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DYM Chapter 610

The moment Ye Mo’s gun went off, almost all of the people, except for him and Luo Ying, were frozen. Everyone could understand if Ye Mo could get a gun, and everyone could understand if Ye Mo took the gun out to scare people. But to shoot directly like that, and to actually kill someone, and to kill a famous Black Master of the Jiutang Triad and even the He Feng Triad. This made all those who reacted thought that Ye Mo was crazy, or that he was finished.

“D*mn you really dare to shoot and kill, I won’t get your whole family out and kill your ……” A fierce man who followed Black Head was the first to react, he was Black Head’s beloved, and when he saw that Black Head was killed, he became anxious. Without even thinking things through, he pulled out a mountain chopper, and his eyes were even **naked with ferocious killing intent.

However, his words likewise did not finish, the gun in Ye Mo’s hand went off again, and a cloud of blood likewise emerged from this man’s brow.

Ye Mo coldly smiled, as soon as he looked at this guy, he knew that he definitely did not have a human life under his hands. However, he also admired these desperadoes, they had already shot and killed someone themselves, but they still dared to scream.

Ye Mo, who had killed two people in a row, looked at the remaining dozen or so minions that Black Head had brought with him and asked in a light tone, “Anyone else want to talk? Be quick, I still have a few bullets.”

What Ye Mo said about a few bullets was true, he hadn’t used the pistol since Han Zai Xin handed it to him, but he didn’t expect it to come in handy today.

To kill these people, Ye Mo didn’t need a pistol at all. The reason he used the pistol was because he was afraid of trouble, in front of so many people, he couldn’t kill all these guys with fireballs. Killing with a pistol was better explained than any other method. And he had a licence to kill with a pistol. There was no pressure to kill these people. Besides, even if he didn’t have a licence to kill, he would have no pressure to kill these people.

It was just that he didn’t want to do any slaughter here, so he killed a few monkeys to show the chickens. I believe that when these guys saw him shoot without hesitation, they would definitely not dare to chirp anymore.

Of course, the main thing was that Ye Mo wanted to make things bigger, since he didn’t give him Ye Mo’s face, don’t blame him for not being polite. Li Chunsheng had done him a favour, and he had also appeared in Jiutang that day. He wouldn’t believe that those people who had gone against Li Chunsheng and even sent Lu Ling to prison didn’t know that he was Ye Mo. Even if they didn’t know, they could still investigate.

If these people knew that he was Ye Mo and still made a move like this. Then it would be worthwhile to look back. Ye Mo believed that his affairs in Luo Yue should be known by the higher-ups in China, or at least Han Zaixin knew about it. Even if others didn’t dare to be sure that he, Ye Mo, was the head of Luo Yue, they would know that Ye Mo was inextricably linked to ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’.

With this kind of backstage, Ye Mo, others still did not put him in their eyes and directly took action against the case he was meddling in, this was no longer just a power struggle. To put it more seriously, this could even cause an international dispute. Ye Mo believed that even if the Dai and Qiu families were more powerful, they couldn’t possibly not see this. The Qiu family did not dare to confront Ye Mo several times. It showed that they were clear about Ye Mo’s energy.

Because of Ye Mo’s strong shooting, none of the minions that Black Head brought over dared to come up and speak anymore, and they even hid and cowered to the side. They were not afraid of machetes, or even blood. It was too normal for them to fight and slash each other with open swords, but it was not normal for them to come out with guns, let alone shoot. The shock of killing someone with a gun as recklessly as Ye Mo did was too strong for them.

The few friends that Shi Xiu called over stared at Ye Mo in the same disbelief. And a few of Black Head’s minions cowered and tried to retreat, they had never seen such a scene of killing someone with a gun in a calm manner.

Ye Mo grunted. “Did I tell you to leave?”

The few junior brothers shivered and stopped, and the atmosphere once again fell into an eerie silence.

“Slap ……” A few slaps rang out.

Almost all the people looked up to where the slapping was taking place, a man in his thirties was standing in the doorway opposite and was slapping his hands. Perhaps no one knew when the room across the room was opened except for Ye Mo.

“Splendid. It’s really wonderful. It’s like playing a monkey and firing two shots. Surprisingly, no one dares to fart anymore, I haven’t seen someone as bullish as you in a long time ……,” the man in his thirties with thin lips said after slapping his palm a few times, then said with a leathery smile.

In front of him were two burly men over one meter nine tall, each of these two men protecting the man’s left and right. These two bodyguards also had a pistol on their waist, but their pistols were many times more advanced than Ye Mo’s at a glance.

Ye Mo did not care when he came, but only now when the opposite door opened did he realize that the opposite room had double doors. It was that there was another standing guard behind one door, and these two big men were the ones standing on guard, and there was another door behind this standing guard place.

A mid yellow level cultivator? Ye Mo could see this man’s cultivation level right away, and his cultivation level was a little higher than the two big men standing guard for him. Those two guys standing guard for him were only at most at the early Yellow level cultivation. Just one guy at the middle Yellow level, and he dared to call his bluff? Moreover, he was only at the middle Yellow level at over thirty years old, honestly, his qualifications were not very good either.

What caught Ye Mo’s attention the most was not the man’s cultivation, but the two people behind him. The two were a man and a woman, the man was not tall, around fifty years old, but he was at the peak of the Earth Grade cultivation level. Looking at his internal qi fluctuations, it was surprising that he was no less than the Zeng Zhenman that Ye Mo knew back then.

She looked to be in her early twenties, but her incomparably beautiful face surprised Ye Mo a little. When he first saw her, she seemed innocent, with a soft demeanour and innocent eyes that seemed to make you want to give your whole body and mind to her and then take care of her.

But when you look at her for the second time, it seems that you can find a kind of natural charm in her eyes. As she stood still, she could make one feel as if her entire body was writhing, and could even cause a kind of watery moan inside your brain, and that consciousness of the seduction of that foreshortened and writhing back could make any man’s mouth go dry.

Ye Mo secretly snorted coldly, this woman was born with charming bones, although he was not sure if it was due to her cultivation or if she was born with it, but this beauty was somewhat bizarre. One could say that just by looking at her appearance, she could even surpa*s Su Jingwen. But in Ye Mo’s eyes, this woman was not even as good as Xu Wei who used to live with him.

In the cultivation world, Ye Mo had seen women who had practiced charming techniques and were even more beautiful than her. Where would he put such a woman in his eyes.

Although Ye Mo didn’t look at that sultry woman in his eyes, the eyes of Shi Xiu and the others already hated to swallow that beautiful woman in one bite.

“You’re a bully, to shoot someone with impunity and kill two people in a row. It’s the first time I’ve seen a bully like you. I would have to find a secluded place to kill someone, but you’re even better than I am. I should have let you stay in my room if I had known. Oh, you wouldn’t know the meaning of ‘613 Wine City’ room 613, right? This young man is here to tell you, it’s ‘Bull b Wine City’ Bull b room. Wouldn’t you say that someone as bullish as you should stay in room 613 all the more?” The man in his thirties said coldly, except that his eyes showed a disdain for Ye Mo.

“Oh, that kind of place would be appropriate for someone like you to live in.” Ye Mo said in a light voice and walked over to sit next to Luo Ying, but in his heart he was a bit depressed that he had actually come to a wine city with this name. But whether the guy opposite was really so arrogant or pretending to be, he wouldn’t put it in his eyes.

The man in his thirties was obviously not a straw man, and he had already heard it when Ye Mo scolded him for living inside xx. Immediately, he was about to have someone make a move on Ye Mo, but he stopped with his mouth open before he could raise his hand.

His eyes were staring deadly at Luo Ying, acting no better than Black Head. If the woman beside him relied on her body and charming bones to highlight her beauty, then the woman sitting inside the opposite room was a fairy that could not be described in words.

Seeing the woman sitting across the room, he realised that he had always thought that reading all the beautiful women in the world was simply an irony.

“That woman, I’ll take her.” The man reacted and pointed at Luo Ying with golden eyes.

Ye Mo sneered and moved the gun in his hand.

“Haha, you don’t need to fiddle with the gun in your hand, the kind of gun you have, I’ll let you shoot all the bullets inside the chamber and you won’t be able to help me by a hair.” The man laughed and waved his hand once again. In his opinion, not only did Ye Mo’s kind of pistol have no way to threaten him, it likewise had no way to threaten his two bodyguards.

The two bodyguards even rushed towards Ye Mo without even pulling out their pistols. In their eyes, a guy like Ye Mo with a six-four pistol was not much more powerful than an ant.

Although his two bodyguards were only at the early Yellow level cultivation, what they trained all day was how to dodge bullets. And the kind of six-four pistol in Ye Mo’s hand, he didn’t even put it in his eyes, the speed of this kind of gun was not even as fast as a five-four pistol. What’s more, right now Ye Mo hadn’t raised his hand up, the moment he raised the pistol up, the two bodyguards could have grabbed Ye Mo several times.

Although Han Zaixin had given Ye Mo a pistol, it was not for Ye Mo to use it for self-defence, and he knew that Ye Mo’s skills did not need a pistol at all. What he gave Ye Mo was just a symbol, just a right.

“Bang Bang ……” Two shots rang out, and the two bodyguards who came up to twist Ye Mo around, were shot precisely in the eyebrow by Ye Mo and fell down.

The man looked dumbfounded at the two bodyguards who fell down in the blink of an eye, and could not even believe that his two bodyguards were taken out by this antique pistol, and they were shot so accurately.

The man instantly reacted, the unbeatable arrogance on his face had disappeared, and he looked up coldly at Ye Mo for a moment without speaking. At the same time, the fifty-something year old peak earth level expert behind him was already standing in front of him.

“You can use a Type 6-4 pistol to kill Young Heng’s bodyguard, you are not simple, I am Kong Lai Wu, I have not yet asked for your surname ……” the earth level expert in his fifties said to Ye Mo with a fist.

Ye Mo thought in his heart, so this guy is Dai Heng, the young man Heng that Shi Xiu spoke of. So the woman beside him was Yi resident’s daughter, Yi Lan, and she was indeed somewhat attractive. I didn’t expect that he hadn’t gone looking for them yet, but this young Heng had come to his door.