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DYM Chapter 601

Chapter 601 – Only wounded to meet each other “That big brother wait ……” Ye Mo had just fixed himself under the bamboo raft when he heard the shout of the Daoist nun on the shore all huffing and puffing.

He was not expecting to be swept down by the water just a little faster than she was. If this raft hadn’t come down, maybe he would have been caught by now.

“This master, did you call for me?” The medicine farmer collecting herbs slowed the raft’s progress; it was not unusual to meet a Taoist nun here.

“Yes, may I ask this elder brother, did you just come down? Have you seen anyone nearby?” came the voice of the Taoist nun.

“No, I have just come down here to collect medicine, but I have not seen anyone. Do you need my help, Master?” This medicine farmer was very enthusiastic about this, but Chapter 601 – Only Wounded See Each Other.

Just when Ye Mo was worried that Jing Hu would let this medicine farmer row the bamboo raft to the side, Daoist Nun Jing Hu said, “This big brother, can you move such big baskets of medicinal herbs you are collecting by yourself? This basket of herbs is very heavy, isn’t it?”

When the medicine farmer heard this, he laughed and went over and grabbed the edges of the two baskets of herbs with one hand and lifted all four baskets with two hands. Then he said, “Actually, the herbs are very light, they don’t weigh much. Do you want to go down, Master, and I will give you a ride?”

But when the medicine farmer finished his sentence, he found that the Taoist nun had already left, and if there wasn’t still some back, he even thought he had met a ghost.

The medicine farmer shook his head, hummed a few lines of a song, and once again directed the raft to go down quickly.

Ye Mo secretly called it a close call, if the old Daoist nun had let the raft dock it would have been bad. This Daoist Nun was fortunate to be out of the small world and was still inexperienced. She was only afraid that she was hiding among the medicine baskets, but she did not think that she was already hiding under the raft.

An hour later, the raft stopped at a village at the foot of a spacious mountain. Ye Mo subconsciously looked up, it was an extremely remote place, but the few smoke from the cooking pots rose, but it gave people a feeling of tranquility.

The small village had two or three hundred and ten families, and occasionally there were the sounds of chickens and dogs barking. The whole village seemed to have only a very small winding path extending outside, and if one were to live in seclusion, one would definitely not be able to find anyone living in this place.

Vaguely, this village gave Ye Mo a feeling that had been hard to describe, and he subconsciously thought that he should stay here to heal his wounds rather than leave.

“Uncle Net is back.” Several children greeted the medicine farmer when they saw him.

A middle-aged woman had also just finished washing a basket of clothes and smiled when she saw the man on the raft ~~- update first ~~ face, “Old Net, it looks like a good harvest today.”

“Hey, I got a wild mountain ginseng today, I won’t have to go to the mountains for a few months this time.” The man proudly carried a few baskets of herbs ashore.

“Aigoo, let’s see.” Said the woman, chasing after the man carrying the herbs to look at the ginseng.

Ye Mo couldn’t hear these people, and when he saw the two men leave, he immediately carefully got out of the water and climbed up onto the shore. At this point he was already drained and in pain all over. He knew that if he didn’t find a place to recover his body as soon as possible, the consequences would be hard to predict. Not to mention his sixth feeling that he should stay here, even if he didn’t have that feeling, there was no way he could leave this village.

It took almost all his strength for Ye Mo to struggle and move to a place at the corner of the village, where he found another house two hundred metres away from this village. This house was built on a slightly higher ground, but from a distance it looked a bit distant from the village below.

He didn’t dare to let anyone see him now, who knew if the Daoist nun would come looking for him. Once the people inside the village found him and the Daoist nun came looking for him, he would know he was here if he asked. But Ye Mo could not leave this place, one was his subconscious to stay, and another was that he was not able to leave, he had to use this village if he wanted to recover from his injuries. Moreover, he had lost too much blood and it was not a good idea to continue walking far away.

Ye Mo was at the door of the hut but found no one inside, he carefully groped his way into the hut. He wanted to find some food, plus get a change of clothes or two. The clothes he was wearing were now like rags, but Ye Mo felt grateful and even a little smug that he had escaped from the hands of Daoist Nun Jing Hu.

If he hadn’t made use of that black bear, he wouldn’t have known how the old Daoist nun would have fixed him at this time. If the old Daoist nun suspected that the remaining two golden pages were on him and he was still under the old Daoist nun’s control, it would have been the end.

There were not many things inside the hut, but it was so clean and tidy that Ye Mo could not even believe that it was a countryside hut. It was a little surprising to him that a countryside hut was so neatly arranged.

But the surprise was only momentary, he had to find something to eat.

Outside the house there was only a table and a simple bamboo stool, nothing to eat. Ye Mo entered a room inside, but inside was a bedroom with only a bed and a futon apart from that.

Ye Mo suddenly felt that this room was so familiar to him, and he quickly remembered. When he was at the Jing Yi Sect, Luo Ying’s room was arranged like this.

Thinking of Luo Ying, Ye Mo’s heart felt as if it had been pulled, and it was a little uncomfortable. He very much did not want to stay here, staying here just reminded him of Luo Ying back then.

However, when he turned his head, he was struck by lightning, there was a stone pond near the window. That stone pond Ye Mo knew too well, it was the stone pond he had given to Luo Ying in the middle of the desert, at that time he had filled it with a pool of clear water.

Could this be the place where Master Luo Ying lived? Ye Mo suddenly wanted to scream, he wanted to call out for Susu, but he couldn’t. He felt his whole body tremble, even when he was swept by the turbulent water just now, he did not have such a big shock as he did now.

Susu, Susu was here. This was where she lived. Ye Mo stared straight at the stone pool, he wanted to walk over and caress it, but he couldn’t even take a step.

It was as if he had been nailed with an acupuncture point, no more thoughts, no more movements, no more pain. The only thing left in his eyes was the stone pool, and the only thing he wanted to do was to walk over to it and hold it in his arms and tell Susu that he was here.

It was not known how long it took before Ye Mo regained his movement. He moved over carefully and grabbed the stone pool. When he grabbed the stone pool, his thoughts stopped once again and he suddenly felt like he couldn’t control his tears. For as long as he could remember, there had never been a moment when he had been so emotional, so unable to control his emotions as he was now.

A young woman with a thorny hairpin and a cloth dress, carrying a small bamboo basket, entered the hut. When she saw that the door of the hut had been opened, she was in a hurry and hurried in.

As soon as she entered, she saw Ye Mo who was stroking the stone pond and stood still. An extreme anger erupted from her eyes, as if her most beloved thing had been taken away by someone else.

Ye Mo looked up at this woman with a thorny hairpin and cloth dress, her hair was coiled up, her face was covered with a piece of veil, and her eyes were clear but angry.

The moment he saw that familiar look, Ye Mo actually froze, Susu, it was really Susu. He wanted to speak, but he couldn’t say anything, he just kept on shedding tears.

The woman who wanted to get angry saw Ye Mo’s tearful and strange appearance and stiffly stopped herself from getting angry. Who the hell was this man? Why did he barge into her home? He had even barged into her room. He was covered in bruises, even his face was bruised everywhere, and he looked unclothed and in such a sorry state, what was this man up to?

Why was he in tears when he was about to lash out? Why was there a familiarity in his eyes? What kind of look was that? Missing? Excitement? Blame? Anxiety?

She could feel all the emotions of the man in front of her, but she could not forgive him for breaking into her room. No one inside the small village would break into her room, it was her place.

“Who are you and why are you coming to my house, please get out now, get out ……” Looking at the stone pool that Ye Mo was stroking in his hand, the woman finally couldn’t help but become angry.

Ye Mo had no way to speak, nor could he hear any sound, but he could see that anger, and he suddenly felt a wave of dizziness come over him.!!!