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DYM Chapter 587

“Lai Bin is different from me, I am a second-rate person, Lai Bin is a social elite. If it wasn’t for an emergency, he wouldn’t have come to Tandu today. It’s not easy for him to come here, so of course I have to do my part as a landlord. Let’s go, let’s all join in, I’m treating you today.” Han Dan came back to his senses and immediately knew that he had gotten a bit carried away and hurriedly added.

Zhilang tapped his head and immediately reached out to Zhang Laibin and said, “I remember now, you are the top student in the 2004 entrance examination, Zhang Laibin, and your father is Zhang Zhiguo, the secretary of Ninghai Municipal Committee. Compared to you, Han Dan and I are really second-rate, hehehe ……”

Zhang Laibin hurriedly reached out and said, “Some small achievements, not worth mentioning, it’s also an honor for me, Zhang Laibin, to know Yang Shao.”

Several Five hundred and eighty-seven Chapter saw people as soon as they met, while saying, while walking towards the box.

After a few words inside the box, the matter of An Ning wanting to go to Luo Yue was talked about. Han Dan, however, immediately came to the fore, he was already amazed at An Ning in his heart, and when he had this opportunity, of course he had to show it.

“To say that Luo Yue, others don’t have a way, but I really have a way. A cousin of mine is settled in Luo Yue right now, and lives in a good chunk of it.” Han Dan’s smug words immediately made the few people in the audience listen with ears open. Even Zhang Laibin, who had a mind of his own, was captivated by Han Dan’s unimpressive manner of speaking.

Luo Yue is different from China, even if you are the head of China, you cannot make any demands on Luo Yue. So whether you are an official redneck or a rich second generation, it is useless to rely purely on connections to get to Luo Yue. Even if your connections in the official circles of China are bullish, there is no way to bullishly go to Luo Yue.

Seeing that everyone was listening carefully to his words, and An Ning was listening even more carefully, Han Dan became more and more proud of himself and said unhurriedly: “Let me tell you a secret, there is a person in charge in Luoyue who is a very good friend of my grandfather. Otherwise, do you think my cousin can settle in Luoyue? Not to brag, if I want to go to Luoyue, all I have to do is ask my great grandfather to say hello.”

Chapter 587 – Seeing it In fact, Han Dan knew that he was really bragging, although his great grandfather Han Zaixin could get him to Luoyue, but with his great grandfather’s nature, he would never do this favor. Not to mention him, even his cousin Han Yan was said to have moved to Luoyue early on by her own ability, and if it was now, it probably wouldn’t work either.

“Then Han Dan, I want to go to Luo Yue, can you help me with this favor?” An Ning was the first one who couldn’t help but stand out and say.

As long as An Ning herself knew, if it wasn’t because she wanted to go to Luoyue so badly, she would never have made such a request to a second-rate man she had just met for the first time.

But she really had no choice, no one she knew was capable of getting her to Luoyue, which she now wanted to go to more and more.

Because Luo Yue was different from other countries, Luo Yue was a Chinese sovereign country, and moving to Luo Yue was the same as living in China, without that foreign feeling of strangeness.

Han Dan hadn’t expected that he had overblown it and that An Ning would seek his help. At this time, of course he couldn’t say I was bragging, he could only grit his teeth and reply, “That’s certainly no problem, I’ll go back and make a trip to my great grandfather’s house, I’ll definitely bring up your matter, I’m sure my great grandfather won’t refuse.”

That was what he said, but he didn’t have a clue in his heart. He knew Great Grandpa’s temper too well, but in front of An Ning, he was absolutely unable to lose his face.

“Thank you then, Han Dan, here is my card, if you can, remember to call me at the first opportunity.” Hearing Han Dan’s firm and certain a*surance, An Ning felt more and more satisfied with this time out, that she had met someone of Han Dan’s energy, and immediately took out another card of her own.

The young man called Zhiyang saw that An Ning had given out two Maple Leaf Red business cards in quick succession, but none of them were for him, so he became a little unbalanced in his heart. But honestly, he really had no way to help An Ning. If An Ning wanted to do something in China, he Zhilang would not hesitate to help her do it properly, but Luo Yue, he really did not have the ability to do so.

But even if they are good friends, they can’t come halfway to steal their buddy’s object, right? Zhilang said with some bitterness, “I say Han Dan, your big grandfather’s foul temper is like a stone in a thatched pit. I think this promise of yours is a bit dangerous.”

Han Dan did not know that Zhilang was telling the truth, but he had already made a big promise, so after hearing Zhilang’s words, he had to say, “I will do my best, and I will definitely make Grandpa agree to my request.”

Although he answered Zhilang’s words, the tone of his voice was not very confident, and even Zhang Laibin could hear it.

An Ning, as the person in question, must have heard it even more, and she felt a little impatient. She stood up and said to Han Dan, “Young Han, if it doesn’t work, forget it, it doesn’t matter. I’m going to the washroom for a while, you guys talk first.”

Watching An Ning walk out, Zhiyang gave a heated smile, “Han Dan, this time you seem to have blown your cowl a bit. I’m deeply skeptical of your words, your great grandfather, hehehe ……”

Han Dan knew what Zhilang meant and was a little depressed in his heart, if his cousin wasn’t unreachable, he would rather go to his cousin for help.

An Ning, who walked out of the box, suddenly felt a little funny, she was really childish, she actually believed in some random words from others, and even sent a business card out.

The fact that she had already given out two business cards today, in addition to the fact that she had not given out one business card for more than half a year sometimes.

“Still in too much of a hurry ……” muttered An Ning. Suddenly she stopped in her tracks, there was a maple red business card inside the waste basket at the entrance of a private room, she bent down and picked it up, the card still had some faint fragrance, it was obviously her own business card.

She had only given out a total of two business cards today, and Han Dan was still in the room, so it was definitely not Han Dan who had lost it. There was no need to even think about it, it was the one that belonged to that punk-a*s little white boy.

An Ning felt her anger for the first time. She clenched her teeth, and in her heart, she really wanted to pick up the guy who had thrown the business card and stuff him into the rubbish basket as well.

She had never given her own business card away easily, but today she was thrown into the trash.

At this moment, An Ning completely forgot the reason she gave her business card to Ye Mo, and without thinking, she pushed open the door of Ye Mo and Soun Yuan Yuan’s compartment.


Ye Mo and Soun Yuan Yuan’s dishes had already come up. Although Ye Mo did not have much interest in food, he had to admit that the dishes of ‘Golden Pearl True Taste’ were really good in real terms. Whether it was the ingredients used or the ingredients, or even the chef’s craftsmanship, they were all up to first-cla*s standards.

However, Ye Mo thought that the dishes here were still a little too expensive relative to the prices. The owner of this shop has a sales strategy somewhat like him, all engaged in expensive sales. But while Ye Mei thought his products were really worth that much, the things here were somewhat not worth that much. Maybe those who come here to eat are just eating a bluff.

The two of them were eating and talking, and it went by quickly. At this time, Soun Yuan Yuan’s mobile phone rang and Ye Mo immediately stopped, he didn’t know if the call was from Bei Wei.

He wondered if the call was from Bei Wei. After saying a few words, Soun Yuan Yuan put down the phone and looked at Ye Mo a little strangely and said, “It’s Jing Wen, she’s also looking for Bei Wei, she didn’t get off the plane long ago, but she couldn’t find her inside the school. She heard that you were here, so she came over.”

Su Jingwen? Ye Mo thought to himself that a few hours ago, he had seen her at the ‘West Lake Home’ in Ninghai, how come she had come to Tandu in the blink of an eye?

As Ye Mo was thinking about this, his thoughts were interrupted again when the door of the private room was pushed open.

Seeing the unhappy looking An Ning, Ye Mo was a bit baffled, to say the least, he and Yuan Yuan and this An Ning still had some small differences, what did she want to do when she suddenly came to his private room? Ye Mo suddenly thought of the business card he had left outside, and immediately swept his divine sense out, and sure enough that business card had disappeared.

“Why are you here?” Soun Yuan Yuan stood up, but didn’t rebuke, just asked in a very ordinary way. She was also wondering, this An Ning just didn’t look like an ordinary person, not everyone could sit on top of a continental gtc sports car. And she was so pretty, what did she want to come over here for?

If she said she had her eye on big brother Ye, Soun Yuan Yuan did not believe it. Although Brother Ye had an unspeakable aura in him, it wasn’t to the point where a woman like An Ning would fall for him. What’s more, An Ning was so outstanding. Could it be that she hadn’t let go of what had just happened? Even if she hadn’t let it go, she wouldn’t settle the score afterwards, right?

“I think you really have no manners, I gave you my business card, you don’t want to call and ask me out, so be it, but why throw my business card in the trash?

Ye Mo’s old face reddened, he was really a bit embarra*sed, he couldn’t help but secretly sigh in his heart that he didn’t do things firmly, even if he wanted to throw it, he had to throw it in a different place. His ring was so big, throwing a business card into it didn’t take up much space, who knew this woman had the habit of looking in the trash?

“That, it’s possible that I dropped it by accident.” Ye Mo regretted it a bit just after he said it, just drop it, why bother looking for an excuse.

“Then you accidentally dropped it really place, surprisingly even accidental is so environmentally friendly.” An Ning gave a cold laugh.

It suddenly occurred to Ye Mo, it’s just losing a business card, it’s nothing, he doesn’t know how many of his own business cards have been lost. Even if it was Mo Kang’s business card, he didn’t lose it all the same. But the difference was that the contents of those business cards were all remembered inside his own head, while this woman’s business card was just not read by himself.

“An Ning, what are you doing there?” A voice interrupted Ye Mo’s slight embarra*sment.