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DYM Chapter 583

If there is any news as bizarre as the outcome of this war, it is the bankruptcy of the Saravis Betting Group.

Salavis Betting Group offered odds of one to one hundred on Luo Yue’s victory over the allied forces, but there were people who bet on Luo Yue to win, and not a few of them. The player who bet on Luo Yue’s victory, as if he knew the property of Salavis Gaming Group, directly bet $500 million, and as a result, Salavis Gaming Group paid out $50 billion. After the $50 billion was paid out, the Salavis Gaming Group declared bankruptcy.

In the end the player who bet US$500 million became the biggest mystery, all wanted to know who this person was, but none knew who this person was.

However, in his heart, Void Moon Hua was secretly praising Ye Mo’s shrewdness, he seemed to know the a*sets of the Salavis Gaming Group in general, and let himself Chapter 583 I’ll wait for you to press $500 million, which turned out to be just the right amount to make the Salavis Gaming Group bankrupt.


Because of the large amount of war reparations that Luo Yue received, and because of the pharmaceutical company, an industry that prints money, Luo Yue can be said to be so rich that people from all over the world flocked to Luo Yue for a while.

A new place that had just been developed and had a strong military capability made everyone who wanted to go to Loyue feel at ease. However, the threshold for moving to Loyue is getting higher and higher. Apart from soldiers who served in Loyue and can move their families to Loyue without any additional conditions, those who move to Loyue again have to comply with the new immigration rules of Loyue.

Many of those who had moved to Loyola earlier began to feel grateful that they were not subject to those rules because they had arrived earlier. Many of those who had moved to Loyola now had to pay a large deposit.

Luo Dong Sheng was even more grateful that he had come at the right time, as the Luo Yue War had broken out shortly after his arrival. He had originally thought that Luo Yue would not be spared from this war and was feeling sad about his fate, but to his surprise, Luo Yue had defeated the allied forces in a devastating manner and received several hundred billion dollars in reparations.

Now he and his girlfriend were both in the management of Luo Yue Construction, receiving a salary ten times higher than that of the mainland Chapter 583 I’ll wait for you, and had their own new place to live, which made them feel very satisfied. Looking at Luo Yue, who was changing from day to day, even people like Luo Dongsheng, who had not been here for long, felt a sense of satisfaction and pride.

Yang Yi even became Yu Erhu’s a*sistant straight away and entered ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’. She also could not have imagined that the chance meeting with Erhu and Ye Mo on the train would lead to such a great opportunity today. Nowadays, all those students of hers wanted to come and work at Luo Yue, but Luo Yue was no longer the same as it was back then, and the threshold for wanting to come had become high.

Han Yan thought that only they, the Guang Han Clan, would come to Luo Yue to open a portal, but she didn’t expect that even a big sect like the ‘Lian Hang Jing Zhai’ would come to Luo Yue, and there were several smaller sects coming to Luo Yue at the same time.

There was also Liang Jun and Lu Na who came out of ‘Northern Sand’ and when they saw Ye Xing, they finally understood why the chances of interference in Luo Yue were so terrifying. Just because others didn’t know what Ye Xing could do, didn’t mean they didn’t know.

Representatives from various countries came to Luo Yue in droves, seeking cooperation. Each country issued a statement recognising Luo Yue’s sovereign status, while sending their heads to start visiting Luo Yue.

Ye Mo disliked all of these, he handed them all over to Void Moon Hua, and in the end, he simply pushed Void Moon Hua into the position of City Lord.

Void Yuehua knew of Ye Mo’s energy, she knew that Ye Mo did not like these trivial matters, and she also understood that Ye Mo’s ambition was not here. So she did not push back about taking over Luo Yue. Of course, she knew very well in her heart that ten out of ten of those countries that were playing a friendly visit were coming for Luo Yue’s powerful jamming machine.

Of course, Void Moon Hua knew that although their jamming machine was advanced, it was nothing compared to that fixed jamming source of Luo Yue back then, or not at all.

But no one else knew about it, and since no one else knew about it, of course it could be sold.

A single jammer sold for an astronomical price of one billion dollars, and Luo Yue had already received an order for a hundred of them before the production line for the jammer was even fully built.

Even Ye Mo had to admit that the arms business was more profitable than the 〖Pill〗products business of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, which was equal to printing money.

Large sums of money flowed into Luo Yue City, large sums of money flowed out again, and then ship after ship of various materials were unloaded at Luo Yue’s docks.

Luo Yue City changed day by day at a rate visible to the naked eye, something that only those who actually lived in Luo Yue could clearly feel.

In the same month, Luo Yue announced the establishment of its own government and at the same time, Luo Yue announced the establishment of its own currency unit, while the world-famous ‘Luo Yue Immortal Therapy Hospital’ resumed its normal fees.

Standing on top of a high mountain in Luo Yue, looking at the ever-changing Luo Yue City, Ye Mo secretly sighed that although he had not made much progress in his cultivation since he came here, he had finally achieved something. At least he had built a city of his own and kept it.

A faint fragrance came from behind him, and Ye Mo knew it was Ning Qingxue.

He reached out and took Ning Qingxue Lou into his arms, and his heart was a little jītty. He knew that Ning Qingxue’s wish also played a big part in why he must build a city of his own.

“I have finally fulfilled our wish and established Luo Yue City.” Ye Mo looked at the hot construction scene in the distance and suddenly felt some sense of accomplishment in his heart.

“Thank you ……,” Ning Qingxue knew that a large part of the reason why Ye Mo wanted to build such a city had to do with his own wish. She had always wished for a carefree, quiet and calm living environment, and now Luo Yue City was such a place.

Ning Qingxue didn’t finish her words, but Ye Mo knew what she wanted to say and just used his mouth to block her lips.

After a long time, Ning Qingxue gasped, twisted the unfaithful little Ye Mo and pouted, “It’s broad daylight, go back at night ……”

Ye Mo laughed and looked at the distant sky and said, “Qingxue, I will wait for you to build your foundation if ……”

Ye Mo did not finish his words, he was stopped by Ning Qingxue “I don’t care about building a foundation, I just need to be with you. The thought that I almost missed you makes me a little scared. If I didn’t have you, maybe I would have been this way for the rest of my life without the slightest bit of happiness, thank you for showing me that love is so joyful that it’s hard for me to be by myself ……”

Seeing Ning Qingxue who was somewhat moved in his arms, Ye Mo stroked her hair and suddenly felt some emotions in his heart.

“If I hadn’t found the Shennongjia alone to go that day, would we have missed it forever?” Ning Qingxue’s voice was soft, her eyes were a little hazy, and the gaze she looked at Ye Mo became more and more gentle.

Ye Mo froze for a moment, if Ning Qingxue hadn’t gone to the Shennongjia that day and hadn’t found herself, then what would have been the outcome?

Perhaps he would have died? Even if he hadn’t died, he wouldn’t have remembered that there was still a Ning Qingxue in his heart. In his heart, the Ning Qingxue of the past, whether she was betrothed to him or not, or whether she had withdrawn from his marriage, would not have caused him any ripples. There was only Luo Ying in his heart, and no shadow of any other girl.

Suddenly Ning Qingxue hugged Ye Mo tightly, as if she was afraid that Ye Mo would just disappear. I don’t know what would happen if I lost you now, maybe I would go crazy ……”

She didn’t know when Ye Mo had fallen in love with her, but it certainly had nothing to do with her beauty. She thought of Su Jingwen, and Su Jingwen’s heart for Ye Mo. A woman’s intuition made her perceive that this woman, who was no less beautiful than her, also liked Ye Mo. What if it was Su Jingwen who had saved Ye Mo that day when she went to Shennongjia?

Ye Mo lovingly tightened his arms around Ning Qingxue and slowly said, “Qingxue, you are the most outstanding woman, just like Susu. To be favoured by either of you is also a blessing that I, Ye Mo, have cultivated in three lifetimes. From the moment I opened my eyes under that cliff at Shennongjia and saw you for the first time, I knew that I could not forget you. I knew I had fallen in love with you from the moment I touched the scars on your body and saw the fruit that had taken a bite out of it. Thank you, Qingxue ……”

Ning Qingxue risked nine deaths to come to Shennongjia just to save him. And then risked falling off a cliff to collect a few fruits for him. Even she herself was so hungry that she didn’t eat those few fruits, she just took a bite.

And the bite she took was not because she wanted to eat it, but because she was afraid that the fruit was poisonous. With such deep love, how could Ye Mo forget it? He was not a heartless person, and he was even very sexual. He owed Luo Ying for falling in love with him. How could he not owe Ning Qingxue? How could he not have fallen in love with Ning Qingxue?

Ning Qingxue thought of Susu and froze for a moment, that was her little aunt. But she quickly calmed down, not to mention that Susu wasn’t her real little aunt, or even about her age, even if she was her real little aunt, she didn’t want to leave Ye Mo.

“Well …….” The hotly in love Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue no longer remembered that this was the top of the mountain, no longer remembered that it was daytime. They had fallen into that fiery wet kiss and were unable to extricate themselves.

In the distance, Fay Lok saw the two who were almost close together in an embrace and sighed secretly. She was a bit worried for her little sister Luo Hustle, she was a person who had come over and of course could see that Luo Hustle liked Ye Mo. However, Ning Qingxue was no worse than Luo Hustle in terms of appearance and tenderness towards Ye Mo, and the two were still together all day.

It was not known how long it took before the two stopped again, just looking at each other without speaking, perhaps it was at this point that the silence was truly better than the sound.

Ning Qingxue’s face was flushed, her body was a little hot, her heart was a little moist, and she was even breathing a little gasping. She didn’t mind anything Ye Mo did to her, she liked him. Ye Mo did the same, except that he had the Clear Heart Technique and could still restrain his thoughts.

“Light Snow, I’m going out, if we still can’t build a foundation in three years and there’s still no news from Susu, we’ll have a big wedding in Luo Yue City.” Ye Mo said softly, he was afraid that his words would disappoint Ning Qingxue.

“I’ll wait for you ……,” Ning Qingxue’s tone was as if from the sky, and as if from Ye Mo’s heart.!!!