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DYM Chapter 613

”Beisha, this perverted organization has actually sent such a perverted killer with such a perverted weapon. This ‘Extreme Energy Crystal, pistol, can penetrate everything, even if there is any blockage in front of him, he is just as sure to die.

Even if Ye Mo was sure that he could easily kill ten of these psychopaths by himself, but if it was ten psychopaths who all had such weapons, could he still kill them easily?

If that guy had done it at the same time as himself just now, it would be hard to say who would die. Because his own wind blade was not as fast as his opponent’s blue light, even if they did it at the same time, Ye Mo was sure that his opponent’s blue light would hit him first.

The speed of the blue light had already surpa*sed Ye Mo’s reaction speed and was many times faster than a bullet. Is it possible that this is the means that ‘Bei Sha, is going to deal with himself? However, Ye Mo also believed that even if the other party had such an awesome weapon, there were definitely not many who had the same reaction speed as this short man. Most likely, he was the one.

To know that this short white man’s reaction speed was almost as fast as his Ye Mo’s, if there were more people like this, the whole world would still be in chaos.

“You actually know that the one who really wants to make a move is me, the reaction speed is actually not worse than mine, you are remarkable, indeed remarkable ……,….” The short white man spoke a not very sharp Chinese, gritted his teeth, and immediately fell to the ground dead.

Surprisingly, he committed suicide? Ye Mo looked at the short man on the ground and suddenly remembered the Japanese people from the ‘Black Sun Empire’ that he had met, they were also caught by themselves and died after biting poison, how could they be so similar?

But how come that Kong Lai Wu and Dai Heng didn’t kill themselves?

The first thing you can do is to look at the pale Kong Laiwu and say coldly: “Mr. Kong is very calculating, and you guys are also very good at it. To be honest, the fact that you guys could develop such a powerful weapon is indeed beyond my expectation.”

Kong Laiwu Chapter 613 – The Threat of ‘Bei Sha”s face became more and more unpleasant, he knew that he was finished. Ye Mo, however, ignored him again and instead looked at the three Lu Ling who were panicking and had not reacted until now and said Easy: “Since we are here, there is no need to worry. Just now was also considered lucky …….”

Ye Mo said this not without reason, just now if any of the three Lu Ling had stopped in front of him, that short man would definitely not have had any qualms about shooting. Because that blue light could cut across everything, it could have completely penetrated the mortal man before shooting Ye Mo, and even the speed would not be affected in the slightest.

Ye Mo didn’t finish his words before he looked at the tall white man on the ground in amazement, just now that blue light pierced diagonally through the small of his abdomen, and at this moment his small abdomen wound was actually slowly starting to expand around him.

“Brother Ye, thank you, you saved us again …….” Yi Yan Yan was the first to react, her eyes were red, but when she saw Ye Mo, the joy that showed in her eyes could still be seen.

“Thank you…, Ye Mo, if it’s possible, I don’t want the inheritance, as long as the three of us, mother and daughter, are okay.” Lu Ling thought that the three of them were definitely done for when they were brought to this wine city, but she did not expect to meet Ye Mo here. Faced with ups and downs, life and death, seeing mortals die before her eyes, and even a broken arm, she surprisingly felt happy enough to be alive.

That battle just now happened so fast that it was over before it even started. By the time Shi Xiu and Xue Guoyang reacted, the battle was already over.

Ye Mo could openly shoot to kill, and even ~~-Updated First~~〖Police〗Came to help him clean up the back of the matter Sin, now that Ye Mo did these things Sin, Shi Xiu two people have already numbed.

It was ridiculous that he was still trying to collect evidence and help Li Chunsheng before this.

Ye Mo walked up to Kong Lai Wu, who was still ashen-faced, and gave him a punch on the shoulder with his true qi, then said, “I’ve sealed your meridians, do your job properly, I’ll be waiting for you in Jiutang, come and find me tomorrow when the job is done. If you can’t get it done, you don’t have to come to me.”

Ye Mo walked to Dai Heng again and said free: “Go back and make the matter Qian to my satisfaction, if I don’t like it, you know the consequences.”

After saying that Ye Mo swept one more glance at Yi Lan, only to sweep her with a chilling feeling. The reason why he didn’t kill Dai Heng was because there were many things that he still needed this guy to do. Moreover, Dai Heng was nothing in Ye Mo’s eyes, and if he wanted to kill, he could do so anytime. Keeping an obedient one was quite a bit better than killing perhaps.

As he watched Ye Mo and the others leave, Kong Laiwu did not understand why Ye Mo let them go.

But at this moment, Kong Laiwu suddenly felt that the internal qi within his body was slowly gathering in his dantian, unable to operate. He was shocked, if this continued for just two days, his dantian would immediately burst. At this moment, he finally understood why Ye Mo had let him go, it turned out that Ye Mo was not afraid that he would not go to him at all.

“Brother Ye, your girlfriend is really pretty.” Yi Xiaodie was slightly younger and was now the first to adjust, only when she saw Luo Ying’s face did she understand what a beautiful woman was.

“You’re pretty too.” Ye Mo smiled faintly at Yi Xiaodie, then said to Lu Ling at large, “Sister-in-law Yi. After Dai Heng delivers the money, if you don’t like staying here, you can go to Luo Yue.”

“Ah, can we go to Luo Yue? I heard that the immigration requirements there are very strict now. Besides, how could Dai Heng send the money over?” Yi Yan Yan immediately jacked in and said Easy.

Ye Mo, however, said Easy: “If he is smart, he will definitely send the money over, you don’t need to worry. As for going to Luo Yue, I will give you a call later.”

“Ye Mo, will there be a problem with Brother Chunsheng’s matter Sin? Will this completely mess up with the Dai family and the Qiu family?” Shi Xiu asked Prosper worriedly, after all, when he reached that level of Li Chunsheng, he wanted to be vindicated easily, but it was not that easy to do so sin.

Ye Mo pondered for a moment and said free: “For those struggles, I won’t participate and I don’t want to participate. But Li Chunsheng is considered a friend of mine, I will help him a bit, you don’t have to worry. I think Kong Laiwu also knows what he should do.”

Ye Mo didn’t want to kill Kong Laiwu, he had already done it on many of the ‘Beisha, top bra*s, and didn’t care about one more Kong Laiwu. ‘Bei Sha, made him feel threatened, and looking at the way it was now ‘Bei Sha, already treated him as the number one enemy to deal with, sooner or later, he would have to come face to face with ‘Bei Sha, directly, and controlling one more person would be good for him.

He didn’t necessarily need Kong Laiwu to defect to him for control, it was unrealistic, but he could do some manipulation on Kong Laiwu, this kind of manipulation was different from the divine sense that he did on Chen Crash and Peer, it was much more powerful than divine sense.

The fact that Ye Mo was the boss of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,’ Shi Xiu had known about it for a long time, although he was still not sure if Luo Yue City was Ye Mo’s boss, but he knew that Ye Mo’s position in Luo Yue City would not be low.

If Xiao Yun did not want to leave Xi Tong, he would have gone to Luo Yue a long time ago. Shi Xiu did not mention the matter of going to Luoyue, and Xue Guoyang certainly would not mention it either.

Kong Laiwu came earlier than Ye Mo expected, the next day Ye Mo just got up, Kong Laiwu and found the hotel where he was staying.

“The fight between the Li and Dai Qiu families was not instigated by us, ‘Bei Sha, we are just making use of it. I can guarantee that on top of this we are going to do Sin and you have no interest, so their fight I’m not good to interfere. But what Li Chunsheng did sin was done by Dai Heng, just because it coincided with the support of his family.” Kong Laiwu opened the door, Ye Mo could afford to wait, but he could not.

Ye Mo knew free Kong Lai Wu said this also to gain his trust, which is the same as showing what they can do Sin.

After Kong Laiwu finished speaking and didn’t wait for Ye Mo to answer, he took out a transfer cheque and said free: “This is the price that ‘Jiuhe Group, sold for, and I brought it all here.”

Ye Mo looked at Lu Ling who was sitting next to him and asked pro: “Sister-in-law, this cheque is nine hundred million, I don’t know pro ‘Jiuhe Group, what is the market value, do you think it’s enough?”

“Enough, not that much …….” Lu Ling knew that the market value of the Prosperous’ Jiuhe Group, was only about five hundred million at most, the other party wrote over nine hundred million at once, which was already too much.

Ye Mo waved his hand to stop Lu Ling’s words and gave her the cheque and said free: “More is compensation, just take it.”

Seeing Ye Mo say this Lu Ling couldn’t say anything else, if it wasn’t for Ye Mo, their mother and daughter still didn’t know that Pro would be tortured like this.

Ye Mo was not the least bit interested in the mutual fight between the Li and Dai Qiu families, he had no friendship with the Li family. Except for some friendship with Li Qiuyang, the rest of them had nothing to do with him.

Seeing Ye Mo accept the cheque, Kong Laiwu breathed a little sigh of relief, then continued to say: “Li 〖Shu〗Ji’s matter was proven to be someone secretly spilling dirty water, so now he has returned to work. As compensation, the Dai family and the Qiu family are willing to give up the position of a vice governor in He Feng, of course these I am just pa*sing on the word.”

Ye Mo secretly thought, Li Chunsheng has been promoted again this time, this speed is really fast. Of course for Li Chunsheng’s promotion Sin, he would certainly not block it. He just nodded his head and expressed his agreement on this matter.

Then said to Shi Xiu get away: “Li Chunsheng came out and was promoted again, you go to Hefeng today to give him a celebration.”

“Good.” Shi Xiu immediately nodded his head and said get away, if Ye Mo wanted to go, he would go himself, if not, it meant he had something sin.

Seeing that Ye Mo expressed his satisfaction, Kong Lai Wu added getaway, “The original president of Jiu Tang Central Court, Chen Changhui, has now been reinstated to his original position and will soon be the deputy mayor of Jiu Tang.”

Ye Mo didn’t have much goodwill towards people like Chen Changhui, but he also helped himself in and it was his luck that he got the benefit.

“That’s it.” Ye Mo once again patted Kong Laiwu’s shoulder, stood up and said getaway mouth he this time not only went to Kong Laiwu’s heart disease, but also left a getaway hidden true qi in his〖体〗body.

To Ye Mo did not kill himself, and also let him go, Kong Laiwu heart is a long breath of relief, immediately turned around and left. Although he knew that Ye Mo had their most precious super light pistol in his hand, he didn’t dare to mention it at all.