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DYM Chapter 589

The faint fragrance and warm softness against Ye Mo’s arm, Ye Mo then realized that his actions just now seemed a bit rude. He patted Su Jingwen’s hand gratefully, meaning he was fine, and was somewhat grateful to Su Jingwen in his heart. He understood Su Jingwen’s meaning, which was to say that you, An Ning, were at ease, and that your kind of nervousness was simply ridiculous.

After he figured out Su Jingwen’s purpose, he was even more grateful to Su Jingwen, who had always been very reserved, for making such a move, but he didn’t know how he should express it.

An Ning also figured out that Ye Mo should not be trying to be rude to her, not to mention the fact that Su Jingwen was such a beautiful girl who was at his mercy, plus there were so many people here that he could not possibly do anything to himself.

Seeing Ye Mo’s action Zhilang immediately stood up, but before he could say anything, he was pulled down by Chapter 589 – Even the Hoodwinked Han Dan and made a few glances at him. Zhang Laibin’s eyes, however, lost their luster and he hung his head somewhat. He had followed Su Jingwen for so many miles, not to see Su Jingwen hug her lover.

Ye Mo patted Su Jingwen and told her to wait for a while, then said to An Ning, “An Ning, I have some things I want to talk to you about alone, don’t worry, I don’t mean any harm.”

An Ning also knew at this point that just now Ye Mo was lost in thought about something else, and should not have any thoughts about her. Besides, she also wanted to ask Ye Mo about going to Luo Yue, if he really had this ability, it would be good to lend him a hand to go to Luo Yue, because right now she really couldn’t find any connections.

“Good ……” An Ning thought about it and immediately agreed to Ye Mo’s words.

In this way she and Ye Mo once again came to the opposite box, the difference was that the dishes here had just been removed.

“Han Dan, why are you pulling me, that kid even dared to be rude to An Ning, I won’t teach him a lesson ……” Before Zhilang could finish his words, Han Dan had already covered his mouth, then looked worriedly at Su Jingwen and Soun Yuan Yuan before carefully dragging him to the side.

“Young man Loang, I think you don’t want to live anymore. Do you know who that person who went out with An Ning just now is?” Han Dan said in a low, cold voice Chapter 589 – Even the Hoodwinked.

“Who is it, can it still kill me?” Zhilang said with a cold laugh.

Han Dan laughed heatedly and said with a cold snort, “I said Qiu Zhiyang, don’t blame me for not being enough of a friend, I’ve warned you, don’t drag me along if you’re looking for death. Don’t say he doesn’t dare to kill you, I dare say, even if he kills you now. Your Qiu family wouldn’t be able to jump out of a sky.”

The young man called Zhiyang winced. Who else in China dared to kill him, and his Qiu family could not jump out of the sky? Han Dan’s words were too unpleasant.

“I’ll just tell you that that person is most likely Ye Mo. The one who made your old man from the Qiu family personally go and make amends in Yanjing in the first place. If you still dare to go to him, I, Han Dan, admire you for having the guts.” Han Dan said with disdain.

When Qiu Zhiyang heard the two words Ye Mo, suddenly cold sweat brushed down his back. It took him a moment to understand what Han Dan meant. If the other party was really Ye Mo, to kill him Qiu Zhiyang would really be like killing a chicken. It was ridiculous that he was even planning to find trouble with Ye Mo, what was the difference between that and seeking death.

“Brother Han, thank you so much, if it wasn’t for you this time, I wouldn’t even know how I died.” Han Dan gently wiped the sweat from his forehead. Now all those fop youngsters in Yanjing, the first one they couldn’t offend was a young man called Ye Mo.

He couldn’t imagine that this Ye Mo was running around and had actually come to this place in the altar capital. His own luck was so bad, it was beyond bad. It was a good thing that he still remembered the words of the old man. He didn’t get too arrogant outside, or else he would have already offended that young Ye at the counter where he ordered his food.

“No need to thank me much, you saved yourself, if you were still the same as before, I reckon you’d be lying outside by now.” Han Dan was happy that he had sold a favour to Young Ye today.

“Han Dan. Now should I leave immediately?” Qiu Zhiyang, because he had already offended Ye Mo, now had no bottom in his heart and didn’t know what Ye Mo would do to him, he now just wanted to leave the altar capital as soon as possible.

Han Dan immediately patted him and said, “I once heard Brother Zhang Stubborn say that Young Master Ye generally doesn’t like to cause trouble. As long as you don’t mess with him, he won’t actively look for you. So you should leave now. Maybe Young Ye might even think that you look down on him, so just keep a low profile later, and keep a low profile just like me.”

Speaking here, Han Dan lowered his voice and said, “Last time, your Qiu Zhiyang of the Qiu family was arrogant enough to deal with Ye Shao’s friend, and as a result …… Hey, I won’t say it, you understand.”

Seeing Qiu Zhiyang keep nodding, Han Dan said again, “Although that An Ning is a beautiful woman, but look at how Young Ye pulled her to the opposite room as soon as he arrived. What do you think is going on that no one else can hear? There must be thoughts about her, so you must not show your piggy back touch to her in front of Young Ye. And that Jing Wen, you are never to even look at her.”

Han Dan had completely forgotten who was the first one to show his piggy touch, except that his last sentence was a borrowed momentum. Ye Mo’s wife was very pretty and shouldn’t have moved on to An Ning. The one who really had his heart set on An Ning was him, Han Dan, so he had to stop Qiu Zhiyang from thinking about An Ning.

For this kind of succession Han Dan played a much better turn than he Qiu Zhiyang, he used Qiu Zhiyang’s fear of Ye Mo to threaten this young yang. As for talking about Su Jingwen, it’s completely lustful, Su Jingwen doesn’t need him to say, Qiu Zhiyang wouldn’t dare to move any thoughts.


Ye Mo closed the door of the room and stared at An Ning and said, “I want that string of necklaces on your chest, make a price.” Although he knew that his mouth was a bit like a thug, Ye Mo really had to get the pendant underneath that string of necklaces.

“You?” An Ning’s face turned red and she wanted to get angry again. How could this person be like this? Although his own pearl necklace was expensive, it wasn’t like he couldn’t buy it, right, what the hell did this guy mean? He didn’t look like he was trying to pick up girls. Besides, even if he wanted to pick up girls, that Jing Wen just now was not worse than himself in the slightest, right?

“Do you know how rude it is to ask a girl for the necklace she’s wearing on her chest? And do you know how much this necklace of mine costs? That’s quite a mouthful.” An Ning’s tone wasn’t as nice as it was originally, in her eyes, how much money could Ye Mo have when he was riding in a girl’s polo car?

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “I don’t know how much, but I’m offering ten million, I think this necklace of yours is just that much at most.”

An Ning froze for a moment, she couldn’t imagine that Ye Mo was still so rich. Ten million dollars was not something that could be taken out casually. But even if it was ten million, she wouldn’t sell it, this necklace of her own was already worth more than three million, plus that pendant, grandpa said it was worth to almost a small seven or eight million in total.

“I’m talking about dollars ……,” Ye Mo added. He had hundreds of millions of dollars inside his ring, taking out 10 million at random was nothing at all.

“You, you’re actually so rich?” An Ning was truly shocked this time, ten million dollars. Even for a rich gentry, Ru Zhiyang didn’t have the means to take out ten million dollars. According to the people she knew, there was no one who could just take out ten million dollars. Not to mention US$10 million, there was no one who could easily take out even an ordinary 10 million Chinese Yuan.

What kind of person was this person? How could he be so rich?

“If you’re willing, I can let you keep that string of pearls, I’ll give you ten million dollars, as long as you have that Yin Yang fish eye on top of the necklace.” Ye Mo saw that An Ning didn’t say anything and added another sentence.

~~-Update First~~ An Ning only seemed to react, she immediately stood up and stared at Ye Mo with some surprise and said, “How do you know that the pendant under my necklace is the eye of a Yin Yang fish?”

Ye Mo froze for a moment, yeah, how did he know that? Could it be that divine sense swept it?

Looking at An Ning’s eyes seemed a bit unkind, he immediately said, “I accidentally saw it when you were bending down just now.”

What? When did he bend over? Was it really by accident? But if this guy saw his pendant, doesn’t that mean he saw something else too?

Seeing that An Ning didn’t say anything, Ye Mo had to fool around again, “Actually, it’s not good for a girl to wear that pendant, if you agree, I can give you a slightly smaller diamond as a pendant, it’s much prettier than this one.”

“What did you say?” An Ning was once again stunned by Ye Mo’s words.

But before she could finish her words, Ye Mo had already taken out a diamond that was much bigger than a soybean. The diamond was casually spun in Ye Mo’s hand, and it had been refined as if it was a crystal clear pearl that was thrown into her hand.

An Ning stared dumbfounded at the huge diamond in her hand, she had never seen such a big diamond before. A diamond this big was more expensive than her necklace, let alone the rest. And it was indeed a diamond, a very high grade diamond, and there was not even a trace of artificial carving to be seen.

From the bottom of her heart, An Ning preferred this diamond, which was much better looking than that fish eye. But the fish eye was given to her by her grandfather, so if she gave it away, she would be a bit reluctant to give it away.

Seeing that An Ning was still hesitating, Ye Mo spoke up, “This fish eye is the eye of a yin and yang fish, wouldn’t you be scared at night if a girl wore a yin and yang fish eye? I heard that many of these ancient things have a strange magic power, I’m not afraid, but you’re a girl’s family, hehehe ……”

Although he knew that Ye Mo was fooling around and also fooling around, but An Ning was still really a bit scared. If Ye Mo did not say it, it would be fine, but now that Ye Mo has said it, when she sleeps at night, she is bound to think of a yin and yang fish with eyes on her body, and it is a bit seeping to think about.

Just as Ye Mo continued to prepare for the heavy dose, An Ning suddenly put away the diamond and looked at Ye Mo and said, “It looks like you are quite something, you can even come up with 10 million dollars or even such a large diamond ……”

Ye Mo sneered, if you don’t agree anymore, what is this diamond, I still have the night pearl. There is even a piece of more than one pound of diamond inside my pocket, take it out still not let you think I am more uncomplicated? As for the dollars, ten million is not even a fraction of the dollars stored inside the ring.