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DYM Chapter 584

Now that Luo Yue is on the right track, and Ye Mo believes that even if some countries have kairos for Luo Yue, they will not easily provoke it anymore. As the longer Luo Yue was built, then the thicker Luo Yue’s bottom line would be.

So Ye Mo wanted to go out and do some things of his own, he had delayed a lot of time in order to build Luo Yue City. For a cultivator, he should put his main focus on cultivation and finding cultivation resources.

There was another one, Ye Mo was going to look for that little white fox, if that Snow Velvet Fox could really find spirit stones and similar spirit medicines, then he would be really rich.

Of course the most important thing was that Ye Mo wanted to go looking for Luo Ying, although he loved Light Snow as much as he loved Luo Ying in general, he still didn’t want to be missing Luo Ying on top of his wedding. Whether it was in his previous life or in this life, whether it was the original of his master or the present day Su Su, Luo Ying would never change in Ye Mo’s heart.

Last time he learned about Luo Ying in the Taklamakan Desert, he had not been able to continue to investigate because of Luo Yue, this time he must go and investigate.

In the evening, Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue returned to their place, but they didn’t expect that Han Yan had been waiting for him for a long time.

Seeing Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue return, Han Yan immediately stood up.

“Han Yan, you’re looking for me for something?” Ye Mo looked at Han Yan strangely, it was said that it was rare for them to come out of their cultivation, and the place she had found was also very remote, with beautiful mountains and clear water. The later ‘Lotus Voyage Jingzhai, also built a mountain gate in the same valley, these were still after Ye Mo’s help.

Han Yan’s face was a little unnatural, she had never thought that Ye Mo, who had gone to Yanjing with Li Fox to get a mere few hundred thousand yuan in reward, could now reach this point.

“Did your grandfather ask you to come? Is it about the jamming machine again? These just need to go talk to Sister Yuehua.” Ye Mo smiled faintly, he felt that Han Yan shouldn’t come out of the woodwork in these matters, she should work hard on her cultivation. Because for exporting interference machines, Ye Mo would not put his hands on any country, as long as there was money. So there was no need for Han Yan to come  to open this back door.

Han Yan shook her head, “No, although it was my grandfather who asked me to come, but it wasn’t about the interference machine. My grandfather wanted to ask you to make a trip to Yanjing, if it wasn’t for the special circumstances, my grandfather would have taken the initiative to come over.”

Ye Mo immediately understood that Han Zai Xin represented the Chinese military, so if he came to Luo Yue at this sensitive time, it really wasn’t very appropriate anymore.

Ye Mo nodded, “Good, I was going to make a trip out, so I’ll drop by Yanjing then. Old Han still owes me a large amount of ore, I have to go and ask for it back.”

Han Yan said a somewhat unnatural thank you, before turning around and leaving.

She was truly grateful to Ye Mo for allowing her division to have such a good place to cultivate in Luo Yue.

The matter of the Snow Velvet Fox was not urgent for now, after Ye Mo left Luo Yue, he wanted to go to Ninghai to see his sister Tang Beiwei, although Tang Beiwei liked that small compound in Ninghai and did not want to leave. But Ye Mo was a bit uneasy, and would come to see her often after giving her quite a few of the fireball talismans.

This was the first time since Ye Mo came here that he had eaten at an upscale restaurant. At this moment, he couldn’t help but have some memories when he pa*sed over the ‘West Lake Family’. That time was Su Jingwen’s treat, not only did Su Jingwen do him a favour, she also invited him to eat here.

To be exact, he knew Su Jingwen before Ning Qingxue. Subconsciously, Ye Mo swept his divine sense towards ‘West Lake Home’ but found that inside the box where he and Su Jingwen had dined last time, Su Jingwen was sitting inside alone and somewhat dazed.

Since he saw it and had always had a great affection for Su Jingwen Ye Mo immediately entered the restaurant, not even greeting the plump but not sultry owner, Sister Fang.

“Jingwen, why are you sitting here alone? Don’t you live with Bei Wei?” Ye Mo pushed open the door of the private room and asked with a smile.

“Teaching Ye ……” Su Jingwen stood up haughtily as she looked at Ye Mo who was standing in front of her with a smile and subconsciously rubbed her eyes. Just thinking about him, how come he appeared in front of her? Was she in a mental trance?

“Are you alright?” Ye Mo subconsciously wanted to reach out to grab Su Jingwen’s wrist to take a look.

Unexpectedly, Su Jingwen suddenly reached out to grab Ye Mo’s hand first, “You’re really Ye Mo, you, how did you know I was here?”

“It’s not like you don’t know me after only so long, you’re forgetting a bit too quickly. I was pa*sing by and remembered that this is where you invited me to dinner the first time, so I came to take a look and I didn’t expect you to be here. However, you are getting prettier and prettier.” Ye Mo did recall the first time Su Jingwen brought him back from the police station, and as for Su Jingwen getting prettier and prettier, this statement was true. Ye Mo also knew that it should be the effect of the ‘Face Preserving Pill,’.

Su Jingwen’s eyes because a red, followed by her face also reddened, she jīt in the excitement, unexpectedly forgot that Ye Mo’s hand was still in her hand.

“Thank you for remembering me…” said Su Jingwen but she felt that she really couldn’t find the words to say.

Ye Mo had some feeling that Su Jingwen was not normal to him, but he was already content with Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue. He couldn’t find the right words to comfort Su Wen for a while.

The door of the compartment was opened again and a young man with a bouquet of roses stood in the doorway, he looked at Su Jingwen who grabbed Ye Mo’s hand in surprise and froze there too.

It was only then that Su Jingwen reacted to the fact that Ye Mo’s hand had been in her grasp the whole time, she blushed and hurriedly let go. For a moment, the silence on the scene was somewhat bizarre.

“Uh, that sorry, I didn’t know you guys were on a date, I’ll leave first.” It was only at this time that Ye Mo realised that Su Jingwen had actually arranged to meet someone here, wasn’t he being a light bulb by coming?

He felt slightly uncomfortable in his heart, but immediately woke up with a start. He couldn’t give Su Jingwen anything, why should he be uncomfortable when she was dating someone? This was a bit too overbearing. Thinking of this Ye Mo secretly shook his head, a little less than satisfied with his subconscious reaction.

“By the way, is Bei Wei home?” Ye Mo (fastest update) asked before he left.

“Ah, yesterday Beiwei said she went to a cla*smate’s party and said she’d be back today. But I waited for her all day and she didn’t come back, so I was bored …… alone,” Su Jingwen subconsciously replied.

A cla*smate party? Ye Mo froze in his heart, it looked like Bei Wei had gone to the altar capital. He himself was going to the Transverse Mountain Range to look for the ‘Bitter Decade, and the formation to enter the Inner Concealment Sect, and he happened to pa*s by the Altar Capital, so he went to see his sister by the way.

“Thank you, I won’t bother you guys, goodbye.” Ye Mo suddenly felt more and more uncomfortable, he felt like a bit of a hypocrite. Su Jingwen and him were just friends, and he had indeed always treated her as a friend, how could he be uncomfortable with a friend dating someone?

Shaking his head vigorously, Ye Mo quickly exited the ‘West Lake Home’

“Ah, Ye Mo, wait for me, it’s not what you think ……” By the time Su Jingwen reacted again, Ye Mo had already disappeared without a trace, and she immediately chased after him.

“Jingwen ……” the man with a bouquet of flowers saw Su Jingwen running down the stairs in a hurry and called out as well.

“Zhang Laibin, how did you know I was at the ‘West Lake Home,? There’s only one person I like, and he’s not you, sorry, I’m leaving.” After saying that Su Jingwen didn’t wait for the man’s reply and drove away in a hurry.

She was already regretting in her heart, not for what happened today, but for what happened in the beginning. At the beginning, she clearly had a good feeling about Ye Mo, and later even liked him a little. But her reserve made her unwilling to admit this companionship, and even later on when Ning Qingxue wanted to fake a marriage with Ye Mo, she had been uncomfortable in her heart, she felt as if she had missed something in general.

The truth was that she was right, Ning Qingxue and Ye Mo really fell in love with Ye Mo after spending some time together, and Ye Mo also seemed to have fallen in love with Ning Qingxue, a companion matter that she had heard Li Mumei talk about more than once.

It was also true that Ning Qingxue and Ye Mo stayed inside that small courtyard in Ninghai all day, it would be strange if they didn’t develop feelings for each other. From what Li Mumei said, the two even slept in the same room.

To be honest, if she didn’t have special feelings for Ye Mo, she wouldn’t have collected Ye Mo’s first gift to this day, and she wouldn’t have let Ye Mo accompany her to that first dance. She was a first comer, yet she lost to Ning Qingxue, who arrived later. At the beginning, she knew Ye Mo’s persona better than Ning Qingxue, or rather knew Ye Mo a little better, but only because of her reserve and waiting or her fear to admit it, she lost that most precious hazy first love.

She admitted that Ning Qingxue was braver than her, knowing that when she liked Ye Mo, she would not be conservative enough to pursue her liking. To this day, she still did not know why such a high-minded woman like Ning Qingxue was so deadly in love with Ye Mo.

That time when Ning Qingxue asked her about the usage of the talisman, she knew that Ning Qingxue should have gone to find Ye Mo. It should have been dangerous that time, right? Perhaps it was that time that Ye Mo fell in love with Ning Qingxue.

Su Jingwen drove quickly, thinking about it, but sighed in her heart.

Looking at Su Jingwen’s leaving car, Zhang Laibin put down the flowers in his hand in bewilderment. He has been arrogant and smart since he was young, plus he is the son of the secretary of the municipal party committee, and he is handsome. So he has always been the best Prince Charming in the hearts of all kinds of beautiful women.

He is different from most of the gentry and never goes out to fool around. Although his backstage is tough enough, he has nothing to do with his own family, he has earned everything by his own struggle.

This was the first time he took the initiative to pursue a girl, but he didn’t expect to be rejected one after another after all his efforts.

Ye Mo was already standing at the entrance of Tandu Normal University, he felt that it should not take two days for his sister to come to Tandu to attend a cla*smate’s party, the plane between Tanna and Ninghai would only take an hour to get there. Besides, Bei Wei had a flower bed to take care of in Ninghai, so she would definitely come back after the party, but now she had already stayed in Tandu for one night.