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DYM Chapter 598

Ye Mo saw her smile but had a very uncomfortable feeling, a feeling that could not be described, as if he was being watched by a hungry wolf. However, since this prodigal aunt had said that, it meant that right now she did not have the idea of killing herself. Even though he didn’t know what she wanted to do, but if he could delay Ye Mo would definitely have to do so.

Ye Mo thought about the one he met at the beginning, the one called Jing Xie. Compared to this pale Qing Qing Xie, Ye Mo felt that if he could, he would rather face Jing Xie.

Not to mention anything else, at least that Jing Xi looked prettier than this Daoist nun and was younger. There was also the principal of Jing Rest’s chest, which was much more eye catching than this fly-away in front of him.

As soon as he thought of Jing Xi, Ye Mo actually thought of that red belly bib of hers. That woman was really a multi-sinister woman, only her intentions were too sinister. Chapter 598 – Using Each Other After she thought that she and Luo Ying were brother and sister, she also lit them up with hypnotic incense.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo shook his head and sighed in his heart, that woman was knocked off the cliff by his fist, even if she was powerful, she was bound to die, right?

If it wasn’t for that woman, he wouldn’t have been separated from Luo Ying and still couldn’t find her. He knew in his heart that Luo Ying must have missed him too, otherwise he wouldn’t have gone to the desert to move that stone pool alone. The only thing is that in Luo Ying’s heart, that ethical free virtue, she has never been able to go beyond.

Ye Mo was not sure how much of Luo Ying’s going to move that stone pool was because of her longing for her dear Qian, and how much was because of her longing for Ai Qian.

This prodigal nun ignored what Ye Mo was thinking, she handed out a milky white stone to Ye Mo and said, “You grab this stone with force and then say what you feel.”

Seeing this stone, Ye Mo screamed in his heart, “Isn’t this a spirit stone? Where did this old free girl get the spirit stone? Something that I couldn’t find anywhere, this Old Free Aunt casually took it out, this made Ye Mo depressed to the point of vomiting blood.

If he hadn’t been cultivating for many years and had seen spirit stones on Earth not too long ago, Ye Mo could hardly guarantee that he wouldn’t have called out.

The frequent appearance of spirit stones in a place where he thought he couldn’t cultivate was too appalling Chapter 598 – Using Each Other.

Although there was no way to absorb the spirit energy, but once Ye Mo grabbed the spirit stone, that pleasant and soothing feeling came through. However, before he could react, the spirit stone in his hand was once again taken away by the old Free Aunt.

When Ye Mo looked at the spirit stone in Prosperous Aunt’s hand, he wanted to rush up and snatch it immediately and say to her, “You’re a rat eating barley and spoiling food by taking this, it’s better to give it to me.” But Ye Mo knew that if he didn’t want to die, he had better not move even a little.

“Don’t you feel very soothed and a kind of unspeakable pleasure?” Although this prodigal aunt said this, the surprise in her eyes already indicated that it was obvious that she had seen Ye Mo’s table sin and that she was very satisfied with this kind of table sin.

Ye Mo’s heart moved, knowing that his table sin had just been seen by this old Daoist nun, so he had to say, “Yes, I did have this feeling just now, what’s going on? What kind of stone is this? Master Jing Hu, can you tell me where this stone was found from, I would like to find it too.”

“This stone is hard to find, and since you have this feeling, it means that you still have some qualifications in martial arts training. In that case, why don’t you come in with me and take a look. You don’t have to worry, I’ve come here not once or twice, even if I meet a black bear, I can still lead you to escape.” Jing Hu nodded in satisfaction and said free, not continuing to pretend to be worried.

Ye Mo felt a little hard to breathe, could it be that after all he had said, this old Daoist nun still wanted to take him in to kill and exterminate him? Should I run away? However, Ye Mo quickly dismissed the idea of escaping, even if he wanted to escape, there was no way to escape.

Besides, if this prodigal nun wanted to kill himself, she could do it now, there was no one here either, there was no need for her to take him into the canyon again. Of course the gold pages and the spirit stones on this Prosperous Aunt’s body were both very attractive to Ye Mo, to know that Prosperous both of these things were something Ye Mo could only dream of.

As much as he wanted the golden pages and spirit stones on this Prosperous Aunt, as much as he didn’t want to follow this Prosperous Aunt back to that huge rock again, Ye Mo knew that it was impossible.

He could only pretend to be delighted now and come on top of that huge stone again.

That prodigal aunt stepped around and around on top of the stone, and finally she suddenly said to Ye Mo prodigiously, “Come over here and step on it with your foot, and I will try your martial arts training qualifications again.”

Ye Mo looked at the place she pointed to, and it was clearly the range in the middle of the stone, not long ago he stepped on that range and then ran his true qi. Gou mouth up. But now, this old free aunt wanted him to step on that place again, and Ye Mo immediately wanted to escape.

But he knew that as soon as he escaped, he would immediately die.

Although he didn’t want to, although he was helpless, Ye Mo still had to follow what the Daoist nun said and walked to that place. He thought to himself that as long as he didn’t exert himself, he would be fine. Or even if he exerted himself, the lack of true qi would not cause a backlash.

What Ye Mo didn’t expect was that as soon as his foot stepped on that spot, the prodigal nun immediately gave a palm. That palm with obvious internal qi hit him directly where his foot made contact with the stone. Ye Mo’s heart sank and he thought to himself that he was finished.

He didn’t have any real qi, but that girl had internal qi. Ye Mo couldn’t imagine that this girl would use her own internal qi to communicate with the suction of the boulder.

But now, even if he knew that, he didn’t have any way to resist. Or he simply couldn’t resist in time.

Ye Mo, who just wanted to struggle a little, suddenly felt that the stone was not sucking his own qi and blood. It could be said that it did not move in the slightest. Although the palm of Jing Hu did not carry much internal qi, it was still painful when it hit Ye Mo’s foot. However, when that palm wind pa*sed, his qi and blood did not move at all.

Although he didn’t know what was the reason for the free, Ye Mo was happy in his heart, it looked like this place had sucked him once, this second time would be free, this rule I like.

“Huh, it can’t be? Obviously you can make …… it.” All Hu subconsciously stopped the conversation.

Ye Mo pretended that he didn’t know anything at large as he turned back and asked, “Master Jing Hu, what’s impossible?”

Jing Hu coldly snorted, Ye Mo’s use value was gone, she didn’t want to talk any more nonsense. It was obvious that she had a sense of her stone, but it was just that the Qi and blood could not be sucked away by the stone.

Ye Mo, however, immediately saw the murderous intent in her eyes and screamed in his heart, he immediately said get away: “Master Gai Hu, is it because I am not well qualified? If my qualifications are not good, there are still Van cousins in the dance, why don’t I bring them here for you to see? Or I can help you to test them, as long as you teach me how to test them.”

As expected Ye Mo’s words made Jing Hu hesitate for a moment, she looked at Ye Mo and said, “We don’t just accept disciples in our nunnery, we have to go through a heavy test. Since you have the heart to do so, then you can also give it a try.”

Ye Mo cursed in his heart, “Test your grandmother. But he didn’t dare to say this out loud, and hurriedly said, “My cousin and my cousin wanted to study under a master, but unfortunately, they never met. It is also my chance to meet my master this time. If I am not qualified enough, I just need to learn some moves behind them later. I can also help you to test the rest of the people in our town, there are always those with better qualifications.

The old Taoist nun nodded, “Well, in that case, I’ll go with you, it’s a kind of bonding. Your qualifications are not lacking, but they are not too good, and I am afraid that the nunnery will be too strict and make you happy in vain. By the way, what is your name and where does your family live?”

Ye Mo already understood the mystery at this point, all huffing and puffing that this old Daoist nun definitely did not have good intentions. The spirit stone in her hand was definitely a test for a qualification, and then for those who had that kind of qualification, she would bring it inside this formation to let the formation suck that person’s qi and blood.

It was likely that this was where the secret to opening the formation lay, but unfortunately Ye Mo did not know anything about this formation. Suddenly Ye Mo saw Wei Yongqian not far away and his heart moved, this Wei Yongqian was most likely one of the people who fit the profile of Jing Hu’s free aunt. He was brought here by Jing Hu and then sucked up all his Qi and blood. In the end, when Kaifu realised that one person was not enough, she continued to go out to find someone.

She used the spirit stones to sense, so is it hard to get away with the fact that she was looking for someone with spiritual roots? If that was really the case, then it would be a good explanation for Jing Hu to find Wei Yong Qian alone. It meant that this Wei Yongqian was a person with spiritual roots and wanted to go with her to learn martial arts.

Ye Mo winced when he thought of this, someone with spiritual roots? Light Snow and her sister Bei Wei both had spirit roots, they must not meet this pervert Jing Hu.

But he himself also had spirit roots, why was he unaffected? No, wasn’t he almost sucked into jerky when he first came here? That means he was also affected, just why not this second time, Ye Mo himself couldn’t figure it out.

Now he didn’t have time to think about it, the old Daoist nun asked a question and had to answer immediately, he didn’t know where the nearest mountain village in the Free Cloud Sea was. In case he said it and this old Daoist nun found out, it would still be difficult for him to escape death.

In his eagerness, Ye Mo had to say Easy: “I am ashamed to say that I am from Huiyan Town, but I have never heard of Huiyan Town’s Exhausted Speech Ancient Village.”

In Ye Mo’s mind, whether or not this Exhausted Words An existed, it was irrelevant. If it existed, it must be a hidden place, and it was normal for him not to know about it.

As for this Old Free Aunt, Ye Mo knew very well that she came from the Inner Concealment Sect, and now she just wanted to go back, but as a result, she couldn’t. She was thinking of so many ways to go back as well.

Since this was the case, the Hui Salt Town she just mentioned must exist, because she came from the Inner Concealment Sect and might not be familiar with the vicinity. And if Ye Mo said he was from the vicinity, he must be more familiar than her, and if she was going to say a town, then it wouldn’t be a lie, in case he didn’t know it, he would be recognized.

So just go by what she said, it would definitely not be wrong, it was better than just saying a random place. But as soon as Ye Mo finished speaking, he realised that he had said the wrong thing. It wasn’t that the place he was talking about didn’t exist, he was sure that this place, Huiyan Town, existed, what he was afraid of was what he would do in case this old Daoist nun asked him to lead the way.