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DYM Chapter 591

Ye Mo’s heart sank, there was such a powerful Daoist nun? The fireball talisman he had left to Bei Wei was refined when he was at the third level of Qi training, and although the power of that fireball talisman wasn’t that powerful, it didn’t have much of a problem killing an ordinary early yellow level. Although the Fireball Talisman was not yet flexible enough to be easily avoided, it was a little too outrageous to be caught in the hands of a Daoist nun and still turned into flying ash.

Avoiding the fireball talisman and grasping it in one’s hand were two different things. The fireball talisman grasped in one’s hand without a certain amount of true qi immediately turned the hand into flying ash, while Bei Wei said that it was the fireball talisman that turned into flying ash.

“You saw it with your own eyes?” Ye Mo’s expression became grave…

Tang Beiwei nodded, “Yes, after she grabbed my fireball talisman into ashes, it seemed like she spoke only after half a day, she said, my talisman Chapter 591 – Crumbling Mountain God Temple was good, she also said she didn’t want to kill people and told me to drop all the talismans I had on me and then get lost. I didn’t drop the talismans, I turned and ran, knowing that I was no match for her. I made up my mind that once she chased me, I would immediately smash all the fireball talismans I had on me at her.”

“She didn’t chase you?” Ye Mo asked even more strangely, he didn’t believe that the Daoist nun was that kind-hearted to not chase after Tang Beiwei. Just because of Tang Beiwei’s talisman, that Daoist nun might even have to chase after Tang Beiwei.

She really didn’t chase after me, but I was so panicked that I got lost and didn’t get out until after dawn today. I am not afraid to die, but I am afraid that if I die I will not be able to see you ……, but I actually let my enemy escape from my own hands again, I am really useless …….”

Tang Beiwei said, and then flung herself into Ye Mo’s arms in fear and cried. She thought about how if that powerful Daoist nun really wanted to hunt her down, she wouldn’t be able to see her brother now. Compared to that, being with her brother was more important.

Ye Mo patted Tang Beiwei’s shoulder, he knew that one reason Tang Beiwei was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to see herself anymore, and another reason was because that Wei Yongqian was like a thorn that made her uncomfortable. So Chapter 591 – The Crumbling Mountain God Temple, she must kill this Wei Yongqian, but of course the fear of not being able to see herself is perhaps what she is most worried about. Although Bei Wei rarely expressed it and rarely bothered him on his own initiative. But Ye Mo knew that every time he saw Bei Wei, the attachment to himself in her eyes could be seen at a glance, only she never said it.

“Bei Wei, you don’t have to worry, since I found Wei Yong Qian, I will not let him go. This revenge brother will help you to revenge, just that since that Daoist nun is so powerful, there is no reason to let you go, think carefully if you have missed something.” Ye Mo comforted Tang Beiwei and said.

“Yes, Beiwei, think carefully, besides I know about Ham Mountain there, it’s only that big, how could it be possible to get lost?” Su Jingwen also said in a voice.

Only when Su Jingwen said that did Tang Beiwei remember, yes, the outside of the salty mountain wasn’t that big, how could she get lost inside the mountain for a day?

Ye Mo nodded and said, “I also think Jingwen is right, I just carefully checked your true qi and dantian, and it hasn’t been damaged too much.”

“Right, I remembered, when it was dawn today, I felt that the place I walked wasn’t far away, it seemed that I was still on the outskirts of that Mountain God Temple. According to reason, that old Daoist nun should have been able to catch me perfectly if she wanted to kill me.” Tang Beiwei immediately replied.

Ye Mo pondered for a moment before saying, “Although I don’t quite believe it, it’s likely to be true. That old Daoist nun might have set up a **formation** or a different formation on the outskirts of the Mountain God Temple to trap you inside. As to why she didn’t do it, I don’t understand. Beiwei, did you come under attack when you were in the formation?”

Tang Beiwei thought for a while before saying, “There was no attack, but I felt dizzy and wanted to sleep after spinning for a while. I immediately ran my true qi around the sky, and the feeling of wanting to sleep immediately disappeared. But after a while it came back, and then I started to do the Heavenly Circuits again. So it never went to sleep, sad… …”

Ye Mo had understood, and he secretly sighed that it was so close. If he hadn’t taught Beiwei some methods of cultivation, last night Tang Beiwei would have fallen into the path. What he couldn’t understand was why that Daoist nun was so powerful and didn’t do it herself.

Tang Beiwei had also understood, and she asked afterwards, “Brother, you said I wanted to sleep because I was trapped in a formation and the people outside were waiting for me to sleep?”

Ye Mo nodded solemnly, “That should be the case, but Beiwei you did well, you were lucky not to sleep. If I’m not wrong, that formation should need someone to control it, and that person controlling the formation saw that he didn’t help you overnight, or for another reason, so he let you go.”

“Bei Wei, let me take a look at your necklace.” Saying that, Ye Mo had reached out and pulled out the necklace on Tang Beiwei’s chest.

The necklace was still warm, but Ye Mo could already clearly see that the necklace had been attacked not once. Tang Beiwei had not noticed that she had been attacked several times last night because she was nervous, or wanted to rush out.

“Last night, apart from that hypnotic formation, someone else attacked you many times, only to have it all blocked by your necklace. If I’m not wrong, it’s not that the old Taoist nun didn’t want to make a move on you, but she must not have been able to for whatever reason. The biggest possibility is that she was seriously injured and was not sure how to deal with your numerous fireballs, which is why she hesitated to make a move. You can tell from the strength of the attack on the necklace that this attack is not very powerful.” Ye Mo put down the necklace and said.

“Ah, it’s actually like this? I should have known that I would have just sent fireballs continuously.” Tang Beiwei suddenly regretted it a little. She touched the necklace and felt more and more jī to her brother, if it wasn’t for the necklace her brother gave her, she didn’t know what would have happened.

Ye Mo shook his head, “You were right not to send the fireball talisman continuously, that old Daoist nun might just be injured and not sure if she’s just your opponent. In case she can deal with your fireballs, when your fireball talisman glows, you will be in danger. Sometimes, things that are a threat to others don’t necessarily have to be hit out, staying in your own body is a greater threat to others.”

“Brother, you said I remembered, when I hit the first fireball talisman. That Taoist nun squeezed it with her hand, but she was very pale. And, and …… I understand, so she really was seriously injured.” Tang Beiwei seemed to have remembered something.

“What is it?” Ye Mo immediately asked.

Tang Beiwei recalled, “Her face was somewhat terribly pale, and it was seeping under the moonlight. After I took one look at her, I didn’t dare to look again, and then I lowered my head and subconsciously stepped back. Later I thought I saw her shadow on the ground swaying, and I was so nervous that I thought it was the wind that was affecting it. Now that I think about it, how could the wind make the shadow sway? Then it must be that she was injured and then forced herself to catch my fireball charm and finally used her internal pressure to keep her injuries at bay. Yes, that must be it.”

The more Tang Beiwei thought about it, the more she felt she was right, that the shaking on the ground was because the old Daoist nun was suppressing her own injuries.

Ye Mo and Su Jingwen also felt that Tang Beiji’s guess was right, and the three of them talked for a while longer before Tang Beiwei and Su Jingwen went to rest. Tang Beiwei was so tired that she fell asleep on the bed. It was Su Jingwen, on the contrary, who tossed and turned in bed, unable to sleep.

She knew about Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei by now, and Beiwei had told her all about it. She couldn’t imagine that Ye Mo was really in a brother-sister relationship with Tang Beiwei, and as Ye Mo was almost doting on Tang Beiwei, she was suddenly a little envious of Tang Beiwei.

When Su Jingwen thought of how Ye Mo seemed to be leaving for a while when he came to find Beiwei this time, she suddenly wanted to talk to Ye Mo alone. Her heart pounded at the thought that she had the courage to stand out and hug Ye Mo’s arm today. If she had been before, she would definitely not have had the courage to do so, but as she saw less and less of Ye Mo, Su Jingwen felt more and more a little lost in her heart.

When she saw that Tang Beiwei was asleep next to her, Su Jingwen climbed up as if she was a thief and tiptoed to the door of Ye Mo’s room.

The door to Ye Mo’s room was hidden, so Su Jingwen carefully pushed it open and called out softly, “Ye Cha… …”

Su Jingwen felt like her throat was about to jump out, she was suddenly a little scared, what if Ye Mo really hugged her? The man and woman were alone in the middle of the night, and she was still wearing her pajamas. She didn’t have any other ideas, she just wanted to talk to Ye Mo. There were many things she had to ask Ye Mo to understand, but ever since Ye Mo left Ninghai, she hadn’t had the chance to face Ye Mo alone.

Huh, Su Jingwen sensed that something was wrong. She knew of Ye Mo’s keen senses and would never call out after she came in and then didn’t hear it.

Su Jingwen turned on the light by the door, only to find that there was no one inside Ye Mo’s room and the bed was empty. She subconsciously ran to the bathroom to check, and there was no one there either. Ye Mo wasn’t in his room at all, he had gone out.

Su Jingwen looked at the locked doors and windows and wondered how Ye Mo had gone out, but while she was disappointed, she secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

He was still out so late, I wonder where he went? Su Jingwen sat on Ye Mo’s bed and thought, after a while she actually fell asleep on the bed.

Ye Mo of course went to the Ham Mountain, his sister Tang Beiwei was in danger here, if he didn’t come to retrieve the scene, he couldn’t sleep at all, no matter who wanted to touch Beiwei.

The outskirts of the Salty Mountain was indeed as Tang Beiwei had said, there was a Mountain God Temple. Ye Mo walked into this dilapidated mountain god temple, but there was no one inside. Apart from the occasional call or two of unknown animals coming from inside the mountain forest not far away, there was nothing.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept inside the Mountain God Temple, and a puddle of somewhat blackened blood made him understand that Bei Wei’s guess was correct, the person living here had indeed been badly injured at one time.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to see if there were traces of formation arrangements on the periphery, a white shadow like a ghost slowly drifted towards the Mountain God Temple.