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DYM Chapter 617

“There’s a coloured stone inside, where is it now, say.” Ye Mo even slapped the table when he said the last word o

“Yes, I said, many things were stilled by me, and that stone was sold by me …….”

After Paul Sheng finished and saw Ye Mo’s face was ugly, he immediately understood that Ye Mo was looking for that stone, there he still dared to hide it o

said without missing a word: “That stone was colored and even changed colour at times, I took it to ‘Gemstone Xuan, to appraise it, but it was bought by the owner of ‘Gemstone Xuan, Luo who paid eight million ……. ”

“What?” Xiong Qian can’t even believe his ears, himself as ‘wu gold will’ also have no way to easily get eight million, one of his most loyal men, but behind his back to sell the seized back things Chapter 617 all the way to chase eight million.

Xiong Qian’s angry face became more and more ugly, only he quickly understood his situation, at this time, his small life will soon be gone, how can he still talk about the loyalty of his men o

Ye Mo stood up and said in a cold voice to the bosun, “Take me to ‘Jewel Xuan’ now,” he finished and gave Xiong Qian a cold look. o

Xiong Qian’s heart and liver suddenly contracted, it was over, this god of killing was leaving, he looked at himself before he left, just to kill him Xiong Qian ah.

The sweat on Xiong Qian’s forehead brushed down and suddenly he pulled out a dagger and cut his own hand, two fingers fell to the ground.

Ye Mo said in a faint voice: “Later that 〖Police〗spector will bring people to beat up the ‘Wu Jin Club, you know how to do it o If you dare not cooperate with the moth, then try it, I don’t believe you will run more than a thousand dragons ……”

“Young Mo, I don’t dare, I will definitely wait for Officer Liu to come over and cooperate with him to uproot the entire ‘Wugin Society in the whole of Hedong Province ……” Xiong Qian’s face was as painful as white paper although cold sweat was breaking out. But he listened to Ye Mo’s words, but did not dare to say half a word, he knew that Ye Mo was going to kill him probably just with a wave of his hand.

As for why Ye Mo didn’t kill him Chapter 617 – Chasing All the Way, he probably just wanted him to help pull up the whole ‘Wukin Society,’ too. As for the Thousand Dragon Head he had also heard about dying in Ye Mo’s hands, compared to the Thousand Dragon Head, who are you kidding, a nail of the Thousand Dragon Head was bigger than his head o

Ye Mo did think so, it was easy to kill one Xiong Qian, but it was much harder to sweep up the ‘Wukin Society’ altogether. The reason is that Ye Mo hates this kind of gangsters. They bully the common people, which is completely contrary to the purpose of Luo Yue. o Although this is not Luo Yue, Ye Mo is just uncomfortable. o A second quick and clean extermination of the ‘Wu Jin a*sociation’ would only be good for Li Chunsheng, not bad.

He had raped and killed two female university students before he joined the Wukin a*sociation. The fact that he raped and killed two college students without any background or money and still nothing happened to them shows how cunning and treacherous he is.

If it is a matter of heart, Xiong Qian is far from him, his heart is the opposite of what he appears to be. o After he joined the ‘Wukin a*sociation’, he was always thinking of replacing Xiong Qian. Should he chop off two of his fingers like Xiong Qian or should he use another method?

If it was normal, he might have been able to see why Ye Mo had left Xiong Qian alive. But now it was a matter of his own life and death, and with Ye Mo’s decisive killing, there was no way for him to think of something more subtle.

The bosun had just brought Ye Mo to the door when Ye Mo stopped and he looked at the somewhat puzzled bosun and said, “You’ve killed quite a few people, haven’t you?”

“Ah ……” Paul Sheng froze, he believed that Ye Mo would not do anything to him until he reached ‘Jewel Xuan, as long as he had to think of a way to use in between he could escape with his life mouth even if he could not think of a way to Even if he couldn’t think of a way, he could use Xiong Qian’s self-mutilation technique.

He did not expect that Ye Mo would suddenly stop and ask him such c irrelevant question.

“No…” Bao Sheng’s first reaction was to refuse to admit it, even if he had killed someone, he would not admit it.

“Just stay here and guard the door. o” Ye Mo backhanded a wind blade before he turned around and left, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Paul Sheng covered his throat, his eyes still in disbelief as to why Ye Mo was killing himself at this time. Didn’t he want his help to lead the way, or even ask about the stone?

So resentful, the moment Paul Sheng fell down he seemed to understand something, that was giving him hope of life and then turning around and killing him, it was making him die with resentment. A resentment rises from his dead soul, the surname Ye I just die, but also do not let you have a good time.

Ye Mo knew that “Jewel Xuan, since they dared to buy this five element stone for several million, it means that they knew the value of this stone. If he could not buy it back, he would have to steal it. This was something that Yi Jiuhe had promised to give him, and there was not the slightest pressure for him to steal it back.

If he had to steal it, of course he couldn’t let ‘Jewel Xuan, know that he, Ye Mo, had been there, at least he was a person of status, in case people suspected him of stealing and posted his picture on the internet, would that still be a shame?

So before going to ‘Jewel Xuan’, Ye Mo disguised himself as a bearded ugly man in his thirties. o He even had a scar on his face, which was not a good person at first glance. o The reason for disguising himself like this was to carry a little deterrent. o

‘Jewel Xuan’ the largest jade, jade, antique and other shops in China, has branches all over the country. So Ye Mo knew that the stuff was at ‘Jewel Xuan’ and he searched for it quickly, just a few moments before he was already here.

“Is Boss Luo in?” Ye Mo asked Boss Luo as soon as he entered, at the same time his divine sense swept inside the entire shop after sweeping the mouth, he immediately had some bad feeling in his heart, there was no coloured stone of the kind Lu Ling said.

“You wait a moment~~- update first~~, I’ll call for you.” A girl who occupied the counter saw that Ye Mo seemed a bit fierce and immediately dialed a phone number.

It didn’t take long for an old man to arrive at the door, and as soon as he entered, he asked, “Which friend is looking for me?”

The owner of ‘Gemstone Xuan,’ in Jiutang City, Luo, was an old man in his sixties who looked somewhat like the old He of ‘Ming Yu Pavilion,’ in San Francisco.

“It’s me, I have some personal matters to ask Boss Luo.” Ye Mo said simply.

“Well said, I, Luo Fish, ask your friend, I know everything.” Like the girl, this Luo Fish also saw that Ye Mo did not seem to be a good person, and if this kind of person could not be offended, he should try not to be offended.

Ye Mo came with eagerness to ask about the Five Elements Stone, so where would he care about some details.

He didn’t care that there were other people on the hall, so he asked directly, “Boss Luo, a few days ago, the ‘Wukin a*sociation,’ the bosun brought a coloured stone to you to sell, is there such a thing?”

Hearing Ye Mo talk about coloured stones, Luo Yu immediately stuttered in his heart, when that bosun brought in a ‘five coloured stone, he picked up a piece of it and bought it for only eight million. After so many days had pa*sed, he didn’t expect that someone would still come to him.

When he saw that Luo Yu did not say anything, Ye Mo coldly snorted, “Boss Luo don’t think about other things, the bosun robbed my things, I’ve already cleaned up, if Boss Luo wants to play a trick don’t blame me for being ungracious.

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Luo Yu’s back went cold. What kind of person was Paul Sheng, how could he not be clear about it after being in Jiutang for so many years? Such a ruthless person had actually been cleaned up by this bearded man in front of him, this bearded man was not a kind person at first glance, so he didn’t need to guess to know that this person was not of ordinary origin.

Although they are not afraid of him, they are in the business of ‘Jewel Xuan’, and it is not good to be in such a mess after all.

The few people who were still in the shop heard that it was a matter of the ‘Wukin Society, and didn’t even wait for others to say anything, immediately turned around and left. o ‘Wukin Society, infamous, no one wanted to have anything halfway to do with them.

“This …….” Luo Fish said after a little thought, “We, ‘Gemstone Xuan, have always talked business about business, we can’t care about other things o What my friend said is correct, I did receive a colored stone here a few days ago, but we in business only care about how good things are, not about where they come from.”

Ye Mo said coloured stone and he said so, he didn’t want to reveal that it was a ‘five-coloured stone’ that was rare to find in a thousand years. o

Ye Mo sneered and said, “Oh, you ‘Gemstone Xuan, don’t care about the origin of things, so in that case, this is a good place for you to sell stolen goods.”

“This friend, you can’t say that, that bosun said that the stones are of regular origin, and we certainly have no way to investigate. ‘Gemstone Xuan, it’s just a shop, if we had to investigate the origin of every customer who came in for the same thing, we wouldn’t have to do business.” Although Luo Fish was a little worried, but this thing was paid for by them, there was no need for them to mouth if it wasn’t for Ye Mo’s fierce surface, he didn’t want to say these words o

Ye Mo did not want to go to tug of war with this Luo fish on such matters, he must know the whereabouts of the Five Elements Stone as soon as possible o From the tone of this Luo fish, Ye Mo already understood the preciousness of this Five Elements Stone ‘Jewel Xuan, should already know, he just needs to find the whereabouts of the Five Elements Stone, then buy it first, and steal it if he can’t buy it.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo said directly, “Boss Luo, I don’t want to say anything else, I just want to ask you one thing, where is this stone now?”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Luo Yu sighed with relief, telling Ye Mo where the five-coloured stone was, he was not under any pressure at all mouth anyway, their shop’s profit was already in hand, and there was still a contract in place. The other party would find the stone and then go to the trouble with others, which had nothing to do with him.

A relieved Luo Yu immediately said, “The stone has been transported to the ‘Gemstone Xuan’ in Jincheng, a few days later, at the auction held in Jincheng, this stone will be auctioned off as the finale ……”

Before Luo Yu had finished his words, Ye Mo had already disappeared o He needed to rush to Jincheng immediately, once the Five Elements Stone had been auctioned off, where would he find it? Those attending the auction were people from all over the globe, could he go looking for the Five Elements Stone with his divine sense of only one thousand meters? That would be a joke.

So he had to get the Five Elements Stone before the auction o!!!