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DYM Chapter 63-64

Chapter 63

“Wanqing, you come to my left.” Ye Mo let Chi Wanqing approach his left side, as the right side was where the grimacing roach was hiding. This guy was hiding under a rock, his eyes were staring at Ye Mo and Chi Wanqing, not only did he not run away, he actually tried to find an opportunity to attack Ye Mo.

Of course, Chi Wanqing did not know what Ye Mo meant, and when Ye Mo told her to go to the left, she immediately went to the left. Knowing that the bare roach was cunning, Ye Mo pulled Ji Wanqing along and pretended not to notice the bare roach walking past the edge.

Seeing Ye Mo’s back to it, the bare roach slowly approached it to pa*s by the side, having already prepared itself. It prepared for Ye Mo to approach to the point where it was closest to leaving it, and suddenly stormed up to attack Ye Mo.

“Why are you so careful?” Ji Wanqing asked in a soft voice.

Ye Mo didn’t answer, but suddenly turned around and reached out in the air. The movement was so swift that Ji Wanqing did not even react.

With a scream of “ki”, the bare mantis that jumped up to attack Ye Mo was already caught in Ye Mo’s hand, as if it had taken the initiative to send it to Ye Mo’s hand. If Ye Mo hadn’t run his true qi into his palm, he really wouldn’t have been able to grasp this thing.

Feeling the strong struggle of the bare roach, Ye Mo immediately said, “Wanqing, hurry up and bite through your finger, hurry up, this thing is really powerful.”

If he hadn’t grabbed the roach with his own hands, Ye Mo would never have thought that this thing was so strong, and this was a juvenile roach.

As soon as Ji Wanqing saw the green eyes, she immediately broke out in a cold sweat of fear, not that she was afraid, she was afraid that Ye Mo would also be bitten. However, when she heard Ye Mo’s shout, she quickly reacted and although she didn’t know why, she hurriedly bit through her finger.

Ye Mo took out a dagger and gave a blow in the middle of the bare roach’s head, a blood groove came out and a line of blood flowed out. Ye Mo brought up a drop of blood from Chi Wanqing’s finger and threw it directly into the blood trough, his hand kept changing hand seals as if he was casting a spell at the little snake.

Ji Wanqing looked at Ye Mo’s actions with some surprise, not daring to speak. She even felt the beads of sweat already falling from Ye Mo’s forehead, and had the heart to help him wipe it off, but was afraid of disturbing him. In her heart, she wondered what exactly Ye Mo was doing. The movements of his hands looked so strange and even a bit superstitious, but Chi Wanqing believed in Ye Mo.

The struggling bare roach however gradually settled down and eventually went still. After being put down by Xie Xing, it immediately ran to Chi Wanqing’s feet. This was not all, it even put its pointy head against Chi Wanqing’s shoe as if it was very affectionate.

Chi Wanqing was staring nervously at Ye Mo who was sweating, when she didn’t expect the snake to run over, she was scared and in a cold sweat.

Luckily, Ye Mo’s voice came in time, “Now that it has been trained by me, you have no divine sense, oh no, you can make it listen to you through words. Don’t worry, it won’t attack ordinary people, it will only attack others under your orders.”

Ye Mo knew that Chi Wanqing was not a cultivator and had no divine sense. Although he had made the bare roach sign a master-slave contract with her, she could only command the bare roach through language. Only after a long time could she use her consciousness to command the bare roach.

“Ah, Brother Ye, how do you know this? It sounds weird and a bit mysterious?” Ji Wanqing saw that the bare mantis really didn’t seem to have the intention to attack her, and only then did she put her mind down.

Ye Mo chuckled and said, “Actually, this is a folk method, I learned a little bit, but this method is not something that can be tamed by any animal, only very few animals can, and this grimacing roach is exactly one of them.”

“Showing roaches?” Ji Wanqing didn’t expect this snake-like thing to have such a strange name.

“Then I’ll call it Little Wolf from now on, it won’t bite anyone, right?” Ji Wanqing suddenly found it interesting, but was still a little worried about the fierceness of the grimacing roach. But not everyone could be like Ye Mo and save people who were bitten by the grimacing roaches.

“It won’t.” Ye Mo certainly knew that the bare mantis would not bite ordinary people even if they were not tamed, let alone being signed into a master-slave contract by Ye Mo. After thinking for a while he continued, “In the future, you only need to feed it bamboo shoots, or you can let it go out and find something to eat on its own, the grimacing roach can’t be caught by ordinary people.”

When Ye Mo and Chi Wanqing returned to the camp, several people were incredulous that Ye Mo had helped Chi Wanqing tame such a powerful pet, and even gathered around the grimacing roach to observe it repeatedly. In the end, it was Lu Lin who suggested that Chi Wanqing help the bare roach make a small cloth bag to carry it in.


Originally, Ye Mo only sent a few of them out of this primitive jungle and turned back, because of Chi Wanqing’s matter, Ye Mo did not offer to leave again and continued to send Chi Wanqing and Guo Qi and others along.

Although Chi Wanqing really liked to stay on Ye Mo’s back, now that she had fully recovered, she was too embarra*sed to continue to let Ye Mo carry her, so she could only get down and walk by herself.

For the next few days, every day Ye Mo would choose some moves and techniques to teach Fang Wei, and later Guo Qi and Lu Lin came along to learn them. The things Ye Mo taught were simple to learn and practical, he even taught them some simple exhalation techniques, although they could not practice true qi, but if they persisted for a long time, it was possible to cultivate internal strength.

“Sister Chi, why don’t you come and learn?” That evening, after Guo Qi and the others had simply set up their place to stay, it was time to study with Ye Mo again. When Fang Wei saw Chi Wanqing but did not come up to study, he took the initiative to call out.

Lu Lin slapped the back of Fang Wei’s head, “Wanqing will have Ye Mo to teach alone later, what are you nagging for.”

Chi Wanqing, who was teasing the little wolf, had a hot face and glanced at Ye Mo, but didn’t argue anything.

Ye Mo smiled lightly, although he didn’t argue with Lu Lin’s words, he didn’t intend to teach Ji Wanqing alone either. If he had a pen and paper, he might have actually written down some of the exhalation methods for Ji Wanqing, but if he didn’t, so be it.

He had a good impression of Chi Wanqing for risking her life to save him, and although Chi Wanqing was in the army, she seemed to have a special attachment to herself. Only Ye Mo knew that it was impossible for him and Ji Wanqing, he already had Luo Ying in his heart, and no other girl, no matter how good she was, could take root in his heart. So he caught the bare roach and gave it to her in return for her kindness of sacrificing her life.

To know that the bare roach was something important even to Ye Mo now, after all, Ye Mo’s strength was not too high now, there were still many people who were more powerful than him, with the help of the bare roach, he would be much safer. However, in order to repay Chi Wanqing for this kindness, he still gave the bare roach to Chi Wanqing.

On the eleventh day, several people had met their teammates who had come to meet them, but Ye Mo had to say goodbye to Guo Qi and the others.

“Brother Ye, if you’re free, you really must remember to help my friends in Luo Cang.” The one who was most reluctant to leave was Chi Wanqing, she always felt as if she had lost something with Ye Mo gone. But there was no reason to leave Ye Mo behind, she could only hope that Ye Mo would go to the company that her own mother gave her, if Ye Mo did go to her company in Luo Cang, maybe she would also find the opportunity to leave the army and go back.

Ye Mo had no choice but to nod his head in agreement as he looked at the way Chi Wanqing seemed to be looking forward to it and could not bear to let her down. However, he also knew that this time, if he separated from Ji Wanqing and the others, it would probably be difficult to meet again, as he would need at least a few years to cultivate the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’.

Looking at Ye Mo’s back as he gradually disappeared into the jungle, a deep sense of loss suddenly welled up in Chi Wanqing’s heart. Her mood had once again fallen to the lowest level.


Chapter 64

When Ye Mo came back alone, he was much faster. Even if he had to specifically collect some medicinal herbs along the way, it only took him three days to already return to the place where the flowing snake himself lived.

However, the sight that he saw simply made Ye Mo furious, it was only twenty days, and the place where he lived was already in a state of disrepair, with broken walls everywhere. This was not the main thing, the main thing was that the land he had opened up was used to grow the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’, and now it was completely destroyed beyond recognition.

“With a snap, Ye Mo kicked a stone that was as big as a grindstone, and with his true qi running, the stone was actually shattered.

The most valuable thing he had now was this ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’, and he had planted nineteen seeds at a time in this one point of land. But now the place where the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ was planted was destroyed like this, what had Fang Nan done?

Just when Ye Mo was about to go to the flowing snake to find Fang Nan in trouble, a figure hurriedly ran over and saw Ye Mo standing in front of the broken temple, he hurriedly came closer and said respectfully, “Brother Ye, Brother Nan told me to wait for you here, you have finally returned.”

This was a young man in his twenties, and Ye Mo knew him, it was the stone that stood behind Fang Nan when he first met him.

Ye Mo forced down the anger inside him, the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ was more important in his heart than anything else, and now that it had been half destroyed in one go, how could he not be angry. However, despite his anger, he still held back, he was not someone who would just get angry without clarifying the situation, once he did, his ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ would need someone else to pay for his life.

Seeing Ye Mo’s unhappy face, Shi hurriedly said, “Big Brother Ye, after you left, because of the interests left behind by the ‘Thirteen Tai Bao’, Brother Nan and the other big gang of the Flowing Snakes, the ‘Vietnam Gang’, clashed over the distribution. Originally, Brother Nam would not be afraid of the ‘Vietnamese Gang’, but the ‘Vietnamese Gang’ was not kung-fu-minded and colluded with the ‘Fei Gang’ to launch a surprise attack on us, the ‘Park Daggers’. They launched a surprise attack on us.

Nam was seriously injured and was brought here by his brothers to heal his wounds, but he was still surrounded by the ‘Vietnamese’ and ‘Filipino’ gangs, and only a few brothers broke out with him. Brother Nam instructed me to wait here for Brother Ye, and he said he was sorry for Brother Ye’s explanation.”

Ye Mo listened to Stone’s words with an iron face and did not reply for a long time.

He understood that if Fang Nan had not come to this temple, perhaps his ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ would not have been gotten rid of. This person, Fang Nan, should not have remembered to use this method to get him, Ye Mo, to help, and if Fang Nan was really using this method to make Ye Mo annoyed with the ‘Vietnamese Gang’ and then get him to take action to exterminate the ‘Vietnamese Gang’, he did not mind if the ‘Park Blade Society ‘ together and exterminate it.

Ye Mo walked into the courtyard, his own portion of land had been trampled all over, but Ye Mo still found a few seeds. Seeing the seeds, Ye Mo’s mood calmed down.

He now understood that even without this happening, it was impossible to grow the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ here, because the few seeds he found were all rotten and did not show any signs of germination at all. It seemed that this ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ still needed a specific place to be grown, and I wondered why the small courtyard where he lived in the first place could grow ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’.

“Take me to see Fang Nan.” Ye Mo said back to Stone, his face already completely calm again.


Fang Nan could be described as extremely down and out now, just inside a nearby remote cave, with only six people around him, including Stone.

Seeing Ye Mo enter, Fang Nan struggled to get up, his face all shameful. He understood from Ye Mo’s instructions to him how important Ye Mo’s share of the land was. But not only had he failed to keep it, but he had also ruined that share of land because of himself. If he did it again, Fang Nan would never let his men take him there to hide.

Seeing that Fang Nan was about to struggle to get up, Ye Mo looked at Fang Nan’s heartfelt shame and waved his hand and said, “This is none of your business, let me help you look at your wound first.”

What Fang Nan had received was a gunshot wound, although it was two shots in a row, but it was not a problem at all for Ye Mo. In less than half an hour, he had already taken care of all of Fang Nan’s wounds.

“I’m going to the Flowing Serpent to see who destroyed my Ye Mo’s things. You can stay here and rest well, and you can go back to the Flowing Serpent at night.” Seeing that Fang Nan had no more problems, Ye Mo stood up and was about to leave, but the words that came out were very cold.

Fang Nan immediately said, “Brother Ye, it was my Nan who caused the matter, even if I die, I can’t let Brother Ye go to the Flowing Serpent while I sleep here.”

Ye Mo smiled lightly, “In that case, you can come with me.”

To him, these gangs made up of desperadoes were really not in his eyes. Fang Nan would not have any problems if he went with him.


Flowing Snake.

The original semicircular stone room belonging to Fang Nan was at this moment filled with people who were not Fang Nan, but another big gang of the Flowing Snakes, the ‘Vietnamese Gang’. But apart from the ‘Vietnamese gang’, all the people in the ‘Filipino gang’ that had been running rampant on the border between the Philippines and China were also present.

“Although I didn’t finish him off, I was relieved that he was driven out of Drifting Snake this time. This time it’s really thanks to Boss Park, come, I’ll drink to you on behalf of the ‘Vietnamese Gang’.” The boss of the ‘Vietnamese Gang’ however spoke in authentic Chinese.

“Good, but in the future we will also have to seek a living in the flowing snake, so please take care of it for a while, Chairman Wang.” The boss of the ‘Filipino gang’ sitting opposite the ‘Vietnamese gang’ was a solid black man who spoke Chinese, although his Chinese was a little stuttered. He certainly knew that he could not eat without speaking Chinese when he came to seek a living in the Flowing Serpent.

The man who was called President Wang said with a smile, “Yes, yes, yes. The land and business left behind by Fang Nan, we will each have half, this was already agreed beforehand.”

This President Wang was the old boss of the ‘Vietnam Gang’, Wang Xian, who did not like to be called the gang leader, but preferred to be called the president.

The atmosphere inside the stone round house was heated to the extreme under the exchange of drinks.

“Two incongruous sounds interrupted the heated scene. Two bodies landed on top of the table where the president of the ‘Vietnamese Gang’, Wang, and the head of the ‘Pho Gang’ were drinking, but they were two Vietnamese men who were standing guard outside.

At that moment, the whole room was silent, but soon dozens of people inside the room reacted and started looking for guys to prepare for the fight.

“Who are you, Your Excellency? Why did you kill my men for no reason?” The ‘Vietnam Gang”s President Wang had already placed his hand on the handle of his pistol, whether it was fitting or not, this person had killed his people and had to pay for his life.

Ye Mo smiled coldly and swept a glance at the people inside the room, there were forty to fifty in total, there were also a dozen black people, and two white men. Only then did he say, “The temple where I live, did you guys destroy it?”

After half a day, it was actually for a broken temple, this ‘Vietnam Gang”s president Wang’s face turned black, the gun in his hand was already drawn, “Brothers, let’s go together, f*ck this ba sta rd for me.”