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DYM Chapter 594

Jiutang City is one of the largest cities in Hedong Province, even bigger than the provincial capital city of He Feng.

After sending Su Jingwen and Tang Beiwei back to Ninghai, Ye Mo came directly to Jiutang. He had promised Yi Jiuhe to help with this favour, so of course he couldn’t break his word. Although he was very busy, he still appreciated Yi Jiuhe’s quickness in the first place. There are many rich people, but not everyone who has money is generous.

When Yi Jiuhe bought his pendants, he did not know their true value. The reason he bought three of them one after another was, of course, his compa*sion for his daughter, and on the other hand, not without the idea of helping Ye Mo once, knowing that at first Ye Mo looked very down and out.

And now he went by the way to bring a letter to Yi Jiuhe’s family, also just by the way, with his speed not even half a day would be delayed Chapter 594 – The Will Case.

For the matter of going to Yanjing, Ye Mo gave Han Zaixin a call, and after knowing that it was because of the search for the Empty Aoi Design Diagram, Ye Mo didn’t have the slightest interest. Without waiting for Han Zaixin to persuade him further, he simply said he didn’t have time and put the phone away in his ring.

Ye Mo came to look for Yi Jiuhe’s family, but he didn’t know where Yi Jiuhe’s family was, so he could only pull a random person on the roadside and ask for the location of the ‘Jiuhe Group’.

Luckily, ‘Jiuhe Group’ was easy to ask, as one of the few largest enterprises in Jiutang City, there was no one who didn’t know about ‘Jiuhe Group’. Ye Mo found a random person and asked where the ‘Jiuhe Group’ was.

However, that person who was asked added with a smile, “Today the ‘Jiuhe Group’ will case is already in court for the third time, you won’t be able to find anyone in charge at the ‘Jiuhe Group’ even if you go there now. ”

“What ‘Jiuhe Group’s’ will case?” Ye Mo asked in a strange manner.

When the man heard Ye Mo’s question, he immediately said in a daze, “Brother must be from out of town, right? ‘Jiuhe Group’s’ will case Chapter 594 The will case, no one in the whole Jiutang knows about it now. Yi Jiuhe, the old president of the ‘Jiuhe Group’, disappeared, and later someone found his relics. Because Yi Jiuhe died, a dispute arose over his inheritance, and today is the third time the case has been opened.”

Ye Mo asked curiously, “Yi Jiuhe had a wife and a daughter, how could his inheritance be disputed?”

“Yes, but he still has two brothers, and his father is still alive. That’s not the main thing, the main thing is that he also has a suicide note, and the distribution of his inheritance in the note is a bit bizarre. Oh, it’s not for us to know, I’ve only heard it from hearsay.” As the man said this, he saw that the car he was waiting for had arrived, so he hurriedly got into the car and left.

Ye Mo’s heart moved, he did not expect that Yi Jiuhe’s inheritance had really created a dispute. It looked like Yi Jiuhe himself should have guessed about this matter, only that something happened before he had time to deal with it. There is also the fact that his death is also very strange, how could a man like him be killed by two robbers? Because Yi Jiuhe didn’t have time to reveal a lot of information, so Ye Mo was only guessing.

Ye Mo, who had just walked to the entrance of the courthouse, suddenly stopped as he remembered something. It was the two men and women who robbed the court last night, the fact that they could kill someone like Yi Jiuhe meant that they were not simple, how could two guys who were not simple let Wei Yongqian escape?

Since they had decided that Wei Yongqian was a fat sheep, then they would definitely not let Wei Yongqian out of their sight. With their old-fashioned experience, how could they possibly make such a mistake? Besides, that Mountain God Temple was so dilapidated, how could they be sure that Wei Yongqian would stay at that Mountain God Temple for one night?

This meant that they definitely had someone watching at the bottom of the mountain all the time, and it was only when neither of them noticed Wei Yongqian leaving at night that they were ready to go up the mountain to make their move. But if that was the case, how did Wei Yongqian and the Taoist nun leave?

There was definitely something wrong here. The man and the woman were so inebriated that they only knew how to do that and did not suspect how Wei Yongqian had left. Maybe they thought that Wei Yongqian had found the two of them and then secretly left without them noticing.

But Ye Mo had been to that place, and he knew that if Wei Yongqian and that Daoist nun were to leave, they would be able to have to go out through the path that they came up on, and would not go through any other place. And there was another place he had overlooked, and that was where Tang Beiwei said he had spent the night turning in front of the Mountain God Temple, but at that time he had not found any traces of the **formation. Or maybe he hadn’t had the time to care at the time.

No, he had to go back and look at it again, because this matter involved a page of golden paper.

When Ye Mo thought about it, he no longer had the heart to go to court, and it would be enough to find someone to help him with the matter of Yijiuhe. But the matter of that Daoist nun and the golden page, he had to go by himself.

Ye Mo, who was just about to leave, found that the door of the court had already opened and the people inside were coming out one after another.

At a glance, Ye Mo saw Yi Jiuhe’s two daughters, who were supporting a middle-aged woman with a very haggard look. Apart from these three, there were two other middle-aged men beside them. One of them looked like Yi Jiuhe’s wife, and the other wore gla*ses, and Ye Mo guessed that he was either a lawyer or a staff member of the court.

Since he saw them, he should go and say hello. Ye Mo believed that for this matter of Yi Jiuhe, he could just ask a random person to help him, there was no need to consume his own time.

“Are you the boss who sold us the magic weapon ……” The slightly older girl saw Ye Mo who walked over and immediately asked in surprise.

Ye Mo smiled slightly, nodded and said, “Hello, I am the person who sold you the magic artifacts last time, and I am also your father Yi Jiuhe’s friend. My name is Ye Mo, I’m pa*sing through Jiu Tang City this time and stopped by.”

“My father has pa*sed away ……,” the girl who spoke had red eyes.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “I’ve already heard about it, don’t worry, I’ll help you guys deal with this matter.”

“Hmph, you will handle it? Talking is as good as singing.” The man wearing gla*ses snorted coldly, clearly dissatisfied with Ye Mo’s words.

Ye Mo sized up the man with gla*ses and was wondering in his heart, even if he couldn’t handle it. Just by the fact that he was Yi Jiuhe’s friend, he couldn’t speak in such a tone, who was this guy?

“Yan Yan, he is ……,” the middle-aged woman asked as she glanced at Ye Mo with some confusion, and then looked at her eldest daughter.

“Mom, when the three of us, my sister and I and dad, went to the Luo Cang magic weapon exchange together, the boss we met there who sold us the pendant was him.” Another girl, however, took the initiative to speak out.

After saying that, that girl even went up and greeted Ye Mo.

Ye Mo had by now noticed that the middle-aged woman was wearing a pendant on her chest and understood in his heart that it turned out that Yi Jiuhe had given his pendant to his wife. This is a man who cares about his family, Ye Mo thought to himself.

“Hello, Jiuhe he ……” The middle-aged woman just said one sentence, and then there was no way to say more.

“Sister-in-law, what do you know as a woman, the property of the Yi family you must let him take the surname Lu, we have said that you and your two nieces will be clothed and fed in the future, but you have gone so far as to disregard your kinship and take us to court. What was the result? Do you think Jiuhe will be like you and not know his surname is Yi ……” a middle-aged man followed a few judges and saw the middle-aged woman and spoke in a very dissatisfied manner.

“You are shameless ……” Yan Yan was planning to talk to Ye Mo, but when she saw the man, she immediately turned pale and immediately said angrily.

The middle-aged man snorted coldly, “No big deal, if it wasn’t for Gu Guhe, I would have driven the three of you out of Jiu Tang City long ago. Still want to compete for the Yi family’s property, b*****d ……”

“Sis, don’t say that ……” The younger girl hastily pulled Yan Yan back.

“What, Jiuhe’s property is being hijacked by someone else?” Ye Mo asked with a frown, thinking to himself, it looks like the lawsuit is almost over. It seemed that Yi Jiuhe’s wife and two daughters did not take advantage of it.

Yi Jiuhe’s wife sighed and didn’t say anything under her head. It was another middle-aged man who followed her who said: “Although the verdict has not yet been handed down, there should be no surprises in the outcome. Jiuhe’s property, Xiaodie and Yan Yan won’t get any of it, hey ……”

“Jiu He said he had a will of his, do you guys know?” Ye Mo asked strangely, but in his heart, he was a little angry. Not to mention that there is a will, even if there is no will, Yi Jiuhe’s inheritance will not be to his wife and daughter can not get a bit, right?

“Uncle Junshan also pa*sed away last week, the will in his hand is, is ……” Yan Yan’s sister Xiaodie said two yeses, subconsciously glanced at the next few people, finally did not dare to say that the will is false.

“It’s really dark enough that there is such a thing.” Ye Mo shook his head, his own Luo Yue was determined not to allow this kind of thing to happen, Jiang Junshan’s death definitely had something to do with this inheritance case.

“Who are you, there is no business for you here, get out of Jiu Tong quickly.” The middle-aged man who was scolded by Yan Yan for being shameless heard Ye Mo’s words, his face immediately sank and he said to Ye Mo in a cold voice. After saying that he coldly glanced at Yan Yan, and a cold sternness flashed in his eyes.

Yi Jiuhe’s wife hurriedly stopped Ye Mo and said, “Since you are Jiuhe’s friend, let’s go back and talk about it. Let’s go, Xiaodie, Yan Yan ……”

“Hmph, not abiding by the ways of women ……” the middle-aged man said with a cold snort again.

Ye Mo had long been annoyed with his constant chattering, raised his foot and kicked the man several meters away, hitting the top of the concrete steps, the man’s head immediately broke and bled.

Seeing this scene, the people around him froze, this young man dared to commit murder in front of the court.

Some people soon reacted and immediately gathered around.

“Dean Chen, Lu Ling actually dared to call someone to beat up someone in the courthouse ……,” the people who were about to gather around to make a move on Ye Mo were stopped by another man. Not only did he stop these people who were about to make a move against Ye Mo, he also stopped the middle-aged man who was about to help up the middle-aged man on the ground who was kicked down by Ye Mo. This was because he had seen the president of the court come out just in time, and this was the right time to take the opportunity to talk.

Seeing Dean Chen coming out, the girl called Xiaodie hurriedly went to Ye Mo’s side and said in a low voice: “Brother Ye, hurry up and leave, if you are caught by these people, you will be sitting in jail for sure. The one you kicked down is my second uncle Yi Zhun, and the one who called the dean just now is my eldest uncle Yi Qihai. That dean and they are in the same trousers. My father’s will is obviously a forgery, and they must say it is true.”