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DYM Chapter 605

The village of Anri, located at the foot of a gentle mountain on the edge of the Transverse Range. It can be said that the Jedi is a small village isolated from the outside world, and the whole village has only about thirty families.

If it weren’t for the fact that three years ago, electricity wouldn’t even have been pulled up here because the government was preparing to develop tourism here. But then again, because of the problems of the developers, tourism never developed here. So it is still as isolated as before, the only difference being that there is a path to the outside and electricity coming in.

But it is a beautiful place, with mountains and water. The Anri River in front of the village leads directly to the Nu River, and there are countless valleys rich in medicinal herbs upstream of the Anri River. Both the river and the valleys are the main source of income for the people of Anri.

Today, however, the village of Anli was overflowing with joy and happiness because Miss Susu, the only girl in Anli who could help everyone identify medicinal herbs and teach them how to cure diseases with various medicinal herbs, was getting married.

“Miss Susu is really pretty, just like a heavenly fairy ……”

“Yes, I’ve seen many beautiful actresses on TV too, but I’ve never seen a girl as beautiful as Susu.”

“It’s just that her husband is a bit average, he doesn’t look like he’s good enough for Susu ah ……”

“You’re really, only if Suzu likes it, that young man is also quite nice and has a very sweet mouth?”


Because after Susu found Ye Mo, she removed the sarong from her face. Those who were talking about her were the people who had seen her in the village, they were all shocked by Luo Ying’s amazing and stunning face, they had never thought that the girl Susu who had always lived beside them with a veil covering her face all the time was so beautiful.

Ye Mo was equally jīt beyond belief, today he could finally walk with Susu holding hands.

The people in the countryside were really, without all the rules of the city, they all got together in droves to have a lively time, then it was dinner and drinks, followed by blessings for the newlyweds, but both Ye Mo and Luo Ying liked this.

After a day of bustle, the small village finally quieted down, and Ye Mo led Luo Ying, who was covered with a red headband, into the hut. This was once a place where Luo Ying had lived alone for two years, and now it was a place where she and Ye Mo lived together.

Under the red candle, Luo Ying’s delicate pink face was reflected more and more delicately, with a touch of shyness, which made Ye Mo a little smitten, “Outgoing like light clouds covering the moon, floating like a flowing wind returning to the snow. The sun is as bright as the sun rising in the sunset, and the lotus flower is as hot as a lotus flower coming out of the straining waves. The neck and neckline of the woman are so beautiful that they can be seen. ……”

“Susu, you are so beautiful ……” Ye Mo embraced Luo Ying and could not help but say, the mask on his face had been washed away by Luo Ying with medicine, but the ‘Betelgeuse’ poison in his body had not been removed.

Although Ye Mo did not make any sound, Luo Ying knew what he was talking about. She felt Ye Mo’s not-so-quiet hand, and her body trembled a little, it was an unspeakable love.

“Wait ……” Although she knew Ye Mo couldn’t hear her, she still reached out with a palm wind and extinguished the candle. She knew she was going to sleep with Ye Mo, but she still felt a little shy under the reflection of that red candle.

Although the red candle was extinguished, the moonlight was still bright, shining in through the window, mapping the strong love in their eyes.

Luo Ying’s body was soft and warm, emitting a fragrance that made it difficult for Ye Mo to make himself. When he came to his senses, he found that he had already removed most of Luo Ying’s clothes from her body, and Luo Ying was curled up in his arms like a little lamb, knowing only to cling to him and let him do his bidding.

As much as he wanted to, Ye Mo suddenly remembered about Luo Ying’s cultivation. Three days ago, he had already written the first layer of the gong~~- update first~~~ that Luo Ying used to cultivate to her, and Luo Ying did have spiritual roots. He believed that with the help of that spirit stone, Luo Ying could definitely advance to the first level of Qi cultivation within a month.

But if he stayed with her now, would it have an effect on her cultivation in the future? What if she could not build her foundation because of himself? Just like Light Snow, he had not been in the same room with her because he was worried about Ning Light Snow’s foundation building.

It was as if he sensed that Ye Mo’s movements were a little sluggish and even stopped. Luo Ying raised her head and looked at Ye Mo shyly, with some questions in her eyes.

Ye Mo didn’t have the means to give himself the Clear God trick now, but he loved Luo Ying, and he could endure all the hard feelings and temptations for the sake of his love.

“I am afraid that if I want you today, it will be difficult for your cultivation to build a foundation in the future, why don’t we …… wait for you to build a foundation,” Ye Mo had only written half of the paper when it was taken away by Luo Ying.

Luo Ying didn’t say anything, she just shook her head, her body had already told Ye Mo that she only wanted to be with Ye Mo, nothing else mattered. She knew in her heart that if the poison in Ye Mo’s body was not removed, everything else was nothing, and that she could be with him for one more day, even if it was one day.

Without the ‘Clear God Decision’ Ye Mo could no longer control his feelings for Luo Ying, could not control the love inside him. The wooden bed carried some sounds and looked extraordinarily warm under the quiet moonlight.

Luo Ying’s body was like a hot stream, becoming more and more sensitive as Ye Mo pounded on it again and again. She couldn’t hold back a bit and moaned out, her hands even tightened around Ye Mo’s back.

It was a little painful at first, but as Ye Mo moved, she was even more a little reluctant to leave his embrace. She felt that taste like the kind of feeling she liked about Ye Mo, something she recalled, but couldn’t say.

She wanted to grab Ye Mo’s back hard, but she was afraid that she would scratch Ye Mo’s back painfully, the only thing she could do was to hold Ye Mo tightly and give him everything she had.

It was Luo Ying’s first time, and Ye Mo was no veteran, this was the second time to be exact. The first time, for other reasons, was nowhere near as profound as the impact of this visit.

At this moment, he similarly tightened his arms around Luo Ying, and he could feel the relief and trembling in Luo Ying’s body and mind, just as he did. At that moment, it was as if he and Luo Ying had transformed into one person, no, that was true, he had united with Luo Ying to become one person. It looked peaceful and restless in the quiet moonlight.

“Mmm ……” Luo Ying finally let out a long cry in his arms, her hands even tightened around Ye Mo’s back, but that was it, she still didn’t bother to grab Ye Mo a bit, she was afraid of hurting him.

In Luo Ying’s heart, Ye Mo was her everything, Ye Mo gave her not only love, but also attachment, now her body was also his, her body still had his temperature.

The night was getting deeper and deeper, the moon was getting higher and higher.

The sound of the wooden bed rattling softly finally stopped. Ye Mo lovingly kissed Luo Ying in his arms and embraced her while going to dreamland.


A rooster crowed, breaking the silence of the mountain village, Luo Ying opened her eyes and looked at Ye Mo who was holding her, her eyes filled with tenderness.

She should have married him a long time ago, and now, although it was a little late, she was still married to him. She reached out and gently stroked Ye Mo’s face, suddenly feeling that if they were only together for thirty days, how would that be enough? What she wanted was three hundred years, three thousand years, thirty thousand years, or even forever.

That old Daoist nun, Luo Ying suddenly hated someone so much for the first time, even if it was Master Jing Xi who had deceived her in the first place, she had never hated her so much.

If it wasn’t for that old Daoist nun, she could have stayed with Ye Mo for a long time and stayed in this place. She could have helped Emerson with a few sons and daughters, and when she was old, she could have called Ye Mo’s family the same as the people in the village.

No, she must find the antidote, help Ye Mo, help her husband to get rid of the poison in his body, and then stay together with him forever.

The first thing Ye Mo saw when he woke up was Luo Ying, who had long since gotten up and was busy at the door. Even though she was already a middle yellow level martial artist, she was still a little unnatural when she walked in the morning because she had experienced her first night.

Ye Mo climbed up, his heart was full of warmth, if he couldn’t cultivate to Foundation Establishment, wouldn’t it be the same life he would like to live in peace with Luo Ying and Qing Xue like this?

He just looked at Luo Ying quietly, no matter how it was once, now she was his wife. He was going to love and care for her and pity her!