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DYM Chapter 614

Chapter 614 – The Five Elements Stone “Sister-in-law Yi, the three of you and Shi Xiu will go to He Feng right away, and then have Li Chunsheng help travel to Luo Yue. Luo Ying and I still have some things to do, and we will not return until some time later.” Ye Mo saw that the matter was done, and he did not want to stay here any longer.

If it wasn’t for the matter of Jiu Tang, Ye Mo would have already taken Luo Ying to look inside the Hengduan Mountain Range, and the person he was looking for was of course Daoist Aunt Jing Hu. What was most important to him now was the golden page on Daoist Aunt Kaifu’s body and where her spirit stones came from.

Since Daoist Aunt Kaifu had guessed that the other two golden pages were on her, she should not want to go back to the small world, so perhaps the most important thing for her was to take the golden pages off her.

She herself was badly injured, and Luo Ying’s cultivation level was not high, and Daoist Nun Jing Hu did not know that he had the ‘Lotus Life Pill Chapter 614 – Five Elements Stone’ so she already thought in her heart that she had eaten them up. When her injuries healed, she would definitely go to Anli Village again to look for ~~-Update First~~ him and Luo Ying.

Lu Ling certainly knew the importance of the matter, and since she could go to Luo Yue, she would definitely have to rush to Luo Yue at the first opportunity. Although Ye Mo was powerful, he couldn’t be by their side every day, and their family of three might have been targeted long ago.

Now that Ye Mo mentioned it, she immediately said with feeling jī, “Thank you so much, if it wasn’t for you, the three of us wouldn’t know what would have happened.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly and said, “Saying these words would be out of place, you guys should move early, remaining in Jiutang is not a good thing.”

Lu Ling knew that, and of course so did Ye Mo, although he was very powerful, there would always be a type of person in this world, and that was called an outlaw. He had ruined too many people’s interests in Jiutang, even Black Head had been killed by him, these people could not take revenge on him, Ye Mo, but they could take revenge on others.

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Lu Ling hesitated for a moment, but still said, “Jiu He obtained a colored stone in his early years, he said that the stone Chapter 614 – Five Elements Stone was precious, but he didn’t know what the preciousness was. Because he was afraid of causing others to covet it, Jiu He did not dare to take the stone for appraisal and kept it at home. Last time when you came, I wanted to give you that stone, only you left too quickly and didn’t have time, this time our mother and daughter were captured and the stone was also taken away by them ……”

“Ye Mo waved his hand and said “A stone taken away is taken away, I also heard Jiu He say that he said he had time to give me the stone, since it is not there even if it is, there is nothing.”

In Ye Mo’s opinion, this stone was at most just an agate stone or some jade stone or something, even if it was worth a lot of money, it was not of much use to him.

“Mom, are you talking about the coloured stone that is hot to hold in your hand at some times and cool at others?” Yi Yan Yan jacked in after hearing her mother’s words, she had seen that stone back then too.

“What, you said that stone was hot at some times and cold at others?” Before Lu Ling had time to answer, Ye Mo had already interjected and asked, his tone clearly concerned.

Lu Ling gave a strange glance at Ye Mo and said, “Yes, that stone is very strange, sometimes cold and sometimes hot …..”

“What kind of colour is the stone? Could it be changing colours?” Ye Mo’s tone was even more jīt.

Lu Ling nodded and said, “Yes, the colour of that stone does change, sometimes it’s just red and white, but occasionally it will be red, white and blue, and very rarely it will have five colours, it’s just not obvious, have you ever seen this kind of stone?”

Although Ye Mo was jīng, he still calmed down, at this point he already knew that this was simply a five element stone.

The Five Elements Stone belonged to an extremely rare material for refining weapons, and was even more precious than the Star Jade Stone. Because the five element stone was something that was truly used to refine spirit weapons, and spirit weapons were many times more advanced than magic weapons.

Although Ye Mo knew that even if he had the Five Elements Stones, he could not refine a spiritual weapon right now, but he could refine it into a flying sword by adding a little Five Elements Stone to the ordinary refining materials.

He had to know that flying sword materials were extremely rare, and if he hadn’t gotten a Star Jade Stone from Xu Ping last time, he wouldn’t have been able to refine a top-grade flying sword magic weapon.

He had now been searching for materials to refine flying swords, but unfortunately it seemed that all his luck had been used up by the first flying sword, he just hadn’t found any materials suitable for refining flying swords, and now that he had found the Five Elements Stone, he would not let it go. Not to mention that he himself needed it urgently now, but his sister and Luo Ying as well as Qing Xue all needed it.

“How big is that stone, and where was it lost?” After Ye Mo knew it was the Five Elements Stone, he could no longer be as calm as he was just now.

Seeming to see Ye Mo’s jītude and eagerness, Yi Xiaodie suddenly asked, “Brother Ye, is that stone very important? Is it more expensive than a diamond?”

Perhaps in the little girl’s eyes, there was no more expensive stone in the world than a diamond.

Ye Mo nodded, only that in his heart he thought, if that was really a diamond, not to mention one piece, even ten pieces he wouldn’t bother to ask. Not to mention anything else, he had a small pile of diamonds on him right now. How could a diamond be compared to a five element stone?

A piece of five element stone the size of an egg was worth several million spirit stones in the Luo Yue Continent. Several million spirit stones, even Ye Mo had never seen one in his last life, could it not be precious? He couldn’t figure out how such a stone could be found on earth, the only possibility was a meteorite falling from the sky.

Lu Ling also saw Ye Mo’s concern, and she immediately said, “That stone is as big as two fists. When my case was finally decided, I knew it wasn’t that simple. I packed my things that day and prepared to take Yan Yan and Xiaodie to leave Jiutang. But before we could leave, we were taken away by people from the ‘Wukin Society’.”

, “Wu Jin a*sociation,?” Ye Mo asked, this kind of small gang is innumerable, he knew ‘Tie Jiang’ knew ‘Nan Qing’ but really didn’t know this kind of small gang.

, “Wukin a*sociation, is one of the more famous gangs in Hedong Province, just rising in Jiutang, originally it wasn’t much, it’s just that this small gang rose up after the gangs in the mainland gradually declined for some reason.” Xue Guoyang had been working in the police station and was more proficient in these matters than anyone else, and as soon as Ye Mo asked about it, he immediately answered.

Lu Ling nodded and said, “Yes, after they took us away, all our things fell into their hands and we haven’t gotten them back even now.”

Only then did Ye Mo understand that it turned out that Dai Heng was dealing with Lu Ling’s trio through the black gang. As for ‘Tie Jiang, and ‘Nan Qing, the style was weak, that was still because of him.

After figuring out what was going on, Ye Mo stood up and said to Shi Xiu and Xue Guoyang, “The few of you should go back to Hefeng first, I will make a trip to Hefeng after I finish things on my side.”

“Brother Ye, are we going to wait for you and Sister Luo in River Feng?” Yi Xiaodie asked.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “No, after you guys go to River Feng, immediately think of a way to go to Luo Yue, I still have things to do, I will visit you guys when I get to Luo Yue.”


After sending off Shi Xiu and Lu Ling, Ye Mo was tempted to send Luo Ying back to Luo Yue first before coming here to look for the Five Elements Stone.

It would be fine if there was no such pistol that could emit blue light, but now that he had found a pistol that could threaten him, although he didn’t know how many more there were, he knew that with the ‘Extreme Energy Crystal’ in the other party’s hand they could make at least eight of them. He already had one in his hand, and if they made all of them into that kind of pistol, then they would have seven more.

This kind of pistol could be a threat to him, and if something happened to Luo Ying, he would not be able to make up for the regret he felt even if he cultivated to ascension immediately. Besides, without Luo Ying, he doubted that he would be able to support himself just as much.

After getting married to Luo Ying, nowadays, Luo Ying was a part of his life.

What’s more, if the other party developed more than just this kind of pistol, in case the other party also developed a blocking rifle and shot him outside of his divine sense, with the speed of that blue light, he would definitely have no way to dodge it either.

Moreover, Ye Mo didn’t believe that ‘Bei Sha, having suffered such a big loss, would just stop, they definitely wouldn’t stop. ”Extreme energy crystals, pistols are even more precious than any other weapon in this world” North Sand, and how could they let one of their pistols be snatched away by Ye Mo. They didn’t make a move, they just weren’t fully sure of it yet, or they were still mobilizing their troops.

Luo Ying seemed to know what was going on in Ye Mo’s mind as she raised her hand and caressed Ye Mo’s face and said, “Well, I’ll wait for you. Didn’t you say that your sister is in Ninghai, so you can send me to Ninghai. Take care of yourself while I’m away.”

Luo Ying knew very well the reason why Ye Mo had asked her to leave for the time being, ever since she parted from Ye Mo last time, she had never bothered to cultivate, so her cultivation level at this time was no different from two years ago. Now that she was Ye Mo’s woman, Ye Mo was everything to her, she very much did not want to leave Ye Mo half a step, but she knew that staying by Ye Mo’s side would only increase his danger, and she did not want Ye Mo to be in any danger.

Knowing that Luo Ying understood her thoughts, Ye Mo took out the pistol made of ‘Extreme Energy Crystals, handed it to Luo Ying and said, “Susu, put this pistol away, if there is any danger, don’t give the other party any chance, just shoot.”

“No, no one knows that I am in Ninghai and there is no danger, this pistol should still stay on your person.” Luo Ying immediately refused Ye Mo’s request.

Ye Mo put his arm around Luo Ying and said, “This pistol can only be fired a few times at most before the ‘Extreme Energy Crystals’ inside it, will run out, I don’t use this thing. You can not only protect yourself with the gun, but you can also protect Bei Wei. I’ll come and converge with you guys as soon as my stuff arrives.”

Thinking about taking Luo Ying to Luo Yue after converging with her, Ye Mo hesitated for a moment. He didn’t know if he should tell Luo Ying about Light Snow, now.

Luo Ying had a penetrating mind, she saw Ye Mo’s hesitation, although she didn’t know what it was about, but if Ye Mo didn’t say anything, she didn’t ask. What Ye Mo should say, he would tell her, and what he didn’t say, must be something irrelevant.!!!