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DYM Chapter 608

“Miss, the strength of our Hong Kong Dan Entertainment Film and Television Limited is first-cla*s in the industry, with your condition, under our packaging and promotion, I am sure that you will definitely become popular all over the world, and even going to Hollywood is also idle ……” Ye Mo was standing next to Luo Ying when a The balding fat man was still chattering away.

It turned out to be that he wanted Luo Ying to go to the entertainment industry, Ye Mo was a little amused. He stopped the fatty who was still boasting, “No need, we don’t have any interest in what you’re talking about, move aside.”

“Let’s go Susu, such people are everywhere, there’s no need to bother.” Ye Mo helped Luo Ying pick up the things in his hands, pulled Luo Ying and turned around to leave.

“Don’t ah, I’m really not a star scout, I’m a shareholder of Hong Kong Dan Entertainment Film and Television, that friend, your girlfriend is so talented, it’s really …… not going to film and television,” the fat man was surprisingly agile, turning a body and coming in front of Ye Mo.

Luo Ying frowned, she did not expect there are such people, she was very unhappy to refuse, how this person is still like this.

Ye Mo grabbed the bald fat man who was still trying to speak and threw him out, landing right next to a bin not far away, knocking the trash inside the bin out and spilling it all over his face.

What Ye Mo didn’t expect was that just as they left, this fatty, who had been thrown to the bin by Ye Mo, immediately climbed up, then casually wiped the trash from his face, grabbed the phone and dialed a number, “Uncle Tong, I found a fairy-like beauty in Jiutang, it’s definitely fairy-like… . really, this is absolutely true, I’m sure she’s the number one beauty in China …… yes, yes. I’m sure that if she’s willing to join our company, our company will immediately take the whole world by storm ……”


“Wang Chu, take me to your gathering place, I haven’t seen Shi Xiu for a long time.” Ye Mo said as he pulled Luo Ying to Wang Chu’s front.

Wang Chu looked at Luo Ying beside Ye Mo in a dumbfounded manner. It took him a long time to react, “Okay, okay, let’s go to …..”

It was just that he was too shocked in his heart, this woman who was with Ye Mo was too beautiful, who was Ye Mo’s? I heard that Ye Mo’s fiancee Ning Qingxue was the number one beauty in Yanjing, could this woman be Ning Qingxue? Didn’t they say that they had separated long ago?

“Ye Mo, she is?” Wang Chu finally didn’t hold back from asking out.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “This is my wife Luo Ying. Su Su. This is my cla*smate Wang Chu.”

Luo Ying did not like talking to strangers and just nodded her head.

The girl who had been standing beside Wang Chu was equally stunned, to be honest, she had really never seen a girl as beautiful as Luo Ying. This Ye Mo also looked very average, not even like a rich man, how did he get such an outstanding girl into his hands? The slight pride that was still there was smashed to pieces in front of Luo Ying.

“Let’s go, how long has Shi Xiu been here in Jiutang?” Ye Mo knew that Shi Xiu must know about Li Chunsheng’s matter. Since Shi Xiu had come here, it meant that he would not be a stranger to Yi Jiuhe’s case either.

“It’s that ‘613 Wine City’ just in front, a branch of Yanjing. Shi Xiu just asked us to wait for him there and he’ll be here soon. I don’t know when he came to Jiutang either.” Wang Chu pointed to a luxurious hotel not far away.

“Let’s go over together then.” Ye Mo was no stranger to Yanjing’s ‘613 Wine City’, which was one of the top places in Yanjing that combined entertainment and hotels. Moreover, ‘613 Wine City’ had branches in all the major cities in the country. Therefore, as soon as Wang Chu said ‘613 Wine City’, he knew about it.

Wang Chu walked to Ye Mo’s side and said in a small voice: “The trouble Shi Xiu has caused this time seems to be not small, although we have the intention to help him. But the other party is so big that they might be able to destroy us with just one finger. What if …… hey ……”

Ye Mo secretly shook his head, of course he knew what Wang Chu was thinking, what Wang Chu meant was that it would be better if he was still a member of the Ye family. Wang Chu was a person that Ye Mo had not come into contact with much, but he had heard Shi Xiu talk about it a few times. Although this Wang Chu was still considered righteous enough, he would never give up his own interests to help Shi Xiu, and this time he was invited to come, he must have just lost face.

The first thing that happened to him was that he had a good relationship with Shi Xiu, but after he graduated, he didn’t have any contact with him.

The most luxurious private room in ‘613 Wine City’ was of course 613, with Shi Xiu’s ability there was no way to bag 613, so the room Shi Xiu bagged was 616, opposite to 613. This was still the result of his friend from Jiutang’s help.

When Wang Chu and Ye Mo arrived at 616, almost all of them turned their eyes towards Luo Ying, except for a lean man sitting near the corner who swept a glance at Luo Ying. There were even two people who immediately had fiery looks in their eyes, already thinking their own little thoughts, such a beautiful woman appeared here, they had never even heard of it, not to mention seeing it.

Ye Mo was not happy at first glance, what kind of people were these friends of Shi Xiu’s, Luo Ying was obviously following him and those two guys were still using such eyes.

There were already six people inside the room, plus the four of Ye Mo, it was already ten people. Apart from Wang Chu, there were two other people Ye Mo also knew, they were both from Ninghai University, just different cla*ses.

“Hello, my name is Xue Guoyang, I’m Shi Xiu’s iron buddy. May I ask who you are?” A man with a lean, medium build walked up and said to Ye Mo, extending his hand.

The name Xue Guoyang Ye Mo had heard Shi Xiu say that he was Shi Xiu’s iron buddy. He was also a cla*smate of Shi Xiu’s from high school and was very righteous. When Ye Mo was in Ninghai, he had heard Shi Xiu talk about him more than once. Moreover, when Ye Mo came in just now, he just glanced at Luo Ying, and although the same amazement showed in his eyes, he would quickly avert his gaze and be the first to stand up and greet himself.

“My name is Ye Mo, Shi Xiu’s friend.” Ye Mo said with a faint smile as he extended his hand.

“Ah, you’re Brother Mo, I’ve heard your great name more than once.” Xue Guoyang’s eyes showed surprise, a surprise from his heart. Shi Xiu had said to him that if Ye Mo came over, there was still a possibility that he could be of some help, the rest of his friends would be hard to say.

Ye Mo shook hands with him and said, “Shi Xiu and I are friends, you are his friend, call me Ye Mo from now on.”

“Good, Ye Mo, then I’ll be polite.” Xue Guoyang was very relaxed.

Because of Xue Guoyang’s importance to Ye Mo, the rest of the few people inside the room only stood up and greeted Ye Mo one after another. Only then did Ye Mo understand that of the six people here, apart from the two girls who had followed their friends, the other three were all Shi Xiu’s cla*smates or hometowns.

Xue Guoyang was a police station chief in He Feng City, the other three two were people who worked in Jiutang, one owned a foreign trade company in Jiutang called Mi Fang. There was also a slightly taller one called Liu Yahua, who worked at the Jutang Procuratorate. The oldest one was already in his thirties, called Bai Youxi, and Shi Xiu was a hometown boy, what he did he did not say.

“Shi Xiu asked us to come here, how come he himself hasn’t come by now?” Liu Yahua said with some discomfort when he saw that everyone was almost here and Shi Xiu had not yet come over.

“Who knows, that Xue Guoyang, what exactly is Shi Xiu up to?” Bai Youxi also chimed in.

Ye Mo smiled coldly in his heart, as soon as he heard the two people’s words, he knew that it was absolutely unreliable to expect this kind of talent to help out.

“Alright, I’ll be honest with everyone.” Xue Guoyang glanced at Ye Mo and seemed to have some backbone, only he knew here that Ye Mo’s energy was the greatest. Just how big it was, he wasn’t quite sure.

“Shi Xiu has met some trouble recently, the legacy case in Jiutang. It involves the municipal party secretary of He Feng, and Shi Xiu was able to reach the position of prefect, and Secretary Chunsheng also made a big effort ……”

Before Xue Guoyang could finish his words, he was interrupted by Bai Youxi, “Guoyang, we are all small fish and shrimps, how can we have any ability to reach that kind of high level? Is it not a slap in the face for Shi Xiu to call us here to help with this?”

“Bai Youxi, how can you talk like that, how much did Shi Xiu help you when he was the county governor? You’re still his hometown, and now you’re calling before he’s even said what he wants you to help with, that’s a bit too thin-skinned. If you don’t want to help, you can leave, there’s not much more than one of you here, and not much less.” Xue Guoyang got a little angry, of course he knew that Bai Youxi must have said that because he knew that Secretary Chunsheng was in a bad situation.

“Okay, okay, let’s not quarrel, although what Youxi said is not very nice, but it is also the truth. We can’t even touch the edges of those big people fighting, but some small things can be done. We’ll see what we can do to help. Although I don’t do much business and can’t help much elsewhere, I can get some money together.” Seeing that everyone was arguing, Mi Fang quickly stood up with a smile and said.

Ye Mo secretly sighed, Shi Xiu was also out of options, except for this Xue Guoyang who should genuinely want to help him, the rest of the people could tell at first glance that all of them were just playing the game.

Just as everyone was still bickering, the door of the private room was suddenly opened and Shi Xiu rushed in in a mess, with a few slap marks on his face.

“Everyone hurry up and scatter, I’m being chased by the yakuza, get out of here …….” Halfway through his sentence, Shi Xiu suddenly stopped, he saw Ye Mo.

“Ye Mo, why are you here?” He suddenly felt a sense of peace in his heart, the reason why he called some friends to help was just a solution among no solutions. His original purpose was only to find these friends to investigate something, he had no intention of saving Li Chunsheng through these friends at all.

Ye Mo walked over and patted Shi Xiu’s shoulder and said, “Don’t be anxious, talk slowly about what’s going on, the sky won’t fall.”

“I’m sorry for always getting into trouble and making you worry every time.” Shi Xiu said gloomily.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “Don’t say that, we are friends, in the future if I have something, you can also help me.”

Shi Xiu’s eyes were a little warm, he had called a dozen friends, but only a few came, while Ye Mo appeared every time when he was in the most difficult time. If Ye Mo’s had something to do, although he wanted to help, he would definitely not be able to help. By saying this, Ye Mo was just giving him some peace of mind.