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DYM Chapter 588

The door of the room opposite the private room opened, but the three Han Dan saw An Ning who was standing at the door of Ye Mo’s private room, the young man who came with An Ning, immediately came out and asked.

“Zhiyang, you guys go ahead and eat, I’ll eat well over here, just now this one said he wanted to treat.” An Ning casually pointed at Ye Mo and said.

Seeing that Zhilang still wanted to say something, she even waved her hand and said, “That’s all.”

Seeing this, the young man who had come with her didn’t dare to say anything more, so he had to say with a thick face, “Then let’s share a table, it’s all on my head.”

Probably used to this kind of move of forcing others to agree, Zhilang finished without waiting for Ye Mo and Soun Yuan Yuan to agree and waved a hand directly at the waiter.

“When did I say I agreed to your table sharing?” Soun Yuan Yuan couldn’t even invite Ye Mo for a meal easily and she was immediately upset in her heart.

“Huh, it’s you? No wonder Jing Wen rushed to Tandu, so you came to Tandu and had dinner with another girl, I wonder what Jing Wen will say when she sees it ……” Zhang Laibin only saw Ye Mo at this time, he knew Ye Mo. Not long ago, he also saw him eating with Su Jingwen at a restaurant in Ninghai, he didn’t expect to be eating with a girl again at Tandu.

“Jingwen, this way…..” Soun Yuan Yuan had already seen Su Jingwen walking over in a hurry and called out in a hurry.

When Ye Mo saw the somewhat haggard Su Jingwen, he realized that she had come after him because he had come to Tandu. It went without saying that Zhang Laibin had also followed Su Jingwen because she had come to Tandu.

At the same time, he did not know what to say to Su Jingwen. The matter of him and Light Snow getting married was something Su Jingwen knew very well, but since she knew it so well, she still came over, how could she make herself say it?

“Ye Mo ……” Su Jingwen walked up to Ye Mo and called out, her tone was so low that only Ye Mo could hear it, that kind of aggravation could be understood at first hearing.

In Ye Mo’s heart, Su Jingwen had always been a friend that he could talk to, even when he was very down and out, Su Jingwen had never looked down on him. Moreover, she would never speak to him in a condescending tone, much less express her aggression in front of him.

But today, once Su Jingwen came, she expressed this kind of aggression, so it was evident that she was indeed very aggrieved in her heart. It looked like he had misunderstood Su Jingwen, but what difference did it make whether it was a misunderstanding or not? Ye Mo sighed secretly, he only had Ning Qingxue and Luo Ying in his heart, there were many good girls, but he couldn’t afford them. As for that Song Yingzhu, it was completely a wrong thing that happened at the wrong time.

“That, Jing Wen, you sit down. I rushed here because I had no news of Bei Wei ……,” Ye Mo hesitated for a moment, not knowing how he should explain to Su Jingwen.

An Ning, however, suddenly understood, no wonder this young man in front of him treated himself as if he didn’t see it, so he had such a beautiful girlfriend. This woman called Jingwen was not inferior to her in the slightest, and was even better than herself in some aspects.

But what An Ning couldn’t figure out was that this Su Jingwen, who was in such excellent condition, had to suffer behind this self-righteous young man, which was too much for her to understand a bit.

“Jingwen ……” When Zhang Laibin saw Su Jingwen sitting next to Ye Mo, he turned a little pale, he was sincere about Su Jingwen. But when he saw Ye Mo here, he knew why Su Jingwen had rushed to Ninghai, and even took the same flight as him, only that once he got off the plane, he couldn’t find her himself.

With his condition, Zhang Laibin actually lost to an unknown kid, this was not the main thing, years of self-reliance had long since made him mentally mature and past the age of being competitive. The main thing is that he really likes Su Jingwen, from the bottom of his heart.

He knew that Su Jingwen’s father was already the mayor of Ninghai, but he had never used his family’s connections to pursue the person he liked. But it turned out that he had lost badly, a boy who rarely came to Ninghai had taken away the heart of an outstanding girl like Su Jingwen.

An Ning looked at Su Jingwen, then at Ye Mo and Zhang Laibin, and suddenly understood what was going on. She was tempted to spray a mouthful of tea on Ye Mo’s face, a beautiful girl like Su Jingwen had dropped her reserve to chase backwards and he was still taking it. What made her feel even more frustrated was that neither of the two people who didn’t look at her today were pretending. The guy in front of her, who was dressed in ordinary clothes, needless to say, was that Zhang Laibin, who also had this girl called Jingwen in his heart.

For the first time, An Ning felt frustrated, a deep sense of defeat.

While a few people were talking, the waiter had already moved all the dishes from An Ning’s side over, they had just come up and they hadn’t started yet.

“You must be tired after coming all the way from Ninghai. This truffle foie gras is quite average, but it’s still palatable.” Ye Mo unceremoniously handed Su Jingwen a small plate of white truffle foie gras that he had just carried from across the street.

Looking at the white truffle foie gras that Ye Mo handed over, Su Jingwen was relieved that Ye Mo had finally left without seeing her, which made her a little happy.

As soon as she saw that Ye Mo had served the most expensive dish away, Zhiyang immediately felt a little uncomfortable. However, Su Jingwen was a beautiful woman, so he couldn’t say anything. Zhang Laibin would be even less likely to say anything, only that An Ning was a little less than thrilled.

“Since you are here to share a table, you should eat quickly, otherwise we won’t wait for you when we finish eating. Yuan Yuan, hurry up and eat, don’t be polite.” Ye Mo greeted.

Although he didn’t care about this bit of food, it wasn’t too uncomfortable to not even get a bite of what he had paid for. Zhilang and Han Dan were not polite either and hurriedly sat down to stick their chopsticks on top of their favourite dishes.

An Ning also sat down, and only Zhang Laibin was a bit soul-sucking.

“Brother Ye, I heard Beiwei say that in a few months, she might be going to Luo Yue, is that right?” Soun Yuan Yuan’s casual remark immediately drew the attention of the entire table. An Ning even almost put her ears up to listen.

Ye Mo, however, didn’t care as he nodded and said, “Yes, if Ninghai didn’t still have some things going on, she would have gone over there by now. If you want to go to Luo Yue, go with Bei Wei and move your mum and dad to Luo Yue together.”

“Can I go too? I’ve heard that after the Luo Yue war, it’s so much tougher to go to Luo Yue.” Soun Yuan Yuan immediately said in surprise, Bei Wei rarely talked to her about her brother, that is, when she asked, she just said something simple. So she didn’t know that Luo Yue was actually Ye Mo’s territory.

“Of course you can, and Jing Wen can also come along.” Ye Mo smiled faintly, he could go as many people as he wanted to in his own territory, those rules and regulations for entering Luo Yue were only set up by people like Void Moon Hua. They said that if the conditions were too easy, it would make people look down on Luo Yue, there were many people who wanted to move to Luo Yue now anyway, there was no need to lower the conditions.

Su Jingwen smiled sweetly, “I had planned to go to Luo Yue, I was just afraid that you wouldn’t like it, so I hadn’t said anything.”

“Why wouldn’t I like it, I can’t wait for more and more acquaintances to go to Luoyue.” Ye Mo laughed.

Han Dan looked at Ye Mo and suddenly thought of something seemingly, subconsciously lowered his head, and the expression he wanted to show a hand in front of An Ning just now was gone.

An Ning, who originally thought that Ye Mo and Soun Yuan Yuan were bragging, kept a cold smile on the corner of her mouth. However, when she heard Su Jingwen’s words, she suddenly felt as if what they were saying was true.

“You guys can really immigrate to Luo Yue?” An Ning subconsciously asked, this was what she was most concerned about.

Ye Mo glanced at An Ning suspiciously, he knew that this woman should have meant to ridicule him a bit, he just never gave her a chance himself, and then Jing Wen came, she seemed to feel that she was not better than Jing Wen, that’s why she lost her temper for a while.

Moreover, Ye Mo also knew that although the other few people had come to share a table, that sense of excellence in their bones did not seem to look up to the three people on his side very much. In fact, Ye Mo didn’t care, he ate for free and left, let him fill up the fat if he wanted to.

“This is our business, Jing Wen, Yuan Yuan, eat up, let’s go, there’s someone here to pay the bill. No need for us to worry.” Said Ye Mo and stood up.

“Wait ……” An Ning suddenly reached out to stop Ye Mo.

Ye Mo’s eyes suddenly stared as he stared dead at the string of pearls on An Ning’s chest. When he came in, he only looked at the pearls, but did not notice the pearl necklace’s pendant. At this moment, Ye Mo casually used his divine sense to actually sweep the pendant of this pearl necklace so familiar feeling, he quickly understood that the pendant was a fish’s eye.

It was a bit too incongruous for a pretty girl to have a fish’s eye hanging on her chest.

But what Ye Mo was concerned about now was not this, but the fish eye. Ye Mo had already seen that her pendant wasn’t even a fish eye, but an orb made up of two pieces of fish eyes.

Ye Mo was certain that this fish eye was the two fish eye remnants of his Yin Yang Fish Gossip Fragment. He had already gotten two pieces of that Yin Yang Eight Trigrams Fish Fragment, but he never thought that he would find a pair of eyes on a woman’s chest. No matter what, Ye Mo had to get this pair of eyes over.

Cultivating on Earth was entirely a search for resources, and that this Yin Yang Fish Bagua Figure Ye Mo had a hunch that it must not be simple, otherwise it wouldn’t have been put together with that ore for smithing. If it was a cultivation resource that he missed out on, it would be a real regret for the rest of his life, so this he had to come over.

“What are you doing?” An Ning angrily took a step back, she didn’t expect that she just stopped this young man in front of her, he actually got ahead of himself and stared at her chest just short of sticking his hand inside.

“Ye Mo ……” Su Jingwen also noticed that there was something wrong with Ye Mo’s eyes and subconsciously stood up and reached out to hold Ye Mo’s arm.

She thought that Ye Mo had drunk a little too much and saw the beautiful disorientation of An Ning. The meaning of her holding Ye Mo’s arm was something that only An Ning could see, that meaning was I am no worse than others, you don’t need to look at her. Of course there is also a meaning that the man she likes is not this kind of person, you An Ning thought wrong, or there is also a little bit of demonstration and defense of Ye Mo’s meaning.!