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DYM Chapter 603

The short blade directly penetrated into Ye Mo’s left shoulder, and Ye Mo, who was originally standing up with just one breath, was carried out as far as he could by the force of this short blade, and fell straight down in front of Luo Ying’s body, fainting once again.

Looking at Ye Mo, who was once again attacked by this Daoist nun’s short blade, Luo Ying’s heart unexpectedly trembled for no reason, she couldn’t think about it in time, she was completely furious. Ye Mo had been injured twice to save her, she could not imagine that this Daoist nun, who also looked very clean, would be so cunning.

Almost without even thinking about it, Luo Ying’s Huang Ling used all her Qi and struck the Daoist Nun’s dantian as if it were a straight line.

The Daoist Nun never thought that her sure kill move would be blocked by Ye Mo once again. Could this kid be her nemesis? But she couldn’t make another move in time, Luo Ying’s long ling had already struck heavily on top of her dantian. She hadn’t even reacted to the fact that Luo Ying had actually dealt a vicious blow to her.

Even if she had reacted, it would be difficult for her current strength to dodge this blow from Luo Ying in her anger.

With a ‘poof’, the same mouthful of blood spurted out, and her already injured dantian was even more seriously injured by this blow from Luo Ying. She knew that if she didn’t leave, she would never be able to leave again. At this moment, she was no better than an ordinary person, and with her dantian injured again, there was no telling how long it would take her to recover.

Jing Hu also did not expect to end up with this kind of ending, she did not even ask for the short sword anymore and turned around and left. It even occurred to her whether Ye Mo knew her every thought in advance. Two consecutive sneak attacks. Both were followed by a seriously injured person. Once again, she thought about Ye Mo’s use of the black bear to escape. Daoist Nun Jing Hu suddenly shivered, she actually felt a chill.

If these were really guessed by that young man in advance, then that young man was a little too terrifying. If it wasn’t for the two pages of golden paper, Jing Hu would rather never meet such a terrifying person.

Luo Ying, however, hurriedly helped Ye Mo up and did not go after this Daoist Nun Jing Hu.

Seeing that Luo Ying did not chase after her, Daoist Nun Jing Hu was finally relieved, she knew that she could not even face an ordinary person now, not to mention facing that woman who had trained in ancient martial arts. Moreover, she would not be able to heal from her injuries without a few months.

Quickly, she helped Ye Mo to stop the bleeding. Luo Ying was a little worried. After all, this man was injured because he saved her, and if she could, she would love to have saved Ye Mo.

Ye Mo felt his eyelids were heavy and he forced himself to struggle to open his eyes. Seeing some worried eyes not far away. It was Luo Ying, it was really Luo Ying, that stunningly beautiful face had appeared inside Ye Mo’s mind countless times, and now it finally really appeared in front of him. Ye Mo trembled a little in excitement, his face turned red.

“Don’t move, I will definitely find a way to save your life, and …… thank you for saving me.” Although Luo Ying did not know how she should save Ye Mo, she felt Ye Mo’s trembling. His gaze was a bit rude, although the man was injured because of her, Luo Ying still wasn’t quite used to it. It was just that she also knew. Her own appearance was somewhat beautiful, so she didn’t care too much.

When Ye Mo felt Luo Ying close at hand, he trembled a little and reached out his hand to touch Luo Ying’s face. Seeing Ye Mo’s action, Luo Ying’s face immediately changed, she hummed and heavily put down Ye Mo, her heart was very uncomfortable.

She took out her gauze towel and wanted to cover her face again, her heart only wanted to make this man available for action sooner and then he would leave her place.

Ye Mo suddenly thought of his mask and that Luo Ying did not know him. He forced himself to hold back the dizziness that came again. He reached out and dabbed some blood on his shoulder, trying to write his name out on the ground.

Luo Ying looked at Ye Mo’s strange movement and froze a little, the way he seemed to want to write. Thinking of this, Luo Ying casually that out a white towel and threw it in front of Ye Mo, but did not say anything.

Ye Mo wanted to lift his head and look at Luo Ying again. But he knew that his strength was limited, and the next moment. Maybe he would have to pa*s out in a dizzying faint.

After writing a few words, Ye Mo finally couldn’t hold back and pa*sed out again.

Luo Ying subconsciously picked up the towel on the ground, and when she saw the words on the towel, her brain suddenly went ‘buzzing’, it was as if she had had all the acupuncture points on her body nudged in the air, she couldn’t move at all.

She didn’t even see or feel the towel fall to the ground.

There were only four words on the towel, “I am Ye Mo.”

Ye Mo? Was it really Ye Mo? Why didn’t his face look like that? Disguise, yes it was definitely a disguise.

Apart from Ye Mo, who else would have helped her block the old Taoist nun’s several sneak attacks? Apart from Ye Mo, who else would have touched the stone pool and shed tears? Apart from Ye Mo, who else would value her life more than himself?

Why did he come here? He had come to find himself, he had come to find her. If she knew that Ye Mo would get hurt because he was looking for her, she wouldn’t have secretly left Ye Mo.

“Ye Mo ……” Luo Ying finally reacted to the fact that the person on the ground was really Ye Mo, she screamed in a tearful voice and jumped on top of Ye Mo at once, holding him in her arms. Tears were like a river that broke its banks, all of them spilled on Ye Mo’s body, washing away the blood on his body.

She suddenly hated herself for being merciful to the old Daoist nun who was chasing Ye Mo. If she had fought that old Daoist nun to the death at the beginning, how could Ye Mo have been injured?

Luo Ying kept shedding tears, but there was no way she could forgive herself. A hoarse Luo Ying suddenly woke up, why was she still here hugging Ye Mo and crying, the main thing now was to save him ah.


Ye Mo felt as if his soul was about to drift apart, he felt his spirit was on the verge of collapsing. He knew that this was a sign before death, he was a cultivator and had divine sense and knew the existence of the Yin soul. And he also knew that once his soul left his body, he would never be able to wake up again.

He forced himself to endure his soul’s tendency to drift away; he could not die. Suddenly a cool, refreshing coolness invaded his mind and he felt a warmth before he drifted off to sleep once more.

In his drowsiness, he seemed to have had a long dream. He found Luo Ying in his dream, and then he took Luo Ying to answer Luo Yue and had a big wedding with Light Snow. The whole of Luo Yue City came to congratulate him, and the feeling of being too happy made him a little uncertain.

But as he was pulling Luo Ying and Light Snow into the bridal chamber, Luo Ying told him that she was going back to the Luo Yue Continent and could not be with him.

He tried to reach out and pull Luo Ying, but she walked further and further away, and in the end, he could not pull her back.

“Susu, don’t go ……” Ye Mo shouted, he opened his eyes, but saw Luo Ying looking at him with a worried face. She could tell that Ye Mo seemed to want to say something, but couldn’t say anything.

“You’re awake, you’re finally awake.” When Luo Ying saw Ye Mo finally open his eyes, she could no longer hold back her inner torment and hugged Ye Mo tightly, allowing her tears to infest Ye Mo’s clothes.

“Master ……” Ye Mo fainted again after letting out these two words from his heart.

Only this time he woke up quickly, he struggled to raise his hand and caressed over Luo Ying’s face, Luo Ying had lost so much weight, from her worried eyes and her face full of tears, Ye Mo knew that she was suffering more than the injuries he had suffered.

He finally touched Luo Ying’s face, “Master, don’t worry about me, I’m already well. Don’t you cry, don’t you leave me in the future.”

Although she didn’t know what Ye Mo was talking about, Luo Ying nodded, as if she knew what Ye Mo was thinking in his heart. She picked up Ye Mo, wiped his eyes, brought a small bowl of thin rice, blew it carefully, and fed it to Ye Mo one mouthful at a time.

After feeding him, she brought water to help Ye Mo wash up, and even helped him with the brushing of his teeth.

“Miss Susu, I have stewed the chicken soup here for you, so you can feed it to your family.” Luo Ying had just finished feeding Ye Mo’s thin rice when she heard a shout from the doorway.

She hurriedly put down the towel in her hand, wiped Ye Mo’s face and hurriedly walked out.

“Ruan Niang, thank you, I’ve been troubling you for the past few days. And thanks to Uncle Net for that ginseng, if it wasn’t for you guys, I ……” Luo Ying said gratefully as she took the porcelain pot from the woman at the door.

“Don’t say that, Su Su girl. You’ve helped cure so many patients in our village here, what’s a little help from your aunt. Don’t you worry, I will help you with what you have explained, now your business is the village’s business.” This elder lady immediately said.

Ye Mo looked at the bed he was sleeping on, which was inside Luo Ying’s room. What surprised Ye Mo was that this room was different from the first time he saw it, he couldn’t tell what had changed, but it seemed that the festive colours had changed more.

As he was thinking about it, Luo Ying had already entered, her face was tinged with some redness and she didn’t know what she had just done because of something.

Ye Mo was thinking of telling Luo Ying that they were not brother and sister, nor were they siblings, so there was no need to worry. Luo Ying surprisingly came over and hugged Ye Mo’s head again, Ye Mo smelled a faint fragrance, he was even intoxicated.

“Ye Mo, I don’t want to be your master, I don’t want to be your sister nor your sister, I just want to be your wife ……” Luo Ying was talking as if to herself and as if to Ye Mo.

Suddenly she seemed to remember something and let go of Ye Mo, instead she took out a piece of paper and wrote: “I don’t want to be your master in the future, let’s get married. I’ve already spoken to Rongniang, and when you can get out of bed, we’ll have a wedding.”

After saying that her eyes were red, she knew that Ye Mo had once taken the old Taoist nun’s poison, but surprisingly she couldn’t find out exactly what it was. Although she knew it was useless to go to the hospital for a poison that she couldn’t even check out, she still wanted to wait for Ye Mo to get a bit better and then take him out to see. If he really couldn’t be cured, then she would be a couple with him for a month and go with him then.

“……” Ye Mo froze, he looked at Luo Ying, did she already know that they were not brother and sister, nor were they siblings? If she knew that Susu why didn’t she go back to him?

Luo Ying looked at the dazed Ye Mo, her face once again rose some red as she continued to write, “Ye Mo, in the future I will also follow the example of the people in the mountains and call you home. I don’t care if I’m your sister or sister, I don’t want to bother, I just want to marry you, I just want to be your wife and live here in the future ……”