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DYM Chapter 586

‘Golden Pearl True Taste’ is not purely an a la carte style, but a sample plate plus a la carte dishes. It’s like taking a taxi, you have to offer a starting price first and then increase the price upwards. The so-called sample plates are silver, gold and diamond. Those below 10,000 are silver plates, those below 80,000 and above 10,000 are gold plates, and there is only one kind of diamond plate that is the 88,888 yuan one.

The starting price of ‘Golden Pearl True Taste’ is based on the sample plates, the lowest is 2222 yuan and the highest is 88,888 yuan.

Soun Yuan Yuan ordered a silver plate of 8888, and after ordering the starting price sample plate, she went straight to the private room and ordered the dishes behind her through the touch screen inside the private room, or of course, she could order at the counter before she left. Relatively speaking, this price is already not low.

Don’t Look at Soun Yuan Yuan just ordered a silver plate of 8888, but with the drinks at the back plus some additional dishes, this meal would definitely cost more than 15,000 yuan. It still depends on what kind of wine you’re drinking, if it’s a higher grade wine, maybe a few 15,000 won’t be enough.

“There are only two of us, don’t order so much, more than enough to eat and waste.” Ye Mo saw that Soun Yuan Yuan had ordered more than 15,000 dishes and reminded her.

Soun Yuan Yuan smiled, “Big Brother Ye, it’s so hard for me to have a chance to treat you to a meal, if I don’t order more, the next time I treat you, I don’t know when it will be.”

Ye Mo knew Soun Yuan Yuan’s grateful heart and rubbed his chin, not refuting again.

The pair of men and women who came after Ye Mo listened to what Soun Yuan Yuan said, and only then did they understand that it was still the woman who was treating them this time.

An Ning frowned, she could see that neither Ye Mo nor Zong Yuanyuan were rich people, but since they didn’t have any money and still came here for a big meal, this made her look down on them. Of course that wasn’t the main thing, the main thing was that the man was actually cheating on food and drinks with his little white face.

“Brother, I think since you come to eat with a woman, it’s better for the man to pay the bill la. Letting a woman pay for the bill is a bit of a disgrace identity ah.” The man with the watch saw An Ning’s unpleasantness and said with a smile as he walked up to Ye Mo.

Soun Yuan Yuan was immediately unhappy, she swept a glance at the man and immediately said, “What’s it to you if I treat you? I do, I’m using my own money, how nosy.”

The woman called An Ning didn’t expect Soun Yuan Yuan to be insensitive, so she couldn’t help but interject, “This young lady, Zhiyang also means well, why do you have to be like this?”

“You are the one who is a lady, your family is all ladies.” An Ning, who originally had a good impression in Soun Yuan Yuan’s heart, immediately dropped to a negative score.

“You ……” An Ning felt that the pair in front of her were really without any cultivation, as bad as if they were street shrews arguing.

The man who was just about to go forward to speak was stopped by An Ning, who suddenly said to the man, “Zhiyang, why bother with what other people do, let’s order food too.”

“Good, you’re right. Huh, the lowest is only a few thousand dollars? What can you eat on a silver plate for a few thousand dollars? It’s too shabby. Young man, give me a diamond plate for 88,888.” Originally, the man wouldn’t have ordered this most expensive diamond plate, but since these two people were insensitive just now, it was cool to use the money to fall on their faces.

Ye Mo didn’t mind, but Soun Yuan Yuan was furious, wasn’t this a clear attempt to slap her face? She knew that although there were many people eating here, there weren’t many who ordered 8888 silver plates, and she had already ordered high enough. But for two people, it meant that she was too cheap. Originally, she had invited Ye Mo for dinner with sincerity, so how would Brother Ye look at himself.

“Humph, it’s not like I can’t afford to eat 88888 ……” Soun Yuan Yuan then wanted to gamble on ordering the most expensive diamond plate, but was interrupted by Ye Mo.

Seeing that Soun Yuan Yuan was unhappy, Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “Yuan Yuan, the two of us are not pigs, can we finish ordering so many? 8888 is more than enough, let’s leave it at that.”

“What do you mean?” An Ning frowned and was instantly uncomfortable, “I kindly wanted to remind her of this, why are you talking like that? Who’s a pig now?”

Only then did Ye Mo remember that those two people had also ordered the diamond plate just now, and to speak from the bottom of his heart, he really didn’t mean to point fingers and curse. Now when this woman said that, it showed that he was scolding them just now.

“I’m good-tempered and don’t bully people on the basis of power, so don’t think I won’t bully people.” The man called Zhilang also got uncomfortable.

Ye Mo thought, this was just a small matter, why make a big deal out of it, he had the money to go and eat his goodies. That comment he made just now was indeed a bit misleading, thinking about it he smiled slightly, “I was not talking about you guys just now, believe it or not. Yuan Yuan, let’s order and get started, I’d really like to know how such an expensive dish really is.”

The man was just about to step forward and get angry, but the woman called An Ning got the jump on him, An Ning surprisingly smiled sweetly at Ye Mo’s words, “I wasn’t nice just now, I was overly sensitive. My name is An Ning, this is my business card.”

Saying this, the woman handed over a maple red business card, which still carried a faint fragrance.

Several people, including Ye Mo, froze, this pretty woman had changed a little too quickly, all of them thought she was going to flip out, but she actually wanted to befriend Ye Mo. Just by looking at the exquisite workmanship of the business card and the faint fragrance, one could tell that this business card was not something that was given to people casually.

Even Zhiyang’s face sank, he hadn’t even gotten one of these business cards himself, and was surprised that a strange stream of men had gotten one.

Ye Mo secretly shook his head, although this woman was pretty, but her eyes were too accidental. And although her expression was cool, but there was a taste in it that Ye Mo didn’t like, or maybe her heart was a little too deep.

But for a girl to give a business card to his face, Ye Mo did not refuse not to, it would be too hurtful to his pride.

With a slight smile, Ye Mo took the business card, said I don’t have a job yet, so I don’t have a business card, and then took Soun Yuan Yuan directly into the box.

Although she didn’t have any heart for Ye Mo, but Soun Yuan Yuan didn’t like that An Ning, after entering the box, she immediately said to Ye Mo, “Brother Ye Mo, I think that An Ning is not a simple person, you should be careful.”

Ye Mo nodded to indicate that it was okay, in fact, he didn’t even look at that business card and threw it inside the bin at the door, but of course he couldn’t say anything to Soun Yuan Yuan about such things.

Looking at the back of Ye Mo and Soun Yuan Yuan leaving, An Ning smiled coldly, she was sure that young man would call her afterwards and taunt him again then. And she was sure that from the moment she saw herself, that young man acted as if he didn’t see her, that must have been a pretence, definitely.

She had seen this kind of person too many times, so today she had to teach this guy, who didn’t know any better and also had an unbelievably thick skin, a lesson. She was confident in her looks, or at least she hadn’t seen a woman more beautiful than her. Not even a singer or movie star who covered up with even thicker powder.

“An Ning, why did you give your business card to that guy just now? I think he has some ill intentions towards you, you should be careful. If it were me, I’d have someone teach him a lesson right away.” The man who was with An Ning had been uncomfortable in his heart about An Ning giving her business card to Ye Mo.

An Ning smiled faintly, “It’s nothing, you shouldn’t just lecture people. Didn’t your grandfather give you guys a special meeting last time to tell you gentry to restrain yourselves a bit.”

“That’s only relative to Yanjing, I’m not in Yanjing, and I’m very restrained. I don’t usually take the initiative until people find me.” The man called Zhiyang said with some resignation.

“By the way, I heard from uncle that your family is going through the procedure of immigrating to Luo Yue, how is it going?” Zhilang remembered the main thing that he had asked An Ning out today.

An Ning shook her head and said, “It’s not done yet, Luo Yue’s immigration requirements are now much more stringent than before.”

“Then don’t go.” Zhiyang hastily advised.

An Ning was silent for a while before saying, “I’ve been to Luo Yue once, it was beautiful and I couldn’t see injustice there. But now I open the website every day and all I see are things that are unfair, and I feel uncomfortable, but I can’t change anything.”

“It’s not like anyone dares to bully on your head anyway, so why care so much?” Zhilang was a little confused by Anning’s words.

“But I live in this land ……” An Ning shook her head and didn’t continue, she knew there was no way to talk about such topics with a rich master like Zhilang, who hadn’t experienced and didn’t care about such things.

“Younger Loam ……” a loud voice interrupted the conversation between the two as two youths walked over.

The youth walking in front was less than thirty, at most twenty-six or seven, with a Chinese face, and looked very heroic and uncommon. The youth behind him looked slightly older, but not by much. The youth behind him however was handsome and, at a glance, well educated.

“Han Dan, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, and this is ……” the man who was talking to An Ning immediately greeted him with surprise.

The one called Han Dan was the state-faced man walking in front, he hurried over and said with a pat on Zhilang’s shoulder, “I really didn’t expect to see you here, it looks like you’re a foodie too. This is Zhang Laibin, who just got off the plane and came from Ninghai. Laibin, this is my university cla*smate ……”

The man named Han Dan suddenly stopped when he said this, and he almost froze as he looked at An Ning. What a beautiful woman, it was a good thing that he was still quick to react and knew that he looked a bit piggy.

“Hello guys, my name is An Ning ……” An Ning offered a greeting.

“Hello, hello ……” Han Dan was even more piggish looking.

The first time I saw the girl, I was just a little bit more than a little bit more than a little bit more than a little bit.

Today was the second time An Ning was surprised, if the first time Ye Mo was pretending, but Zhang Laibin’s attitude was even more cold, at least Ye Mo even gave her a look. And this Zhang Laibin could even be said to be somewhat distracted, and not because of her.

Did he really not have any charm left?!!!