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DYM Chapter 590

Ye Mo made up his mind that if An Ning still did not agree, he would take out twenty million dollars and add a night pearl.

Unexpectedly, An Ning went on to say, “I know you want this Yin Yang Fish’s eye, as for those tricks of yours, you don’t need to bring them out. I agreed to exchange with you not because of those tricks of yours, which are of no use to me. I don’t want your dollars either, lest you say I’m greedy, and with this diamond I think that’s enough. Since you want this fish eye with all your heart, I think it must not be something unusual, so I have a few more conditions.”

Ye Mo’s old face flushed, he didn’t expect this woman to be so shrewd. Didn’t they say that diamonds were the biggest killers for women, how come this woman was still so calm underneath her own diamonds? Even my family’s Little Light Snow didn’t have the means to resist Chapter 590 – Tang Beiwei’s encounter to block this move ah.

In fact, Ye Mo didn’t know that his strategy had been successful, if he hadn’t said that this fish-eye had that scary look that he carried around at night, An Ning really wouldn’t have wanted to change it. Plus, what Ye Mo took out was such a big diamond that it would have been better to exchange it for the diamond compared to the scary fish eye. It was just that An Ning didn’t want to admit that she was scared.

“Tell me about it.” Ye Mo said as if nothing was wrong.

An Ning sensed the unnaturalness on Ye Mo’s face and said with a cold smile, “First, I know you are somewhat capable, so you must allow me to move to Luo Yue. Second, why did you know that this was an eye of a Yin Yang fish just by sweeping it from afar? Or did you know for the first time that it was not found here by me at all? Thirdly, you must tell me the purpose for which you must take this pendant from me.”

The last two questions were a bit of a headache for Ye Mo, who would rather pay more money.

But looking at the way An Ning must demand his answer, he had to say, “The first is no problem, I can let you move to Luo Yue anytime you want. Secondly? …… Because I looked a little closer when you bent over, I am sorry about that …… so I did see it in your place the first time. As for the third, this Yin Yang fish eye Chapter 590 What Tang Beiwei encountered was on a broken object, and I wanted to put this together.”

Because there was no excuse to explain why he could see the pendant on An Ning’s chest, Ye Mo had to install a rogue title for himself. Look at your breasts to see carefully.

An Ning blushed and was about to get angry again, why was this man so shameless? But Ye Mo had already taken out his two pieces and placed them on top of the table: “I already have two pieces here, look at that yin and yang fish of yours, is it the one above?

Huh, only then did An Ning realise that the eye of the Yin Yang fish she had was really the missing eye on it. She even forgot that Ye Mo was still here and subconsciously took off her necklace and placed that Yin Yang fish’s eye towards one of the missing pieces, and it really did fit right in, it was obviously the one taken off the top.

“It’s really from above ……” An Ning subconsciously put down the necklace.

Ye Mo did not wait for An Ning to continue talking, casually picked up the necklace, then said, “You will bring that diamond, I will help you replace it.”

“You’ll replace this?” An Ning looked at Ye Mo in confusion, even if Ye Mo knew how to change it. It wouldn’t work without tools here. To change the pendant was a meticulous job, and it would take a long time to do so even if the tools were complete.

Even though he thought so, he took out the diamond in his hand and handed it to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo replaced the pendant with three strokes, and then put away the Yin Yang fish eyes.

“Well, I used to be a tinkerer on the streets, so it’s quick, take it.” Ye Mo tossed the replaced pearl necklace in his hand to An Ning. In his heart, he was happy, he didn’t expect to get another fragment so easily, or something like a fish eye that was extremely easy to lose. I just don’t know how An Ning got this item.

“Ah ……” An Ning subconsciously took the necklace and didn’t even know what to say, it was too fast, Ye Mo just turned his hand and his necklace was already fitted, and it was as if the diamond was growing on top of the pearl necklace, not the slightest traces.

An Ning believed. Even a top jewellery master would not be able to install this pendant so securely within a day’s time.

“You’re actually that good?” An Ning really couldn’t express her surprise, with her bare hands in just under a minute, she had installed a diamond pendant, without tools, if someone else had said it she would not have believed it.

“Let’s go, as for the matter of going to Luo Yue, you call this number and tell her that it was Ye Mo who said that, so she can just arrange it.” Ye Mo casually wrote Yu Miaotong’s phone number to An Ning.

“Ah. Bei Wei is back.” Just after handing the phone to An Ning, Ye Mo’s divine sense swept up a tired-faced Tang Beiwei and immediately opened the door.

“Brother ……,” Tang Beiwei immediately jumped into Ye Mo’s arms, crying pearly tears.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the person you’re talking to and find out that she’s just a little tired and her spirit is fluctuating. He quickly patted Tang Beiwei’s shoulder and said, “Don’t be anxious, what’s the matter, just take your time.”

On the other side, Su Jingwen and the others also came out, An Ning followed behind Ye Mo, and was even more surprised to see Tang Beiwei who flung herself into Ye Mo’s arms.

A beautiful girl like her could not be seen with her normally, but now two stood in front of her in the blink of an eye, and both were no worse than her, and even this girl who flung herself in Ye Mo’s arms had a very ethereal smell on her. That feeling made An Ning very strange, she didn’t know why she had this strange feeling.

But then she turned to Ye Mo and looked down on him even more, all the ones he had a relationship with were beautiful women. And all of them were so affectionate. She didn’t know that in Ye Mo’s eyes, she was just as much a woman with a deep heart, and compared to Beiwei Jingwen, she was just too far behind.

Tang Beiwei raised her head and only then did she realise that there were already many people gathered around her, she hurriedly greeted Yuan Yuan and Jing Wen.

Ye Mo did not continue to question Tang Beiwei, he reckoned that there must be something not quite right to talk about.

“Younger Ye, my name is Qiu Zhiyang, I, I ……,” Qiu Zhiyang hurriedly walked up to Ye Mo and bent down politely, but when he was nervous in his heart, he couldn’t say the words of apology afterwards.

“Senior Ye, I am Han Yan’s cousin Han Dan ……” Han Dan hurriedly came over and bowed as well, taking over Qiu Zhiyang’s words.

No wonder he recognized himself, so he was Han Yan’s cousin. Ye Mo nodded, looked at Qiu Zhilang and said, “So you’re from the Yanjing Qiu family, no wonder you’re so rich.”

Qiu Zhilang didn’t dare to say a word and watched as the four Ye Mo walked out of the ‘Golden Pearl True Taste’.

An Ning looked at the four people who left strangely, and then looked back at Younger Yangyang who always liked to be superior, and really didn’t understand why they were so arrogant and deferential. And this deference is also a bit too powerful, what would make his Qiu family’s people so afraid?

Only Zhang Laibin lost his soul as he looked at the departing Su Jingwen, not knowing what he was thinking.


Half an hour later, Ye Mo, Su Jingwen and Tang Beiwei had opened a suite inside a hotel. Soun Yuan Yuan had gone back early because of something.

“What is it, just say it.” Ye Mo asked as he looked at Tang Beiwei whose eyes were still a little red and swollen.

Su Jingwen didn’t know what it was because of, so she also whispered to comfort her on the side.

“Yesterday, my cla*smates and I were all at the ‘Xilong Restaurant’ party, but when the party was about to end, I saw Wei Yongqian. I was immediately so angry that I was shaking, I had to kill this beast, I told Yuan Yuan then and followed him out ……” Before Tang Beiwei could finish her sentence, Ye Mo remembered.

“Wei Yongqian? The guy who lied to you at the altar all the time and tried to get you to be with me?” Ye Mo immediately remembered this guy who had slipped through the net back then, this guy was not so much a lackey of the Song family as he was one of Dongfang Qiu’s people. He spared no effort to a*sa*sinate Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei, only that Ye Mo didn’t find him afterwards.

Tang Beiwei gradually stabilized her ~~-Update First~~~ emotions under Su Jingwen’s rea*surance. Now that Ye Mo asked this, she immediately nodded, indicating that it was that Wei Yongqian.

“You have killed Wei Yongqian?” Ye Mo asked.

Tang Beiwei shook her head, “No, I brought a dozen fireball talismans with me, but I didn’t expect Wei Yongqian to seem to know that someone had followed him. I had planned to give him a fireball talisman in a remote place, but he was very cunning and directly called a taxi in a crowded place, I was not willing to do so and also called a taxi to follow him ……

But Wei Yongqian’s car drove very fast, I have not been able to make a move, until I reached Xianshan …… Wei Yongqian got out of the car at the outskirts of Xianshan, and turned into the nearby area of Da Lin. I also followed, I have a dozen fireballs in my hand, I believe I will not be afraid of him.”

Ye Mo knew from Tang Beiwei’s tone of voice that she should have met something in the middle of this, and immediately asked, “What happened afterwards? “”Later, he entered a mountain god temple near Mount Ham, that mountain god temple was very dilapidated from a glance. I thought Wei Yongqian would never escape this time, but when I arrived at the entrance of the Mountain God Temple, I realised that there was an old nun inside this temple, or maybe she wasn’t a nun, she was a Taoist nun.” Tang Beiwei’s tone was slightly trembling, obviously still a bit scared.

Ye Mo sat down and grabbed Tang Beiwei’s hand, gesturing to her not to worry.

Tang Beiwei eased up a little and continued, “I gestured for that Daoist nun to get out of the way, I said I was only looking for Wei Yongqian’s trouble, Wei Yongqian and I had a grudge. But the Daoist nun laughed coldly and she told me to leave immediately or she would kill me.

I already hated Wei Yongqian to the core, so how could I let him go? I immediately struck a fireball charm at Wei Yongqian next to me. But that Taoist nun, she, she actually caught my fireball talisman in her hand very easily, and the fireball talisman turned into ashes but did not emit any fire.”