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DYM Chapter 615

Compared to the turbulent Yanjing, the second largest city in China, Jincheng, seems a bit calm at the moment. But this calm is only relative, the Shen family, the richest family in Jincheng, is extraordinarily unsettled.

The Shen family, whose ancestor is said to be Shen Wansan, has always been very business-minded, and even though they have been struck down several times, they have once again revived the Shen family after the founding of the country with their first-cla*s business sense. Although the Shen family is not well known on the Forbes list, everyone in the industry knows that the truly wealthy are not on the Forbes list at all, and the Shen family is one such wealthy family.

The reason why the Shen family is so unsettled today is that the head of the Shen family, Prince Shen, has died of a serious illness. There was no exception to this rule, and unless the eldest son of the eldest house died, this legacy would never be changed.

It was reasonable to say that since the eldest son of the eldest house of the Shen family had not died of illness now, there should not be so many disputes, but that was where the problem arose. Although the eldest son of this generation of the Shen family is not dead, it is not much different from being dead, because the eldest son of this generation of the Shen family, Shen Quyin, has been bedridden for half a year, and if he was only bedridden, then there would still be nothing to say. But not only was Shen Quyin bedridden, he was also a vegetable.

In modern Chinese society, there are still many large families, but having a vegetative person as the head of the family immediately causes a dispute.

The Shen family is a large family, with five generations in the same family, and with many people there are many problems. So the Shen Family’s power centre, the Shen Family Husbandry Courtyard, has been arguing about this head of the family for a mortal day.

Shen Yin, who is also a member of the Shen family, has been back from Hong Kong for some time, but was just a bit forlorn when she returned. Aunt Samuel Qing did not come back with her when she got well, but left Hong Kong alone, that is, Shen Yin did not even know where she had gone at large.

The first thing she did when she returned to Jincheng was to report to her family that Auntie Qing Huai’s illness had been cured. She immediately told Shen’s family to find the young man who had cured her with a talisman, and then ask him to treat her uncle as well.

There were still some people who believed Shen Yin when she said that Qing Huai’s illness had been cured, but when they heard that the person who did it was a young man who also used a talisman, immediately no one bothered with Shen Yin anymore. No one even paid attention to Shen Qinghuai’s life or death, who would care about a person who was bound to die?

Shen Qinghuai’s illness had already been cured, so why didn’t he return to Jincheng? The reason why Shen Yin said this is because she must want her family to pay another sum of money to send her Auntie Qing Huai to get cured again. It would be strange for anyone to pay attention to Shen Yin when she would not even tell a lie.

Shen Yin found her father, but his words made her even more upset. Her father simply told her not to go out with Auntie Qing Huai in the future, and scolded her for saying that she could be cured with talismans.

Shen Yinyin found her cousin, Shen Feibin, and asked him to unfreeze the card for her. However, Shen Fei Bin knew that the card was taken by a fraudster, so he did not help Shen Yin. Although the million in Shen Fei Bin, just and ordinary people Fan dollars about the same, but he said the Shen family’s money does not give crooks.

Shen Yin was almost so anxious that she fought with Shen Feibin, but there was still no way to unfreeze the bank card. If the card was unfrozen, Shen Yin even wanted to transfer another van million into it.

The Shen family did not believe her and no one cared about Auntie Samuel. Shen Yin felt extremely disappointed and she finally understood why Auntie Samuel left alone and did not want to return to the Shen family.

Nan Nan was also sent to France by the Shen family to pursue her studies. With no choice, Shen Yin returned to school, she never wanted to talk to those in the Shen family again.

And Ye Mo sent Luo Ying to Ninghai on the same day. Su Jingwen went to Yanjing and heard that it was Elder Su’s big birthday kou because Tang Beiwei was Ye Mo’s sister, Luo Ying naturally treated Tang Beiwei differently. So Tang Beiwei and Luo Ying both chatted very happily. Tang Beiwei had long heard her brother say that she had two sisters-in-law, one was Luo Ying and the other was Light Snow.

When she saw Luo Ying, she couldn’t help but admire her brother’s vision in her heart, these two sisters-in-law were really hard to tell apart, they were both so beautiful. She could not help but worry in her heart, by the time Luo Ying and Qing Xue met, how would her brother end up? At the same time, she was also feeling sad for Sister Jingwen in her heart. Sister Jingwen was such an outstanding girl, yet she couldn’t make brother move.

There was also Sister Yun Bing who often came over, she always seemed to ask about brother’s affairs Qian. Thinking about this, Tang Beiwei could only sigh secretly.

After sending Luo Ying to Ninghai, Ye Mo explained the two of them van sentences and immediately went back to Jiutang again. Although the golden pages were important, they were not necessarily used yet, but the five-colored stones were something that would be used immediately, so Ye Mo was determined to get them.

In places where cultivation resources were abundant, it would be fine, but Earth was a place where cultivation resources were extremely scarce, so once he saw something good, Ye Mo would never miss the opportunity.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. ……, ‘Wu Jin a*sociation, is the largest gang in Jiutang, their territory is not just Jiutang, there are branches of them in almost all the cities in Hedong Province.

The black head who was shot by Ye Mo was a member of the ‘Wu Jin a*sociation’, his company was just a loan shark company under the ‘Wu Jin a*sociation’.

Originally, Black Head only wanted to earn interest money from Shi Xiu, and would not ask for ten times the interest rate after only two or three days. The reason why they asked Shi Xiu for interest after borrowing money for only two days was because the ‘Wukin a*sociation’ had learned that Shi Xiu had come to help Li Chunsheng and wanted to kill Shi Xiu. It didn’t occur to them that instead of taking out Shi Xiu, Black Head was killed by Ye Mo.

What kind of a person is this? He dared to kill Black Head, even in the territory of the ‘Wu Jin a*sociation’, this is simply against the heaven.

The people of the ‘Wu Jin a*sociation’ immediately bailed out the rest of the youngsters from the police station, and also learned that the person who shot their ‘Wu Jin a*sociation’ was from Yanjing, or a special department figure who had a license to kill.

He was not a fool, if he really did take action against such a person, the government would definitely pursue him to the end. The ‘Wukin a*sociation, no matter how good it is, is only a club, although there are many powerful figures inside the club, but once something happens, whether these people can still help is also a matter of opinion. But if you don’t kill them, then the reputation of the Wukin a*sociation will immediately be tarnished, and it will be impossible to have such a strong cohesion again, and it may dissipate after a while.

So Xiong Qian today cooked early morning deliberately all the senior members of the door are concentrated to the general that meeting, the purpose is to discuss how to do it.

“Brother Xiong, if Heng Shao hadn’t been injured, we wouldn’t have been able to take action on this matter, but with Heng Shao injured, I feel we can take action. Who does that guy who shot him think he is, how dare he injure Heng Shao.” The one who spoke was Paul Sheng, the number one hitman under Xiong Qian.

Xiong Qian frowned and waved his hand and said get away, “Let’s wait a little longer and see how Heng Shao handles this matter. After all, it’s a guy with those kinds of papers, so we have to be careful. Someone, go and bring in that little cop.”

The two little brothers listened to Xiong Qian’s words and hurriedly walked out.

Just as these two little brothers went out, Xiong Qian got the news again that a butler beside Dai Heng had gone alone early this morning to find that van person from yesterday. And he left soon afterwards. After that, Shi Xiu and Lu Ling and five others left Jiutang one after another, but the man who killed Black Head and the beautiful woman were still at the hotel.

“It seems that that young man is not a small man, and the fact that it was that butler of Dai Heng’s who went alone this morning and didn’t take anyone with him means that they reached an agreement.” Xiong Qian finished thinking and then continued to say get away, “Listen to my orders, now no one from our ‘Wukin a*sociation, can make a move on that person either.”

Hearing that Dai Heng did not make a move against the man who killed Black Head, Xiong Qian immediately knew that the young man at large was not of ordinary origin. He was not a reckless person, and it was not easy for the ‘Wukin a*sociation’ to get to where it was today.

What kind of a person is Dai Heng? He was an arrogant guy to the extreme, a young master that the director said he would kill off, how much energy he had, just look at the Yanjing Dai family’s aura and you will know. The fact that he was crippled by that man and had to put up with it, if he still thought that young man was ordinary, he Xiong Qian would be blind.

The policeman was quickly brought up, but he was beaten all over his body, and even his head was covered in blood. If it wasn’t for the two men pulling him, he would have collapsed.

“Officer Liu, I’ll give you one more chance, tell me the name of the guy who killed Black Head? What specific department is he from? You’re not afraid of death, but what about your wife? Are you not worried about your wife? I promise you, as long as you tell me what the guy’s name is and what department he’s from, I won’t do anything to your wife.” Xiong Qian’s tone was somewhat softer.

Liu Jun knew in his heart that he was finished, even if he said it himself Xiong Qian would definitely not let him go. He had already committed a felony by privately revealing the identity of someone like Ye Mo. Originally, he thought that Xiong Qian would have some scruples, but now it seemed that Xiong Qian was desperate and would not let himself go.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

Good thing it’s not too late, everyone is here.”

As soon as he heard this voice Liu Jun immediately knew who was coming, he even had the feeling of a long breath of relief.

“Who are you? How did you get in?” Xiong Qian immediately stood up and looked at Ye Mo with a shocked expression, he immediately reacted that this young man was the guy he wanted to ask.

“I walked in.” Ye Mo finished by kicking the two ponies who reacted and tried to twist him one by one into the corner.

Xiong Qian didn’t bother with the two ponies who were only half-breathing, but his face suddenly changed as he said in a trembling voice, “You said you are Ye Mo? Ye Mo of the Yanjing Ye family?” !