Rice, ma*sive anti-war demonstrations began and Kenrao knew that perhaps he would be the first president not to be a*sa*sinated but to retire before the end of his term.

Despite the anger, the meeting had to be held, and Luo Yue was aggressive and just waiting for Rice to negotiate.

Nearly 70,000 soldiers were captured by Luo Yue, and even closer to 50,000 were killed in action. Such huge casualties meant that no matter what Kenrao did, he was bound to step down. He started the war, that’s not the main thing, the main thing is that the war was lost, so he will be the sinner of Rice.

Kenrao knew that it was not impossible for him to start a second war if he was desperate. But Luo Yue’s electronic warfare was so powerful that even if he started a second war, the outcome could be expected unless their counter-jamming capabilities exceeded Luo Yue’s, or came close.

If the first coalition battle had not been such a complete failure, or if the first war had had some effect on Loyue, Kenrao would have had no hesitation in calling for a second war. But now it was impossible; he could not convince anyone that the Congress would not agree with him in this way.

On the third day after the end of the war, the representatives of the twelve warring countries, including Rice, the representatives of the JCC and the representatives of Luna, came together in Lima, the capital of the neutral country of Peru, to hold talks.

The first condition of the UNPA was to ask Luo Yue to release all the prisoners on the spot and return all the warships of the allied forces. As for the tanks and other weapons, the coalition decided to compensate the Loyola military.

This condition of the Alliance made Yu Miaotong laugh out loud on the spot, and she said without mercy, “So we are the invading side or the defeated side?”

Yu Miaotong had never imagined that she, who had always negotiated with businessmen, would one day sit in a place of negotiation with the top management of the JCC and representatives of various countries.

Of course, the representatives of the JCC knew that if you ask for something, you get it back. It was impossible for them to take what Luo Yue had seized. But if the conditions were high, then it would be easier to cut the price.

But Luo Yue only put forward three conditions. Firstly, the twelve countries that participated in the war must compensate Luo Yue for the economic losses of US$120 billion. Secondly, the sovereign status of Luo Yue should be recognised. Third, the 70,000 captives were not to be released.

The first and second were fine, and although US$120 billion was not little, it was barely enough when the twelve countries were divided up. This can only mean that Luo Yue has not seen big money and has only asked for US$120 billion in reparations. As for the sovereignty of Luo Yue, of course this is certain, if not agreed, then continue the war well.

It was rather the third article, the tens of thousands of prisoners had to be released, if not this negotiation had no meaning.

The first and second were agreed almost instantly, but the third was negotiated for a week before an agreement was reached to pay for the prisoners.

The twelve countries involved in the war, plus the amount of reparations, paid a total of US$300 billion to Loyola, which released all the prisoners. What was even more unexpected was that Luo Yue promised to send 24 electronic jammers to the twelve countries at the same time as a gift of détente when their first batch of jammers came off the production line.

No one knows why Luo Yue is giving away his secrets, but none of that matters now.

A war that had swept the world before the war ended in such a way that no one had expected. Luo Yue received hundreds of billions of dollars, gave away twenty-four of the latest jamming machines and tens of thousands of prisoners.

At the same time the United Column recognized Loyue as a sovereign city with territory and territorial waters that no one was allowed to violate.

“It’s really a hook to get rich.” Ye Mo looked at the negotiation contract handed over by Void Moon Hua and Yu Miaotong and sighed in his heart. He had tried everything to get rich, but it turned out to be worse than a war.

A few hundred billion dollars was like a blessing in the snow for this place in Luo Yue. It could be said that with the support of these hundreds of billions of dollars, Luo Yue didn’t have to worry about the rest at all and could concentrate on developing his own technology.

With the next electronic jamming machine and even the second production line of early warning aircraft coming out, together with Luoyue’s pharmaceutical factory, they will not be short of money in the future.