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DYM Chapter 609

“What’s going on? Shi Xiu.” Bai Youxi heard that the mob was after Shi Xiu, immediately stood up in a panic. After saying that, he seemed to understand again and simply didn’t wait for Shi Xiu to answer, he immediately pulled l a girl and said get away, “Right, we have some business Sin, go and do it first.”

Only just as he reached the door Bai Youxi was kicked back while a sneering voice came from the doorway, “Since you’re here don’t try to leave, my big brother told you to wait here, he’ll be here soon.”

“It’s none of my business Sinchuan ……” Bai Youxi tried to distinguish, but no one paid him any attention.

“Ye Mo, she is” Chuan,” reacted Shi Xiu who did not bother to pay attention to Bai Youxi, he knew free what Bai Youxi was, it was just that he really could not find anyone to help, and Bai Youxi was a little smart and owed him Chapter 609 You dare to shoot Qian, that’s why he called over.

Shi Xiu asked for Luo Ying, at this time he had already seen Luo Ying beside Ye Mo.

Ye Mo smiled slightly, took Luo Ying’s hand and said get away, “This is my wife Luo Ying, Susu, this is Shi Xiu, my former cla*smate and my friend.”

“It’s sister-in-law, how are you, I’m sorry, I pulled Ye Mo in again this time.” Shi Xiu was suddenly dumbfounded, apart from Ye Mo, who else deserved to be with a beautiful woman like Luo Ying.

“Hello.” Luo Ying smiled lightly, her mind was all on Ye Mo. It was because Ye Mo said that Shi Xiu was his friend that she replied. Otherwise, she didn’t want to talk to these people, not because she was high natured, but because she didn’t like talking to strangers herself.

Ye Mo ignored the two people at the door and let Wang Chu close the door before he waved his hand and said get away, “Sit down all, what is going on with Shi Xiu, tell us.”

Shi Xiu sighed, then said Pro: “That case in Jiutang City or later brother Li and I said, I only know that Pro is your friend, brother Chunsheng to manage this case, also because you greeted. Originally, after the second trial, there was nothing left, but because of the arrival of Huan Shao, something went terribly wrong.”

“Huan Shao? Who is he?” Ye Mo asked in amazement at the getaway.

Chapter 609 – You Dare to Shoot Shi Xiu shook his head and said Easy: “No one knows Easy what his name is, only that Brother Chunsheng said he might be from the Dai family and should be called Dai Heng. He has a lot of energy, to his level, a party member like Brother Chun Sheng is nothing in his eyes. In fact, there’s no chance that Brother Chunsheng can say anything with such a person, let alone hold a grudge against him.”

Because these things Qian said to others is of no use, even a bull like Li Chunsheng is not qualified enough to have a grudge with Heng Shao, the rest of Shi Xiu’s friends are even more needless to say, saying it will only do them harm, not good, so these things Qian Shi Xiu did not say even Xue Guoyang before.

Ye Mo did hear about this Dai family, it seems that last time he still heard about it from Shi Xiu, Shi Xiu heard about it from his girlfriend. Since the Song and Qiao families in Yanjing had faded out, the Dai and Qiu families had risen, was this Dai Heng a member of the Dai family? But even if it was someone from the Dai family, the Li family wouldn’t be afraid, right? Why did the Li family remain unmoved even after moving to Li Chunsheng? Li Chunsheng should also be considered a member of the Li family, and at first Li Qiuyang even took the time to pull him in.

Now when Xue Guoyang heard Shi Xiu say this, he immediately asked in a strange manner, “Since even Brother Li is not qualified to have a grudge against such a person, why did he intervene in this small case in Jiutang?”

“When Brother Chunsheng last spoke to me, he said that Heng Shao had a new love who was Yi Jiuhe’s daughter. And Yi Zhun is Yi Jiuhe’s second brother, and the defendant in this Jiutang probate case. I heard that Heng Shao had been away and he had not been back for long, and as soon as he came back he met Yi Zhun’s beautiful daughter, Yi Lan. Then he meddled in the matter and because of his meddling, word soon got out that Brother Chunsheng had embezzled and taken bribes.

This was not the worst of it, but the worst was that it soon came out that the death of Yi Jiuhe was also related to Brother Chunsheng, saying that he, a secretary of Hefeng City, had run to Jiutang for this case. It was said that Chunsheng had committed adultery with Yi Jiuhe’s wife, Lu Ling, and had killed him, and that there was a video or something. Even if Brother Chunsheng knows that these are wrongful accusations, but he is powerless to return to heaven.” Shi Xiu said gloomily free.

Ye Mo but frowned at the thought, even for a woman to please the old man, at most only to help Yi Jiu He will win the lawsuit, will not go to the bottom line of the peach war officialdom, right. Even if Dai Heng’s origins are great, he can’t wrongly accuse a near-provincial official for no reason. Ye Mo intuitively felt that there was something wrong in the middle, or was that Yi Lan really as beautiful as Chen Yuanyuan could not be?

Shi Xiu didn’t notice Ye Mo’s table Qian, continued to say getaway: “Later on, the reason why Brother Chun Sheng rose to power in He Feng was also exposed, saying that he turned against the Yuan family because of the unequal sharing of the spoils with them. Otherwise, how else could he have had such ample evidence of the Yuan family’s. There was also the fact that Yuan Zhirong of Far North Pharmaceuticals escaped in a helicopter, and Li Chunsheng could have clearly had someone intercept him, but he let him go because he didn’t dare to have someone arrest Yuan Zhirong against him.”

When Ye Mo heard Shi Xiu talk about this, he had gradually understood that this matter Qian was really not that simple. The one who decided to let Yuan Zhirong go was clearly the original municipal party secretary, because he stopped the pursuit of Yuan Zhirong after answering a phone call, and now he actually poured the sh*t on Li Chunsheng’s head. This official word has two mouths to feed, and it really is how you say it. Since Li Chunsheng was unlucky, how could Shi Xiu get away with it?

The day Chunsheng was stranded, someone brought me a note. I was told to leave immediately. I knew right away that it was bad, so I took Xiao Yun and escaped from Xitong that night. I knew what Brother Chunsheng meant, he wanted me to find you.

“Where is the Li family? Li Qiuyang didn’t say anything?” Ye Mo already had some understanding in his heart that this matter was ostensibly this will case in Jiutang, but in fact it involved the original Yuan Group case, and that mysterious organization.

The Li family was considered the number one family in China, and was strong. Li Qiuyang has been key trained by the Li family because of his ability to do things well, and although he is not yet the most powerful junior in the Li family, he can definitely be ranked in the top three among the junior members of the Li family.

With Li Qiuyang helping Li Chunsheng, how could Li Chunsheng be brought down by the Dai family’s people? And this matter Li Chunsheng still stood for justice.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Although I don’t know how pro Li family, but it seems that now they are no longer the first family in China. The Dai family and the Qiu family have joined forces against the Li family and have the support of most of the people in Yanjing, the Li family should be in a state of anxiety right now.”

Ye Mo was not interested in these matters Qian, but Li Chunsheng was a good person, and he still helped himself in the accident Qian, this matter he was determined to manage.

“How is Li Chunsheng now? And how is the case of ‘Jiuhe Group’? And how did you get chased by Black Prowler?” Ye Mo asked Prowler.

“Brother Chunsheng has been unreachable, I came to Jiutang for the purpose of collecting evidence that Brother Chunsheng was wrongly accused, but I couldn’t do it alone (fastest update), so I asked some friends to help. Because there were many people to find and I was short of money, I went to borrow money, only to have those people lend me the money the day before and today they made me pay back ten times the interest. I couldn’t get it out, and I ended up being chased. Lu Ling should be locked up now, and as for Yi Yan and Yi Xiaodie, who Brother Chunsheng said he wanted me to help take care of, I haven’t found them.” Shi Xiu finished in one breath, slightly relieved.

Without Ye Mo, he was having a hard time walking inside the desert by himself, not to mention protecting Yi Yan and Yi Xiaodie, even he himself could no longer protect himself.

“Shi Xiu, did you borrow the loan shark from Black Head?” Liu Yahua, who was originally complaining about Shi Xiu’s late arrival, suddenly asked Easy.

Shi Xiu nodded, “That’s right, it’s his company.”

Liu Yahua’s face changed and he immediately said, “Shi Xiu, we’ve been victimized by you, black heads are running rampant throughout Jiu Tong. There is no one who asks him to borrow money who is not skinned by him, even the director of our prosecutor’s office does not dare to come up against him. Even in the whole of He Feng, the black free inside also call him a black master, how do you go to him to borrow money, hey ……”

“Shut up, Liu Yahua you and Bai Youxi is all the way goods, Shi Xiu is looking for you to help, do not help, do not so much nonsense.” Xue Guoyang angrily said get away.

“The matter of borrowing money Sin should be used by people with a heart, they use the black head against me, when I just borrowed money, the black head should not know about this matter Sin.” Shi Xiu waved his hand to Xue Guoyang and said free.

“Boom”, the door of the private room was once again knocked open, a guy like a black African general walked in with a cigarette in his mouth, he repaired a patterned head, followed by two rows of minions behind him.

“Shi Xiu, you really are a bully, the old man actually came to collect your debt personally. Alas… ….” This big black man with a patterned head suddenly stopped the conversation as he saw Luo Ying who was sitting close to Ye Mo.

“Old man is going to die, f*cking hell there is such a beautiful woman, hahaha ……” The big black man with the flowery head suddenly laughed loudly.

After laughing, this big black man walked straight towards Luo Ying.

All the people looked towards Luo Ying and were worried for Luo Ying in their hearts. Only Shi Xiu was calm, he had seen Ye Mo’s skills, he knew that this black guy with a patterned head was definitely not a match for Ye Mo.

Before the big black man with the patterned head could reach Luo Ying, he stretched out his hand with two glowing green eyes. While chanting, “Beautiful, beautiful, really beautiful …….”

It is the actual unbridled, others are air in his eyes.

Ye Mo coldly grunted, raised his call and kicked in the chest of this flowery head.

The patterned head walked van step road was kicked back by Ye Mo, immediately was a mouthful of blood spurted out, then hit the wall above the entrance of the private room.

“You …… killed …… for me.” The big black man with the patterned head, two more mouthfuls of blood spat out of his mouth.

He felt as if his body was on fire and even felt his internal organs rupture, his anger made him immediately want to kill Ye Mo. He just didn’t know if he couldn’t say the words that followed, or he didn’t dare to say them again, because Ye Mo actually had a pistol in his hand pointed at his head.

The little brothers behind him all stopped when they saw the gun in Ye Mo’s hand, and the patterned head even looked at the gun in Ye Mo’s hand in disbelief. However, he quickly reacted and immediately smiled fiercely and said at large: “You dare to fire your life… …”

The gun in Ye Mo’s hand had already gone off before his words left his mouth, and a cloud of blood burst out from the middle of Flowery Head’s forehead, and his face still wore the expression of disbelief.