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DYM Chapter 597

A “click” came and Ye Mo couldn’t help but burst out a foul mouth, “Holy sh*t ……”

The left leg was broken, and his chest was also hit hard, and now it hurts vaguely. In fact, these were all secondary, the main thing was that he couldn’t even lift up his true qi.

Ye Mo’s heart sank, fear of ghosts had ghosts, his own Dantian was really out of order. Just now he tried with all his might to get rid of that terrifying and incomparable suction force, the first thing his body had to face that backfired on his true qi was his dantian.

Fortunately, he still had a lot of ‘Lotus Life Pills’ on him, and Ye Mo was subconsciously about to take out the ‘Lotus Life Pills’ from inside his storage ring. However, he immediately broke out in a cold sweat, his divine sense could not move in the slightest.

Spitting blood and breaking bones, to Ye Mo this was simply a minor problem, the only major problem was a broken dantian. But again, these were not problems at all compared to his divine sense.

And now his divine sense couldn’t even be mobilised, wasn’t this no different from taking his life? Everything he had was inside the ring. Unable to mobilize his divine sense, he couldn’t take anything out at all.

When Ye Mo learnt that his situation was this bad, his heart became a little worried. Here he also saw a black bear, in case a beast of some sort ran in, his current state could only wait for death.

Luckily, he was a cultivator with tough nerves. He soon saw the facts clearly and thought at the same time that his current situation was the best he could do compared to being sucked into dried meat.

Looking again at Wei Yongqian, who had already become dried meat in the distance, Ye Mo was suspicious, did he also use his internal qi to test it out, and that was why he was sucked into dried meat? Or did that old Daoist nun find him and deliberately let him be sucked into dried meat so that he could enter the formation?

If that was the case, there were people everywhere in this vicinity, so why did he need to find this Wei Yongqian?

Suddenly Ye Mo remembered something, which was when he asked his sister Bei Wei back then. From Bei Wei’s mouth, he learned that the old Daoist nun seemed to be injured. And the injury was very serious.

Was it possible that that old Daoist nun also didn’t know the danger of this Heavenly Pivot Position. Then she tried it with her inner qi and ended up being equally injured as herself? After that she had found a way to enter the formation and had Wei Yongqian come and feed this suction formation so that she could enter?

If that was the case, although it could be explained, it would not make sense if she had found Wei Yongqian by preference.

Once again, Ye Mo thought about how he was in the middle of the fifth level of Qi training and according to Lu Yue her senior uncle was only half a step to Xiantian. Why was that Daoist nun still able to go to Mount Xian when he was so badly injured?

Could it be that that Daoist nun was an Innate? This was absolutely impossible. If that Daoist nun was an Innate, then Lok Yue would not have been unaware of it. Or maybe because after that Daoist nun was sucked in, her method of getting out of the trap was more powerful than his own? Ye Mo couldn’t find the reason for a while, so he could only think so.

There was another possibility, that the daoist nun wasn’t injured inside this formation at all, she was also beaten by someone else. But this possibility, Ye Mo himself did not even see it. Because there was indeed no one here yet who could injure a half-step Xiantian old Daoist nun. Unless that Ren Pingchuan. But that guy had already been killed by him.

Resting for a long time. Ye Mo regained some strength, but he still had no way to transfer his true qi out.

He struggled to get up, jumped to the side and broke a slightly thicker branch to use as a crutch.

Thinking about the Seven Star Formation that had made him look like this, Ye Mo was uncomfortable in his heart. But this formation was so powerful that he hadn’t seen anything wrong with it so far.

After slowly moving to the top of this huge stone, Ye Mo carefully examined it again for a long time. Still no problem could be seen. He sighed, even when he had divine sense before, he didn’t see it, and now that he had been injured and his divine sense was still unusable, he must have been even more unable to see it.

Ye Mo walked over to Wei Yongqian’s side again and took a closer look at the things on Wei Yongqian’s body. He took out a few hundred dollars inside his pocket.

But no mobile phone was found. Ye Mo originally thought that if he could find a mobile phone, he could call Light Snow or Bei Wei, and as long as they both knew he was here, they could come over. They both had divine sense and could take out the things inside their rings.

Ye Mo felt that it was the first time he was in such a mess, even the last time he met Ren Pingchuan, it wasn’t as difficult as today.

Luckily, this was a place in the deep mountains where people were rarely seen, so Ye Mo easily found a few medicinal plants. He bound the broken leg bone and put on herbs, and only then did he breathe a sigh of relief.

Even if there was no way to take out the contents of the ring, as long as he regained his strength as an ordinary person, he could return to the place where Ninghai Beiwei lived.

However, Ye Mo had just walked to that one-line exit of the canyon and was about to go out when his face turned extremely ugly.

An old blue-clothed Daoist nun walked in carrying a small bag, and that Daoist nun saw Ye Mo who was staring at her at the same time.

The two looked at each other for half a day, neither of them said anything.

However, Ye Mo reacted quickly, he pretended to look at that old Daoist nun with an astonished look and asked, “Master, I was exploring the Sea of Clouds with some companions, I didn’t expect to meet the Bear Blind, I was chased here by the Bear Blind, how did you find your way here?”

As soon as Ye Mo took a look at this Daoist nun, he immediately knew that she was most likely the old woman that Bei Wei had said was going to kill her, which was also Lu Yue’s senior uncle. I didn’t expect that she hadn’t gone away and was still here. In his heart, Ye Mo cursed his bad luck, if he had come three hours later, then this Daoist nun would have been the meal on a plate. Only now, he had become this Daoist nun’s plate of food.

Now he was face to face with the Daoist nun, and also knew that the golden page was on the Daoist nun, yet there was nothing he could do. To be precise, what he should be thinking about now is not the golden page, but whether the Taoist nun will kill him, knowing that he is not able to resist in the slightest.

The Daoist nun had already reacted by now, and her heart was relieved when she heard Ye Mo’s words. No matter if what the young man in front of her said was true or not, listening to his tone he should be the only one who knew about this place, in case there were too many people who knew about it, it would not be good.

Although there was indeed a not-so-small black bear here, and she had already met it not once, she was somewhat half-hearted about Ye Mo’s words. It was because the place where Ye Mo had escaped was so coincidental that he had managed to find his way to this place.

“Oh, I’m from Huiyan Town’s Exhausted Words An. Because I had to collect some uncommon medicinal herbs, that’s why I found my way here. I didn’t expect to meet anyone in here, all a bit surprised. Have you seen the black bear? That’s really dangerous.” This Daoist nun reacted and said with what looked like some worry.

Ye Mo took a closer look at the Daoist nun in front of him, she looked no more than 40 or 50 years old and her skin was very white. Or in Bei Wei’s words, her face was a little pale, but her eyebrows were somewhat clear. If it wasn’t for the slight wrinkles on her forehead and the corners of her eyes, one really wouldn’t be able to tell that this was an old Daoist nun.

Even though he had no divine sense, Ye Mo only took a slight look at this Daoist nun and knew that she must be like himself and had not yet recovered from her serious injuries. Only Ye Mo didn’t even have to think about it, she was definitely in a much better condition than himself.

If he flipped out, Ye Mo believed that he wouldn’t be able to support a single move in front of this Daoist nun.

“What direction is that black bear in, will we meet it again if we go out now?” After the daoist nun said something, the worried look on her face instead grew thicker.

Ye Mo said with a somewhat ugly face, “Actually, I don’t want to go out now either, but I just found out that it’s weird in here too. I saw a dead man sleeping on top of a rock at the foot of one of the mountains inside. I don’t dare to stay here alone, compared to a dead man, I’d rather face a black bear.”

Looking at Ye Mo’s palpitating face, this Daoist nun surprisingly felt that Ye Mo’s words were a bit more true than the one he had just said.

“By the way, Master, what’s your name? It can be very dangerous for a person to pick herbs here. I think you’d better go out, just so the two of us have a companion.” Ye Mo looked as if he was thinking about the Daoist nun in front of him, and there was even some tension in his eyes.

When that Daoist nun heard Ye Mo’s last words, a trace of cold severity flashed in her eyes. However, when she saw the nervousness in Ye Mo’s eyes, she surprisingly smiled, “It doesn’t matter, we inside the Daoist nun all know some simple martial arts, so we can still deal with general dangers.”

I already knew you were good, Ye Mo thought in his heart, but he suddenly saw the Daoist nun’s cold, stern eyes out of the corner of his eyes and his heart tightened. He said to himself, “Did he reveal a flaw? He was very careful with his words just now.

Ye Mo’s mind turned, this Daoist nun’s words and demeanour before and after were clearly contradictory, just now it was obvious that she had a somewhat worried expression, but now it turned into no matter. This meant that this Daoist nun had changed her tactics towards him, and Ye Mo immediately knew where he had revealed his weaknesses.

He immediately looked up with an expression of surprise and said, “This master, do you really know martial arts? Can I learn from you? I’ve heard that many high masters live in seclusion in the mountains and forests. Is your Geongyan An also living in seclusion in the mountains?”

After Ye Mo said these words, he immediately looked at this Daoist nun expectantly, but he clearly noticed that the Daoist nun’s eyes were somewhat relieved.

Sure enough, she was testing herself, generally in this part of China, high priests still existed. Many people hope that they have suddenly met a high person, someone who can teach them skills that they would normally not even think of.

At this moment, Ye Mo vaguely understood how Wei Yongqian came to be with this Daoist nun, it was likely that he also wanted to learn skills and ended up falling under this Daoist nun’s pomegranate daoist robe.

“My Daoist name is Jing Hu, and if you must worship, I can introduce you to them. But we are very strict in accepting disciples at the Exhaustive Word An ……,” this Daoist nun said with a faint smile and a nod.

“Master Jing Hu, I am willing to receive strict tests as long as I can learn martial arts ……” said Ye Mo the eagerness in his eyes showed, only in his heart he was secretly despising himself, maybe he can now take the Oscar Little Gold Man.