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DYM Chapter 596

The basement remained the same, but the wooden box that Ye Mo had originally thrown on the ground was gone. Ye Mo knew that the wooden box was for the Sutra of Luo, and after Ye Mo had taken away a few copies of the Sutra of Luo, he had left the wooden box on the ground. But now that the wooden box was gone, he immediately knew that someone had come again after he had left. And the person who came took the wooden box straight away, it was obvious that this person knew what the wooden box was for.

Ye Mo’s divine sense once again carefully looked around inside this basement, and after ten minutes, he finally saw something a little different.

There was a protrusion at the head of the doorway into the basement. Ye Mo reached out and pressed on the protrusion, and it was somewhat loose. When Ye Mo looked back, he found that a stone door had appeared on the stone wall behind him for no reason.

Ye Mo knew he had missed the best opportunity, when he first came, that Wei Yongqian and the Daoist nun might not have left yet, they were most likely inside the stone cave behind him, but now it was too late.

That stone door was made to look like a stone wall, and the interface was tight and solid, without any gaps. Ye Mo walked into the stone door and found that it was a pa*sage, without looking, Wei Yongqian had left through this pa*sage.

Ye Mo looked inside the pa*sage for a long time, and the stone door at the entrance of this pa*sage suddenly closed up automatically. Ye Mo was not in the mood to go back to the (fastest update) that entrance of the Guanshan Temple, and he directly chased along this pa*sage.

Ten minutes later, Ye Mo pushed aside a large stone block and stood at the end of the pa*sage, which was a cliff with a river below. Being escaped by Wei Yongqian in front of his own face, Ye Mo was very uncomfortable in his heart. The main thing was that the page of golden paper was so close to him, yet in the blink of an eye it was far away again.

Ye Mo thought about the fact that that Daoist nun was from the ‘Cihang Chapter 596 – The Seven Stars of the Northern Dipper Jingzhai’, and the ‘Cihang Jingzhai’ was one of the three great sects of the Inner Hidden Sect, Ye Mo decided to go to the Inner Hidden Sect to have a look. What he wanted most in his heart was that page of golden paper, if the three pages of golden paper came together and could really form a world, then his achievements would be immeasurable. Perhaps even the most powerful cultivation experts in the Luo Yue Continent would not be as good as him.

Although Ye Mo didn’t know much about many things, it didn’t mean he hadn’t heard of it. When he was first cultivating in Luo Yue, his master, Luo Ying, had told him that many experts who had cultivated to the extreme possessed their own worlds. Legend had it that cultivation to the extreme could lead to ascension, and some ascended experts possessed worlds that even surpa*sed existences like the Luo Yue Continent, and it could be said that in their eyes, the Luo Yue Continent or Earth was just equivalent to a world.

Now that he was in the middle of the fifth level of Qi training, even if he wasn’t a match for some top-level innate experts, he should already be able to take on an expert like Ren Pingchuan. If he could have a world …… Ye Mo’s heart was bursting with fire, he didn’t even dare to imagine going on.


Transverse Mountain Range Sea of Clouds, this was the second time Ye Mo came over, the first time he came solely to look for medicinal herbs. This time, however, he came not to look for medicinal herbs, but to look for the Transverse Seven Stars.

Lok Hustle had told him that the entrance to the Inner Concealment Sect was in the Heavenly Pivot position of the Transverse Seven Stars in the Transverse Mountain Range.

The Transverse Range is one of the world’s young mountain systems. The longest, widest and most typical north-south mountain system in China, the only area that has both Pacific and Indian Ocean water systems. In fact, technically speaking, both the Immeasurable Mountains and the Meinei Snow Mountain are also part of the Transverse Range, it is just that the Transverse Range is so long that Ye Mo did not care about it.

At this moment, Ye Mo was standing on top of a mountain peak deep in the sea of clouds in the Transverse Range. Even though he could fly, he had searched for five days in the Transverse Range and still had not found the location of the Seven Transverse Stars, let alone the Heavenly Pivot Position.

Because there were so many mountains here, and they were all very similar, in addition to the fact that they were draped in a sea of clouds, it was really not easy to find the seven mountains that were like the Big Dipper. But Ye Mo believed that since both Lok Hustle and Lok Fay said that the Heavenly Hub was here, they would definitely not lie to him.

On the sixth day, Ye Mo decided not to search in the air, he entered the canyon of the Hengduan Mountain Range and began to search from the ground.

Inside the canyon deep in the sea of clouds in the Hengduan Mountain Range, there was almost no one coming over, much less tourist people, and this could be said to still be a primitive forest area.

Ye Mo even met a black bear. Normally, it is not easy to find a black bear in China nowadays. The fact that Ye Mo could meet a black bear here already indicated that he was in a place that was indeed off the beaten track in the Hengduan Mountain Range.

On the sixth day of the night, Ye Mo found a motorbike in the gra*s. The motorbike still had oil inside and could even be started, so at a glance it was clear that the motorbike had not been left here for long.

There were some footprints on the front of the motorbike, so it was obvious that someone had got off the motorbike and walked past here. Ye Mo paid careful attention to the footprints in front of him, which were the footprints of two people.

After walking along the footprints for about ten minutes, Ye Mo saw a huge natural canyon. The entrance to the canyon was narrow, and it looked like there was only a line outside.

After entering the canyon, Ye Mo soon felt the difference. The canyon seemed more like a door, and the inside of the door was even more open than the outside.

Ye Mo raised his eyes and saw a sea of clouds all around. But immediately he was just shaken, he clearly saw seven not very high peaks below the sea of clouds, which were spread out in a spoon shape, as if they were placed there by someone.

“Transverse Seven Stars?” Ye Mo subconsciously said, no wonder he hadn’t seen it after a week of going around outside, it turned out that the Transverse Seven Stars were something that could only be seen after coming in.

When Ye Mo saw the Transverse Seven Stars inside the canyon, he couldn’t help but secretly sigh in his heart at the miracle of the Creator that such a place existed, he had been flying outside for a few days and just couldn’t see these peaks. But just one canyon could have made such a big difference.

After finding the Transverse Seven Stars, the Heavenly Pivot Bit would be easy. Ye Mo quickly arrived at the foot of the Tian Shu Bit mountain peak, and a stone about ten feet square appeared in front of Ye Mo’s eyes.

What made Ye Mo wonder was not the stone, but a man in the middle of the stone, a dead man to be exact.

The dead man was a middle-aged man with a dried up body, and what surprised Ye Mo the most was that there was not a trace of blood on his body. It was as if he had been bled out and died.

Ye Mo walked over and took out an ID card from this dead man, and he immediately knew who this man was. It turned out that this guy who died was Wei Yongqian, and he had died in this place.

Without even thinking about it, Ye Mo knew that Wei Yongqian’s death must have something to do with that Daoist nun. Since he died here, it meant that the fallen noisy senior uncle was going back to the sect, just so Wei Yongqian could bring her here and then silence her.

However, when Ye Mo thought about it, it wasn’t right, since he wanted to silence him, there was no need to drain all the blood from this Wei Yongqian’s body, right? Could it be that this old Daoist nun was also a pervert?

Another thing that Ye Mo couldn’t figure out was that last time, Lu Yue had said that the Inner Concealment Sect’s formation was already going to be closed. Why did this old Daoist nun still bring Wei Yongqian to this place? Could it be that the formation was closed and she still wanted to go in?

Ye Mo connected these things back and forth and soon knew that this Wei Yongqian was probably being used by that old Daoist nun, and that old Daoist nun had asked Wei Yongqian to bring her here in order to return to the Inner Concealment Sect, and according to Ye Mo’s guess, she would kill Wei Yongqian after she finished using him.

The only thing that didn’t make sense was how the blood on Wei Yongqian’s body was gone.

Ye Mo turned around for a bit, he came from the cultivation world and knew a little bit about general formations, but this Big Dipper in front of him, he just couldn’t understand it.

There was nothing strange on this bland boulder either, if anything, it was the mud on top of the boulder that was mottled and at a glance it was clear that it had been here for many years.

Ye Mo walked to the middle of the boulder and stepped on it with his foot, the inside was not empty, and it was just like an ordinary stone. His divine sense swept down, but it did not penetrate very deep. He subconsciously injected his true essence into the stone, but as soon as Ye Mo’s true essence touched the stone, it was as if the true essence in his body was sucked by a huge hoover, and unexpectedly, it was not under his control and leaked down as if it was a flood.

Ye Mo was shocked and did not hesitate to leave the boulder, but he found that he had been completely sucked in, and apart from the constant flow of his true qi, he could not even move his feet.

As his true qi flowed like water into the stone, Ye Mo’s cold sweat brushed off. If this continued, he would still be sucked into jerky.

Cultivators were different from ordinary people, qi and blood meant that true qi and blood were mutually generated. Once his true qi could not be controlled by himself instead and was sucked away, when his true qi was sucked out then the next step would be his blood being sucked away.

Ye Mo looked at Wei Yongqian, was this how he was sucked to death?

But he didn’t have time to think about it, he knew that in just a moment or three, he would be completely turned into dried meat. It was even worse than Wei Yongqian who was dead on the side.

So powerful, Ye Mo’s whole body was covered in cold sweat, while he was still anxiously thinking of countermeasures. The only way to break free was to use the remaining true qi in his body to impact with all his might.

But then, he would most likely become crippled under the backlash of his own true qi. But if he didn’t, he would immediately have to turn into a human f*ck.

This D*mnable old Daoist nun, if this old Daoist nun hadn’t taken away the third page of golden paper, he wouldn’t have found his way here so quickly. Ye Mo thought so, but in his heart he knew that even without the old Daoist nun, he would still make a trip here. His cultivation resources were gone, and there was no other way but to go to the Inner Concealment Sect, so he still only had to come to this place.

As long as he came to this place, then he would definitely be like this.

Fight, Ye Mo gritted his teeth, he knew that if he didn’t fight, he wouldn’t even have the chance to fight. It was better to be crippled than to be f*cked.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo gathered the remaining true qi in his whole body and clashed with that suction force, forcibly interrupting the sucked true qi.

A huge backlash came, and Ye Mo was like being hit in the dantian by a full force punch from a person with the same cultivation level as him, and his whole body flew up, spitting out several mouthfuls of blood in the air, before falling heavily on top of a broken rock several meters away.