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DYM Chapter 602

His heart and soul were too jīd and his injuries were too severe, the moment he saw Luo Ying, Ye Mo finally couldn’t hold on and he fainted0

The woman who originally wanted to get angry saw that Ye Mo had unexpectedly fainted, and when she looked at the injuries on his body, she immediately knew that he had been injured too badly as a result. Although she didn’t know who this seriously injured man really was, she had a vague feeling of déjà vu in her heart.

Moreover, this man had been touching the stone pool, and she knew that the only person who understood the significance of the stone pool was Ye Mo. Could he be Ye Mo? The woman suddenly froze as she remembered the man’s eyes just now, and how similar they were to Ye Mo’s? Could it really be Ye Mo?

She untied her veil to reveal a beautiful face, which was clearly Luo Ying, the one Ye Mo had been looking for for a long time, only that Ye Mo had already pa*sed out at this time Chapter 602 – Second Sneak Attack.

Luo Ying looked carefully at the man on the ground again, it seemed to be somewhat familiar, but he was unconscious at the moment, instead of the familiarity he had just now. She carefully touched Ye Mo’s face with her hand, and found no signs of disguise, perhaps she missed Ye Mo too much, so she saw the wrong person.

Although she was a little disappointed, Luo Ying moved Ye Mo out, took out the medicinal herbs and simply helped Ye Mo put on the injured parts. She also boiled a bowl of soup and medicine for Ye Mo and fed it in, and only then did she breathe a sigh of relief. His body was strong, so he should not be in trouble.

Although his dantian was broken and he was seriously injured, Ye Mo’s robust physique and strong recovery ability that he had been cultivating came through. Although they were some ordinary medicinal herbs, most of them were absorbed in Ye Mo’s body.

He opened his eyes and found that he was still inside that small room, only his injuries were so much better than when he first arrived. It was Luo Ying who saved me… Luo Ying? Did she recognise me?

Ye Mo was shocked and immediately had to get up to see if Luo Ying was there, he had found her so easily and really didn’t want to lose her again. Luckily, when he raised his head, he saw Luo Ying who was busy outside the house, she was building a small hut.

There was also a small cooker next to it, and inside the cooker seemed to be boiling some porridge with medicinal herbs, emitting a faint medicinal smell.

Ye Mo smiled bitterly, it looked like Luo Ying wanted to wait for himself to wake up and move himself inside the small hut, not wanting him to remain where she lived.

Himself is what Ye Mo must tell her, although he can’t speak or listen, but he can still write.

Ye Mo climbed up, apart from being a little hungry, his injuries were much better than yesterday. If he went on like this, even if he couldn’t recover his dantian or his divine sense, it would be no problem to recover to the level of an ordinary person.

Ye Mo stood in the doorway and looked at Luo Ying who was busy with her back to him a little dazed. Is it yea? Non-Yes? When the person he missed day and night was right in front of him, he couldn’t believe it. He even wanted to pinch himself a little, if that was true.

Luo Ying’s busy figure formed a landscape in Ye Mo’s heart, he didn’t even dare to go over and break this tranquility, he was still afraid that once he broke this tranquility, everything would turn into nothingness and he would become nothing again.

Suddenly Ye Mo shivered as he saw an extremely hideous gaze staring right at him. It was Daoist Daoist Nun Jing Hu, she was staring at Ye Mo like a ghost. Ye Mo broke out in a cold sweat, he was already regretting that he shouldn’t have come here, and that he had brought disaster to Luo Ying after coming here. This ghostly Daoist nun had actually found her way here, and it looked like afterwards she remembered that she had nowhere to run to but to come to this place.

Daoist Nun Jing Hu smiled coldly at Ye Mo, her gaze went to Luo Ying who was still busy, and a chill of resentment appeared at the corner of her mouth.

No good, she hated even Luo Ying, she must have hated Luo Ying for saving her and spoiling things for her. Ye Mo immediately shouted, to warn Luo Ying, but he unexpectedly found himself unable to make the slightest sound.

The shadow of the duster in Jing Hu’s hand was already moving, so Ye Mo didn’t even have time to think carefully and pounced directly on Luo Ying’s body.

At the same time as Ye Mo pounced on Luo Ying, Luo Ying woke up with a start, she was after all a Yellow ranked martial artist, she immediately subconsciously retreated backwards. Ye Mo lunged in the air, and at this time the duster fell down just in time. It hit Ye Mo’s back solidly0

Ye Mo was not that black bear, he was not capable of blocking this blow, not to mention that he was already badly injured.

With a “poof”, another mouthful of blood was spat out. This blow almost displaced all of Ye Mo’s internal organs, and his already internal injuries were even worse.

Looking at Ye Mo spitting out blood and falling to the ground, as well as Daoist Nun Jing Hu who was standing behind him with a duster, Luo Ying had completely understood. This Gai Hu Daoist Nun was going to make a sneak attack on her, only to be blocked by this man whom she had saved with her body.

“Who are you? Why are you making a move on us?” Luo Ying’s voice was a little loud, she was really angry. She was also from the Jing Yi Sect, and the worst people within the sect would not strike at a stranger for no reason, and she didn’t even know this Taoist nun.

It was conceivable that if the injured young man hadn’t just blocked it, she would have been equally injured now. Although she was good in heaven, she had never cultivated because of Ye Mo’s relationship and living in seclusion in this place, and was still at the middle Yellow level. If it were an ordinary person, this blow would have seriously injured him.

“You shouldn’t have saved him, so you should die too.” Daoist Nun Kaifu’s tone was flat, as if this was a natural thing to do.

After saying this, Daoist Nun Jing Hu did not make a move on Luo Ying, but walked to Ye Mo’s side and wanted to search on Ye Mo’s body.

Seeing that Daoist Aunt Gong Hu wanted to move Ye Mo, Luo Ying grunted and took out a yellow ling belt and struck it at the Daoist Aunt.

“Huh, you actually practice ancient martial arts too?” The daoist nun dodged the blow and looked at Luo Ying with some uncertainty. Someone who could use Huang Ling as a weapon was definitely someone with internal qi cultivation. Although the woman in front of her could not yet bind the ling into a stick, it was not simple.

“Please leave now, you can’t touch him.” Luo Ying was disgusted with this Daoist nun and her tone was terse.

“Then I will clean you up first, to have a woman of your stunning beauty in this small place, one look and you know it is not normal.” As Daoist Nun Kaifu finished speaking, the duster in her hand had already struck again.

Her current strength and internal qi was not even a hundredth of what it was at its peak, and she had been revolted by that formation just like Ye Mo, although the result was better than Ye Mo, but after a few more big battles, it could be said that she was now no better than Ye Mo.

In her opinion, even if Luo Ying was a cultivator of ancient martial arts, at most, he was just barely enough to be on the edge of the yellow rank. But when she fought with Luo Ying, she realised that this beautiful, unlikeable woman was about as skilled as her, even slightly stronger than her, and definitely not at the early Yellow rank. If she hadn’t been so experienced and hadn’t had so many moves, she might have been defeated by now.

Luo Ying, however, rarely fought anyone, and when this fight started, she was at first forced to retreat step by step. But as time pa*sed, her movements became more and more pure, and gradually she went from being down to being on par, to having the upper hand.

The Daoist nun knew that her internal qi was no longer enough to allow her to defeat the woman in front of her, and she really could not figure out that there were such women in such an isolated place, which made her very uncomfortable.

“Girl, you don’t know this young man at all, so why are you standing up for him? If you can let me take him away, I can give you a ground-level ancient martial cultivation technique, plus an ‘Ascending Xuan Dan”

When Daoist Nun Jing Hu knew that there was no longer a way to defeat Luo Ying with her real skills, she began to adopt other strategies.

Take Ye Mo away first, and as for this woman, when she had recovered her strength, she would make another trip and then simply kill her.

Luo Ying, however, did not say a word and just kept attacking. She didn’t know that it was Ye Mo lying on the ground, if she knew it was Ye Mo, not to mention the ‘Ascension Pill,’ even if Daoist Nun Jing Hu could have said ‘Ascension Pill’ she would have fought to kill Jing Hu. If she knew it was Ye Mo, even if Daoist Aunt Jing Hu could say ‘Immortal Ascension Pill’, she would have killed Jing Hu.

Seeing that Luo Ying was ignoring herself and attacking herself, just to force herself out of here, Daoist Nun Gaiyu was also furious. Is this worth it for someone you don’t know? And I tell you the truth, the man lying on the ground has taken my poison and has only forty-nine days to live. If I take him away, he can still live, staying here with you is a certain death.”

Hearing these words, Luo Ying’s attack eased down, as if he was considering the old Daoist nun’s words. Ye Mo opened his eyes at precisely this time, although the pain inside his body was like a fire, but he had no way to ease this pain.

His dantian was injured and there was no way to run his true qi to heal his injuries, so he could only wait like this. Luckily, although Luo Ying’s cultivation level did not seem to have increased, the injury to Daoist Nun Jing Hu was not simple, and surprisingly, Luo Ying had the upper hand.

When he saw that Luo Ying had listened to what Daoist Nun Gaihu had said, he had actually moderated his attack, and was shocked, saying that it was not good.

Seeing that Ging Hu had put away the dust, Luo Ying did not continue to force himself and also put away the yellow ling in his hand.

He knew how sinister Daoist Nun Gaohu was, she had a short sword, and Ye Mo had clearly seen her slash a black bear with it. At this time, she put away her duster, definitely not to make peace with Luo Ying, but to continue to sneak attack Luo Ying.

Luo Ying had no experience in fighting and didn’t understand any of this, and she trusted others too easily.

Ye Mo didn’t care whether or not Jing Hu would attack Luo Ying with his short sword, under that anxiety and jīng, he actually exploded to his feet again and rushed towards Luo Ying. No matter who it was, it would not do to hurt Luo Ying.

If one were to say who knew Jing Hu the best, then Ye Mo, who had not spent much time with her, was definitely at the top of the list. Just as Ye Mo rushed out, the same scene as the original one happened again. The only difference was that this time, the knife that Jing Hu used to attack Luo Ying was just a short knife.

It can be said that Ye Mo was a second faster than Jing Hu’s movement, and the short knife of the Daoist nun of Jing Hu was sent out after Ye Mo’s back almost at the same time.!