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DYM Chapter 595

“What’s going on ……” the man who was called Dean Chen by Yi Qihai walked over clutching a briefcase and frowned at Yi Zhun who had fallen to the ground and asked.

Only halfway through his sentence, he immediately paused. His mouth was open so wide that he didn’t even notice that the bag in his hand had fallen to the ground.

“Dean Chen, my brother was beaten up in front of the court, and there is even such a thing. If the a*sailant cannot be subjected to ……” Yi Qihai also stopped his own words, he looked at this Dean Chen, who had just been striding with his chest out, with the same froth.

Dean Chen didn’t even see the bag he dropped on the ground, he hurriedly ran to Ye Mo and bent over and said carefully, “Young Mo, I didn’t expect you to come to Jiutang City, really ……”

“Who are you?” Ye Mo looked at the man in front of him and asked, he Chapter 595 Good Violence had seen this guy, when he was helping Shi Xiu, Wu Ze treated him at the ‘Wutong Club’. This guy was a friend of Wu Ze’s, supposedly an official in Yanjing, and didn’t expect that he was now outposted to the Jiutang City Intermediate Court as the president.

This man hurriedly said carefully, “Young Mo, I am Wu Ze’s friend, my name is Chen Changhui, and I am now transferred to Jutang City Intermediate People’s Court as the president. I was honored to have a meal with Young Mo at the ‘Wutong Club’ at first ……”

Ye Mo nodded, “So you are in charge of the Yi Jiuhe will case?”

“Yes, yes, I know about this case, the one in charge is another judge ……” Chen Changhui hurriedly said carefully, he secretly said badly in his heart, he didn’t expect Yi Jiuhe to have such a powerful backstage. The situation of this case, he is too familiar with, himself said or the middle accomplice.

“So, you know that this case has been tampered with and that Yi Jiuhe’s will has been modified?” Ye Mo’s words made the people around him tremble in fear, there was such a thing to ask a dean. Even if you want to ask, you have to ask in a place where no one is around.

“This …… this ……,” Chen Changhui’s forehead was in a cold sweat, he knew that as soon as he answered yes, his life would be over. If he told a lie and answered no Chapter 595 Good Violence, then falling into Ye Mo’s hands, he would be finished immediately.

“If you don’t answer in three seconds, you don’t have to answer.” Ye Mo’s icy cold voice came out.

Chen Changhui’s heart crossed, he knew that he would at most lose his job if he answered, compared to his own little life, he didn’t have the guts to tell a lie. The Qiu family was bullying, right? But in the hands of this young Mo in front of him, the family head Qiu Zhongxing personally came to his door to apologise, and this was even after Ye Mo had beaten up the Qiu family. The Li family’s Li Qiuyang could move a director with a word in Yanjing, but behind Young Mo, he didn’t even dare to breathe a word. The Song family, on the other hand, had long since disappeared inside the long river of Yanjing, and one had to tell the truth if one didn’t want to die.

“Yes, yes, that will is a fake. Yi Qihai collaborated with others to frame Lu Ling and her daughter and fabricate a fake will ……,” Chen Changhui knew that no tricks should be played in front of this young Mer.

“b*****d, knowing that it is fake, you still dare to bend the law …… snap ……” Ye Mo once again slapped over, Chen Changhui was beaten and spun twice on the ground, only to fall back several meters and pounce on Yi Zhun The people around him were confused.

The people around were all confused, who was this person that Dean Chen Changhui was calling Mo Shao, so powerful. He hit someone in front of the court, and this dean went up to ask how far he knocked the dean out as well.

Although others didn’t hear Ye Mo’s words, but Yi Qihai and Lu Ling and others heard it clearly.

The court dean didn’t even dare to lie in front of Ye Mo, he actually told the truth, and said something that poured sh*t on his own head.

Yi Qihai suddenly felt a bit chilled, he already understood that this young Mo was definitely not unusual. This case, if we don’t take care of this Mo Shao, there is a good chance that we will lose everything. Now that he didn’t know who this Mo Shao in front of him was, he had to not let him take Lu Ling’s side. At least for now, he had to stabilise him and then figure out the situation before countering. A person who could slap Chen Changhui in public was definitely not a small person.

Thinking of this Yi Qihai immediately walked up to Ye Mo, took out a cigarette and before he could speak, he was kicked as far as he could by Ye Mo and fell to the side. He hadn’t even had time to hand out that cigarette.

So violent, the people around saw this scene and already knew that this young man was from an unusual background and seemed to be helping the plaintiff’s side.

What was even more surprising was Dean Chen Changhui, who had been slapped by Ye Mo, got up, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and ran to Ye Mo again, lowering his head with a b*tchy look as if he was waiting to be hit again.

The two policemen who originally saw Ye Mo beating the dean, noticed that Dean Chen Changhui came in front of Ye Mo again, and immediately stopped their steps to arrest Ye Mo.

“Young Mo, you can just order ……” Chen Changhui tried to make his voice as calm as possible, he hated himself for not doing a detailed investigation before this case went to court. I didn’t expect Yi Jiuhe to have a friend like Shao Mo. If he had known that there was such a thing in Jiutang, he would rather not be promoted out of the country and would rather still be nestled in Yanjing as a divisional cadre.

“This case will be reopened and all those who have falsified will be thrown into jail. I don’t have time to stay in Jiutang, but I’ll come back to take a look, and if I’m not satisfied with what you’ve done when I return, don’t blame me for being ungracious.” Ye Mo said coldly.

Chen Changhui secretly breathed a sigh of relief as he hurriedly said, “Yes, yes I will make sure that this case is done properly and that it will be heard fairly ……”

It seemed like he wanted to say something else, but Chen Changhui hesitated for a moment before finally not saying it.

Lu Ling’s two daughters and the two middle-aged men, have been completely dumbfounded, have seen fierce, but Ye Mo so fierce they really have not seen.

Lu Ling, Yi Jiuhe’s wife, had already reacted and she understood that this friend of her husband’s was not simple, maybe he could really turn this case over. Her heart trembled a little, this was the first time she had been so moved since her husband’s death. Since her husband’s death, the three of them were the existence of the Yi family kicking the can down the road, just to kick the three out of Jiutang, preferably without paying a single penny.

She also saw Chen Changhui’s hesitation, this case had been going on for such a long time, plus she lived in Jiutang City, and with a little thought, she immediately understood why Chen Changhui hesitated.

Lu Ling also came over and said in a jī trembling whisper, “Jiuhe’s second wife’s father is the secretary of the political and legal committee in Jiutang City, I want to ……”

As soon as Ye Mo heard it, he understood that Chen Changhui hesitated because he was afraid that he couldn’t handle that Political and Legal Committee, he had only been transferred over for a short time after all. Moreover, he said he was going to leave, if he didn’t Chen Changhui would definitely not care about overturning the case, but once he left, Chen Changhui was afraid that he couldn’t handle the matter alone, but he didn’t dare to say it in front of Ye Mo.

“I’ll find someone to help.” Ye Mo took out his phone again and thought about calling Li Chunsheng, he didn’t know many officials in the first place. Li Chunsheng was considered an acquaintance, and since Lai Chunsheng was still in Hefeng, the capital city of Hedong Province, it should not be a problem for him to come to Jiutang to help.

Li Chunsheng has been in a good position recently, as he was already promoted quickly on his own merits. However, because he had no background, he had to share some of his political achievements with others. It wasn’t until he met Ye Mo and with the help of the Li family that he did another big job in Hefeng. Now within a short period of time he has risen again.

Now Li Chunsheng is already the secretary of the municipal party committee of Hefeng, a member of the Standing Committee of the Hedong Provincial Party Committee and the deputy secretary of the Hedong Provincial Political and Legal Committee. This signal already indicates that his next position will be the secretary of the political and legal committee of Hedong province.

A person who has reached this point in his official career cannot afford not to have a spring in his step. There are not just one or two people who are optimistic about Li Chunsheng, but everyone inside the entire Hedong Provincial Party Committee compound knows that in the future, Li Chunsheng will be the main character in Hedong Province.

Li Chunsheng, who has risen like a rocket, is eating with a group of members of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee who have just finished their meeting. To be precise, the meal was also considered a celebration for Li Chunsheng’s official move to the provincial party committee.

At this very moment, Li Chunsheng’s phone rang.

Apart from his family, there were only a few leaders who could call Li Chunsheng’s personal number.

But to everyone’s surprise, Li Chunsheng stood up immediately after picking up the phone, and his expression was very respectful.

At once, some people secretly guessed who the person who made the call really was. Apart from the leader of Yanjing, who else would make Li Chunsheng so respectful? The heads of Hedong Province were all here, it couldn’t have been them who made the call.

“Yes, yes ……,” Li Chunsheng said several yeses in a row before putting down the phone.

For this kind of call, no one normally bothered to ask. But Li Chunsheng said, “Someone just called me to report a matter about a will case in Jiutang City. Someone amended the will in order to fight for the property, but the judges of the Central Court colluded with each other and set up the plaintiff together, this is something I have to go to Jiutang in person ……”

What? For the sake of a mere will case, Li Chunsheng, a super official of the main hall, has to make a personal trip? Who is involved in this case (fastest update) that it is so bullish?

After watching Li Chunsheng apologize for a few words, he left the hotel in a hurry, and everyone in the room froze. Giving up the opportunity to meet with so many leaders at the provincial level just for a will case in Jiutang, if everyone wasn’t familiar with Li Chunsheng’s persona, they would have thought he was crazy.

Ye Mo put down the phone, looked at the man wearing gla*ses and said to Lu Ling, “Who is this man?”

Lu Ling, who had been still in a state of jītude, hurriedly said, “Oh, let me introduce him, he is the lawyer we hired, Wang Yi. And this is my brother Lu Mang ……”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “I suspect that this lawyer of yours has some problems, Chen Changhui you check later to see if his a*s is clean.”

“Yes, Young Mo.” Chen Changhui heard Ye Mo call Li Chunsheng, although Ye Mo didn’t know that Li Chunsheng had been promoted, he, Chen Changhui, was clear about it, so he was even more careful with his words.

When the middle-aged man with gla*ses heard Ye Mo’s words, his face turned ugly, but he didn’t dare to say anything, Ye Mo even dared to slap Chen Changhui, what was he?

Ye Mo left the matter to Li Chunsheng and only then did he put his heart down. He believed that Li Chunsheng would have no problem with this small matter.

The first thing Ye Mo did when he left Jiutang was to go to that Mountain God Temple again.

This time, Ye Mo took a closer look at the outside of the temple, and there were indeed some traces of formations, only that they had now been removed. When he first came, Ye Mo forgot to check the formation outside because of that basement, and he didn’t know when this formation was removed.

Ye Mo came to this basement again, and after he entered it, he immediately understood that he had really missed some details the first time he came.!