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DYM Chapter 611

Ye Mo suddenly felt that there was some kind of message in Kong Laiwu’s sentence that he hadn’t caught for a while.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t say anything, Kong Laiwu suddenly added to get away: “If I’m not wrong, my friend’s surname should be Ye, right? The one behind you should be the county governor Shi who came from He Feng, if you don’t mind, I’ll just call you young Mo.”

Kong Laiwu spoke in an even tone and didn’t look the least bit strange for meeting Ye Mo. Without even waiting for Ye Mo to express any attitude, he directly called Ye Mo Shao. The two bodyguards that were killed by Ye Mo just now ~~- update first~~~ he seemed to not recognize, not even a little table Qian of the six hundred and eleventh chapter recognized.

Only his heart knew free, if the other party was really Ye Mo, he should not be an opponent, and he did not expect to meet Ye Mo here.

Ye Mo finally felt the meaning of Kong Laiwu’s first sentence, generally people who cultivate ancient martial arts don’t bother to study any weapons, and Kong Laiwu cultivated to the peak of the earth level, it is obvious that he started cultivating since childhood. Yet he knew about the 〖6〗4 pistols, which was very unusual.

From the fact that Kong Laiwu spoke to him without consulting Dai Heng in the slightest, Ye Mo understood that there was something wrong with his original thought, Kong Laiwu should not be Dai Heng’s follower, or at least his status was not worse than Dai Heng.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Li Chunsheng is also you stirred up?”


” Dai Heng laughed, only his smile narrowed in a flash, then he looked at Ye Mo coldly, “So you are Ye Mo, the Qiu family is afraid of you, the Song family is afraid of you I, Dai Heng, am not afraid of you. I know that you are in the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical Industry, and you have a good brush, but even if you call Void Moon Hua here, so what? You’re right, those were all my doing, so what about you?”

Ye Mo was a little stunned, Chapter 611 – Recognizing the breakthrough but he immediately understood. Knowing that he was the one who was in charge of Luo Yue, there were definitely not many people who knew that he was the one in charge of Luo Yue, Luo Yue had always been Void Yuehua and Yu Miaotong and the Zang family Yan Fanren who spoke, and Void Yuehua was still the city lord. Ye Mo basically does not care about things Qian, even the construction of things Qian is only behind the scenes to make some suggestions.

This means that Han Zaixin has not fully revealed his affairs up to now.

If he didn’t know that Ye Mo was the real head of Luo Yue City, then it means that the Dai family didn’t know about him either.

Ye Mo spun his pistol for a moment and said indifferently Easy: “You will send Lu Ling and Yi Yan Yan and Yi Xiaodie over now.”

Dai Heng glanced at Kong Laiwu Ye Mo knew that prowling he meant to let Kong Laiwu prevent himself from the bullets. Kong Laiwu nodded his head without a trace, but in his heart he was sneering, this Dai Heng was simply looking for death. Let him block Ye Mo, although he wanted to fight Ye Mo, but he did not dare to take the risk, he had to wait until An Ende came over, Dai Heng’s death or survival had nothing to do with him.

Dai Heng saw Kong Laiwu nodding, his heart was even less panicked, he lazily said free: “You are very smart, know free Lu Ling three is I take away just regret to tell you, Li Chunsheng’s matter Qian, just his own looking for death. This time even if he does not come to Jiutang, so what? As for you ……”

“Bangde ……,…” two more gunshots rang out, Dai Heng’s two knees suddenly spurted out a free blood huā, poof a moment Dai Heng immediately fell to his knees.

He looked at his knees that had been shattered by the bullets in horror, and even forgot about the pain. He quickly reacted and looked at Kong Lai Wu with indignation, he did not believe that Kong Lai Wu could not even catch two bullets. He couldn’t believe that Kong Laiwu couldn’t even catch two bullets. It could be said that the two bullets were just toys to Kong Laiwu, so why didn’t he save himself?

What Dai Heng saw was Kong Laiwu’s equally pale face, he couldn’t understand why Ye Mo’s bullets from the 〖6〗4 pistol were so fast, more than several times faster than the ordinary 〖6〗4 pistol. But this was not what frightened him the most, what frightened him the most was that at the same time Ye Mo fired, he was locked by a free killing machine, he felt that if he moved a little, he would immediately be killed.

Originally he thought that even if he was not as good as Ye Mo, the difference would be limited, but now he realised how different he was from Ye Mo. He originally thought that if Ye Mo was going to shoot Dai Heng in the vitals, he would take it, but now he realised that he was free, no matter where Ye Mo shot, he would not be able to block it. Cold sweat instantly ran down his spine, without An Ende, he would definitely be simply killed by Ye Mo.

Kong Laiwu already understood that the Sin report he had received was indeed correct, Ye Mo was a half-step Xiantian expert, and an existence that was infinitely close to Xiantian. He no longer dared to speak, and in his heart he only thought that he must inform his companions to come over as soon as possible, otherwise it would be difficult to realize his plan this time.

Seeing Kong Laiwu’s tightly closed lips and ugly face, Dai Heng knew that he could no longer count on Kong Laiwu.

“I still have a bullet inside my pistol, if you still have nonsense, this bullet will go straight into your eyebrow.” Ye Mo looked at the gun in his hand and said free as if nothing was wrong.

“Dai Heng, you bring Lu Ling and her two daughters here immediately, how dare you, who told you to take Young Mo’s friends away, have An Ende send them over to Young Mo immediately.” Kong Lai Wu suddenly scolded at Dai Heng in an angry voice to get away.

Dai Heng winced as he finally felt fear rise in his heart. Although Kong Laiwu was ostensibly his bodyguard, Kong Laiwu could completely ignore him. It was fine for him to play with women, but if he played with women to the extent that he made a mess of things with Qian, he would be finished. Although he didn’t know why Kong Laiwu had to send An Ende over, he could only listen to Kong Laiwu. He knew that there were many things he knew less about than Kong Laiwu, that An Ende never cared about anything, but Kong Laiwu was very unusual to him.

Originally, Dai Heng had put Lu Ling’s mother and daughter away and was ready to have a husband quilt, but now he hadn’t even started, and because of this Sin, he had gotten his knees through.

The seductive woman who had been following Dai Heng was completely frozen at this time. What had just happened had happened so quickly that she hadn’t even reacted before she realised that the big supporter she relied on had been knocked to the ground.

Dai Heng didn’t even care about his serious injuries, he shivered and picked up the phone and told An Ende to immediately send Lu Ling and her mother and daughter to ‘6b Wine City’. He would not have known that there were still people like Ye Mo in this world?

When Ye Mo took a look at Dai Heng’s appearance, he immediately knew that he was just a bird in the head, and his status was not even as good as Kong Laiwu’s. However, Kong Laiwu’s last sentence was worthy of consideration: “Tell An Ende to send it over to young Mo immediately. Do you need a specific person to send it to him?

Before Lu Ling’s mother and daughter arrived, a large group of police officers had already rushed up. The blood and the dead people on the ground made these 〖police〗surgeons nervous.

Kong Laiwu was just about to stop Qian and send these 〖Police〗Detectives away, and then discuss with Ye Mo in detail. Instead, Ye Mo took out a document and handed it to the 〖police〗inspector who came first and said, “You take all these dead people away and then lock up all these punks.”

The 〖police〗inspector took a puzzled look at the gun in Ye Mo’s hand, took the document and scanned it, immediately returned it and saluted, “Yes.”

These 〖police〗detectives came and left as quickly as they could, without even asking Ye Mo why he wanted to kill, and even took the dead man and those punks away. Looking at this, even Kong Laiwu was curious to know what identity Ye Mo had besides being a member of Luo Yue Pharmaceutical.

Shi Xiu and those friends of his didn’t even know what was going on in the end, what was happening in front of them seemed to be different from the world they perceived at all, was he dreaming?

“Wang Chu, you guys should go first, Shi Xiu can just stay.” Ye Mo knew that free Wang Chu and these people could not help, and directly let them leave.

Wang Chu answered and left with a greeting to Shi Xiu, while Shi Xiu’s other van friends didn’t even dare to say hello and rushed away, only Shi Xiu and Xue Guoyang remained. Luo Ying didn’t care about any of this, she only had Ye Mo in her heart, and where Ye Mo was, she was even more present.

Kong Lai Wu carried Dai Heng into Ye Mo’s private room, Yi Lan also followed, only her table Qian was a bit alarmed. Luo Ying’s stunning face made her feel inferior to the other side for the first time, but Ye Mo’s killing power shocked her even more, she didn’t know what kind of a person she had provoked by her father and eldest uncle at large, daring to shoot even the young master of the Zang family.

“Young Mo, we really didn’t intend to cross you this time. Because the Dai family and the Qiu family have joined forces to deal with the Li family, and the Ye family of Yanjing has also joined the Dai family, so please forgive us for any offense …….” Kong Laiwu’s words were polite and did not conceal anything, even some confidential matters Qian did not conceal from him. As for saying that the Ye family also joined in, that meaning was clearly a statement of position.

Ye Mo was not interested in these power struggles at all, he smiled lightly and said indifferently: “Mr. Kong, you can train to the peak of the earth level, your origins should not be simple, right? Apart from the Zhang family’s Zhang Zhihui, I really don’t know of any other family in Huaxia that has a peak Earth-level expert, are you really a member of the Dai family?”

Kong Laiwu’s eyes contracted for a moment, he couldn’t imagine that Ye Mo could see his cultivation level, which made him f was shocked. If he and Ye Mo had fought, it would be normal for Ye Mo to be able to see his cultivation level, but he and Ye Mo hadn’t fought at all, how could Ye Mo be able to see that? Could it be that he had really broken through the innate binding of a martial artist?

Without waiting for Kong Laiwu to answer, Ye Mo once again sneered and said, “Mr. Kong is not a member of the Dai family, right? To put it bluntly, you are not even from China, right?

I am somewhat familiar with Mr. Kong’s method of action, I heard that there is an organization called ‘Bei Sha,…….”

Kong Laiwu’s hand shook and the one teacup in front of him suddenly fell down. He ‘Bei Sha, and Ye Mo’s revenge is not united, and he also knows that free Ye Mo is very powerful, even if Ye Mo did not shoot Dai Heng, as long as Ye Mo is here, he will find the opportunity to call An Ende. He really didn’t know free, how Ye Mo could tell that he was ‘Bei Sha,’.

Ye Mo ignored Kong Laiwu’s disorientation, his divine sense had already noticed ‘Citation 3 Wine City, the entrance, a thin white man was walking in slowly.!