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DYM Chapter 599

The old Daoist nun did not have the slightest expression on her face when she heard Ye Mo’s words. She just took out a black pill and threw it to Ye Mo and said, “This medicine is good for your injuries, take it.”

Ye Mo took this pill and his face immediately turned ugly. When he was in Luo Yue cultivation, he mainly just followed behind his master to refine and refine pills, and he could see the general herbs as soon as they reached his hands.

This black elixir was not a good treatment for injuries at all, because of the poor refining technique, and the ‘Betel Sense Gra*s’ taste contained within it, Ye Mo could smell it as soon as he smelled it.

The ‘Betel Sense Gra*s’ tasted pungent and spicy, and was chronically poisonous, and could cause one to block the five senses after consumption. Although blocking the five senses was slightly exaggerated, Ye Mo knew that after eating this gra*s inside his stomach, there was definitely no way for his ears to hear and no way to speak after an hour. Even if the poison was not removed for seventy-seven to forty-nine days, there would be no way to undo it again. But to Ye Mo as long as he had the ‘Lotus Life Pill’, not to mention the forty-nine days, even after forty-nine years, he could still undo it.

This old Daoist nun was so poisonous to give him such a thing, did she not want her help?

“Master Ging Hu, in fact, I just hurt my leg a bit because I panicked, everything else is fine. This leg injury will be fine in just a few days, so there is no need to take this elixir ……” Ye Mo said here, seeing the old Daoist nun’s icy eyes, he immediately continued, “This kind of precious elixir, I’d better save it for emergency use later.”

“It doesn’t matter, I have plenty of this kind of medicine, go ahead and take it.” The old Daoist nun’s expression was bland, as if she really had a lot.

But Ye Mo knew that this ‘Penetrating Sense Gra*s’ was definitely very rare, and it was impossible for her to have a lot of it. Now that the old Daoist nun was forcing him to eat this kind of thing, was she onto something?

Thinking of this Ye Mo said, “It’s better to save this good stuff for Master’s urgent use, I’m not quite used to eating this kind of stuff.”

“Humph …… You said you wanted to worship your master, do you still doubt me? What kind of person are you in the end? This place, Huiyan Town, doesn’t even exist, and you’re even saying you’re from Huiyan Town too.” The old Daoist nun’s face became more and more unpleasant.

Ye Mo was shocked in his heart, it couldn’t be, when that old Daoist nun told him about Huiyan Town, she definitely didn’t think of leaving himself alive, she shouldn’t have said a fake place, right? Could it be that he had really guessed wrong?

No. This Daoist nun was definitely blackmailing him. When Ye Mo thought of this in his heart, he immediately said in surprise: “Master, how is it possible, many people know about Hui Yan Town. Many friends who come to the Transverse Cloud Sea to travel and explore like to borrow a place to stay in Hui Yan Town.”

“In that case, you can take me to Hui Yan Town first, I do need some people with martial arts training qualifications.” The old Daoist nun acted as if the words she had just said were not hers.

Ye Mo cursed in his heart that this old thing had thick skin, if he hadn’t withstood the test, he might have fallen into the old thing’s path, thus it was clear that this Daoist nun must have been suspicious of him already. However, Ye Mo could only pretend that he knew nothing, and followed the old Daoist nun happily, with a delighted expression on his face. Secretly, however, he put away the pill he had just taken.

“What? Don’t you believe me? Why didn’t you eat that pill? Don’t you want to get well sooner? Don’t say the medicine wants to be kept. If you want it, I still have it.” All Hu looked at Ye Mo as if she had a meaningful look.

Ye Mo secretly hated in his heart, to be coerced by an old woman, this their bad luck.

He thought so, but he could still only swallow that pill. He knew that this old Daoist nun meant that there was no way for him to call for help. However, Ye Mo did not believe that he would not be able to escape in a month and a half, as long as this Daoist Nun relaxed a little midway, he would immediately return to Bei Wei. As long as he took out the ‘Lotus Life Pill’, his injuries would be nothing.

But once he escaped, this Daoist nun would definitely find out, and if he couldn’t catch himself in time, maybe she would immediately escape as well. Once this Daoist nun escaped and he couldn’t find it when he came back, then the golden pages and spirit stones would be gone. This made Ye Mo very reluctant.

Ye Mo suddenly remembered that he saw a motorbike when he first came in, if he used the motorbike. I wonder if he could escape from this old Daoist nun.

“Do you know many people in Huiyan Town?” The old Daoist nun interrupted Ye Mo’s thoughts and suddenly asked.

“Yes, I know most of the young people in Huiyan Town, and they all like to practice martial arts, if they know ……” Ye Mo was about to show a few words when he was interrupted by this old Daoist nun raising her hand.

“Later you have to do me a big favor, I don’t need you to know a lot of people, just put up a sign in the town and say that you test martial arts training qualifications.” The old Taoist nun said with a wave of her hand.

“Put this on ……,” the old Daoist nun suddenly took out a sheet as thin as a cicada and handed it to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo took it. At once, he hated it in his heart. He didn’t know how this old Daoist nun had so many good things, this was a completely disposable mask with extremely precious materials. After an ordinary person put on this kind of mask, they would not be able to take it off for life. Ye Mo came from the cultivation world, so of course he knew how precious it was, and he didn’t expect the old Daoist nun to even have this. He even suspected that this old Daoist nun had discovered a cave of ancient cultivation.

If he regained his cultivation, Ye Mo was certainly not afraid of this kind of mask, but now he was completely helpless.

“After you put it on, don’t take it off casually, you can only take it off when I help you there.” The Daoist nun’s tone was plain, but Ye Mo felt the killing intent in her tone.

With a secret sigh, Ye Mo had no choice but to put on the mask.

Seeing that Ye Mo did not put up any resistance, this old Daoist nun nodded, expressing her satisfaction.

At this moment, it suddenly occurred to Ye Mo that this old Daoist nun’s pale face was not injured at all, but was wearing a mask. However, Ye Mo quickly gave up this thought, if this old Daoist nun was not injured, she would not have let Bei Wei leave.

A breeze blew in, carrying a faint fishy smell. Although Ye Mo had lost his divine sense and could not raise his true qi, his sense of smell was still there now. He immediately knew what that smell was, it was the black bear that he had met, and he didn’t expect that the black bear had actually come over. Ye Mo knew that his chance had come.

“Master Jing Hu, show me that stone again, I feel that stone is very strange, it seems like I have seen it somewhere in general.” Ye Mo thought about the black bear coming over and immediately hit upon an idea.

The Daoist nun gave Ye Mo a look, not knowing if it was because Ye Mo himself was a plate of food now, or because Ye Mo had been behaving relatively well just now, or because she believed that Ye Mo had met this kind of stone somewhere and impressed her. She surprisingly handed the stone to Ye Mo, “It’s fine for you to look at it, later on when you test it with the stone, I’ll watch from the side, if it meets my requirements, I’ll take the initiative to say so. As long as I don’t say it, it’s not fitting the requirements.”

Ye Mo thanked him in a hurry, took the spirit stone in an excited mood, and pretended to be joyfully admiring it, taking two steps slightly slower, this spirit stone was much larger than the one he had gotten at the time at the Meinei Snow Mountain.

Ye Mo was just a few steps behind when a whimpering roar came over, a big brown and black bear had already seen Ye Mo and the Daoist nun and was staring at the two of them as they rushed over.

As expected, Ye Mo’s heart was immediately pleased, this old bear had really come in a good, wonderful, croaking way. Without even thinking, Ye Mo turned around and ran, calling out as he ran, “Master Jing Hu, I was chased by this big bear, I didn’t expect it to come again. I’ll back off first so you don’t get distracted.”

Ye Mo ran surprisingly fast with a tree branch in his pestle, and when Jing Hu was about to grab Ye Mo to take the Qi Qi stone and then throw him to the black bear, she found that a handful of grasps came up empty. The reason she left Ye Mo behind did have the intention of letting him help test others. But mainly, she then thought about why Ye Mo could sense the Qi Qi stone in his hand, but had no way to cause that Bei Dou formation to resonate.

But now, facing the threat of the big bear, she threw Ye Mo’s little life aside, where she still cared about Ye Mo. Although she could also force the black bear back, she knew very well that once she forced the black bear back she would definitely be greatly depleted of her internal qi. When she fought with the black bear, it was likely that she would let the youngster take advantage of the situation, and besides, the qi stone was still in his hand.

But at this moment, Ye Mo had already escaped a dozen metres away, and even threw his high hat over. Jing Hu hated her teeth so much that she suspected that Ye Mo had just done it on purpose. But at this time, the black bear had already rushed in front of the Daoist nun, so the Daoist nun pulled out the duster on her waist and swiped it at the black bear’s eyes.

He immediately knew that the Daoist nun must have been seriously injured as well. If she really wasn’t injured, then he definitely wouldn’t be able to run away. Moreover, this black bear, with her half-step Xiantian cultivation, could definitely kick it away, or even kick it to death directly.

But now she had unexpectedly taken out the duster and was slow to react. The duster slapped the top of the black bear’s head in one go, but the black bear had thick skin and flesh, but this made it jump even more violently and rushed towards the Daoist nun who was hiding at the side again.

Although Ye Mo was running towards the motorbike, he was in no hurry, in case the Daoist nun was not a match for the black bear, he was eager to take the Daoist nun’s small bag over and see if the golden pages were inside.

Seeing that the black bear was about to hit the Taoist nun again, this Taoist nun suddenly let out a muffled grunt and raised her foot and kicked the black bear in the throat. The black bear unexpectedly rolled over from this kick and spun around several times before climbing up, although it was not damaged in the slightest, it did not dare to go forward again.

At a glance, Ye Mo knew that it would not work, although the woman was seriously injured, the stupid bear was definitely not a match for the Daoist nun, and it looked like it was better for him to run for his life.

Seeing that Ye Mo was still running away, this Daoist nun was furious and immediately chased after him. When the black bear saw the Daoist nun flee, it thought that the Daoist nun was no match for it and actually charged up again even though it had wanted to leave.