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DYM Chapter 616

“Ye Mo …… Young Mo, my ‘Wukin a*sociation’ has not offended you, why have you come to my place ……,” Xiong Qian had reacted, he immediately stood up and said with a white face.

All the members of the ‘Wukin a*sociation’ inside the room looked at their boss with astonished faces, all very puzzled in their hearts. Even if their boss met the mayor, he wouldn’t be like this. How did he make his boss, who was not afraid of anything, so scared?

Other people didn’t know about Ye Mo, but he, Xiong Qian, had heard about him, and being at his level, he didn’t know nothing about certain things. He had also heard that the fading out of the Song family had something to do with this young Mo in front of him, but that was not what scared him the most. What scared him the most was that there was a ruthless person who came out of the Great Competition of the Hidden Sect in Gui Cheng City at the time, and he was Ye Mo.

Although he was not qualified to go to the Hidden Sect Competition, he had heard about it, and he heard that Ye Mo killed without blinking an eye, and he dared to deal with the legendary Hidden Sect.

The Hidden Sect, if just one person came out, he would be dead. If such a young man, who could easily deal with the Hidden Sect, came to deal with Xiong Qian, it would be just like killing an ant. Although he could be said to be the leader of the triads in East China, he was no better than an ant in the eyes of his opponent.

No wonder he can kill people with impunity, even in public. No wonder he dared to scrap even Dai Heng, and he didn’t dare to talk nonsense even after scrapping Dai Heng.

He had never been this scared in all his years as a boss, even when he was a junior disciple, he had never been this scared when he faced the boss for the first time.

Seeing Ye Mo walking over, Xiong Qian dared to continue to stand in front of his seat and hurriedly walked down and carefully said to Ye Mo, “Young Mo, please have a seat.”

Of course Ye Mo would not be polite, he sat down on the first seat, swept a glance at Xiong Qian and said, “I heard that you are looking for me?”

Xiong Qian said with chattering teeth, “No, no. How dare I look for you, Young Mo, this is a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding ……”

“Shi Xiu is a friend of mine and Lu Ling’s family are also my acquaintances, has your ‘Wukin Society’ been busy dealing with them recently?” Although a ventilated blade would solve the problem, Ye Mo didn’t want to do that, these matters were not under his control in the first place. The ‘Wukin Society’ would not have taken Lu Ling’s things. He really didn’t want to make such a trip on purpose.

“No, no, that was a misunderstanding. Misunderstanding, I am regretting listening to Younger Heng ……” Although he knew that he had offended Ye Mo on top of this matter, Xiong Qian was still holding on to the off-chance that he wanted to put the blame on Dai Heng.

Of course Ye Mo knew that this was done under Dai Heng’s instructions. But this Xiong Qian was not a good person either.

He ignored Xiong Qian and instead said to the miserably beaten policeman: ”You go back now and prepare some materials, as well as ask Governor Li to support you …… forget it, you’d better call Vice Governor Li Chunsheng directly and ask him to a*sign you to be in charge of this case, go and unite the forces inside the province to put The ‘Wukin a*sociation’ was beaten up. Take this pill first, then go back to this matter immediately.”

Ye Mo originally wanted to say that he would let this policeman go back and report the case, and then crack down on the ‘Wukin Society’. But after a little thought, he knew he was thinking too much, the ‘Wukin Society’ could have such a big power in Jiutang. They are definitely involved with the Jiutang police. The other side is a small police officer, simply regret not being able to move. It would be better for him to make a phone call to Li Chunsheng and let him take charge.

Li Chunsheng is now a deputy governor, he must know what he means when he receives this call, and the police in Jiutang will definitely be overhauled as well. Although he knew that these matters had nothing to do with him, but think of a loan shark who wanted so much interest money for only two days, the person who borrowed the money had absolutely no way to pay it back. This kind of thing would have been very uncomfortable for Ye Mo. Besides, this thing done would be good for Li Chunsheng’s political performance.

Liu Jun listened to Ye Mo’s words and froze for half a day before reacting, this is to let him get a promotion. He held back his excitement and took the pill Ye Mo tossed over and swallowed it. Surprisingly, he mustered up a breath and walked out. No matter what kind of pill Ye Mo gave him, as long as he could get out. It was better than staying in this place.

Letting the police clean up the ‘Wukin Society’ in front of the ‘Wukin Society’ was not a slap in the face, it was a thousand times more humiliating than a slap in the face.

“D*mn, who are you, you dare ……” I have to say that the ‘Wukin a*sociation’ can be a big gang, there are still many people who are not afraid of death, their old boss Xiong Qian is even afraid like this, listen to Ye Mo said in their face that he wanted to destroy the ‘Wukin Society’, immediately there were still people who were upset.

It was just that the person who was speaking had only said a few words of this sentence before Ye Mo hit him with a bullet in the eyebrow and fell down.

“That’s the last bullet.” Ye Mo looked at the gun and shook his head, this thing was convenient as it did not require true qi at times.

Xiong Qian’s face kept changing, he knew Ye Mo was very powerful, but this was too much of a punch to the face. He was almost on his knees, he even said in front of himself that he would let the vice governor destroy the ‘Wukin Society’, could he bear it? But he had to bear it even if he couldn’t, he knew how powerful a person who could clean up the Hidden Sect was.

“D*mn it, brothers, come together, f*ck this b*****d, be afraid ……” Seeing that Ye Mo was obviously going to drive him to extinction, although Xiong Qian was afraid, but there were those who were not. The vice president had long been upset in his heart, so he just took the opportunity to screw Xiong Qian down.

The saying “those who are ignorant are fearless” explained this vice president’s mentality very well. Moreover, his greeting was surprisingly answered by a large number of people, and at least half of the twenty-odd people inside the room drew their mountain-opening swords.

There was a difference between the Chinese triads and the Western countries, most of them had open swords, even three-pronged spikes were rare, not to mention guns.

Xiong Qian’s face turned white as he watched his minions swarm him, but he didn’t move or stop them. He still had some hope in his heart, hoping that the information he had received was wrong.

Ye Mo smiled lightly and casually sent a dozen wind blades, dealing with these guys who were only ruthless and brave, Ye Mo couldn’t really raise his spirits.

When he said it was only a few breaths, it was really only a few breaths. Although there were no broken limbs, each of Ye Mo’s wind blades struck the heart accurately, bringing up a trail of blood and filling the air with the smell of blood, looking somewhat gloomy.

From the time that vice-president went from instigating his men to having them all killed, it was only a matter of ten seconds or so before he was completely calm.

They were used to seeing blood and had even killed people, but they had never seen anything like Ye Mo, who had lifted his hand and killed a dozen people.

Xiong Qian was even more frightened, he knew that Ye Mo must be very powerful, but he never thought that a person who practiced ancient martial arts would be so powerful as to be almost superhuman. Of course this was not what made his heart tremble the most, what scared him the most was the lightness with which Ye Mo killed, he was so much darker than himself.

The scene fell into a silence and Ye Mo didn’t say anything, he had already seen a fatty outside the booth eagerly walking over.

Sure enough that fatty quickly pushed open the door of the private room, before he noticed the situation inside he said, “Brother Xiong, someone from above has been sent down to investigate the ‘Wukin Society’, you guys ……”

After he walked in fully, he finally noticed that something was wrong. There were dead people all over the floor, and the ones who were alive except the one sitting on top, the rest were pale and trembling on their legs.

“What’s going on?” The fat man stopped in his tracks and seemed to want to take a few steps back.

“Who are you? Are you here to tip off the ‘Wukin Society’?” Ye Mo glanced at this fatty.

The fatty glanced at Xiong Qian who was bowing his head and seemed to know that something was not good, he looked at the gun in Ye Mo’s hand again, but for a moment he did not dare to retreat any further, instead he said loudly, “I am the chief of the Jiutang police station, what is going on here?”

Ye Mo shook his head, if this fatty hadn’t come, he really wouldn’t have bothered to make this trip, but since he was here, he didn’t have to leave, and he gave Li Chunsheng a little less trouble. The man who was called the director of something fell down without thinking, who is this guy, how dare he make a direct move against a division? If it was someone from above, would he still talk about the rules of the game?

Ye Mo sneered, not even looking at the killed director, although he knew that killing a director would bring some trouble to Li Chunsheng. If Li Chunsheng couldn’t even handle these troubles during this time period when the two Dai Qiu families had scruples about him, Li Chunsheng wouldn’t be in the officialdom.

Instead, he stared at Xiong Qian who was getting more and more frightened and asked, “Did you arrest Lu Ling’s family?”

When Xiong Qian saw that Ye Mo dared to kill even a regular cadre, his heart immediately went cold to the bottom of his heart. Now that Ye Mo asked, he quickly said with trepidation, “Yes, I didn’t treat them with any rudeness, I treated them all with respect ……”

Although he knew that Xiong Qian’s words did not make sense, Ye Mo also understood what he meant. He continued to ask without denying it, “Lu Ling still has some things at home, did you also take those things and where are they now?”

This was the main point that Ye Mo wanted to ask, and after asking, he immediately focused on Xiong Qian’s answer.

“Ah, I don’t know about that, this matter is the responsibility of Baosheng ……,” Xiong Qian finished and looked at the number one hitman beside him.

Baosheng had always been the number one fighter under Xiong Qian, only now he was also trembling and not even daring to utter a word. The one who had been bullying others for years had finally experienced what it was to be bullied. The only difference was that although he had his head down in fear, his eyes were rolling without stopping.

“There is a coloured stone inside, where is it now, say.” Ye Mo even slapped the table when he said the last word.