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DYM Chapter 592

Chapter 592 – Rough Nervous Male and Female Yin Spirit? Ye Mo was standing in the backlight of the doorway, and he could just see the white shadow slowly jumping up, looking as if it was floating up from afar, appearing extraordinarily clear in the moonlight. He froze for a moment. It was not often that a spirit of the underworld took on substance. It could be said that a ghost with substance basically had a certain ability to attack.

Yin souls, also called ghosts in folklore, were actually invisible, but Ye Mo could sweep them with his divine sense. But such things usually exist under some unique environment, such as the sinkhole that Ye Mo met last time, and also the tomb and other places, they will not be everywhere. And the Yin soul that can be seen with the naked eye is even rarer, even if it was deliberately raised by the September View red-clothed woman that Ye Mo met in Chun’an at the beginning, it was only a faint shadow that was seen by the Chapter 592 coarse nerve man and woman.

This is not a Yin soul, Ye Mo used his divine sense to sweep over and immediately saw it clearly. It was a man with a white sheet on top, only the way he walked was a bit strange, and he had his head covered as well, from a distance, it looked as if he was a shadowy soul.

Ye Mo didn’t understand why he was doing this, it was the middle of the night, coming to a decrepit mountain god temple, was it necessary to make it look like this? The man seemed to be less than thirty, and with a finger missing from his left hand, he knew from a glance that he was not a ruthless man.

“Huh, why isn’t it there?” The man did not see anyone at the entrance of the temple and subconsciously put down the sheet and said something to himself.

Immediately after he finished, though, he pulled a sharp knife from his waist and still looked inside the temple which was in full view. Finally kicking it on top of an even more dilapidated futon, he screamed fiercely, “D*mn, I can’t believe this **** got away.”

After saying that this man took out another mobile phone, dialed the phone and said a few words, another person soon came running up. Like the man before him, this later man was also holding a mountain-opening knife and a white cloth. What surprised Ye Mo was that this person was a woman, and a fit one at that.

“What’s wrong? Chapter 592 – Rough Nervous Man and Woman” the woman asked as soon as she came up.

“I ran away and lost …… money,” the man said with hatred.

“I told you to come earlier, you have to come to this time. That man looks like a rich man, he must have been forced to come here by an enemy. Look at the things he buys at Ham Hill, when he takes them out, they’re all stacks of red bills, and they don’t even return the price.” The woman was somewhat complaining.

Ye Mo understood just by listening to these few sentences that they should be talking about Wei Yongqian. That Wei Yongqian should have left today during the day, he might have purchased some things in Xianshan before he left during the day, and in a panic, he ended up revealing his wealth.

The man and woman probably saw Wei Yongqian as a fat sheep, so they had their hearts set on him and ended up following him to this mountain temple. Probably because it was not a good idea to make a move during the day, plus Wei Yongqian had not come out since he entered the Mountain God Temple, so they reckoned that Wei Yongqian should be here because he was hiding from his enemies. The two men were prepared to come back at night to make their move, but they didn’t expect to be late, and that Wei Yongqian had already left.

They used that white cloth, presumably to intimidate Wei Yongqian as well. As for the woman staying down there, Ye Mo guessed that it was because he was afraid that Wei Yongqian would escape and blocked his way.

It was two guys who did business without capital, so I really don’t know if they were lucky or Wei Yongqian was lucky. Ye Mo was sure that if Wei Yongqian hadn’t left, these two guys wouldn’t have been able to add a casual slap from that Daoist nun. These two guys didn’t have Tang Beiwei’s means to make that Daoist nun scare.

“D*mn, a good single business ran away, otherwise do this single business, can be happy for a long time, gra*s …… white ran away a big fish, heart is not happy, big mimi, we are happy to live a good life.” This man finished putting away the knife in his hand and looked at the robust woman and laughed heatedly.

Ye Mo had a bad chill, this guy was really a thick-headed guy, he even had this in mind in a place like this.

Sure enough the robust woman coldly snorted, “Get lost, the money is not there, today I won’t give you a f*ck.”

“Hey, Mimi, why bother with that. You see every time I don’t share most of it with you, and when I make money later, I’ll still give you most of it ……,” said the man, going to pull the stocky woman again.

The woman didn’t know if she believed the man’s words, but she didn’t refuse this time.

Looking at the two people quickly undressed, then pressed right in front of the only broken table inside the mountain god temple, and began to move with a gasp, Ye Mo pressed cursing the bad luck.

It was surprising that there were such people, who came to prepare for robbery and murder, not to mention that they still had the heart to do such things, and looking at their panting, they seemed to be in high spirits. Ye Mo thought of the two guys who ran the couple’s black shop in the Water Margin, I guess these two were a match for them.

But the man looked fierce, but he couldn’t do it, and surrendered after only three or five strokes. The fit woman was very dissatisfied and said, “Next time there are only these few strokes, don’t ask the old woman to screw.”

After saying that, she also kicked the broken table in front of her in a very unsatisfied manner.

Ye Mo who was about to walk away suddenly stopped, he clearly heard the woman’s kick mentioning the table after which the table carried an empty sound underneath, this table was empty underneath?

Ye Mo immediately extended his divine sense down again, and sure enough when he checked just now ~~- update first ~~ there was a miss. The table was still underneath the earth and rocks, but the rocks were a very thick earth cover. Ye Mo’s divine sense stretched down and indeed found a hole in the ground underneath the earthen lid, meaning that there was a basement underneath this earthen lid.

The two men and women who were ready to rob but didn’t make it, finished their business and started to dress quickly. The man suddenly winced as he subconsciously said, “Mimi, why do I suddenly feel like someone is blowing on the back of my neck, it’s so cold.”

The woman said with a sneer as she put on her trousers, “I can only say that you are too useless to get up and down, so don’t touch me if you are afraid of being cold.”

It looked like she was still upset with the man who had no fighting power, and her tone carried some unhappiness.

When Ye Mo heard the man’s words, his divine sense immediately swept over and he froze. He hadn’t noticed it just now, but now he was really spotting a Yin Soul.

That faintly shadowed Yin Soul was standing behind the man, gnashing his teeth, only his combat power was so weak that he could only blow some cold air.

Ye Mo only had to look at the shadow of that Yin Soul gnashing its teeth to know that this man’s death was definitely related to that man. This kind of thing is really true that you always encounter ghosts when you do a lot of this kind of thing, there is nothing wrong with that at all.

For this kind of thing, Ye Mo would not take action. If that ghost didn’t appear, Ye Mo wouldn’t just kill these two people. But when the ghost came out to scare these two people, Ye Mo did not have the idea to intervene either. He was curious to see how this Yin Soul actually struck.

The most powerful one he had ever seen was at the bottom of Broken Top Mountain in Ghost City, that Yin Soul was raised by a perverted woman from September View, but that Yin Soul was killed by him. If that Yin Soul had come over, Ye Mo estimated that the pair would definitely not survive more than a few seconds.

“It’s true, I feel a cold, insidious cold air blowing on my neck again ……” The man’s tone this time was not as calm as it was a moment ago, his voice even trembled a little.

The woman was just about to answer the man’s words when she suddenly looked at the white cloth she had just placed next to her and froze. It was clear that there was only moonlight and no wind this evening, but the white cloth blew up slowly, as if it was being held up by an invisible person.

“Ah, cloth, cloth ……” the bold woman finally had no way to calm down either, she pointed at the white cloth and just knew how to call it cloth. She wanted to run immediately, but she couldn’t lift her legs.

“No what ah ……” The man had just turned around when he saw a white cloth suddenly come over to the two men.

“Ah ……” The two men were so frightened by the windless white cloth that they let out a scream and immediately pa*sed out.

Ye Mo secretly shook his head, these two guys originally had thick nerves and even did this kind of thing in this mountain god temple, he thought how bold these two guys were, but he didn’t expect them to be so unscared. A piece of white cloth made them faint, if these two continued to remain bold, they could completely ignore the white cloth.

Ye Mo was sure that if these two guys ignored the white cloth, this shadowy spirit would definitely have no way to hold them.

This Yin spirit was a victim, so Ye Mo did not think about a fireball to send it off, he walked out and lifted his foot twice, kicking the two out of the Mountain God Temple, he had to do something, these two continued to stay in the Mountain God Temple, they were really in the way.

Ye Mo kicked the pair away, ignored the Yin spirit and walked straight to the table, about to open the tunnel.

However, that Yin Soul floated over, Ye Mo looked back at the Yin Soul coldly and said, “I see you pity and spare your life, if you still block my work, don’t blame me for not being polite.”

After Ye Mo said these words, he surprisingly noticed that this Yin Soul trembled a little. However, this Yin Soul did not leave, but emitted a hint of affectionate gratitude.

“You know me?” Ye Mo asked as he didn’t know why he saw this feeling in the Yin Soul.

Sure enough the Yin Soul nodded, but was not able to speak. Ye Mo’s heart moved and immediately transmitted his meaning with his divine sense.

To Ye Mo’s delight, that Yin Soul could actually transmit back his thoughts through Ye Mo’s divine sense.

“Senior, you really are someone with great ability, I never thought that I, Yi Jiuhe, would be able to see senior twice, although this time I am already a lonely soul ……” The message that came from the Yin Soul made Ye Mo stare.

Yi Jiuhe, he already remembered the name, was a middle-aged man. And also a very brash middle-aged man, whom he had met back then on top of the Luo Cang magic weapon exchange. At that time, none of his own magic weapons had been sold, and it was this Yi Jiuhe who later came with his two daughters to help him get through the sales route.

He didn’t even pay back the price of $200,000. Apart from this man’s brashness, the kind of compa*sion he had for his daughters also showed.

“How come it’s you?” Ye Mo also couldn’t help but feel a little gloomy, this Yi Jiuhe gave him a good impression, he didn’t expect to be victimized by this pair of dogs, he must have exposed something when he came to Salty Mountain.