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DYM Chapter 607

The sound of talking gradually diminished, and the two of them just snuggled up until a rooster crowed again from below the mountain.

“It’s dawn ……” said Ye Mo subconsciously, and they sat like that all night. Luo Ying snuggled into Ye Mo’s arms but didn’t want to move anything.

However, Ye Mo suddenly remembered something, he took out a small bag and handed it to Luo Ying and said, “Susu, this is what the head of the Jing Yi Sect asked me to give you, I have never opened it, look at what is inside here?”

That cloth bag was still the one that Master Jing Xian had asked Ye Mo to pa*s on to Luo Ying when he left the Jing Yi Sect, only because Ye Mo had never found Luo Ying, he had never opened it.

Luo Ying strangely took the cloth bag and opened it to look at it, inside were only two booklets made of some unknown material, and a date written in yellow cloth.

“I’ve never seen this kind of font before, what is it?” Luo Ying asked strangely as she took the booklet and opened it.

Ye Mo took the booklet in Luo Ying’s hand and froze. This was surprisingly the script of the Luo Yue Continent, how could the script of the Luo Yue Continent be in the Jing Yi Sect and now delivered to Luo Ying’s hand?

“This is your cultivation technique, the same as the one I taught you.” Ye Mo only flipped through the first page and saw that it was the gong method Luo Ying had cultivated back then.

“Ah, so that means the dreams you had were all true?” Luo Ying tremblingly took the booklet in Ye Mo’s hand and asked, in fact, she knew without asking that it should be true because the gongfu method Ye Mo taught her to cultivate was also true.

Ye Mo nodded, “It’s true.”

The only thing he didn’t understand was how this thing could also appear on Earth. And it was also obtained by the Jing Yi Sect’s Sect Leader. That date, the 26th of April. What a familiar date, yes, April 26 was the day he and Luo Ying had escaped. It was the day he was reborn.

“Then take a look at this book.” Luo Ying taught the other book to Ye Mo, interrupting Ye Mo’s thoughts.

Ye Mo only flipped through a few pages. A heavy sense of care was felt in his heart.

As if sensing Ye Mo’s change, Luo Ying asked strangely, “What is written on that?”

Ye Mo said in a soft voice, “Susu. That is the diary you kept in your last life. A lot of the things are the same as what I dreamed ……”

“Ah ……” When Luo Ying heard that it was her diary, she hurriedly brought the booklet over and said, “I’ll show it to you when I’ve looked at it.”

Ye Mo nodded, “Well, maybe you can remember some things through these, that is, it doesn’t matter if you don’t show it to me.”

Luo Ying blushed, “I will definitely show it to you, it’s just that I don’t know if it will have scolding words written on it, so I’m worried there’s more. You have to teach me to know the words on it.”

Ye Mo once again said in a soft voice, “Of course, I said you taught me in my last life, let me teach you in this life, you taught me a lot of the words I learned.”

“That’s just a dream you had ……”

“No, I always thought it was real.”

Watching Luo Ying put the booklet away, Ye Mo suddenly said, “I will help you refine a storage ring later, just like mine.”

The materials were all there, refining the storage ring was simple, except that Ye Mo had deliberately set a diamond on it as well, the same blue diamond. He had given one to Ning Qingxue, but this one was given to Luo Ying.

It was just that he had some dilemma in his heart, not knowing what he should say to Luo Ying about Ning Qingxue.

It was good not to give it because there was still more time, so he would talk to Luo Ying about it when he had the chance. The ring was refined quickly, after Ye Mo refined the ring and put some necessary healing and cultivation pills into it, he handed it to Luo Ying.

Luo Ying took the ring refined by Ye Mo and looked at it again and again. Her expression was the same as Ning Qingxue’s, the joy in her eyes could not be blocked no matter what she used.

The fact that the ring had a blue diamond was not the main thing, nor was the fact that the ring could store things, the main thing was that this ring was refined by Ye Mo for her.

“Help me put it on ……” Luo Ying’s voice trembled a little, although she rarely lived in the city, she knew what the ring represented.

Ye Mo tenderly helped Luo Ying put on the ring, and his heart was just as full of warmth as he watched Luo Ying’s loving look.

He didn’t bother Luo Ying, but took out his mobile phone. He was ready to turn it on and send a text message to his sister and Light Snow and the girls to tell them that he was all right.

Only as soon as he opened his phone, a series of text messages appeared.

Apart from greetings from Light Snow and his sister, most of the text messages were surprisingly from Li Chunsheng, as well as those from Shi Xiu.

The text messages were all about the case of Yi Jiuhe in Jiutang City going wrong, and now Chen Changhui had been taken away. And Li Chunsheng also said he had an urgent matter to find himself, as did Shi Xiu’s text messages.

Ye Mo hurriedly dialed the phone over, both of them had their phones turned off and there was no way to get through.

Ye Mo first sent text messages to Light Snow and Bei Wei, Ye Ling and others, and decided to go back to Jiutang first to see what was going on. How could Li Chunsheng, a dangling department, an existence that was immediately approaching ministerial level, not be able to handle this so obvious case and still be implicated in it?

“What’s wrong, senior brother.” Luo Ying, however, found that she called her senior brother more smoothly than anything else.

Ye Mo didn’t care about what Luo Ying called her, but said, “Two of my friends are having some problems in Jiutang, and I need to go take a look. Originally I wanted to stay here with you for a few more days, I’m sorry, Susu ……”

Luo Ying stroked the ring in her hand and smiled sweetly, “What do we have to be sorry for as a couple, where are you going, of course I’ll be with you. I don’t have anything here, I’ll just take that stone pool away later. Also, I have no use for all the money you put inside my ring, I’ll give it to Uncle Net and Rongniang and the others later so they can split it up inside the village. The ginseng you ate after you were injured was also dug up by Uncle Net, and they were the ones who paid for our marriage ……”

Ye Mo smiled slightly, took Luo Ying’s hand and said, “No need, I still have it here.”

Said to a pile of money appeared in front of Ye Mo, the cash was still prepared for him by Yu Miaotong. He hadn’t been able to use it, so it would be good to take it out now and give it to the people here.

Inside his ring were almost all dollars, the Chinese currency was only about five million, gave more than one million to Luo Ying, and here were more than four million, all of which he took out.

The people in the village were very simple, although Ye Mo took out such a pile of money, which shocked them. However, under the village chief’s distribution, no one raised any objections. Even when Ye Mo and Luo Ying left, the whole village came to see each other off.

“They are all good people.” When Luo Ying and Ye Mo walked out a long way, they could still see people waving their hands at the village head. Almost everyone in the village had helped her during the days she lived in Anri Village.

“Because you’re a fairy.” Ye Mo said with a smile, and in his heart he was grateful that Luo Ying could meet such a simple village. Compared to the villages outside, this place was completely free from the kind of bickering about interests, although he didn’t know what would happen in the future, but at least not yet.


Jiutang City seemed no different from the last time Ye Mo came, but Ye Mo felt a change in it, in what exactly, he couldn’t say.

As soon as he arrived in Jiutang City, Ye Mo dialed the phone numbers of Lu Ling’s mother and daughter, but again none of them could be reached.

Ye Mo decided to wait until he had accompanied Luo Ying to get the clothes bought, then he would go to the ‘Jiuhe Group’ to ask about it. He did not believe that such a lawsuit, which was obviously justified, would still be lost with the participation of a provincial governor.

A goose yellow dress was worn on Luo Ying’s body, and with the necklace and ring that Ye Mo had refined for her, Luo Ying’s whole body became even more ethereal as if she was a fairy.

The entire clothing shop was overwhelmed by Luo Ying’s stunning appearance, they had probably never seen a real beauty like Luo Ying before.

Luo Ying had no concept of money, and Ye Mo had the same concept of money. A few sets of clothes went for hundreds of thousands of dollars in total, which was probably normal for Luo Ying and Ye Mo.

“Wait for me, I’ll go to the supermarket to buy some more bits and pieces.” Seeing that Ye Mo was on the phone, Luo Ying smiled and said to Ye Mo, and entered the supermarket.

Ye Mo knew that Luo Ying should be going to buy women’s goods, and did not follow her, standing at the door while waiting for her, thinking what the problem with this matter was?

“Huh, you’re Ye Mo?” An abrupt voice interrupted Ye Mo’s thinking.

A man of less than thirty years old stopped in front of him, and he had a very alluringly dressed female dangling from his arm. The girl looked about twenty and was not ugly, but her face with that make-up made Ye Mo look uncomfortable.

This man Ye Mo looked somewhat familiar, and he quickly remembered. This guy had very little contact with him, and was also his cla*smate at Ninghai University, and seemed to be called Wang Chu. But this Wang Chu had a very good relationship with Shi Xiu, and was one of the few friends Shi Xiu had.

Although Shi Xiu also had few friends inside the university, he still had more friends than Ye Mo. He just didn’t expect to meet this Wang Chu here, but Ye Mo remembered that after he arrived at Ninghai University, he had not spoken to this Wang Chu for three sentences combined.

“You are Wang Chu? Why are you here?” Ye Mo asked strangely.

“Ah, you’re really Ye Mo? I said it looked a little bit alike, I didn’t expect that you were really Ye Mo, it’s just that you’ve changed so much that I almost didn’t even recognize you. I was asked to come over by Shi Xiu, he met something and it just so happened that I was working in Jiutang, so I came over together.” At Wang Chu’s words, Ye Mo immediately understood, it looked like Shi Xiu was also in a hurry to find someone to understand the situation, or was looking for help. From this, it could be seen that this matter had involved Shi Xiu.

Ye Mo did not know Wang Chu well, but since Shi Xiu had approached him, he must be working for the Jiutang government department as well. Ye Mo didn’t know if the reason why Wang Chu took the initiative to greet him was because of Shi Xiu or because after graduating, he was not as naive as he was at the beginning.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to ask about Shi Xiu, Luo Ying’s somewhat angry voice came, and Ye Mo immediately came to Luo Ying in a few steps.