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DYM Chapter 612

Almost the instant he saw this skinny white man, Ye Mo guessed that he was An Ende.

Because An Ende was specially requested by Kong Laiwu to come, Ye Mo observed this man very carefully, this guy walked very slowly and the aura fluctuation on him was very strange.

It wasn’t the first time Ye Mo came into contact with this kind of person, he immediately knew that this man should be a psychic, although he didn’t know how many levels he was, but it certainly wouldn’t be worse than the Peer he met in Luo Cang.

Ye Mo sneered, if he wanted to do anything to him by just sending such a person, then he was really underestimating him, Ye Mo.

When Ye Mo’s divine sense was once again cast towards this man’s sleeve, he found a pistol that was a circle smaller than a normal gun, and the shape of the gun was very strange.

Did they intend to use this strange pistol against themselves? Ye Mo paid careful attention to the pistol, honestly thermal weapons were not really a big threat to him, even if you had an atomic bomb, you still had to be able to hit yourself.

The bomb that Ye Mo met that threatened him the most was the laser bomb that he once came across, that kind of thing was said to take 100 million to build. But Ye Mo also knew that even if there was a laser bomb, he was not a fool to stand here and let someone blow him up.

He wasn’t even afraid of laser bombs, so what use would this mere pistol be?

But Ye Mo was now much more cautious than before, despite not looking at the pistol, his divine sense deliberately swept towards the pistol again, it didn’t matter if he didn’t look at it, but this look immediately made him stand up.

“What’s wrong?” Luo Ying saw Ye Mo stand up. She also stood up after him. Her mind was all on Ye Mo’s body.

“Nothing? I remembered something, sit down.” Ye Mo said to Luo Ying with a smile.

Luo Ying knew that Ye Mo must have found something, but she just didn’t ask.

Ye Mo did find something different about the pistol on the man’s sleeve, the pistol surprisingly had no bullets. It also didn’t have any of the ignition drive of an ordinary firearm, no magazine, nor did it have a spring snap hook and all the other mechanical mechanisms, and even the barrel was just two or three centimeters long.

All these were not what surprised Ye Mo, what moved him the most was that this pistol had a small piece of crystal stone inside, a small part of a crystal stone to be exact. This piece of crystal stone was placed inside a groove. Around the recess were some circuit boards that he could not even read.

The reason why he was surprised was because the crystal stone was actually a small piece of ‘Extreme Energy Crystal Stone’. The power of ‘Extreme Energy Crystal Stones’ was too clear to Ye Mo, he had four of them and had given them all to Ye Xing.

A single piece of this crystal stone could drive a powerful electronic interference machine. Protecting the entire Luo Yue, it was clear how strong this crystal stone was.

And Ye Mo also happened to know that there were eight such crystals in total, he got four of them, and four more were in the ‘Northern Sands’. Ye Mo did not expect that ‘Bei Sha’ would use this ‘Extreme Energy Crystal Stone’ to create a pistol, a pistol without bullets.

Even if Ye Mo didn’t know how powerful this pistol really was, he knew that it was 100% designed by Ye Xing in the first place, and it could definitely threaten his life.

“Young Mo, Lu Ling several people were not treated in any way, don’t worry ……” Seeing Ye Mo’s face was a bit unpleasant, Dai Heng was afraid that Ye Mo would get mad. He killed without blinking an eye, if he gave himself a shot, he would be finished.

Where did Ye Mo have the heart to pay attention to Dai Heng, his divine sense was all focused on the short white man. In his heart, he was secretly glad that if he didn’t have divine sense, and if that gun was really outrageously powerful, then even if he had cultivated to Xiantian, he might have been planted here today.

The white man walked up to the counter and asked a few questions about something, and surprisingly did not come up directly. Only then did Ye Mo realise that Lu Ling’s mother and daughter had not come at all.

Just at this time, four people came once again at the entrance of the wine city. The leader of the group was a tall white man, followed by three women, who were clearly Lu Ling’s mother and daughter.

Only now the three of them looked haggard with some despair in their eyes, it was obvious that their spirits had been highly tortured.

Ye Mo froze for a moment, could it be that he had just looked at them wrong. This later tall man was the one who was An Ende? The short man in front of him was just a person who happened to pa*s by here?

Ye Mo shook his head, and he quickly dismissed his opinion. If it was a person who happened to pa*s by couldn’t possibly have that kind of ‘Extreme Energy Crystal’ pistol, since he had the ‘Extreme Energy Crystal’, he must be someone from the ‘Northern Sands’ without a doubt.

They should be in a group, Ye Mo thought, but did not notice the short man who came first talking to the people who came later. The later three, Lu Ling, led by the tall white man, walked not too fast but not too slow either, and went straight into the lift.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept into the tall white man and found that he was surprisingly also an Altered Energy practitioner, and his cultivation level was even not low, and he also had a pistol on his person, but it was an ordinary pistol. If compared to Ye Mo’s six-four pistol, his pistol was certainly not ordinary, but compared to that ‘Extreme Energy Crystal’ pistol, it was just too ordinary.

Just as Ye Mo was still puzzled, the short white man in front of him followed a female attendant into the lift as well.

Ye Mo breathed a sigh of relief, his guess should be correct. These two white men who didn’t speak were definitely in a group, and they were all from ‘Bei Sha’, the tall white man who led Lu Ling’s trio was a front, the one who really did it should be the short man who came first and followed the waitress.

All six people inside this lift were indeed coming out on the sixth floor, and the short white man didn’t seem to care at all about the few people walking ahead of him. He was chatting with the waiter while running his hands over the top of the waiter’s buttocks, constantly kneading them. And was about six or seven metres away from the four men in front of him.

A few people soon reached the door of room 616 and the tall white man knocked on the door.

Kong Laiwu was immediately about to get up to open the door, but Ye Mo waved his hand to stop Kong Laiwu as he himself walked towards the door. At the same time, he secretly sighed in his heart, the six or seven metres was just enough for the short white man to walk to the door when he opened the door. It looked like they had a way to deal with themselves a long time ago, and had even thought of the details. If Ye Mo didn’t have divine sense, he might really have fallen for it.

It was just that Ye Mo did not understand why they had so much confidence in that pistol, looking at their stance, it seemed that as long as they shot, there was no way for him to escape. Could this pistol made from ‘Extreme Energy Crystals’ really be that powerful? Even if Ye Mo didn’t know if this gun was powerful, his spirit was already highly concentrated on this pistol.

While Ye Mo walked to the door, his divine sense was always paying attention to the short man. Although he was flirting with the waiter next to him, but under Ye Mo’s divine sense, the man’s spirit was equally highly focused on room 616.

As soon as Ye Mo opened the door, one of his wind blades flew directly towards the short man with the ‘Extreme Energy Crystal’ pistol, or rather he made the move as soon as the door was pulled open a little gap.

Almost at the same time as Ye Mo finished sending out the wind blade, the tall white man who was leading Lu Ling’s trio took out his pistol, and Kong Lai Wu also made his move behind Ye Mo at the same time.

All this happened so fast that it was too late to even blink. Ye Mo had only just finished sending out a wind blade, the tall white man hadn’t even taken his pistol out yet, and Kong Laiwu’s fist was still half a metre away from Ye Mo’s back when a choking blue light flashed by.

The blue light pa*sed through the white man’s back without the slightest hindrance, then came out diagonally from the small of his back, while landing a few centimeters in front of Ye Mo’s toes, penetrating into the ground and disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Ye Mo noticed that the blue light actually went straight through the sixth floor and entered the underground at a speed much faster than his divine sense.

So fast, Ye Mo didn’t have time to think about it, knowing that Kong Laiwu’s fist at the back was already coming, he ignored Kong Laiwu. The biggest threat to him was the short white man, he directly flashed to the short white man’s body and grabbed the short man’s arm which had not yet fallen to the ground.

It was at this time that Kong Lai Wu’s fist struck the tall white man who was still raising his gun despite being pierced by the blue light. Because he was aiming at Ye Mo, who disappeared in an instant, he could only hit the tall white man opposite Ye Mo.

The tall white man was already finished when he was hit by the blue light, and now he was hit in the front chest by Kong Lai Wu’s punch, and although he didn’t fall down, he was already out of breath.

Ye Mo took the ‘Extreme Energy Crystal’ pistol on top of the broken arm in his hand, and only then did his heart calm down. He couldn’t help but secretly admire this short white man’s speed, he made the first move, but still let this guy bring his hand up and pull the trigger.

It was only because he had cut the guy’s arm at the same time, causing his muzzle to drop and the blue light that shot out to form a tilted downward angle, that it went through his toes and into the ground. If he had raised his hand just a little more, the light would have entered his calf for sure. If it was any higher, it would have shot into his chest.

It was the first time that Ye Mo found a guy with such a fast reaction. He was sure that this guy did not have divine sense, but his reaction was not slower than his in the slightest, that is, he made the first move and did not have a complete head start.

Because his wind blade was definitely not as fast as the blue light, so after he sent out his wind blade, the other guy’s hand could still raise a little bit until the wind blade cut down his arm.

So close, Ye Mo secretly broke out in a cold sweat, if he hadn’t chopped his arm just now, with his speed he might have been able to lift his arm up with inertia. Also if he had let Kong Laiwu open the door first, his wind blade would definitely have been slower and the result would have been unpredictable again. It probably didn’t even occur to Kong Laiwu that he himself might be used as a target by An Ende, because by making him the target, the blue light could hit Ye Mo just as well.

That is to say, as long as one allowed the other’s blue light to emit, no matter what was in front of him, he would not be able to dodge it. It was surprising that ‘Bei Sha’ had such a powerful weapon.

It would be fine if he was injured or died, but Luo Ying followed him, so one could imagine the result of Luo Ying. Thinking of this, Ye Mo’s heart became more and more frightened.