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DYM Chapter 585

The first time he came was to find Tang Beiwei, and the second time he came to see Beiwei.

Ye Mo remembered the first time he came here, he exterminated Nie Wu Bian of September View. In the beginning, Nie Wubian’s lackey Qian He colluded with the school’s security guards and put Tang Beiwei under house arrest, which was also exterminated by Ye Mo.

Not knowing if the current Tandu Normal University was still the same as before, Ye Mo walked into the campus with confidence. The security guards did not stop him, and there were many students going in and out, so they did not see the guards stop anyone. It looked like this place was a bit different from before, at least those few security guards who were rampaging around were gone.

“Is that Doctor Ye…, Tang Beiwei’s big brother?” A crisp female voice interrupted Ye Mo’s thoughts.

Ye Mo turned his head back to see a fair skinned and fair looking round faced girl with ordinary skin appearing in front of him, this girl still had surprise on her face.

“You’re Yuan Yuan?” Ye Mo remembered, it was this girl called Soun Yuan Yuan who lent Ye Mo her mobile phone at first, then was broken by Qian He with his men, and he ended up saving her.

“It’s me, Brother Ye, you’re here to look for Bei Wei, right? I really didn’t expect to see you at Divisional University, it’s so lucky. Beiwei even said yesterday that she hadn’t seen you for a long time.” Soun Yuan Yuan knew exactly what Ye Mo was capable of, and she had always been very jī to Ye Mo. if it wasn’t for Ye Mo, she would have been amputated by now.

Seeing an acquaintance, Ye Mo was of course very happy in his heart and immediately said, “Yes, I’m here to find Bei Wei, where is Bei Wei?”

“Yesterday, Bei Wei was with us at the ‘Xilong Restaurant, attending a cla*smates’ party, later she said she met an acquaintance at the hotel and left early. She said she would come back to stay with me tonight, so why don’t you stay here first and wait for Beiwei to come back and go together, Brother Ye? I always said I wanted to treat you to a meal, but I never had the chance, so you must give me that chance today.” Soun Yuan Yuan replied.

The idea of inviting Ye Mo to dinner had always been in her heart, but Ye Mo had always been difficult to meet, as far as Invitation was concerned, Bei Wei rarely came over in Ninghai. She had gone to Ninghai to see Bei Wei several times, so this time when Ye Mo came to Tandu, she had to seize this opportunity to invite Ye Mo for a meal no matter what.

The fact that she did not do anything substantial, but could lend her mobile phone to Ye Mo in that situation, shows that she is a good person.

“Did Beiwei say she’d be back tonight? Why is her phone off?” Although Ye Mo wasn’t worried about Tang Beiwei, she was a girl after all.

Soun Yuan Yuan then said, “It should be that there is no battery, when we went to dinner, her phone was about to run out of battery. Don’t worry, Beiwei said she would definitely come back in the evening.

“Then do you know what kind of acquaintance she met is a person?” Although Ye Mo knew that Tang Beiwei had some fireball talismans on her body, as well as protective magic weapons, he knew that she didn’t have many acquaintances, other than her cla*smates, which were a few people from Ning Hai.

Soun Yuan Yuan shook her head, “I don’t know, I looked next to Bei Wei too, it was just a back, it must be a middle aged man.”

A middle-aged man? Ye Mo frowned.

“Brother Ye, you don’t need to worry about it, let’s go eat first, when we finish eating, Bei Wei will be back.” Soun Yuan Yuan was afraid that Ye Mo would be worried and said in a hurry. She knew that the law and order in Tandu now was different from before, since the last incident with Xi Xi and the other girls at Tandu Normal University, the secretary of Tandu’s political and legal committee and the mayor and the police chief were all replaced, now Tandu could not be said to have no roads, but it was a few hundred times better than before.

“Alright then, we’ll go to ‘Xilong Restaurant” Ye Mo nodded, he always had to wait here for Bei Wei to return.

After all, he was going out this time, and in case he found the entrance to the small world, he didn’t know when he would return, so giving an account of Bei Wei was a must. If necessary, he even wanted Beiwei to go and live in Luo Yue.

But Soun Yuan Yuan smiled cunningly, “Brother Ye, today I decided to be extravagant, we don’t go to ‘Xilong Restaurant’, we go to ‘Golden Pearl True Taste’ to have a thorough **. The most expensive one is the Golden Pearl Taste, although it is not the most luxurious hotel in Tandu. I’ve always wanted to go there, but I don’t have an excuse, so this time I finally have one. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be able to stand up right now.”

Ye Mo looked at Soun Yuan Yuan’s eyes and knew that she was speaking from her heart. He could only say, “Alright, you’re already working, right?”

Soun Yuan Yuan immediately nodded her head and said, “Yes, speaking of my job, it’s still related to you. You remember Hu Yang, right, the director of Tan Kang Hospital. Because he wanted to befriend you, he took the initiative to find the president of Tandu Normal University to help me find a job, and now I’m already a lecturer who stays at Tandu Normal University to teach.”

Seeming to see Ye Mo’s hesitation, Waiting Yuan Yuan immediately said, “Brother Ye, don’t worry about it, Bei Wei will definitely call me the first time she comes back.”

“Alright then, let’s go to ‘Golden Pearl True Taste” Ye Mo knew that he could only follow behind Soun Yuan Yuan, otherwise he couldn’t ask Soun Yuan Yuan’s phone number over. Moreover, he had already waited for more than an hour at the Normal University, there was no other way but this way for Soun Yuan Yuan.

‘Golden Pearl True Taste, although it was only a restaurant, was the most expensive one in Tandu or even the whole Hu Zhong province. Even many five-star hotels are not as expensive as the dishes at ‘Golden Pearl True Taste’, but that’s why ‘Golden Pearl True Taste’ is still overcrowded.

Soun Yuan Yuan has a cla*smate who is in the procurement business at ‘Golden Pearl Taste’ and through this connection, she could barely get a private room. Otherwise, there was no place to spend the money if you wanted to.

When Ye Mo and Soun Yuan Yuan arrived at the ‘Golden Pearl True Taste’, the entrance was already filled with all kinds of cars, such as Soun Yuan Yuan’s ordinary fo Tian was invisible.

But Soun Yuan Yuan didn’t care, she was a girl, it didn’t matter if the car was good or bad, besides she was really here for dinner. Ye Mo cared even less, he came and went by flying sword, not to mention the car, even if a b2 bomber was given to him, he wouldn’t care.

Just as the two got off the bus, a continental g convertible sports car with an arrogant sound stopped next to the Soun Yuan Yuan fofo.

A man and a woman also got out of the car. Although the man looked like a wealthy young man, but apart from being a bit exaggerated when he parked, he had a gentlemanly look when he got out of the car. But the limited edition Patek Philippe on his wrist was a sign that he was a rich man.

The woman, on the other hand, looked to be in her twenties, with a **** figure that was voluptuous but not alluring. Although she was not wearing tight jeans, the slightly casual trousers still couldn’t keep out her perky, plump buttocks. The fact is that the company’s business is not just about the company’s business.

If such a woman was dressed in an enchanting way, it could be said that she could even set a street on fire, but her dress could even be described as innocent, except for a string of pearls around her neck that looked worth a lot of money, everything else looked very ordinary. But the more so, the more extraordinary she was.

But once Ye Mo took a look at the string of pearls, he knew that the string of pearls was at least several million. Not only were the grains not small, but each one seemed to be naturally occurring and the same size. This woman was beautiful, and could even be described as excessively beautiful. But in Ye Mo’s heart, this woman was far from his own Light Snow.

Soun Yuan Yuan saw this woman but was immediately different, in her opinion, it was the second time she had seen such an outstanding woman. In her heart, only Tang Beiwei could be compared to her, and even Beiwei was not necessarily more beautiful than this woman in front of her. Originally, Soun Yuan Yuan had always thought that Bei Wei was the prettiest girl, but now it seemed that her opinion was somewhat wrong, although this woman was not necessarily prettier than Bei Wei, at least not worse than Bei Wei.

Although Soun Yuan Yuan was not here to compare herself to others, but such a stunning woman standing in front of her made her somewhat inferior.

Ye Mo just swept a glance at the pair and then turned his gaze towards Soun Yuan Yuan, “Yuan Yuan, what are you still standing here for? Let’s go in.”

“That’s right, let’s go eat a big meal.” Soun Yuan Yuan immediately snapped out of it, now was the time to eat a big meal, not to come and envy others.

Listening to the conversation between the two, the two behind them looked obviously a little strange. She was an outgoing girl, and this time she was going to have a good meal at ‘Golden Pearl Real Taste’.

Looking at Ye Mo and Zong Yuanyuan as they hurriedly walked into ‘Golden Pearl True Taste’, the man said with a faint smile, “An Ning, I heard that the dishes here are the best tasting in the entire Lake Province. This is also my first time here, so I hope I won’t disappoint you.”

The woman nodded and also smiled and said, “Thank you, you’ve really taken the trouble, in fact you can eat anywhere, you don’t necessarily have to come to ‘Golden Pearl True Taste”

After the words were said, the woman called An Ning was still staring at Ye Mo’s back in thought.

This man looked a bit unusual, there seemed to be a feeling about him that was hard to put into words. It is reasonable to say that this kind of person should not be an ordinary person, but looking at his girlfriend’s average looks, and driving a p. fo. besides this, the clothes he wore were also very ordinary, none of them were brand names, one should know that a meal at ‘Golden Pearl True Taste, can cost a lot of money.

Of course these are not the main thing, the main thing is that this young man just swept a glance at himself and then averted his gaze, as if she, An Ning, was as ordinary as a random person pulled out of the street.

If it wasn’t for the rest of the people around her looking at her as if she was a nymphomaniac, she would have even thought she had become ugly.