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DYM Chapter 604

Ye Mo stared blankly at Luo Ying, he thought that Luo Ying knew that Jing Jing was lying to him, but he didn’t expect that Luo Ying didn’t know at all. Even so, she was still willing to marry him.

Looking at the festive look of the room, it turned out that it was set up by Luo Ying to prepare for her marriage with him. But why was Luo Ying in such a hurry? Couldn’t he wait until he was well before getting married? He still wanted to wait for his injuries to heal, bring Luo Ying back to Luo Yue, and then get married there.

“Are you willing to marry me?” Luo Ying let go of Ye Mo and wrote again, her eyes filled with expectation.

Willing, of course she was willing. Ye Mo woke up and hurriedly took the pen and wrote, “Master I am certainly willing to marry you, in fact you and I have no blood relationship, it was Jing Xi who lied to you.”

Luo Ying smiled faintly and slowly leaned on Ye Mo, she thought Ye Mo was relieving her, but what was the use of that, since she had promised Ye Mo, whatever it was she didn’t care anymore. Moreover, she could often think of Ye Mo in her dreams, as if she had known Ye Mo in her previous life.

Ye Mo only had less than two months to live, he liked himself, she liked him too, and when he died, she would go with him. What brother and sister, what master, it didn’t matter anymore. To be able to stay with Ye Mo before she died was already the greatest happiness she could have.

“Don’t call me master, I want to marry you, I want to be your wife.” Luo Ying wrote.

“Good, Susu, you really are not related to me by blood, my sister is called Beiwei, she is now in Ninghai, she is also Luo Hongsi, I will marry you too, I want you to be my wife too ……” Ye Mo knew at a glance that Luo Ying still had some disbelief, he could see that Luo Ying’s heart still had some obstacles.

“Really ……” Luo Ying had completely forgotten about the fact that Ye Mo was still unable to hear her words and asked as she stared at Ye Mo in surprise. She saw Ye Mo’s eyes, and Ye Mo was not lying to her.

After asking, she didn’t wait for Ye Mo’s answer, she directly jumped into Ye Mo’s arms, thanking in her heart that the heavens were too good to her, not only did she see Ye Mo again, but she could finally marry him openly and honestly.

Ye Mo wiped the tears from Luo Ying’s face, he knew that during the days he was separated from himself. At least, he still knew who Luo Ying was and knew about Luo Ying’s past with him. But Luo Ying knew nothing, the only thing she could remember was the vague memory of herself in her mind.

Luo Ying lifted her head and met Ye Mo’s lips, and the two kissed together again. The orchid-like taste made Ye Mo unable to stop himself. The pa*sionate kiss made them forget about time. It was only when Luo Ying found herself completely held in Ye Mo’s arms that she came to her senses.

She hurriedly got up from Ye Mo’s embrace. Looking outside at the already darkening sky, she took a pen and wrote: “You’ve been in a coma for several days, Rongniang sent some soup. I’ll go and heat it up for you to eat. When you are completely healed, we can be together.”

Ye Mo suddenly woke up with a start as he remembered Daoist Nun Jing Hu. He hurriedly wrote, “Susu, we need to get out of here, that old Daoist nun will definitely not let me go, she will definitely come here.”

Ye Mo believed that Daoist Aunt Jing Hu would never let himself go for those two golden pages.

Luo Ying wrote with a faint smile, “She is very badly injured, it will take at least several months to recover from her injuries, by that time we would have already left. If I knew that the person that woman was dealing with was you, I would definitely not have let her go.”

Of course Ye Mo didn’t know what Luo Ying meant by leaving, he thought that Luo Ying was ready to leave with him. However, he heard that it would take a few months for the Jing Hu Daoist nun to recover from her injuries. His heart immediately dropped and he then wrote, “Susu, in a few months, I’ll take you to another place to get married, and I have so many more things to tell you.”

Unexpectedly, when Luo Ying saw what Ye Mo wrote, she immediately shook her head and wrote, “No, I can’t wait any longer. I must get married to you right away.”

Ye Mo looked at Luo Ying in surprise, of course he didn’t know why Luo Ying wanted to marry him immediately, but he had promised Light Snow that we would get married together when the time came, but how could this matter be said?

Luo Ying didn’t wait for Ye Mo to answer. She gave him a kiss on the lips, turned around and went out to prepare the meal.

Ye Mo looked at Luo Ying’s back as she left. His heart was filled with warmth, since she wanted to get married, let’s get married. She and Light Snow had a marriage certificate anyway, and then they would have a big wedding together when they returned to Luo Yue.

The matter of Daoist Nun Jing Hu being injured couldn’t be better for Ye Mo, in a few months’ time, he was completely sure that Luo Ying would be able to cultivate to the first level of Qi cultivation and then help him take out what was inside the ring. If Luo Ying didn’t want to go out or if she didn’t have any spiritual roots, let Bei Wei make a trip.

Ye Mo had just woken up, his body was still too weak, he just drank a few mouthfuls of soup and fell asleep again.

When he woke up again it was already noon the next day, Luo Ying was not at home and did not know where she had gone. But in a day’s time, the inside of the hut was already decorated with a red and festive smell, a big red Xi Xi character was pasted on the door.

Ye Mo looked a little lost in thought, he even went back to the time when he was in the Luo Yue Continent, when his master taught him how to refine pills by hand. Now he was finally getting married to Luo Ying, despite the trials and tribulations, he and Luo Ying had come together.

“In my last life you were my master and you came to take care of me. In this lifetime let me be your master and let me take care of you ……” Ye Mo thought in his heart and casually took out a piece of paper and wrote the first layer of the heart method that his master cultivated on the paper.


At this time in a valley deep in the sea of clouds in the Hengduan Mountain Range, a wretched Daoist nun sat on top of a rock with a ghastly expression.

She was the Daoist nun of Jing Hu who had been injured by Luo Ying, and what had been expected had gone wrong time and again. The only good thing that came out of it was the general knowledge that the golden pages were supposed to be on the boy she had injured. But that brat was too deep-rooted and too lucky. If it wasn’t for the woman who happened to meet the woman who practised ancient martial arts, she would have been torturing him herself by now.

But now, not only had she not caught that brat, she had even cheated him out of her ‘Qi Qi Stone’, which was extremely precious and had an important role to play in comprehending the Innate.

The Daoist nun exhaled with hatred, even if that brat was more sinister, she would not give up just like that.

If it was only because of the ‘Qi Qi Stone’, maybe she would have waited until she had advanced to the Ascendant before going to him, even without the ‘Qi Qi Stone’, she thought she could still advance to the Ascendant. But the matter of the golden pages was not trivial. Although she did not know what the three golden pages represented yet, she was already half a step into the Ascendant, and her intuition knew that these three golden pages were definitely not ordinary things.

What’s more, in addition to that, she also thought that the cultivation code of the ‘Cihang Jingzhai’ was also on Ye Mo’s possession, as well as the three ‘Our Laws Sutra’ which were likewise taken by Ye Mo. None of these things were not extremely dignified, and she could not leave any of them behind.

This time she was too badly injured, that woman looked beautiful, but she didn’t expect to move with such ferocity. And that boy, he was even more seriously injured than herself, and I believed that it would be impossible for him to recover completely without a few months. And although his own injuries were heavy, he had healing pills, and if he found some more good medicinal herbs, he might recover his third level of strength in just a month. As long as she recovered three layers of strength, that beautiful woman would be no match for her at all.

When the time comes to catch that woman, she must know what the consequences of offending herself will be.


At the same time, the official circles in Hedong Province are also in turmoil, involving more and more people, all because of that little will case in Jiutang City.

The case started when Yi Jiuhe of the ‘Jiuhe Group’ in Jiutang City, Hedong Province, was a*sa*sinated in a foreign country and ended up dying in a different place. While Yi Jiuhe’s two brothers took out Yi Jiuhe’s will, which clearly stated that the ‘Jiuhe Group’ was the property of the Yi family and he, Yi Jiuhe, was only responsible for running it. If anything happened to him, the ‘Jiuhe Group’ would be jointly owned by his elder brother, Yi Qihai, and his second brother, Yi Zhun.

His wife Lu Ling and his two daughters have the right to work in the ‘Jiuhe Group’ and the two brothers give some shares to Lu Ling and his daughters at their discretion.

This will meant that if the two brothers did not give Lu Ling shares, then the ‘Jiuhe Group’ would have nothing to do with them.

It turned out that Lu Ling, Yi Jiuhe’s wife, thought that the will was a fake and that the ‘Jiuhe Group’ was originally Yi Jiuhe’s personal property and could not possibly have anything to do with his two brothers. No one had ever made a will to put their wife and daughter aside, so they took the two brothers to court.

However, the court ruled against Lu Ling, who appealed again. And immediately after the second appeal, the verdict of the Jiutang Intermediate People’s Court became that the will was a forgery again, and Lu Ling and the two daughters won the case. And Yi Zhun was sentenced to death for killing Jiang Junshan, a friend of Yi Jiuhe who had the real will, in order to fake the will.

But this is where the problem lies. When Lu Ling sued for the second time, it was said that not only did the judge, Chen Changhui, favour Lu Ling, but also Li Chunsheng, the secretary of the municipal party committee of Hefeng, the capital city of Hedong Province, came to Jutang personally to oversee the case.

And the case was appealed to the High People’s Court in Hefeng City by Yi Qihai immediately after the second instance verdict.

Although the result has not yet come out, almost everyone who hangs out in the officialdom knows that because of this case, the prospects for Li Chunsheng, the star of the officialdom in Hedong Province, are not good.

But now Li Chunsheng is sitting inside his office, frowning and smoking one cigarette after another, the whole room is already filled with smoke.

He could not have imagined that such an apparently simple case would involve such a big problem. He guessed that Ye Mo could not think of it either, but at this time, not only could he not contact Ye Mo, even the Yanjing Li family could not care about him. The Li family was already too busy to take care of themselves, so they didn’t have the heart to care about Li Chunsheng.

Now, not only were Li Chunsheng’s phones being bugged, but even all his movements were being monitored. Apart from the fact that he was not directly told to double-cross him, Li Chunsheng was in fact close to being treated as if he was under regulation.