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DYM Chapter 600

It was a pity that Ye Mo only knew how to escape, otherwise Ye Mo would have clasped his hands and thanked this black bear.

“b*****d …….” This Daoist nun, angry that the black bear was blocking her from chasing Ye Mo, pulled out a short knife from her bag and no longer cared about retaining her strength, she slashed at the black bear’s body with all her might.

The stupid black bear knew that it was no match for this woman, and was instantly cut with a deep blood groove by this slash, turning around with a whimper and walking away.

The Daoist nun didn’t have the heart to chase the black bear, she saw that Ye Mo had already gotten on the motorbike and immediately chased after him.

Although Jing Hu Dao Nun was fast, Ye Mo had already started the motorbike and was several minutes ahead of her.

“Stop right there or I will kill you right now.” Daoist Nun Jing Hu shouted behind Ye Mo, she had just fought a battle with the black bear and consumed most of the internal qi that she had gathered only when she was not allowed to Chapter 600 – Borrowing Water to Escape Easy, now it was really a bit difficult to catch up with Ye Mo.

She couldn’t have imagined that this kid was so cunning, that he had seen this moment to escape, and had also used the motorbike that was originally available here. At this moment, she was also chagrined that this motorbike had not been disposed of by her, she should have known that she would have disposed of this motorbike in the first place.

She believed that it was only a matter of time before she could catch up with Ye Mo in this valley.

Suddenly, a question came to her mind: did the fleeing boy in front of her know that she was going to kill him? Why else would he be running away? There was also the fact that he had chosen the timing so accurately, could it be that he knew that the black bear was coming? How could this be possible?

The strangest thing was that he had even taken away his Qiqi stone before he fled. If he knew all this in advance and then it was in his calculations, this young man was too terrifying. Such a terrifying person, if offended, must be killed, or else she would suffer sooner or later.

That kid cheated her out of her qi stone before he left, could he be a Hidden Sect Ancient Martial Practitioner? Thinking that Ye Mo might be an ancient martial practitioner, Jing Hu almost stumbled. A dark feeling rose in her heart Chapter 600 – Borrowing Water to Escape was not good, and she guessed out that Ye Mo might really be an ancient martial cultivator.

Because if he was a practitioner of ancient martial arts everything would be explained clearly. He was injured because, just like herself, he had been reversed by that formation. Thinking clearly about this matter, Jing Hu’s heart grew angrier and angrier as she hated herself for not thinking clearly about the matter earlier.

This kid had come here, so maybe it had something to do with the Our Lady Sutra. She knew that she already had one golden page of the Oura Sutra, but was missing the other two. And the one with the other two was missing the one she had with her.

If it weren’t for the fact that she was going back to look for the Lok Hustle, she might not even have returned to the Inner Hidden Sect. Because the first person to handle this scripture was Lok Hustle, and the two missing golden pages were definitely related to her.

This little Sl*t, Lok Hustle, didn’t seem to know anything and didn’t expect her to be tricked as soon as she came to the outside world of huāhuā. If she had either kept the two golden pages for herself, or secretly gave the two most important golden pages of the According to Luo Sutra to others.

And knowing Lok Hustle very well, she would never have secretly hidden the golden pages from her two senior sisters and the division. So she could only have left the golden pages to someone else. If she had known it was a little Sl*tty hoof, she should not have shown mercy in the first place and just killed all three of their sisters.

That Fay Lok was not a good person either, trying to move the idea of the Our Lady’s Sutra for the sake of that man who had cheated on her. It was a pity that she couldn’t find Fay now, if she could have found Fay she would have forced a confession long ago.

She really didn’t understand why these juniors had to be so frivolous one after another. Did they have to find a man who didn’t become a man who even dared to cheat the division. Although she also cheated on her master, she did it for herself, not for a man. The only reason to look for a man is for that bit of sh*t.

Of course Ye Mo heard the shouting of Daoist Nun Jing Hu behind him, and sneered in his heart, “I am not an idiot to stop at this time, looking for death? Luckily, he had calculated the right time or else this old Daoist nun would not have known how to torture him. Ye Mo had already made up his mind that as soon as he reached the city, he would immediately rush to Ninghai and let Bei Wei help him.

As soon as he regained his strength, the first person he would come to teach was this Jing Hu Daoist Nun.

But soon he couldn’t laugh anymore, the oil mark on the motorbike was already seeing red. Ye Mo looked back and saw that the Daoist nun was still chasing after him.

Although he was anxious, there was nothing he could do. As he saw the woman getting closer and closer, Ye Mo knew that if he didn’t think of a way out, he would be dead. Should he make another false move with this Daoist nun?

“The remaining two golden pages should be in your hands, right? You were the one who went to the basement a few days ago, right? If you stop and give me the stuff, I promise to let you live. If you continue to run, you will still be caught up by me, and the first person I will kill when I go back is Falling Hustle ……,” the voice of the Daoist nun of all hugs came from behind, causing Ye Mo to almost fall off his motorbike.

He couldn’t imagine that this woman was so smart that she guessed all of them correctly. However, because of these words, the mood that Ye Mo had planned to make false accusations with this woman was immediately gone, since she knew all this, if he fell into her hands again, he would definitely have a death sentence.

The fuel inside the tank was about to disappear little by little. At a rocky corner, Ye Mo carefully jumped off the motorbike. Then he turned the motorbike’s throttle to the bottom at once, and the motorbike rushed down the cliff under the powerful inertia.

Knowing that the old Taoist nun would be coming over soon, Ye Mo endured the pain from behind the rocks and climbed down the cliff as well. His original intention was to hide in a place where he could not be seen, and wait until the old Daoist nun thought he had fallen off the cliff, and then find a way to escape.

However, with the excruciating pain coming from the broken leg bone and the fact that he did not have the slightest bit of true qi, Ye Mo was unable to secure his body and really fell.

Ye Mo’s heart sank, last time at the Shennongjia, there was still Light Snow to save him. But today he had fallen under a cliff in the Hengduan Mountain Range, and it could be said that no one knew about it, and the only person who knew was the Daoist nun who wanted him dead. Perhaps he had fallen to his death.

Even if he hadn’t fallen to his death, that Daoist Nun Kaifu was already badly injured, but she would never let him go, even if she had to find his whereabouts by fire and sword. If she could know the function of the golden page, she must know it too.

With a “poof”, Ye Mo found that he had landed inside a pool of water after rolling down and being hung up several times by the debris and messy branches.

Although Ye Mo had not been killed by the fall because of something stopping him, he was now covered in bruises. And the cold pool of water made Ye Mo soberly know that it was even more dangerous for him to fall into the pool of water. That Daoist nun would definitely find this place soon.

“The sound of rumbling water came, and as Ye Mo looked at the water pool tumbling down, he put his heart into it and rushed straight into the rushing water, enduring the pain.

He knew that if he was swept away by the torrent, he would still have some hope of survival, but once he fell into the hands of the old Taoist nun, he would have no hope at all. Luckily, the old Daoist nun was badly injured, even if he were to find him, Ye Mo, it would not be a matter of a moment, by that time he would have been carried far away by this turbulent downward waterfall.

The turbulent downward flood kept washing over Ye Mo’s body, bringing him tumbling and rolling in the water. His body had long been bruised and battered on top of the rocks protruding from the bottom of the water, and even his face was not in one good place.

Ye Mo tried his best to avoid being hit in the eyes by the rocks, his mind was highly concentrated at this moment. He didn’t dare to let himself relax for a moment, let alone let himself pa*s out. This was because he knew that once he fell unconscious, then he would not be far from death.

Luckily, he had been cultivating, his mental will was incredibly strong, and those stones that were underwater did not have any sharp edges because they had been washed by water for a long time. Coupled with the sting of the cold water, he still managed to hold on forcibly.

He didn’t know how long had pa*sed, but just when Ye Mo thought he couldn’t hold on, the water around him had eased down and he floated on the surface, only to see that he was already inside a river that wasn’t very wide. Although the river was not as fast as the waterfall, it was still flowing downstream.

Having finally survived, Ye Mo’s heart was slightly relieved and immediately tightened up again. He found that he was completely unable to hear any sound, and he didn’t need to think that talking would definitely not work either, it should be that medicine taking effect.

That D*mned old nun, although Ye Mo hated it greatly in his heart, there was nothing he could do. He knew that he was still within the danger period at this time, and the Jing Hu Daoist Nun would definitely come here in the shortest possible time to look for him.

Although the river seemed to be empty, Ye Mo did not dare to stay where he was and he paddled along the downstream for a while. Originally, Ye Mo wanted to swim out of the river and enter the outer river, and then see if there were any ships or something like that.

However, Ye Mo only swam a few hundred metres before he knew that his plan would not work at all. Not to mention the fact that he had lost too much blood and was exhausted and in pain, there was no way he could swim out of the inner river. Even if he swam out of the river, he would not be able to escape from the Daoist nun.

But it was also unrealistic to find a place to hide around here.

Just when Ye Mo was torn, a loud singing sound came. Subconsciously, Ye Mo looked back and surprisingly, a bamboo felling came down from upstream. On top of the bamboo raft was a man in his fifties, and on top of the raft were four baskets filled with (fastest update) some medicinal herbs. Ye Mo immediately knew that this was a medicine farmer picking medicine, at the border of Yunzhong, in this area of the Hengduan Mountain Range, there were often such medicine farmers who went into the mountains to pick medicine.

The bamboo raft was fast, but Ye Mo did not call for help. He saw the right moment to get underneath the raft and immediately grabbed the underside of the raft. The warped front of the bamboo raft still allowed him to change his breath. It was just a little dangerous because of putting his head in front of the raft, and he was the first to hit it once he met the rocks. However, Ye Mo believed this medicine farmer, since he dared to come inside the mountain to collect medicine, it meant that he must be very familiar with this waterway and would definitely not crash into the top of the rocks.

“That big brother wait…? Ye Mo had just settled himself underneath the raft when he heard the shout of the Daoist nun on the shore of all hu!