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DYM Chapter 606

Happy days always pa*s quickly, Ye Mo and Luo Ying have been living in Anli Village for almost a month, that is, they have been married for almost ten days.

However, Ye Mo felt a faint sadness after Luo Ying’s happy face, but he didn’t want to break this peaceful life like water, so he kept forcing himself not to ask Luo Ying what was wrong.

But today he felt more and more that something was wrong with Luo Ying, her mind seemed to be getting heavier and heavier.

“I want to go out, just to help you go to the mountains to see if there are any herbs to cure the herbs that can speak ……” Luo Ying also seemed to feel that Ye Mo perceived some of it, she simply said before Ye Mo asked.

“Are you trying to go to the Daoist nun of Kaifu? You think she has the antidote?” Ye Mo asked.

Nowadays they didn’t even have to go and write it out, they only had to look at each other’s lips to know what the other was saying. There were times when even a look or a gesture could express what they meant.

Luo Ying froze for a moment, and she immediately read Ye Mo’s eyes. It was as if Ye Mo knew what she was thinking, that Ye Mo did not agree with her going to find the antidote.

“But, I, you are poisoned, I …… well, I won’t go, I’ll always be with you.” Before Luo Ying could finish a sentence, she walked over and quietly combed Ye Mo’s hair. She understood what Ye Mo meant, and she knew that Ye Mo didn’t want her to go.

She had meant to say that there were only ten days left for the two of them, and she felt that it was far from enough. She wanted to have countless ten days with Ye Mo.

Ye Mo gently embraced Luo Ying and held her face and said, “Fool, it’s not like my poison is fatal, it just makes me unable to make a sound or hear. When you reach the first level of Qi practice, you can cure me ……”

“What? It’s not poison?” Luo Ying was completely dumbfounded, a huge sense of happiness flooded her heart, she even suspected that she had just read Ye Mo’s lips incorrectly, and hurriedly asked another question.

“I said you can cure me when you reach the first level of Qi cultivation ……,” Ye Mo felt Luo Ying’s excitement, he wiped away Luo Ying’s tears somewhat lovingly and said it again.

Luo Ying was delighted as she wrapped her arms tightly around Ye Mo. It was only after a long time that she raised her head and said excitedly, “I’m already at the first level of Qi training, I ……”

She wanted to say for Ye Mo to hurry up and tell her how she could cure him, but in her eagerness she didn’t even know how she should express it.

Ye Mo’s hand trembled for a moment, he couldn’t imagine that Luo Ying had used less than half a month to be at the first level of Qi cultivation, although there was credit for the spirit stones in the middle, but it was thus evident that her qualifications were indeed very high, or that she still had a sense of the techniques she had cultivated in her previous life.

Ye Mo picked up the pen and paper and put his divine sense out. He told Luo Ying all about the storage ring retrieval.

These things were beyond the scope of Luo Ying’s perception now though. But facing Ye Mo’s excitement to let him take out the ‘Lotus Life Pill’ made her put anything else aside.

When Ye Mo held the bottle of ‘Lotus Life Pill’ in his hand, his heart was surprisingly calm. For the first time, he felt that in front of Luo Ying. Everything else was secondary, and that kind of happiness to the extreme almost made him forget that there was still poison in his body.

At Luo Ying’s urging. Ye Mo poured a pill into his mouth. The ‘Lotus Life Pill’ melted in his mouth and turned into a medicinal liquid that was like a clear spring that nourished his five organs and dantian in a flash.

The already injured dantian was quickly repaired under the nourishment of the ‘Lotus Life Pill’.

Looking at Ye Mo who was already sitting down to heal, Luo Ying was even more nervous, she didn’t dare to take half a step away from Ye Mo, and she couldn’t even bother to look at the water that was already boiling outside. She even felt her heart pounding, as long as Ye Mo was well, she could stay with him forever, even the hatred of the Daoist Nun of Kaifeng Hu had been cast aside by her.

Ye Mo could clearly feel his dantian being repaired. The true qi that had been unable to perform circumambulation slowly gathered once again. From his dantian, he began to perform the large and small circumference of the heavens.

The poison of the ‘Penelope Sense Gra*s’ did not even need the ‘Lotus Life Pill’ to cure it, but was automatically forced out of his body by the true qi in his body.

His body’s external injuries had long since healed under Luo Ying’s care, and now that his internal injuries were gone, his true qi was gradually gathering. Ye Mo could clearly feel his strength rising and gradually returning to its original level.

Luo Ying watched as some white mist rose from the top of Ye Mo’s head, with a few traces of black gas in the middle of the mist, she understood in her heart. Ye Mo should have forced the poison out.

At this moment, the joy in her heart had surpa*sed everything, and she even wanted to light a stick of incense to thank the heavens that her Ye Mo was finally safe and sound.

The day pa*sed in a flash, and when Ye Mo opened his eyes again, it was already dark.

Luo Ying was sitting across from him. His eyes were staring at him without blinking, and at a glance, Ye Mo knew that Luo Ying had been staring at him for the whole day. She was worried about him.

“Susu, I’ve made you worry.” Ye Mo stood up and tenderly embraced Luo Ying over.

Luo Ying suddenly couldn’t hold back anymore and flung herself into Ye Mo’s arms and cried, her ordeal was finally over, she heard Ye Mo’s voice, Ye Mo started talking, that is, he had gotten better. That was happiness, nothing was more important than Ye Mo’s well-being.

“Thank the heavens for your safety ……,” Luo Ying said carefully and reverently.

Ye Mo kissed her, “You should be thanked, it’s you ……”

Luo Ying reached out to stop Ye Mo’s lips as she pointed to the moon in the sky with only a crescent moon and said, “The day we got married was a full moon, I was very happy, but today I am even more happy ……”

“Then shall I take you to see the moon in the sky?”

“Mmm ……”

Luo Ying said unconsciously, she only had Ye Mo in her heart at this time, compared to the happy torment intersecting ten days ago, now was the happiest time for her.

“Ah …… we are really in the sky ……” Luo Ying reacted, she seemed to feel familiar with this scene, but felt a little unbelievable.

“Well, now we’re flying in the sky, Susu, when I dreamed, last lifetime you were my master, and that’s how you took me flying in the sky for the first time, let me take you flying in the sky in this lifetime. Last lifetime you took care of me, for me you gave everything. In this lifetime, I will take care of you and give everything for you.” Ye Mo’s words were in Luo Ying’s ears, but they were deeply engraved in Luo Ying’s heart.

She murmured, “Last lifetime, this lifetime …… Is there really a last lifetime? I always remember in my dreams that I am flying in the sky, so is this true?”

She raised her hand and caressed Ye Mo’s face, a little afraid that it was a fleeting blip, but the truth was so real, and the mountain village beneath her feet was peaceful and quiet. She and Ye Mo merged into one in the quiet night sky. With all the things Ye Mo said about cultivation in her ears, and all the things Ye Mo told her about everything after the separation, she even felt a little drunk.

After returning to the house again, Luo Ying finally felt a familiarity, as if she had really taught him cultivation, alchemy, medicine and even literacy in her last life just like Ye Mo had said.

“Susu, after you left the Jing Yi Sect. Where did you go? When I found the desert. I found that you had taken the stone pool away.” Ye Mo embraced Luo Ying and asked question after question relentlessly.

Luo Ying smiled sweetly and suddenly said, “Actually, I so wanted to call you in the house. I feel that those people in the mountain are so cozy to call, only their voices are so loud that they can be heard from far away.”

The house? Ye Mo was a little sweaty. He stuttered a little and said, “Why don’t you call me husband, the ones in this house always sound strange.”

However, he looked at Luo Ying’s somewhat expectant gaze and had to say periodically, “If husband is too cheesy, you can just call the house one, just, just ……”

“Just what? I’ll call the house better, if you don’t think it sounds good, I’ll call, call you Master. Anyway, you said I am your master. Now being your senior sister is also to let you take advantage. Jing Jing also said I was originally your sister. ……” Luo Ying originally wanted to say it happily, but when she got to the end, her voice lowered again.

“Alright, you can just call me senior brother, but ……” Ye Mo said halfway and didn’t say anything more after that.

Luo Ying, however, seemed to know what he meant and was silent for a long time. Only then did she say quietly, “I already regretted leaving that you after I knew you were only forty days old. I decided to marry you at that time, and I thought, I thought, when you left. I would go with you. We’ll live here in secret for forty days and no one will know. God shouldn’t deprive me of forty days of happiness ……”

“Susu, senior sister ……” Ye Mo’s heart felt as if it was blocked by something, but there was no way to say it.

Luo Ying ruffled Ye Mo’s hair and said, “When did you like me, was it really because of your last lifetime in your dream? Did you like me in your last lifetime or in this lifetime?”

Ye Mo looked up at Luo Ying’s bright eyes and slowly said, “Maybe that wasn’t a dream, that might be true. At that time you were my master, I respected you and loved you, but I didn’t dare to blaspheme you in my heart. But by the time I understood that it was love, it was too late. Until that day when I saw you in the desert standing above the yellow sand in your yellow dress and you saved me again. You used that bitter spring to bring me to my senses before I died, and I still have your blood in me now …….”

“Well, so did I. When you carried me to escape from those sand worms and you took me to hide in the windy rocks of the desert, I knew I couldn’t forget you because I also had your blood inside me …… When you gave me that clear spring, I knew I was in love with you, when you chased me to Jing Yi Men When you walked the mountain of swords for me, I knew I could no longer live without you ……”

Luo Ying’s voice likewise sounded as if it was emanating from the bottom of Ye Mo’s heart, making Ye Mo’s heart a little sour. Luo Ying squeezed her body into Ye Mo a bit, “I then wandered around, I didn’t know where I should go, I was at a loss, I always wanted to sneak off to see you, but I was afraid that after seeing you, I would never be able to leave again. One day, when I was tired and hungry from my walk, the rauniang of the village of Anari brought me here and I settled here.

I lived in the highest place in the village, and every day I looked forward in my heart to the day when you would not suddenly appear. Although I knew it was a comfort I gave myself, I would still stand outside my house for an hour every day watching. Then I couldn’t contain my thoughts of you any longer and I went to the desert to get the rock pool you gave me back.

Until that day when you actually appeared in my eyes, I was truly grateful to God for sending you to me, and that day I decided that I would marry you, no matter what stood in my way. ……”