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DYM Chapter 61-62

Chapter 61

“I’ll go and save her, you guys be careful, this kind of snake won’t attack you.” After saying that Ye Mo took Chi Wanqing and quickly rushed into the tent.

Ye Mo, however, knew that this was not a snake, it was called a grimacing roach. The appearance was similar to that of a snake, but it had four limbs and its eyes could emit green light at night, just like a wolf, the grimacing roach was not only incredibly fast, it was invisible to the average person. Its skin is so tough that ordinary attacks will not harm it at all. Most importantly, the roach is extremely poisonous and is definitely not comparable to ordinary poisonous snakes.

The adult bare mantis still had wings, and this one was obviously still a juvenile, but Ye Mo was surprised that there was a bare mantis in a place like Earth where spiritual energy was scarce.

The reason was that the bare-eyed roach would not strike at ordinary people, it was only sensitive to aura plants and things that contained aura, as this kind of thing especially liked to devour aura-type plants. It seemed that if this bare mantis was not because Ye Mo was a cultivator, it was because of the ‘Purple Heart Vine’ on him that it would attack him.

Ye Mo hurriedly pulled up Chi Wanqing’s top, at this time, he didn’t have the heart to care about anything else. Two small holes had been bitten into Chi Wanqing’s back, and the black gas had formed a line going upwards, clear and unusual on Chi Wanqing’s back. Ye Mo used his true qi to squeeze out the poisoned blood, took out the herbs and used his true qi to help her absorb the herbs.

The poison was finally under control, but Ye Mo knew that it was only temporarily under control, if the toxin could not be completely removed, Ji Wanqing would not survive for an hour.

But what could be used to help her heal? Ye Mo turned Chi Wanqing over and let her sit in his arms, but in his heart he was anxiously thinking of a solution.

Chi Wanqing was still in a comatose state and the grey on her face was no longer deepening, but it was still very obvious.

The roach likes to devour aura plants, and the person it bites will not only be poisoned, but the vital energy of the body will also be dissipated, just like the vitality.

The Chi Wanqing right now is a typical case of her vitality gradually dissipating, even if all the poison in her body is forced out, she will still not be able to live. If she were in the Cultivation World, she could be saved by some random aura pills, but here there were no aura pills, not to mention spiritual herbs.

Whether she helped herself or not, but Chi Wanqing was indeed bitten by the grimace because of him, Ye Mo. If Ye Mo couldn’t save her, he would definitely be upset, and besides, he still had a good feeling about Ji Wanqing.

If only he had a spiritual herb, he could use it to restore Chi Wanqing’s vitality, but unfortunately, his ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ was no longer available and the one he had just planted must not have sprouted yet. Well, didn’t he have a ‘Purple Heart Vine’ himself? Using the ‘Purple Heart Vine’ should be able to save Ji Wanqing.

When he thought that this small section of the ‘Purple Heart Vine’ that he had so easily met was going to be eaten by Chi Wanqing, Ye Mo was still a little reluctant in his heart. After all, in case the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ could not be grown, this section of vine root would be of great use to him. However, once he thought that Chi Wanqing was doing it for himself, Ye Mo still took the ‘Purple Heart Vine’ out.

Besides, couldn’t she do it for herself and he could just see it through to the end? Zhuo Aiguo could give the stuff to himself without a care, so why could he, Ye Mo, not give it to someone else? Could it be that he, Ye Mo, was a little more superior than others? Thinking of this, Ye Mo couldn’t help but feel a little ashamed.

Ye Mo took out the ‘Purple Heart Vine’ and was about to use the method to turn it into a medicinal liquid and feed it to Ji Wanqing, when he suddenly remembered that it had only been about a month since he had finished eating the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ and his blood must still contain the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s ‘ medicine. Moreover, even if it was gone, he was a cultivator, his blood must have a spiritual energy, to heal Ji Wanqing’s injury might be more effective than the ‘Purple Heart Vine’.

After all, the ‘Purple Heart Vine’ Chi Wanqing could not absorb it directly and would need Ye Mo’s help, which would be too much trouble. Thinking of this Ye Mo did not hesitate to slit his own wrist and directed the blood flowing from his wrist into Chi Wanqing’s mouth, while his true qi helped Chi Wanqing absorb the medicinal properties.

The grey on Ji Wanqing’s face dissipated at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the black line returned along the same path, spilling directly from the wound on her back. The blood that flowed out was all black though, and gradually began to turn red.

Ye Mo breathed a sigh of relief, it was really possible, it looked like the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ medicinal properties among his blood had not been completely absorbed.

Chi Wanqing felt a strange smell and opened her eyes, only to see that Ye Mo’s wrist was bleeding, while the direction was his own mouth.

Frightened, Ji Wanqing cried out and hurriedly pushed Ye Mo’s wrist away. Ye Mo saw that Chi Wanqing had woken up, and that the venom of the grimacing roach had been dispelled and had stopped his wound.

“Brother Ye, you let me drink …… drink ……,” Chi Wanqing was so panicked that she didn’t dare to tell the truth.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “It’s okay, I often go to the hospital to donate blood, you have some blood loss now, it’s only right for me to give you some. You don’t have to take it to heart, maybe one day when I lose blood, you can help me donate some too.”

What Ye Mo said was simple, it was too complicated to tell her that her blood contained ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ or something. Not to mention that it also involved matters of vitality and aura, which she probably wouldn’t understand.

Although Ji Wanqing did not react for a moment, she knew that her snake bite should not have caused blood loss, and besides, it was a blood transfusion, but not in such a way.

But at this moment she could not think of this, her heart was only touched, touched by Ye Mo’s blood donation for her. It was just that she forgot that her injury was also for Ye Mo’s sake.

“Thank you, big brother Ye, I ……” Chi Wanqing moved a little, then realized that she was still in Ye Mo’s arms, and her face immediately became a little hot.

Ye Mo also noticed the situation and hurriedly put Chi Wanqing down, “You’re already fine, take a rest. That thing is very poisonous, I’ll go look for it later.”

Ye Mo had a purpose for wanting to find the grimacing roach, since it had appeared here, it meant that there might be spirit medicines around here. Besides, it was indeed too rare to find a grimace moth on Earth, this thing usually only appeared in places with dense spiritual energy, and the spiritual energy on Earth was quite scarce.

Seeing that Chi Wanqing had come down and her face had returned to normal, Ye Mo reminded, “Next time don’t do something so dangerous, you know, it almost didn’t bring you back to life just now, really.”

Ye Mo’s implication was that it was all unnecessary in the first place, if Chi Wanqing hadn’t pounced on him, he still wouldn’t have been attacked by the grimacing roach dao. However, it seemed a bit hurtful to say this, after all, Ji Wanqing was doing it for him at that time, and she didn’t know that Ye Mo could have dodged it.

“No, I still have to stop it next time I meet it. If you’re poisoned, there’s no more, if I’m poisoned, maybe you can still save me.” Ji Wanqing’s voice was low, but firm.

Ye Mo froze for a moment and was a little touched in his heart, then he said, “Fool, it’s you who is poisoned I may not be able to save you, it was dangerous today, remember that next time. What if I can’t save you?”

Chi Wanqing shook her head, “Brother Ye, I don’t know anything about this, you saved me, I just don’t want you to be bitten by a snake in my heart. Even if I can’t save you, I still rejoice, and I will do it again ……”

Seemingly afraid of being rebuked by Ye Mo, her voice finally got smaller and smaller.

Ye Mo sighed, this little ninny, what a heartbreaker. He even doubted if he had made the right choice to send Chi Wanqing, Chi Wanqing seemed to be more than simply repaying his kindness to him ah.


Chapter 62

By the time Ye Mo and Chi Wanqing came out, Lu Lin and Guo Qi and the others were already waiting anxiously. Only when they saw the two of them come out did they breathe a sigh of relief. This time, the six-member squad had already sacrificed two of their teammates, and if they came this far and lost Chi Wanqing again, it would no longer be a simple matter of mistakes.

Besides, Chi Wanqing’s identity and origin was very unusual, in case something happened, not to mention Lu Lin couldn’t afford it, even her superior’s boss couldn’t afford it, fortunately they were fine now.

“Captain Lu, you few people rest first, I’ll leave for a while.” After Ye Mo finished speaking and didn’t wait for a few people to reply, he went straight into the woods, he was up in arms about this grimacing roach.

Even if he couldn’t find any spiritual herbs, it would still be good for him to catch the roach. Although it is not considered a spiritual beast, it can recognise its master because it has already developed some consciousness. Unlike beasts that cannot recognise their owners, they can only be tamed.

Although it was of no use to him, he could give it to Ji Wanqing if he caught it. Chi Wanqing had almost given up her life just now to save him, so it was only right to help her find a pet.

“Brother Ye, wait for me, I’ll go with you.” Chi Wanqing took a torch and suddenly followed him.

Guo Qi was just about to call out to Ji Wanqing, but was pulled back by Lu Lin, “Wanqing is particularly dependent on Ye Mo, haven’t you noticed? She has a somewhat cold personality, and it has something to do with her family. Ye Mo is  an unusual person, he should be able to take care of Wanqing, you shouldn’t call her.”

After pausing here for a moment, Lu Lin continued, “If someone like Ye Mo could join our ‘Falcon’ team, there wouldn’t be many teams in the whole army that would dare to call our bluff.”

Guo Qi shook his head and said, “You just said that he is not an ordinary person, so it is certain that he will never join the army. Besides, I always feel that he is a person who does not like to be restrained, perhaps freedom is the most suitable life for him.”

After a pause, Guo Qi continued, “We see that he dresses very simply and acts casually, but I feel that he is the proudest person. It’s just that his pride is not put on his face or disguised in his heart, like some people do. His pride was of the purely natural kind, neither outward nor hidden. Maybe it’s the most bullish gentry wearing Armani standing with him, I feel like that gentry can only be a supporting character.”

“Big brother Fang, how did you invite such a bullish man at that time?” Fang Wei asked with some admiration. Ever since Ye Mo saved him, he had always admired him and wanted to worship him every now and then.

Guo Qi smiled and said, “I just said that because we are both Chinese, he agreed.”


“Brother Ye, wait for me.” Ji Wanqing called out and followed.

Ye Mo stopped and looked at Ji Wanqing, “Why are you coming over? It’s rather dark here now, the moonlight is not very bright tonight, and it’s also rather dangerous in here, I’m going to look for something and will be back later. Your wound is just fine, why are you still coming over, go back quickly.”

“I, Brother Ye, I think you will definitely not join our troops, so when you drop me off at the place, you will be gone too, and I don’t know when I will see you yet. I think I would like to stay with you a little longer.” Perhaps having never had a friend of the opposite sex, Chi Wanqing was extraordinarily attached to Ye Mo who had saved her life twice.

Ye Mo froze for a moment, he felt that Chi Wanqing was somewhat overly dependent on him, this was not in line with her identity as a soldier, perhaps she came to the army for other reasons, but there was no need to ask about this.

He was about to say, ‘Idiot, I can come and see you later’, but he stopped at the end of his sentence. That was absolutely impossible. The path he was going to take and the path Chi Wanqing was going to take were very different, there could be no point of intersection between the two, how could they possibly meet again?

Thinking of this, Ye Mo sighed and said, “Alright, then you can follow me.”

Thinking about it, it was good to let Chi Wanqing follow him, after all, if he really caught the bare roach later, to give it to Chi Wanqing, he would have to ask the bare roach to recognize its owner.

“Thank you, Brother Ye.” After saying that, Chi Wanqing excitedly grabbed Ye Mo’s arm.

Ye Mo shook his head, Chi Wanqing was obviously still a somewhat naive little girl, it was hard for her to come to the army and have a cold face every day, perhaps school life was the most suitable for her.

“You’ve been in the army for a few years, why don’t you go to school?” Ye Mo asked when he thought of it.

“My soph*more year, my grandfather made sure I went on a blind date with a guy I didn’t like, I refused and the guy found the school. I told my father, but my father actually agreed with what my grandfather said. I then sneaked out and found Uncle Jiang, joined the army and never went back.” Ji Wanqing said somewhat gloomily.

Ye Mo was a bit speechless, why did these people like to use marriage alliances to strengthen each other? No matter where you are, this kind of thing is constantly happening.

“Then you can’t stay in the army for the rest of your life, right, and when you go back, you will still be driven by your father and grandfather to go on a blind date?” Ye Mo said casually.

“I don’t want to go back, my mother often visits me, she also helps me to open ……” Chi Wanqing stopped in time, she almost said that the company she wanted Ye Mo to go to, was owned by her.

The company she wanted to let go was owned by her.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and said, “I am now jobless and I walk everywhere. Can I be considered outstanding? Girlfriend? No, not really. But a wife does have one, huh.”

“Ah, you’re married?” Ji Wanqing was suddenly very hollow in her heart, that feeling of loss was actually impossible to describe.

However, Ye Mo did not notice Chi Wanqing’s demeanor and said to himself, “She should be the same as you, she didn’t want to get engaged with someone else, so she faked a marriage with me, just to help out. I would have been more than happy to help you out that day.” He said with a self-deprecating smile.

“What? Brother Ye, you got married under false pretenses? That woman used you? How come there are still such bad women?” Chi Wanqing was immediately indignant at hearing this, actually going so far as to use even someone like big brother Ye. After thinking about it, she continued, “Brother Ye, why do you want to be used by her, just ignore this kind of woman.”

Why should he be used by her? Ye Mo’s complexion suddenly darkened, he thought of his poor master Luo Ying, now he didn’t know how she was doing. Perhaps as long as there was a hint of Luo Ying, he was willing to go and be used. The reason why he helped Ning Qingxue, or in his heart, was because he thought that if one day his master Luo Ying was in trouble, there would be just as many people to help her as himself, right?

“Sorry, Brother Ye, I won’t ask you anymore.” Once Ji Wanqing took one look at Ye Mo’s gloomy look, she immediately understood that he must have a reason.

“Huh,” Ye Mo gave a surprised eek and bent down, looking at a mountain mushroom that had been eaten with only a little bit of the rhizome left.

There was indeed a spiritual herb, although the ‘shoot mushroom’ wasn’t quite a spiritual herb, it still contained a small amount of spiritual energy, and it looked like the grimacing roach had been attracted to this thing.

“What’s wrong, Brother Ye?” Ji Wanqing saw that Ye Mo had stopped and asked in a hurry.

“Don’t say anything, I’ve already seen it.” Ye Mo’s divine sense had already swept to the grimacing roach a few meters away, this grimacing roach had obviously found Ye Mo as well, only that it didn’t move, it looked like it had calculated that Ye Mo couldn’t find it, so it was emboldened.