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DYM Chapter 618

Jincheng, can be said to be the second largest city in China, apart from Yanjing.

China’s famous wealthy family, the Shen family, was located in Jincheng, and it was also the largest seaport dock in China, with countless ships from various countries entering and leaving the dock in Jincheng every day.

After Ye Mo left Jiutang, he arrived at Jincheng at the first opportunity.

The location of ‘Gemstone Xuan’ in Jincheng was different from the location in Jiutang, it was in a real jade and stone antique street. It was originally just a very small street, but because those who made jade or antiques liked to concentrate here, over time, it had formed into a street of antiques and jades.

When Ye Mo first entered, he even thought he was back in the Cultivation Market of the Luo Yue Continent again. The buildings here were more antique and nostalgic than one another, and that was not to mention the fact that there were quite a few stalls on both sides of the street.

When Ye Mo was in Ninghai, there were also stalls in the ‘Sea Treasure Garden’, but the difference between the style and cla*s of the stalls and this place was too far and far between.

Looking at this somewhat familiar and unfamiliar street, Ye Mo was actually a little lost in thought for a moment, that feeling seemed very distant and far away.

Unlike the Luo Yue Continent Cultivation Market, the shops and stalls here only sold jade and stone antiques, but there were no more spiritual herbs, pills and other cultivation supplies. The currency used is also Chinese currency, and there are no spirit stones whatsoever. If I must say that there is something similar, it is that there are also magic weapons for sale here.

Of course the magic weapons here were a completely different concept from the magic weapons in the Luo Yue Continent.

Ye Mo found ‘Jewel Xuan’ in the first place, he had heard from Boss Luo that the owner here was surnamed Pan, called Pan Sheng, a middle-aged man in his forties, slightly fat.

This shop was so much bigger than the one in Jiutang and sold everything. Ye Mo stood at the entrance and swept it carefully with his divine sense, and was immediately disappointed beyond measure, there were no Five Element Stones in here all the same.

“Is Boss Pan in, I’m looking for him for some business matters.” Ye Mo walked in. Asked in a loud voice.

A fierce man with a full beard and a scar on his face shouted as soon as he entered, immediately causing the people around him to move out of the way. There were all kinds of people in the jade and antique street, and a man of Ye Mo’s dignity was not a serious businessman at first glance.

“Hello sir, our boss has gone out to talk about business and will not be back until tomorrow afternoon.” A fellow in his twenties immediately replied. He knew to deal with such people who might be looking for a fight. It was best not to let him catch any leverage.

Of course Ye Mo wouldn’t be looking for a fight, knowing that Pan Sheng wasn’t there, he was still disappointed in his heart. He also knew that there was no use asking these fellows about the Five Elemental Stones. He could only wait for Pan Sheng to return.

All he had to do now was to know where the Five Elements Stones were stored, and Ye Mo believed that with his means, it would be too easy to take a Five Elements Stone from this part of Jincheng.

Seeing this big man with a very fierce face walking out. The mate breathed a sigh of relief. Although ‘Gemstone Xuan’ had its own security guards, the mate did not want the customers he received to clash with the guards.

Bored, Ye Mo called Luo Ying and Light Snow separately and told them that he was in Jincheng and would return after a while, then he started to wander around the Jade Antique Street.

And wondered if he should find a place to stay here, so that he wouldn’t have to run here again tomorrow.

A large group of people were gathered in front of a small square, and Ye Mo’s divine sense swept the area, which was actually a large gambling square. These people were all gambling on stones. Ye Mo didn’t have the slightest interest in such things, even if the best jade stones were opened up, it wouldn’t count for him. Because all this money from gambling on stones, even if it was hundreds of millions of dollars, was still small money to Ye Mo.

The only use of jade for Ye Mo was to use it to set up formations, and the effect of setting up formations was not very good. Even if one were to use several hundred million dollars to buy jade stones to set up formations, it would be better to divide one spiritual stone into several small pieces. Of course, Ye Mo did not have any spirit stones now. The only piece of spirit stone was given to Luo Ying.

Just as Ye Mo wanted to leave, he saw a familiar figure inside a corner of the crowd. Ye Mo quickly recognized who that person was, it was Xu Wei who lived in the same courtyard with him at first and later moved away. Why was Xu Wei here? She looked haggard and seemed to be crying. Could it be that she had lost a bet on the stones?

Xu Wei was a nice person, and I still owed her a meal that I hadn’t invited. She had helped herself and Light Snow take care of the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ for quite a long time back then. There was even a period of time when she was still accompanying Ning Qingxue. To this girl, Ye Mo had always been still grateful. Now that he saw it, Ye Mo certainly had to go and say hello.

“Hey, pretty girl, why are you hiding here alone and crying?” Ye Mo wanted to make things easier for Xu Wei, and Xu Wei was indeed a lively girl before.

“Ah, who are you?” When Xu Wei saw Ye Mo, she took several steps back in fright, still staring at Ye Mo worriedly, afraid that Ye Mo would just pounce on her like a hooligan.

Subconsciously, Ye Mo touched his face and smiled bitterly. When the people around saw Ye Mo’s appearance and then looked at Xu Wei’s behaviour, they knew that this Ye Mo had no good intentions towards this girl, and that he had even come to molest this girl who had lost so much.

In this world, of course, more is better than less, and the people watching the gambling stones left some of them, leaving the place empty in the blink of an eye.

Ye Mo walked up to Xu Wei with a bitter smile and said in a small voice, “Xu Wei, I’m Ye Mo. I’ve disguised myself, the beard on my face is a fake, because someone is chasing me, so I’m hiding for a bit.”

“You, are Ye Mo?” Xu Wei looked at Ye Mo in surprise, with a look of disbelief.

Ye Mo had to say again, “Inside Ning Hai’s small courtyard, I lived in a courtyard with you, ah, how did you forget? By the way, that day you said to yourself that I was a geek, or a dead geek.”

“Ah, you actually heard that remark? I was talking to myself …… you’re really Ye Mo.” Xu Wei finally believed Ye Mo’s words, not only what he said, but also his voice. It was just that Ye Mo’s disguise was just too realistic.

Ye Mo nodded, “How did you leave Ninghai? I didn’t expect to meet you in this place, did you meet something difficult?”

Xu Wei found an acquaintance in a place she was unfamiliar with and immediately couldn’t help but cry again, she even wanted to fling herself into Ye Mo’s arms and cry out.

Ye Mo awkwardly looked around at the people staring at him with contempt, so he had to whisper once again, “Don’t cry, people will think that I really did something to you? What exactly is going on, tell me.”

Xu Wei finally stopped listening to Ye Mo’s words and slowly spoke out the reason for her sadness.

Her mother and brother were both in Jincheng, and as her mother had been hospitalised in Jincheng for over a year, she could only quit her job in Ninghai. She came to Jincheng to take care of her mother.

Because her mother needed a lot of money for her hospitalisation and her brother needed money for his studies, the little money she had and the money the family had was simply not enough. She could only work desperately with her father to find a job in Jincheng and work more part-time. Unexpectedly, her father was once hit on his tricycle and it turned out that her father was said to be the main culprit and was only paid 80,000 yuan.

The 80,000 yuan would not have been enough to treat her mother, but at this time it just snowballed and her brother got into a fight with someone over an empty bottle. As a result, the other party was seriously injured. The other person claimed more than 100,000 yuan. Her brother is still in the police station, waiting for her to find a way out.

She was at a loss when her college friend Xia Fangfang found her. Xia Fangfang had a good relationship with Xu Wei in school. She was also a university friend, so Xia Fangfang’s advice was very important to Xu Wei when she was in a helpless situation.

Xia Fangfang gave Xu Wei a piece of advice. She told Xu Wei to come to a jade and antique street to gamble on stones, and that if she sold a stone with good jade and solved it, she could become a multi-millionaire.

Poor Xu Wei listened to Xia Fangfang’s advice, pooled all the money she had with her and also put together 120,000, and followed Xia Fangfang to this place.

As a result, it was obvious that under the guidance of the person introduced by Xia Fangfang, her 120,000 was like throwing it into the water without a sound. In desperation, Xu Wei was secretly crying in the bathroom when she actually overheard Xia Fangfang’s conversation with someone else. The man said to Xia Fangfang that her cla*smate was too poor to waste her energy with only these few dollars. Xu Wei realised that her cla*smate Xia Fangfang had cheated her in partnership with someone else.

Xu Wei was hated and sad, but there was nothing she could do. She tried to find Xia Fangfang here, but it was several days in a row. She could not find Xia Fangfang’s person. And her mother is in hospital with no more money and her brother is still waiting for her to get money to pay someone else and come back on bail.

Xu Wei didn’t know anyone in Jincheng and couldn’t borrow a single penny. The desperate Xu Wei could only cry here alone in secret.

After listening to Xu Wei’s words, Ye Mo could not help but shake his head and sigh. He could not help but shake his head and secretly sigh, even his own cla*smates and friends could be cheated. What else can’t be cheated? Xia Fangfang, the woman’s character was already endlessly rubbish.

“How much money do you still have?” Ye Mo asked after thinking about it.

“There’s still two hundred and a few dozen dollars.” Xu Wei said with a sob.

Ye Mo knew that Xu Wei was a very strong person, he had lived with Xu Wei for some time and still knew her character, so he didn’t want to give her money directly, which would put her under a lot of pressure.

Only now did Ye Mo remember that the last time he helped Xu Wei with her cla*s, Xu Wei had left Ninghai as if something was wrong, it was likely that something had happened to her family.

“Xu Wei, if you trust me, take two hundred dollars and go in with me to gamble on the stones.” Ye Mo said with a smile, he felt that it was not an easy task to get this once easy, now heavy girl to go back to her old self. But Ye Mo was a person who missed the old days, and Xu Wei could be said to be his first real acquaintance since he came here, having known each other even earlier than Su Jingwen.

Xu Wei raised her head and looked at Ye Mo blankly for a long time before she said, “Ye Mo, I only have two hundred dollars, how can I go gambling on stones?”

Ye Mo smiled and said, “Two hundred has two hundred to gamble with, you come with me.”

Ye Mo led Xu Wei and squeezed into the crowd, inside there was a middle-aged man who had just gambled down a half million dollar stone and was chagrined on the side. Half a million was nothing to him, but this was already the eighth time he had gambled it down.

Ye Mo swept around, and sure enough the cheapest stone cost five hundred, and it was empty of all lime layers, with no hint of green, let alone any good jade.