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DYM Chapter 593

Chapter 593 – Meeting the Scriptures Again Sure enough the message from Yi Jiuhe was that he had been targeted by two people outside when he came to Ham Mountain to talk about a business deal. Although he had repeatedly said that he could give these two more money, these two just took his cash and killed him.

“Well, you are a good person, you helped me a bit in the beginning, I will help you this time.” After Ye Mo finished speaking, two fireballs were thrown out directly, and the two people who were still fainted outside were immediately turned into flying ashes.

Yi Jiuhe looked dumbfounded at Ye Mo’s might, that is, his own Yin soul had the tendency to dissipate. If he hadn’t known this senior, a fireball from this senior would have come at him and he would have immediately had his soul scattered.

Ye Mo secretly sighed and wondered where the jade pendant of protection on Yi Jiuhe had gone, if Chapter 593 – Meeting the Scriptures Again the jade pendant was there, it might still be useful.

“Senior, thank you for helping me take revenge, I already feel like I will dissipate in this world. I would like to ask a favour of senior, what I am most uneasy about is my wife and two daughters, now that something has happened to me, my two brothers will definitely fight for my family fortune. And I have a will in the hands of my best friend, Jiang Junshan ……”

“You want me to go and bring this will to your family, right?” Ye Mo frowned a little and asked, he didn’t quite want to bother with this matter, he had as much on his own now.

It was just that this person, Yi Jiuhe, was kind of nice, so when he was free, he would just drop by himself. In his heart, he felt that Yi Jiuhe was overly worried, he had a wife and a daughter, how could his property be taken away by his brother. This lawsuit is not going to lose no matter what, what will is needed?

“Thank you senior, I am relieved, senior met my wife, tell her to give you that colored stone, Jiu Tang City ‘Jiuhe Group’ is my ……” Yi Jiuhe’s message Dissipated into thin air before the transmission was finished.

Ye Mo let out a secret sigh, although he had the Yin Destruction Pearl, without the ghost cultivation techniques, it was just as impossible to help Yi Jiuhe. The fact that Yi Jiuhe could support himself until now was entirely a wave of uneasy intention Chapter 593 – Meeting the Scriptures Again, once he was relieved. His Yin Soul will not be able to keep it up any longer, or even if he didn’t meet Ye Mo today, he wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

Yin souls do not have a specific environment, and without someone dedicated to breeding them, it is difficult for such things to survive in the world. The ghosts that are normally bred by people can only follow orders, but have no way to have their own minds. Only those ghost cultivators, or ghosts that have gained some strength due to a specific environment, can derive their own sanity.

Ye Mo gathered his mind and opened the pa*sage under the table.

As soon as this pa*sage was opened, Ye Mo immediately understood that this place had been inhabited, and there was even someone there not long ago. Because it was ventilated inside, it was not stuffy and damp like a normal tunnel.

After entering the pa*sage and walking a few metres away, there was a basement. Ye Mo walked into the basement and swept his divine sense for a moment. There was only a somewhat decayed wooden bed inside, and a somewhat new-looking quilt on the bed, other than that there were only some ordinary tables, chairs and benches.

Ye Mo’s divine sense took a closer look around and immediately spotted a different part of the wall, he walked over and reached out to open that different part.

Inside was a space with a large wooden box, which was opened and inside were four thick books wrapped in layers of silk. After taking the four books out, Ye Mo was instantly frozen. Three yellowing copies of the Tao Te Ching, and one without a cover, which was even more ancient at first glance.

What made Ye Mo froze was these three copies of the Tao Te Ching, because he knew what three books they were. One of them had even pa*sed through his hands, and it should be three copies of the Sutra of Our Lord. Opening these three books, Ye Mo really found a yellowing blank paper inside each book, and the two words we Luo could be vaguely seen.

However, to Ye Mo’s disappointment, the second blank page of all three books was not there. Two of them were in his possession, so the third one must have been taken away by the person who had hidden the books. It seemed that he had indeed guessed correctly that there were not two, but three copies of this “Our Luo Sutra”, and the golden page in the middle of one of them had been taken away by someone else.

The person who hid the book must have discovered the secret of the golden paper as well. Ye Mo secretly sighed, although the book was now in his own hands, the most useful thing had been taken away.

But how did that person know that the second blank page inside the book had a mechanism? Ye Mo knew with a turn of thought. All three books were in other people’s hands, and two of them were without the second blank page. The others would understand that the second blank page was the main thing with just a little thought.

Even if that was the case, there was no need to leave the three books of the Our Lady’s Sutra here, maybe the first blank page also had a special meaning?

Suddenly Ye Mo thought of what Lu Yue had said, the “Our Luo Sutra” should have been taken away by a sect master uncle who protected the three of them, and that master uncle was still at half-step Xiantian cultivation. Together with Tang Beiwei’s words, Ye Mo knew that an old Daoist nun lived inside this dilapidated mountain god temple. It seemed likely that this old Daoist nun was the senior uncle that Lu Yue had spoken of, only that he didn’t know why she had left the Our Lady Sutra here.

The fourth book one looked thick, but it was all illustrations, and they were still illustrations of fully naked women. Just about every illustration had some red lines marked on it, and next to it were the methods and directions for luck.

At a glance, one could tell that this was a cultivation technique, and it should be an ancient martial arts cultivation technique. Ye Mo casually looked at those luck lines, which were far more powerful than the usual ancient martial arts techniques.

None of the four books meant anything to Ye Mo, Ye Mo casually threw the four books into his ring, the unwanted things were found, but the one he really wanted, the golden page, was missing.

Ye Mo looked at the four sides again, there was nothing else in here. Although he was very reluctant, Ye Mo could only leave the tunnel and seal the entrance as it was.

It seemed that the Daoist nun should have been injured, and then she left some things on her that took up volume. No, these books didn’t take up much space either. Did the Taoist nun know that it was dangerous to keep on her? Or was someone after her?

Putting that aside, how could a half-step Xiantian expert from the Inner Concealment Sect be hanging out with someone like Wei Yongqian? Ye Mo really couldn’t figure this out. These were simply people from two worlds, not to mention how they got mixed up together, it was not easy to know each other, was it?

After all, he didn’t get nothing. Although these three books were of no use to himself, they were of use to both Lok Fay and Lok Hustle. At this time the sky was already bright, Ye Mo quickly left this dilapidated mountain god temple.


Ye Mo from into the hotel, pushed open his room door, but saw Su Jingwen lying on his bed. He froze in his heart, how could Jingwen be sleeping on his side?

“Ah, you’re back.” Su Jingwen woke up when she heard the sound of the room door closing, only to see Ye Mo looking at herself oddly, she immediately remembered what happened last night and immediately blushed a little.

However, she quickly explained, “Last night I intended to come and talk to you, then I found out that you had gone out, I fell asleep while sitting, it was really ……”

Only then did Ye Mo understand, he smiled faintly and said, “Then go back to sleep, I’m not sleepy.”

Su Jingwen secretly thought in her heart, you have come back, what is the meaning of me still lying in your bed, this Ye Mo is really. She hurriedly said, “It’s already dawn, I’m leaving.”

After saying that, she hurriedly climbed up and wanted to go out, only then did she remember that there was something wrong with her sentence, as if she had said that it would be dawn before she needed to go.

Tang Beiwei woke up in the morning and surprisingly did not see Su Jingwen, she immediately called out a few times, but did not hear Su answer. She immediately walked out of the room and found that Su Jingwen was not outside, so early in the morning, where had Jingwen gone? But her coat wasn’t on, ah.

Just as Tang Beiwei was about to knock on Ye Mo’s room door, Ye Mo’s room door opened and Su Jingwen walked out in her pajamas, she saw Tang Beiwei standing at the door and smiled a little and said, “Good morning, Beiwei, ah ……”

She finished these words and felt wrong again, she came out of Ye Mo’s room in the morning and was seen by Bei Wei, what would she be thinking? Su Jingwen’s face instantly turned unnatural.

“Sister Jingwen, you …… slept with my brother last night ……,” Tang Beiwei subconsciously told the truth, not thinking of anything else yet.

“Ah, Beiwei, it’s not what you think, I, I, it’s because your brother was not here last night that I slept …… with him,” Su Jingwen tried to explain and thought for half a day before she remembered that Ye Mo was not here last night.

But at this time, Ye Mo also walked out and stood behind Su Jingwen. Su Jingwen looked at Tang Beiwei who had a strange expression on her face, but there was no longer any way to explain anything. She hurriedly ran to her room and started to change her clothes.

“Beiwei, after we have dinner later, I will send you and Jingwen back to Ninghai.” Ye Mo was a little uneasy about Tang Beiwei, although he was sure that the old Daoist nun had not yet recovered from her injuries, but after all, this Daoist nun was a threat to his sister Beiwei.

“Brother, you sent me for just one reason, right? I see that you must have sent Sister Jingwen for another reason. I really can’t see it, brother, tell me, last night you and Sister Jingwen ……” said Tang Beiwei in a lowered voice.

Ye Mo said with a bitter smile, “Bei Wei you must not say this nonsense, I have nothing like that with Jing Wen.”

“Hmph, brother, it’s not that I’m talking about you. You slept with Sister Jingwen, you have to be responsible. You’re in Luo Yue now, it’s okay to take one more wife anyway. Sister Jingwen is so pretty, could she still lose out on you.” Tang Beiwei’s voice suddenly became louder.

When Su Jingwen heard Tang Beiwei’s words by the door, she only felt her face heating up, what was this Beiwei saying? Who was being slept with. But then she wanted to know how Ye Mo answered, so although she didn’t open the door, she put her ear to the door.

Ye Mo sweatdropped, this sister of his had such a pugnacious side, but he never knew it before. It was really pugnacious, directly saying that he had slept with Su Jingwen.

Ye Mo was afraid that it would be more difficult for Su Jingwen to come out and say it clearly, or that Su Jingwen’s face would be embarra*sed. He immediately raised his hand to stop Tang Beiwei’s words, “Okay, Beiwei, don’t say that in the future. It’s not good for people to hear it, I’ll explain it to you later.”

“Alright, since you’re already in charge, I won’t say anything.” Tang Beiwei nodded as if Ye Mo had already agreed to take charge.

Ye Mo involuntarily slapped his forehead again, thinking that when did I say I was responsible. The first time I said that I was going to be in charge, I was going to be in charge.